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New anti-crime cameras being installed downtown Los Angeles

California - Officials said 38 anti-crime cameras will soon be installed in downtown Los Angeles.

In the coming weeks, this new equipment will replace cameras which have been broken or failing for years.

Andrea Fujii, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, says the cameras should make streets safer.

She spoke with Jennifer Otto, co-owner of Wax Candy, a downtown business. With dozens of female clients, her store put a premium on safety for staffers and patrons coming in and out of her Fashion District business.

Skid Row is a few blocks away. Otto says sometimes vagrants have come inside her establishment. With Wax Candy closing at 8 o'clock every night - and it being darker - the women who work here say they look forward to a little extra security.

She believes her customers and workers will feel safer with the cameras. "They know there's someone watching out for them."

Captain Horace Frank of the Los Angeles Police Department said, "The camera initiative is to help us in the ability to prevent crime, reduce crime in central, and if we don't get there then we can better identify and apprehend the suspects."

Petraeus scandal is reported with compelled veneration of all things military

That's the story, but what's really going on?
The reverence for the former CIA Director is part of a wider religious-like worship of the national security state.

A prime rule of US political culture is that nothing rivets, animates or delights the political media like a sex scandal. From Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, and Eliot Spitzer to John Edwards, Larry Craig and David Vitter, their titillation and joy is palpable as they revel in every last arousing detail. This giddy package is delivered draped in a sanctimonious wrapping: their excitement at reporting on these scandals is matched only by their self-righteous condemnations of the moral failings of the responsible person.

All of these behaviors have long been constant, inevitable features of every political sex scandal - until yesterday. Now, none of these sentiments is permitted because the newest salacious scandal features at its center Gen. David Petraeus, who resigned yesterday as CIA Director, citing an extramarital affair.

Almost every single family in Gaza has lost somebody to Israeli attacks throughout the years; 13-year-old the latest victim

A political analyst tells Press TV that almost every single family in Gaza has lost somebody throughout the years of Israeli attacks, oppression and occupation and yet nothing is done and there is no justice.

The comments come after a 13-year-old boy was killed by Israeli gunfire in the southern Gaza Strip.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Adie Mormech, human rights activist, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Comment: To understand the reality that the people of Gaza have had to face under Israeli aggression and oppression, we urge you to watch and share the powerful and devastating documentary Tears of Gaza.

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Giuliani: Petraeus resignation 'convenient' for Obama administration

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined a chorus of Republicans questioning the timing of Thursday's sudden resignation of CIA chief David Petraeus.

The former GOP presidential contender, in an appearance Friday night on Fox News, said the Petraeus resignation is the latest example of the Obama administration's "suppression" of information.

"Now we're going to have a hearing next week, and the man who knows the facts, David Petraeus - he's the only man who can really tell us what the CIA knew, what they did, why they did it, how they did it - he's not going to testify. This is a very convenient way to get the administration out of a very very difficult situation," Mr. Giuliani said on Greta van Susteren's show.

"But this is inevitable. This is like Watergate. This is all going to come out. It may take a month, it may take five months. But this is all going to come out. And every single new coverup they do just makes it much much worse."
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BBC director general resigns over child sex abuse controversy

George Entwistle
© Reuters
BBC director general George Entwistle resigned after failing to get to grips with a child sex abuse scandal
BBC director general George Entwistle has resigned, just two months into the job, after failing to get to grips with a child sex abuse scandal that has thrown the 90-year-old state-funded broadcaster into turmoil.

Entwistle has faced widespread criticism since a rival broadcaster carried charges last month that a former BBC star, the late Jimmy Savile, was one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders.

"I have decided that the honourable thing to do is to step down," Entwistle said in a televised statement on Saturday outside the BBC's London headquarters.

Earlier in the day, Britain's public broadcaster suspended all investigations by its current affairs programme newsnight following the report that Entwistle had condemned as "fundamentally wrong".

Newsnight was already under scrutiny for dropping an investigation last year into abuse claims against the late Savile, one of the BBC's biggest stars who has now been accused of sexually abusing hundreds of children over four decades.

Fake Name, Fake History, Fake Tears

In the speech above, Obama tries to express true and honest emotion as if he is an ordinary human being with normal feelings. It's a sweet and intimate moment. . . . . . NOT. It's like watching Stalin or some other historical cult leader cry in front of his die-hard followers to gain their love.

