A mother in Palatine, Ill., turned on her baby monitor recently and saw something that was literally out of this world, reports CBS station WBBM-TV in Chicago.

Natalie Meilinger said she was checking on her son Jack last weekend when she turned on the baby monitor and saw astronauts from the space shuttle Atlantis, which docked at the International Space Station on Sunday.

She also saw mission control at the Johnson Space Center and a map of the space station's trajectory.

Meilinger called a friend who has the same type of baby monitor and asked if she was seeing the same thing. The friend wasn't, so Meilinger called the monitor's manufacturer, but they couldn't help her.

Broadcast engineers said one of Meilinger's neighbors has a wireless device connected to a TV that matches the frequency on the baby monitor.

Meilinger said it's strange to see something on the monitor other than her son Jack, but it's giving her a great story to tell.