A US company has come up with the perfect gift for people who have everything - a £3,000 remote-controlled toilet.

The state-of-the-art Neorest toilet, from Toto, is sleek, compact and automated, reports the Arizona Republic.

Approach it, and the lid lifts up, stand in front of it and the seat rises. The Neorest automatically flushes and lowers the lid upon completion.

The remote controls the temperature of the seat. It also activates the gentle cleansing process.

A wand extends from the back of the rim and sprays water upward. Water aim and temperature can be controlled by the seated occupant. Then comes the air dryer.

Leslie Shirey, a salesperson at the Central Arizona Supply showroom, admitted sales had been slow - because of the price.

But the Neorest has found some converts among Hollywood celebrities, including Will Smith, who gushed about it during an interview on Access Hollywood.

The toilets are also installed in the main headquarters of Google.