A French man who posted a clip on the Internet that showed him driving at 225 kph in street with a speed limit of 110 kph was arrested and is to be tried, police in the eastern French city of Luneville said.

The young man signed his video clip 'Loic and his Push Scooter' and posted it on the site YouTube, where a police officer, made curious by the subtitle I Will Never Be Late, came upon it.

To prove how fast he was driving, Loic had a passenger film the speedometre, which showed his car reaching a speed of 225 kph. The video also revealed the make and model of his car and a scratch on the windshield that made it easy to identify.

In addition, a little police research revealed that only one person named Loic in the entire department of Meurthe-et-Moselle drove that particular make and model of car.

Loic was taken in custody and charged with endangering the lives of others. He is scheduled to go before a judge on June 21.