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U.S. military's 'underground' warfare in Syria

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They have always been underground in a deep dark hole
Following the debacles and disasters in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. military has actually adopted a new role to avoid direct engagement, like in Syria, to go underground and conduct secret operations, an analyst says.

"The decision to pull back on massive engagements of military force does not mean force is not going to be used. It just goes underground," Gordon Adams wrote on the website of Foreign Policy on Wednesday.

"Arguably, today the U.S. military is more involved than ever overseas, on a global basis, carrying out missions that extend well beyond classic military competencies," he added.

Adams said that the approach, described by the Pentagon and the White House as "building partner capacity" is a "stealthy" model which focuses on training and equipping the troops from other countries, allowing the US military to make smaller deployments to more countries across the world.

Comment: See ways the U.S. helps the Syrian Rebels murderous thugs here.


Swedish security service Säpo infiltrated country's left-wing party

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The Swedish Security Service (Säpo) embedded a spy to monitor activities in the Left Party beginning in the 1980s, according to revelations in the Aftonbladet daily on Tuesday.

The newspaper reports that Säpo officer Hans-Erik Sjöholm infiltrated the party in the early 1980s tasked with keeping tabs on party members, including then party secretary, and later leader, Lars Ohly.

"Säpo really has no bloody business collecting information about a party secretary in the a Riksdag party, that is completely out of order. I am extremely surprised," Ohly said to Aftonbladet when told of the claims.

Sjöholm relates how he joined the party, then known as Left Party - the Communists (VPK), in the beginning of the 1980s and continued to report on members and from meetings over the following two decades.

Hysterical USA: 'Insider Threat' program forces U.S. Federal employees to spy on co-workers

US employees told to spy on coworkers
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Government documents have revealed that the Obama administration is implementing a program that requires millions of federal employees to spy on their co-workers as part of a sweeping crackdown on security leaks across the U.S. government.

The program titled "Insider Threat" which has gone almost entirely unnoticed in the U.S. media also presses managers to punish employees who fail to report their suspicions, McClatchy reported Friday after obtaining the documents.

The program spans all federal agencies and mandates employees and their superiors to identify and report behaviors associated with someone who might leak sensitive government information.

Those who fail to expose "high-risk persons" face penalties that include criminal charges, according to the report.

The program was launched in October 2011 after Army Private Bradley Manning blew the whistle on U.S. war crimes, in the largest intelligence leak in U.S. history.

Comment: And so we see the real purpose of this contrived set of 'leaks': more fear, more paranoia, more suspicion, and more control of the population.See this SoTT Focus for more on the NSA-Snowden affair.


Pat Robertson warns God may do something 'drastic' for Supreme Court gay marriage rulings

700 Club host Pat Robertson gave his opinion today on the U.S. Supreme Court's recent rulings on two gay marriage cases.
Robertson began by suggesting that the court's swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy, might have some law clerks "who happen to be gays," notes MediaMatters.org.

"Let me ask you about Anthony Kennedy, does he have some clerks who happen to be gays?" Robertson asked American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) founder and lawyer Jay Sekulow (video below). Sekulow seemed taken back by the bizarre question and said: "I have no idea. I think what Justice Kennedy did, if you look at a series of cases that he's been involved in, he's taken the view that sexual orientation is a special class."

The ACLJ is a Christian law firm and activist group that was originally funded by Robertson.

Comment: Well, we might have another 'Sodom' on our hands and 'something pretty drastic' indeed - but not likely at the hand of 'God', more likely something raining down on us that's cyclical and inevitable: Read Laura Knight-Jadczyk's latest
book Comets and the Horns of Moses to see how 'drastic' that just might be.


Ecuador breaks U.S. trade pact to thwart 'blackmail' over Edward Snowden

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Ecuador's foreign minister Ricardo Patino (centre left). Snowden's asylum request has yet to be processed.
Government renounces Andean Trade Preference Act even as Snowden's prospects of reaching Ecuador from Moscow dimmed.

Ecuador has ramped up its defiance of the US over Edward Snowden by waiving preferential trade rights with Washington even as the whistleblower's prospect of reaching Quito dimmed.

President Rafael Correa's government said on Thursday it was renouncing the Andean Trade Preference Act to thwart US "blackmail" of Ecuador in the former NSA contractor's asylum request.

Officials, speaking at an early morning press conference, also offered a $23m donation for human rights training in the US, a brash riposte to recent US criticism of Ecuador's own human rights record.

Betty Tola, the minister of political coordination, said the asylum request had not been processed because Snowden, who is believed to be at Moscow airport, was neither in Ecuador nor at an Ecuadorean embassy or consulate. "The petitioner is not in Ecuadorean territory as the law requires."

Tola also said Ecuador had not supplied any travel document or diplomatic letter to Snowden, who is reportedly marooned in Moscow airport's transit lounge because his US passport has been invalidated.

A document leaked to Univision on Wednesday showed that someone at Ecuador's consulate in London did issue a safe conduct pass for the fugitive on June 22, as he prepared to leave Hong Kong. The name of the consul general, Fidel Narvaez, was printed but not signed.
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British government sanctions rape of its own subjects as a matter of domestic terrorism policy

Mark Kennedy: sexual predator, environmental activist, government snitch, and wonky-eyed psychopathic undercover British police officer.
Undercover police officers routinely adopted a tactic of "promiscuity" with the blessing of senior commanders, according to a former agent who worked in a secretive unit of the Metropolitan police for four years.

The former undercover policeman claims that sexual relationships with activists were sanctioned for both men and women officers infiltrating anarchist, leftwing and environmental groups.

