May 5, 2006 -- If you saw a bright light in the sky Thursday night, you're not alone.

Astronomers said a large meteor shower crossed straight over El Paso just before 9:45 p.m. Thursday.

One meteor was so large that it cast an orange glow against the mountain.

"The animals were going wild, the horses were bucking and dogs were barking and howling and then, all of a sudden right above my house, there was a big bright light and then just 'Bang!' And it lit up the five acres that are around us, and then I covered my eyes like this because it was bright and when it got past I saw there was a tail and it just went 'Shhhh' toward the Hueco Mountains," said Yawkey Jones, who witnessed the meteor from his home in Chaparral.

Amateur astronomers think that the meteor debris landed between Hueco Tanks and McGregor range.