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Strange trumpet sound echoing through the sky in west Phoenix, Arizona

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Strange sound again tonight. Lasted about 20mins. West Phoenix/Glendale area 11:30pm 6/1/15

Strange sound echoing through the sky in west Phoenix early this morning. Not the local train! It lasted from 12:20am to 12:50am. Sounds musical. Very bizarre.....

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Strange groaning sounds come from the sky in Long Island, New York

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I heard these odd sounds coming from the sky over Long Island today. if anybody can tell me what this noise is please comment below.


Groaning, trumpeting sounds heard in Batangas, Philippines' sky

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Strange Sound heard at the sky of LOBO, Batangas Philippines...
Creepy sound in the sky..


Strange trumpet sounds in the sky over Indonesia

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Actually, I've already heard sound like this several times since about 2 years ago. But at that time, I just take it casually. I thought it might be the train's horn. But, fact is, there is no train station or train's rail track near my home. Then I thought it could be the big truck's horn, but truck usually pass through a highway or, at least, a big road. While another fact is my home somewhat away from such a wide road. Then I've been noticed about this global phenomenon until seeing some of the same occurrence happened lately around the world.

Whether it's coincidence or what, I heard this typical sound again on last drizzling night, when I entered my bedroom to sleep, just after watching tv. It was a pretty long and aloud 'horn-like' sounds when I first stepped in that I'd been in rush to take my cellphone, trying to record the rest of this sound-phenomenon.

So, what is this sound exactly? Is that really a prophetic shofar sound from heaven? Or merely a general nature global phenomenon? You decide.

Comment: There are two more videos published in the same time period from other YouTube users:

From May 30, 2015: "I heard some sound but this is like a nguung nguung, sound from unknown."

And another posted on May 28, 2015:

"Strange sound from the sky also heard on Sumatera, Indonesia.What will happen to this world ?"


Are fish falling from the sky in Fairbanks, Alaska?


Lampreys are fish but seem eel-like in appearance.
There are flying fish, and then there are the variety witnessed by residents of Fairbanks, Alaska. These have literally been dropping from the sky, it seems.

Four eel-like fish called lampreys have been found in odd locations around Fairbanks, far from the water, according to Mike Taras of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Most were dead, but one was found alive outside a Fairbanks thrift store.

"Two gentleman came in and asked if we have a bucket with water because there's an eel in your parking lot," said the store's manager, Sue Valdrow. She put the fish, which was about a foot long, into a container of water and called officials.


Weird glowing light spotted over Netherlands: plasma discharge event?

© Harry Perton
Harry Perton captured a bizarre object that appeared like a jellyfish-shaped UFO with his camera. The image has prompted speculations on what the object really was.
Harry Perton ventured out after a storm last week to take photos for his blog after he saw beautiful skies from his window. He was not expecting to capture pictures of something unusual, but he was surprised upon checking his camera when he got home. He saw a jellyfish UFO.

He spotted what appeared to be a jellyfish UFO floating in the dark sky of Groningen, Netherlands flashing out green light. He related that he was taking photos when he noticed something.

"I was taking photos and suddenly something flashed. At first I thought it must have been my camera but the flash was not up and there was not a drop on my lens," Perton said.

He later dismissed this to be a strike of lightning, but when he got home, he saw something odd in one of the images that he took and it looked like a UFO with the shape of a jellyfish.

Comment: Trust the British Daily Mirror - the source of the description of this 'object' - to label it a 'jellyfish UFO', which are an entirely different class of UFO (they really look like giant jellyfish floating in the sky).

This recent photograph from Holland is clearly something else, and is similar to this plasma-like formation photographed above Chicago last September:

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UFO photographed sucking water out of California lake (as if the drought wasn't bad enough!)

Date of sighting: May 2015
Location of sighting: Nevada County, CA
Nevada News Source: http://scooper64.rssing.com/browser.php?indx=37568783&last=1&item=47

Comment: A better link to the original article from the Nevada County Scooper may be found here.

Updated: May 26, 2015: I asked the Scooper site about other photos and other possible eyewitnesses. He wrote back; "Yes, there were reports from campers along the lake. Also, one fisherman the water spout and manoeuvred his boat to investigate. Apparently as he made his way to the spout, the vehicle disappeared. The Scooper is following up on these reports." Screenshot below.

