Local time approximately 6:AM
Approach Direction: from south
Departure Direction: to north
Witness Direction: north

Description: I spotted in a split second a long tail of tan colored light burning about a football field in length that suddenly vanished. It moved faster than any jet I know of. It very well could have been something entering Earth's atmosphere.

Color/Shape: Very thin, long but straight tan colored tail of burning light. As the burning dimmed it appeared to be a black dot for a split second at the front of the burning tail.

Height & Speed: It was approximately 6:AM the sky was still dark so the height is hard to estimate. The tail travelled from high in line with the stars to a slight decline covering a long distance in a split second.

TV/Radio/Press: I searched today and found nothing. My search led me here and I want to report what I saw just in case?

Sound familiar?