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Multiple UFOs filmed in daytime over mountain in Santiago Chile

Multiple UFOs spotted on Dec. 17, 2014 in Santiago Chile:


Bizarre square-shaped fire which burnt through shop sofa leaves London police mystified

© Ragini Pate
The baffling blaze took hold on the settee inside a letting shop in Fulham, south west London

These pictures show the bizarre square-shaped fire which ripped through a sofa inside a shop.

Passer-by Ragini Patel was on her way to Sainsbury's just before 9am on Sunday when the young son of a neighbour told her he could see a settee on fire inside the Lettings Company shop in Fulham Road, London which has two floors of flats above.

The long-time Fulham resident quickly called the fire brigade who had to smash down the estate agent's door to put the fire out which started in a square shape and slowly spread out to burn the entire sofa.

She told Get West London: "I was just going to Sainsbury's in the morning when my neighbour's son told me there was a fire in the shop.

"I looked in and a square-shaped fire was burning into the sofa.

"It was very odd.

"I called the fire brigade straight away then started filming because it was very bizarre, I couldn't figure out how it had started."

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Strange hairless creature washes up dead on California beach

© John Palminteri/KEYT News
A mysterious creature with sharp claws and pointy teeth was discovered on a beach in Santa Barbara on Tuesday after the most recent storm hitting the area.

The apparent monster is brownish in color and was discovered near a drain washout, reports KEYT.com. The unidentified beast has left residents baffled and no one has been able to identify the species of animal found on the shore nor do they know where it came from.

Santa Barbara saw brutal storms over the past few days that left behind damage in the area.

A similar looking creature was found in San Diego back in June of 2012. The picture was taken by Josh Menard, a 19-year-old snowboarder from Lake Tahoe.


Strange contrails appear over Russian town

Multiple eyewitnesses, including one who was quick with her camera, spotted strange squiggly contrails just before dawn one morning this week over Biysk in southern Russia. Many of the witnesses believed the contrails were from UFOs. Were they?

According to reports, Elisha Ponomaryov saw other people looking skyward and pointing at the contrails. She didn't know what they were but had the presence of mind to take a photo. Unfortunately, she was too late to capture what caused the contrails. However, other witnesses claimed to have seen three or four yellow spheres flying haphazardly and leaving the trails behind them. One was Zemfira Bocharova, who gave this description:
I saw them at 6.25am and there were four, one of them was particularly bright and two others were flying parallel with that - and then the forth one was at a different angle and further away from the other three.
As usual, there was no comment from space or government officials or the military on the strange contrails. There was some speculation that they could have been from a rocket, possibly carrying a secret payload, launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, but that's 1,500 miles from Biysk and there was no report of any launches on that day. Meteors and weather were also suggested, but there were no meteor reports and no weather incidents that could have caused the trails.


Transparent UFO? Or plasma light? Unusual phenomenon photographed over Austria

© Nepoznato
Link to actual photo

Witness: "I'm a resident of Vienna in Austria and when I was on the balcony, I saw this huge transparent vehicle floating above the clouds for about two minutes." "I grabbed my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) and after I took a photograph of it, the vehicle was gone." "I've never seen anything like it, it was strange."

Mufon case 61696.

Comment: Very interesting, especially when looking at the actual photo:



French aerospace org. to aid Chile's official UFO investigation

© 3AF
Dinner on October 30, 2014 From left to right: General (ret) Ricardo Bermudez (Director of CEFAA), Michel Scheller (President of 3AF).
The Aeronautical and Astronautical Association of France (3AF) has signed an agreement with Chile's Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA) to cooperate on the study of UFOs. 3AF posted an article on their website late last month explaining their newly founded relationship with CEFAA.

3AF is an important organization in France, and in Europe's aeronautical industry in general. Similar to the United State's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, it is a society for those participating in, or interested in, the aerospace industry.

Surprisingly, 3AF also has a strong interest in the investigation of UFOs. Although, it might not be too surprising to those who know that the French government is one of very few that have an official organization that investigates UFOs. It is called the Study and Information Group on Aerospace Unidentified Phenomena (GEIPAN), and is part of France's National Center for Space Studies (CNES), their version of NASA.