Comment: Interestingly enough, a second UFO sighting was made and photographed by another pilot in the same region a few days later:

Confirmed: Second UFO Spotted Over Nevada County
Nevada County, CA — Another pilot has come forward with photograph revealing a second Unidentified Flying Object or UFO over Nevada County. The pilot of the ultralight aircraft, who had traveled from his hometown of Lodi, CA to visit his Grass Valley girlfriend, snapped this exclusive shot of what appears to be the same red flying object over rural Nevada County.

"I was on my approach to the Nevada County Air Park," said the ultralight pilot who chose to remain anonymous, "when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this red speck. So I maneuvered my craft about to get a better look at it. It was moving so fast up and down. I've never seen anything move like that. I managed to get one picture of it with my iPhone before it disappeared straight up.
The aircraft is similar to one spotted over Scotts Flat Lake late last week by the pilot of a Cessna 172 based out of Nevada County. That unidentified object appeared to be siphoning large quantities of water out of the lake before also disappearing straight up. This particular UFO did not seem to be doing anything other than flying around erratically fast.

"It was just flying around," continued the pilot. "If I didn't know any better, I'd swear it was having fun. A kind of UFO joy ride. Once you've seen something like this, you're a believer."

The Scooper is the only news outlet covering this story. If you have any additional information or photos, please contact us immediately. You might even get a free Scooper shirt.
A new flap? A precursor to even more sightings? What does it all mean? The Truth is out there.

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The Charlie Charlie Challenge - what is the spooky craze?

A bizarre new craze is sweeping the internet - but what is this Ouija-board inspired game about?
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If Charlie is there the pencils will move to indicate his answer.
A strange new game is taking over Twitter, fuelled by speculation that its players can connect with a dead Mexican spirit known as Charlie.

The Charlie Charlie Challenge has been played by thousands of young people after a number of videos purported to show supernatural goings-on.

The game entails placing two pencils on a piece of paper in the shape of the cross with the words 'yes' and 'no'. Participants then repeat the phrase "Charlie, Charlie can we play?" in order to connect with the demon.

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Genies blamed for school sickness, possessions in Saudi Arabia

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Last week in Saudi Arabia nearly 200 elementary and middle school students "refused to attend classes after nine students claimed that genies — or jinn, as they are better known in the Arabic world — had made them sick" according to ArabNews.com, which added that "the students had fainted and experienced spasms at the start of the second semester, prompting many parents to believe jinns were present at the school."

Jinn are described in the Koran, the Muslim holy book, as creatures made by Allah of smokeless fire. Belief in jinn is widespread throughout the Arabic and Muslim world. Just as many Christians readily accept the literal reality of angels, many Muslims accept the existence of genies as self-evident. Both religions share the belief that spirits such as demons and jinn can take possession of humans. Jinn are believed, like ghosts, to haunt buildings, homes and other locations.

It will often begin with one or two people exhibiting symptoms and as others in the same location see the behavior they unconsciously begin experiencing the same or similar symptoms. Episodes are most common in closed social units such as schools and factories, and among females — likely because they tend to have stronger social bonds than males. The symptoms are not serious and go away on their own, often within hours or days.


Mysterious red lights spotted over Russia

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'The first picture was taken at 12.49am. Immediately, at 12.50am, I decided to take a second shot to ensure that the camera hadn’t made a mistake, or that there was some bug or glare [on the lens].'

Photographs show red lights hovering about the ground and then moving vast distances in less than one minute.

An amateur photographer has captured pictures of what he claims is a 'UFO' after seeing strange red lights hovering above Omsk. Dmitry Yushkevich was taking images of his home city of Tara late at night on May 15 when he noticed six unusual-looking lights.

'They were arranged one behind the other,' he wrote on his Vkontakte page, after uploading the photos. 'The first picture was taken at 12.49am.

'Immediately, at 12.50am, I decided to take a second shot to ensure that the camera hadn't made a mistake, or that there was some bug or glare [on the lens].

'At first I didn't notice the object on the second image, as I only saw it at home as I processed the images. On the second image the object is behind the television tower, and that is why I did not notice it right away.'

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