The religious worship of arrogant, dishonest, and cult-like leaders is disgusting and sick anywhere in the world. Jim Jones also probably used tears to steal the hearts of his enchanted followers. Every cult leader does it. It is a well-known trick. Tears from the dear leader is like rain from the sky-god. It nourishes and replenishes the love of the blind community of souls for the leader.

Vote fraud: Who destroyed prop 37 on election night?

"So look, there are fifteen million votes out there we haven't counted yet. What do you want to do?"

"How long have the polls been closed?"

"Let's see. Two hours."

"The hell with it. Let's call it a defeat for Prop 37."


This isn't over.

We're not just looking at how many votes in California are still uncounted. We're not just guessing how it'll turn out and making little projections. That's a sucker's game.

We're looking at real symptoms of fraud. And fraud has tentacles and arms. You see one piece of fraud, you keep digging for other pieces. You usually find them.

Start with the incredibly early projections made by media outlets on election night. Those projections sank Prop 37.

When you're in the middle of a football game and the outcome is still in doubt, if somebody suddenly posts the final score on the scoreboard, that's called a lie.

America: Myth, Reality, Death Squads and al-Qaeda

Obama supporters get excited about his re-election and the American dream
I have to admit, as presidential acceptance speeches go, Obama's acceptance speech was impressive. It was emotionally provocative (for Americans and non-Americans alike). It was full of hope, calls to action and the collective responsibility of "we the people". It was all about pumping popular pride in the great United States of America, as the greatest nation on earth. It pushed all the right emotional buttons for Americans and reminded them about everything they have been programmed to believe, since childhood, about the country they live in. It was all about the American dream and the American myth. Obama claimed he has "never been more hopeful about our future, never been more hopeful about America" and proclaimed that "the best is yet to come." In short, it was a bunch of jingoistic nonsense that flew in the face of the reality of life in the USA and what it has done and continues to do to the rest of the world.

The myth of America and 'the American dream', as promoted by politicians and media pundits (among others), has been very effective in buffering the average American against the truth of what America has been and is today. But the grandiose words of politicians alone are never enough to keep the citizens content and obedient. To be truly effective, claims of American exceptionalism and superiority had to be backed up by evidence of it on the ground, and to that effect, America really has been the most prosperous and developed nation in the world for a long time.

The 'quality of life' of the average American over the last 100 years has been above that of other 'developed' nations and far above that of most of the rest of the world. This high level of living standard was provided, primarily, by access to modern technology and easy access to jobs and 'personal wealth'. But how did Americans get access to the technology, and why have jobs and personal wealth been so plentiful in the USA as compared to other nations?

That's where the American myth comes in.

Syrian Army kills 42 terrorists, rescues 20 hostages

The Syrian army killed more than 42 armed rebels and terrorists in countrywide operations and rescued 20 hostages on Saturday.

In Northern Damascus, the army killed at least 10 terrorists and arrested many others in its attack on the positions of the so-called Free Syrian Army.

In al-Jubeileh district of Deir al-Zour city, the army also killed seven terrorists, including an FSA commander, Ahmad Abdel Karim. It also killed another five terrorists, including Mahnad al-Soveid - a notorious Takfiri terrorist in the most wanted list of the Syrian army - in al-Busaraya street in Deir al-Zour region.

In Deir Balbah district in downtown Homs, a total of 20 terrorists were killed during clashes with the Syrian army. After several hours of clashes, the army purged the city of snipers.

US deploys large number of troops in Yemen

The US has deployed a large number of troops in Al-Anad air base in Yemen's Southern province of Lahj, local media reports revealed on Saturday.

Ansarullah news website quoted Yemeni military sources as revealing that Anad air base has become the US operational headquarters in Yemen.

The report added that in addition to troops, the US army has also deployed its Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the base.

A similar report by Yemeni Tagheer news website said that a US military cargo plane, carrying special military equipments and food supplies for the US marine forces landed in Sana'a international airports.

The deployment of the US marine forces in Yemen and US air strikes by pilotless drones in the country have sparked massive popular protests in the Muslim country.

Washington claims the attacks are targeted at militants but a majority of victims are civilians casualties, local media said.