Villagers in Kazakhstan are falling asleep en masse for no apparent reason

© Flickr/Tinou Bao
Not residents of Kalachi, but very sleepy people nonetheless.
Residents of a small village in Kazakhstan are falling asleep at random, sometimes for days at a time, and no one knows why. Since the spring of 2013, the village of Kalachi in the Akmolinsk district (whose name derives from aqmola, a Kazakh term that ominously translates to the white tomb), 150 miles south of the Russian border, has suffered from at least four outbreaks of the disorder. As of the latest wave, from late August to early September, over 60 people, or 10 percent of the town's population of 680 had been affected. Last week, RT released a documentary on the problem titled Sleepy Hallow, Kazakhstan. Locals told the reporters that they fear one day they'll fall asleep and never wake up again.

Classified as an encephalopathy of unclear origin - the highfalutin term for a weird brain disorder we can't figure out - villagers who do not simply keel over while moving or working report feeling weakness, dizziness, and memory and motor control loss. At least two children have reported hallucinations as well: Misha Plyukhin saw flying horses and light bulbs, his mother with eight eyes and a trunk, and snakes and worms in his bed, trying to eat his arms; Rudolf Boyarinos cannot remember his visions, but four people had to calm and subdue him as he screamed "monsters!" The sleep is so deep that some locals fear an old man they assumed was dead could have been buried alive.


Mystery sea creature on Google Earth: Unexplained discovery in New Zealand's waters

© Google Earth
A mystery sea creature seen on Google Earth is suspected to have caused an unexplained wake in New Zealand's ocean waters. Opposing Views reports that last week an unusual wake was seen at Oke Bay of the Bay of Islands located in the Far North District of the country's North Island.

Pita Witehira of Hamilton, New Zealand, found the interesting image on Google Earth while he was doing some holiday research. The unidentified creature is thought to be around 40-feet long, judging by the size of the wake.

Witehira rules out a boat causing the wake since white froth wasn't seen in the water. He has a different explanation for it.
"The Native Maori would call this a Taniwha ('Troll') as it appears not to be a whale and it is far too big to be a shark. It is moving too fast and turning too sharply to be a whale."
The Google image was reportedly captured by satellite around 11:30 a.m. on January 30 of this year.


Video of U.S. fighter jets 'engaging unknown aircraft' over Phoenix in 1997

The video obtained by investigate journalist David Collins shows military aircraft in the skies above Arizona on the night of one of the world's most famous UFO sightings in March 1997

This incredible leaked classified video shows fighter jets "engaging unknown aircraft" in the skies above the southern US on the night of one of the world's most famous UFO sightings.

The 14-second clip, posted on YouTube, shows American military aircraft on patrol during the Phoenix Lights sighting of March 13, 1997 when a series of lights were spotted above Arizona's state capital.

The military footage was obtained exclusively by US investigative journalist David Collins, of Phoenix-based KWBV Investigations, who later alerted Mirror Online.

The Phoenix Lights were seen by thousands of Arizona residents but 17 years on what exactly happened remains a mystery.

Comment: More clues revealed on 1997 Phoenix lights UFO


'Unusually strong' animal predator loose near Copenhagen

© Guillaume Baviere/Flickr
Be wary if you plan to visit Dyrehaven.
After a deer was found with its head "bitten off", nature authorities warn that a very large and dangerous dog - or even a wolf - could be on the prowl.

Authorities have warned that a "large" and "unusually strong" animal is on the loose north of Copenhagen.

A deer calf was found in the forest park Jægersborg Dyrehave with its head bitten off and the Danish Nature Agency (Naturstyrelsen) says that only "an unusually large and strong dog, or a wolf" could have bitten the head off in that fashion.

"We feel that it is in the public's interest [to know about the animal, ed.] and we recommend using real caution if visitors encounter a stay dog out here [in Dyrehaven, ed.]," forest manager Hans Henrik Christensen told BT.

"We have simply never seen this kind of bite before and we have taken samples from the dead deer and have sent them for DNA tests to see if this could be a wolf," Christensen said.

The deer's head has not been found and Christensen said the bite was "exceptionally violent".

"The animal bit through the neck bones, so the head was quite simply bitten off,"
he told BT.