Lisa McCubbin isn't sure what she saw when she looked into the eastern sky early Monday morning but she doesn't think it was a small plane, hang glider or kite.

At about 12:30 a.m. she could hear some people on the street outside her apartment shouting and when she looked out her window she saw what the three young people were reacting to: It appeared to be a light grey or translucent triangle with sharp edges that approached the city in a straight path, did a loop and left.

"It circled, then it went straight again," she says.

The whole incident lasted about 20 seconds by McCubbin's estimation.

"It was completely silent - really, really eerie," she said.

When she looked toward the airport once it was daylight, she figured whatever she saw was too large to be a small plane, maybe as much as three or four times the wingspan. She also figures it was higher than she originally thought, perhaps 150 metres above the city.

McCubbin grabbed a video camera to capture the event. She says the sky was too dark for anything to turn out, but the yells of other witnesses can be heard.

She is wondering if others might have seen it, adding the three young people on the street left soon after the incident was finished.

McCubbin says she is not someone who typically believes in UFO or alien stories.

"If I had just seen it on my own, I'd think I was hallucinating," she said.

Chilliwack RCMP did not receive any reports from the public about the incident, though they are not surprised.

"Some people are reluctant to call the police," Const. Bert Paquet said.

According to a story on in April, there were 736 UFO sightings reported in Canada in 2006. This was based on counts kept by the Winnipeg-based Ufology Research Institute.

Apparently, 2006 was the third-highest year for sightings in the 17 years the institute has been keeping records.

One challenge, they note, is that while there is no official government department to track these sightings, there is an increasing number of websites appearing on the Internet about the subject, a trend that is causing some confusion.