Jamnagar: Even as mysterious blasts and tremors continue to rock villages in Lalpur and Jamnagar talukas, the IMD team camping in the region has not been able to draw any conclusion. Declaring that the blasts are not related to seismic activity, the IMD team said that from now on geologists should observe the disturbances.

Senior IMD team member K C Kondal said, "Our observation suggests that the blast and jerks experienced in the region are not related to any earthquake." Elaborating further, Kondal said, "An earthquake produces waves from which its epicentre and intensity can be measured. But here, the phenomenon is localised and superficial. Jerks observed here are limited to small areas and often not recorded."

Most of these shocks are in the range of 1 to 1.5 intensity on the Richter scale. Though they have subsided in some villages, they continue in Jamnagar taluka, said the official.