Did you have frost on your windows this morning? It felt more like March or early April along the Front Range.

The temperature at Denver International Airport fell to 31 degrees at 5:44 a.m. Friday, setting a new record low for the date.

This shattered the old record of 37 degrees, last set in 1974.

The new record low will also become the latest freeze on record for the city of Denver. The previous date of latest freeze ever recorded was June 2, 1951.

Temperatures have only dropped below freezing two other times during the month of June; in 1919 and 1951.

The coldest June temperature ever recorded was 30 degrees on June 2, 1951.

Every time there is a new weather record set for the city of Denver, the debate about where the official weather station is located arises.

It is a known fact that in most cases, temperatures are cooler at DIA than in downtown Denver.

However, weather records are only 100 to 150 years old in most cases, and there are't any other sources of data prior to the mid-1800s to use as a comparison.

So when a weather station in a city moves, regardless of where, it is still considered one continuous climate record.

The Denver station has moved from 17th and Arapahoe to Stapleton to DIA over the course of the past 100 years.

A new record low was also set in Pueblo on Friday morning. The temperature dipped to 37 degrees, breaking the old record low of 41 degrees, last set in 1890.