"In beloved Iraq, blood is shed among our brothers while there is an illegitimate foreign occupation and a hateful sectarianism that is threatening to develop into a civil war . . ."--king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
I seem to recall that Saudi Arabia, together with Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf kennel, supported the U.S. invasion and the occupation of Iraq. Saudi and Kuwaiti (as well as Jordanian) airspace and land were used by the invading army. Kuwaiti territory, to this day, is used to move U.S. troops and supplies into Iraq. Saudi Arabia in addition to Egypt, Jordan and the UAE (and even Syria), still oppose the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq!

So, his "majesty" is only shedding hypocritical crocodile tears for Iraq; the Iraq that he conspired with the enemies to destroy. The only reason Abdullah said such words is not because he is challenging the U.S. or because he is abandoning the sinking ship as some might say. It is because of the fever pitch anger on the Arab street and because of the daily blows of the Iraqi resistance against the occupation which are bringing the Empire to its knees.

Abdullah and the rest of the bastards are trying to absorb some of the anger and sooth the angry feelings of the Arab masses. The bastards know that more than 90% of the Arab public (according to surveys) believes that they are nothing but impotent stooges and nothing of substance will emerge from their summit.

As they say in Palestine the summit is like farting on a tile floor.