WOLVERINE - Despite the rumors, Monday's decision to cancel classes at Wolverine Community Schools was not because of a Sunday night meteor shower.

School Supt. Susan Denise said the closure was due to a number of icy back roads, nothing quite as spectacular as meteors falling from the sky.

Although Denise said she had personally seen a meteor Sunday night, a drop in Monday morning temperatures about a half hour after the district's buses had hit the roads, prompted the late decision to close school.

Denise said rain from the night before had frozen on some of the dirt back roads after bus drivers had started their routes creating hazardous conditions. Rather than risk taking those students already on the buses back to their homes, Denise said they were brought to school and parents were contacted to pick up their children.

The Gaylord National Weather Service indicated they had received a phone call Sunday night from someone in the Wolverine area who had reportedly seen a large meteor in the evening sky.