YAKIMA, Wash. The flurry of calls began around 9 p.m. _ reports of a meteor in the skies over Yakima.Asia (AH-sha) Guerrero called The Associated Press to report what looked like a meteor. She said it seemed to be headed toward the city's Terrace Heights area.

"It looked like a shooting star," she said, but closer. "It absolutely fell to the ground."

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Mike O'Connor said skies were clear and there were no reports of aircraft in trouble in the area. He said he'd gotten about eight calls about it at the agency's Renton office.

O'Connor says -- quote -- "It sounds like somebody might be seeing a meteor."

A dispatcher at the Yakima County sheriff's office said two sightings had been reported by area officers.


A police officer in Union Gap who declined to give his name said he saw "something bright in the sky ... kind of like fireworks but up high, and then it went away."

63-year-old Mary Cline of Selah says what she saw was -- quote -- "just like a big bright light and it had a tail on it, kind of like a comet, but not real long."

Cline added -- quote -- "It seemed to be really close."

She said she didn't hear it land, and that she only saw the bright light -- "White, with a little bit of blue" -- for a few seconds.