A microburst blew through the town of Midway, a small area south of Fountain, lifting a barn and throwing it into a house. A microburst is straight-line winds with wind gusts up to 100 miles-per-hour that are confined to a small area.

"The force blew pieces of the barn through the house and ended up 200 feet over there," Mike Harder said as he points out the damage to his home.

He said his neighbor had just left the barn just a few minutes before the microburst hit.

"It howled. It was wind like I never heard before. There was a loud noise and a bright flash," he said.

Harder still can't believe what happened. This microburst had 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts that shredded the barn. Pieces of wood flew right through into Mike's house.

"I was watching the storm out of my window and then flash and boom. It was like someone hit me with a baseball bat."

Just up the road from Harder's house, blown-over trees were removed from power lines.

"We saw this," Billie Olin said. "I couldn't believe our tree was blown over. It's amazing."

The uprooted tree crushed her truck.

"I think we're lucky no one got hurt," Harder said.

The strangest thing, he added, was that the microburst skipped right over his house. His cherry tomato plants on his porch were totally unscathed.

"I've never seen anything like this before."