Sex was a tool to help officers blend in, the officer claimed, and was widely used as a technique to glean intelligence. His comments contradict claims last week from the Association of Chief Police Officers that operatives were absolutely forbidden to sleep with activists.

The one stipulation, according to the officer from the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), a secret unit formed to prevent violent disorder on the streets of London, was that falling in love was considered highly unprofessional because it might compromise an investigation. He said undercover officers, particularly those infiltrating environmental and leftwing groups, viewed having sex with a large number of partners "as part of the job".

Comment: Yes, developing normal humans relationships (i.e., a conscience) was not allowed, but they could emotionally rape as many women as they wanted.

Comment: So the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) was a secret unit "formed to prevent violent disorder"?

Its real role of course was to actually foment, instigate and propagate violent disorder that would then justify regular uniformed police intervening to 'save the public'.

Psychopathic government; who needs it?


Vatican official arrested in money-laundering corruption plot

Monsignor Nunzio Scarano
A Vatican official has been arrested by Italian police for allegedly trying to illegally bring 20 million euros ($26 million) in cash into the country from Switzerland with a private jet. Prosecutor Nello Rossi says
Monsignor Nunzio Scarano is accused of corruption and slander stemming from the plot and was being held at a Rome prison.

He was allegedly asked by friends to bring back the money that had been given to financier Giovanni Carenzio in Switzerland. Scarano is supposed to have asked Giovanni Zito, a military official, to bring the money back by jet, avoiding customs.

Scarano was allegedly due to pay Zito a commission of 600,000 euros for the work. He paid only an initial installment of 400,000 euros before being arrested.

NSA Deception operation? Questions surround leaked PRISM document's authenticity

Was Edward Snowden spotted before he decided to leak documents, and set up by the NSA?
"I can't in good conscience allow the US government to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building." - Edward Snowden
Intelligence services have been feeding false information to known enemy informants in their own ranks for a long time, and they are very good at it.

Comment: Indeed, just think of Wikileaks...

Wikileaks and the War for your Mind

Today, the potential whistleblower is one of the most dangerous informants an intelligence service can confront.

Was Edward Snowden spotted before he decided to leak documents, and set up by the NSA?

Substantial evidence supports the possibility that he was. Numerous questions cast doubt on the authenticity of the Power Point slide show describing PRISM, but the UK Guardian has not seen fit to release it to the public. Perhaps Glenn Greenwald should anonymously leak this file: In the words of Snowden himself, "The public needs to decide."

Was Edward Snowden under surveillance at intelligence contractor Booz Allen in advance of releasing the PRISM document?

In the wake of the Wikileaks scandals, the U.S. intelligence community has answered "Who shall watch the watchmen?" by introducing active surveillance and detailed profiling of their own analysts and contractors, looking for potential whistleblowers.[1] By his own account, Snowden often discussed perceived Agency wrongdoing with his co-workers, which suggests that he should have been profiled and flagged as a potential leaker by the NSA's internal surveillance process.

Is it possible that the PRISM leak was set up by the NSA as a deception operation in support of the Obama Administration's ongoing wars against whistleblowers and the 4th Amendment?
Very possible!
Is it possible that the PRISM leak was intended to mislead the American people into dramatically under-estimating the real domestic surveillance capabilities of our National Security Agency?
Also very possible!

Something to bear in mind is that the NSA, like all US government organs of state, is heavily privatized. This means that far from being a 'national agency', it is in fact a corporate entity representing private interests.

Which private interests?

Well, let's just say that it provides the ideal 'backdoor' for certain interests to marshall the NSA's and other government resources in their favor...

PRISM for your Mind: NSA, WikiLeaks and Israel


'Hell to pay:' Residents angry as RCMP sieze guns from High River homes

Evacuees confronted the RCMP
© Lorraine Hjalte , Calgary Herald
Evacuees confronted the RCMP on the northwest corner of town in a bid to enter the Town of High River on Thursday, June 27th 2013, one week after the Highwood River Flooded leaving the whole town empty. RCMP laid a spike belt down across the road to prevent them from travelling down
'It's just like Nazi Germany,' says resident

RCMP revealed Thursday that officers have seized a "substantial amount" of firearms from homes in the evacuated town of High River.

"We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because of what they are," said Sgt. Brian Topham.

"People have a significant amount of money invested in firearms ... so we put them in a place that we control and that they're safe."

That news didn't sit well with a crowd of frustrated residents who had planned to breach a police checkpoint northwest of the town as an evacuation order stretched into its eighth day.

"I find that absolutely incredible that they have the right to go into a person's belongings out of their home," said resident Brenda Lackey, after learning Mounties have been taking residents' guns. "When people find out about this there's going to be untold hell to pay."

New NSA leaks show email surveillance under Obama

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U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Obama administration permitted the National Security Agency to continue collecting vast amounts of records detailing the email and Internet usage of Americans for more than two years, new documents reveal.

According to two leaked NSA documents published by The Guardian on Thursday, a secretive surveillance program that put email and Internet metadata into the hands of the United States government was authorized after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by President George W. Bush and continued under President Barack Obama through 2011.

Since then, claims The Guardian, the NSA has initiated new systems that collect and analyze the records of email communications sent in and out of the United States.

The leaked evidence comes three weeks to the day after The Guardian first began publishing classified NSA documents attributed to Edward Snowden, a 30-year-old former intelligence analyst from the US who is now wanted there for espionage. He is reportedly in Moscow and has sought asylum from at least two foreign countries.

On June 6, journalist Glenn Greenwald detailed how telephony metadata - basic information about the phone habits of millions of Americans - was being regularly supplied to Washington under a secretive orders authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. In this week's article, Greenwald and co-author Spencer Ackerman say the latest revelation involves the collection of metadata involving emails that may have been sent or received by Americans.