High Strangeness


Mysterious fire outbreak destroys over 100 houses in Bauchi, Nigeria

The acting district head of Soro in Darazo Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Alhaji Muhammad Kilishi, on Wednesday, informed that a mysterious fire outbreak had hit the town, razing more than 100 houses with property worth millions of Naira destroyed.

Alhaji Kilishi, who disclosed this while speaking with journalists in Bauchi, stated that as of now, no one knew the cause of the fire outbreak, saying that people only discovered that fire would come from nowhere and gut houses.

According to him, the mysterious fire outbreak started in October, saying, however, that, so far, no life had been lost in the incident.

"This fire is quite mysterious because it is not caused as a result of an electrical fault or bush burning. One just notices that fire from nowhere will start burning and before you know it, it has started destroying houses.

"This incident started mysteriously about a month ago, but no life has been lost since the outbreak. I don't know the meaning of this strange fire which cannot be traced to a cause," the acting district head said.

Comment: This is something to keep an eye on. Perhaps these fires are similar to the fires that have plagued parts of Italy as covered by SOTT.net in the past and other sources recently.

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The return of the Okeechobee Ogre in Florida


A Florida couple from Palmdale just reported their recent sighting of a large, hairy, bigfoot-like creature. They spotted the creature while they were camping along Fisheating Creek close to Lakeport, Florida. They were camping near some Indian Mounds, not far from the site of Fort Center, an area that saw heavy fighting during the Second Seminole War. Lakeport is a small retirement and fishing community on the west side of Lake Okeechobee. The mounds are considered a sacred site for Native Americans and contain artifacts along with human remains. There is a small artificial lake among the mounds that is believed to have been a charnal pond for human corpses.

This couple reported hearing and then seeing a large hairy beast outside their tent in the middle of the night. The next morning, they found the carcass of a partially eaten deer nearby. They also found some long reddish-brown hairs on a branch.


Has Nessie finally been caught on video? Footage seems to show monster's head and neck emerging from Loch Ness water


Richard Collis appears to have captured footage of Nessie's head and neck emerging from Loch Ness

* Richard Collis captured video footage of a strange figure in Loch Ness

* Video appears to show the long neck and head of the infamous monster

* Nessie appears around 500ft away from the shore in the middle of water

* Mr Collis said he is normally a sceptic but cannot explain what is in the video

* It is the latest Nessie sighting - with first recorded around 1,500 years ago

* Thousands of photos have been taken, claiming to have captured the monster, and experts have held dozens of investigations to find Nessie

It has long been one of Scotland's biggest mysteries, attracting dozens of monster hunters, experts and even paranormal investigators over almost 1,500 years.

And now it appears the Loch Ness monster may finally have been caught on camera.

Video footage appears to show Nessie emerging from the waters of Loch Ness, the creature's head and long, thin neck visible amid the choppy waters.


Another 'aerial anomaly': Airline passenger films 'UFO' flying over Iran

A passenger on board a commercial airliner has caught some astonishing footage of a disc-shaped UFO flying underneath their plane.

The aircraft was flying over Iranian airspace at the time and as yet there's been no word from any government or organisation claiming it to be theirs.

While the object itself is small in the video what's clear is that it definitely doesn't have wings in the conventional sense, instead the object appears to be completely round in shape, echoing the classic designs of UFOs we've seen in the past.

Is it an alien craft? Or simply an experimental aircraft? Either are just as likely yet both are just as exciting.

Comment: There seems to be an increasing number of these 'aerial anomalies' being reported recently. Could this be part of a trend?

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Perhaps there is a connection with some other recent incidents of 'high strangeness'?

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'Monster's head' photographed on the surface of Loch Ness


Mysterious shape: International paranormal investigator, Jonathon Bright, took this photo three years ago
* Paranormal investigator Jonathon Bright took the photo three years ago

* Image shows peculiar shape emerging from the water of the Loch Ness

* Mr Bright believes it may be monster's head and is searching for answers

* Renowned monster hunter spoke at Paranormal Festival in Stirling this week

* According to online register - there have been 1067 Nessie sightings in total

It is one the world's most tantalising mysteries - and over the years experts have flocked to the Scottish Highlands to answer its call.

Now an international paranormal investigator turned monster hunter believes he may have found proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists.

Jonathon Bright, a Greek known around the world by his English name, has captured what appears to be Nessie's head emerging from the deep waters.

Full view: In Mr Bright's photo, a strange shape visibly emerges from the rough waters of the Loch Ness


UK mystery of still warm and bleeding dead dolphin found in village a mile from the sea


Mystery: The covered body of the dead porpoise
Residents of Tarring, West Sussex, say the body of the 4ft mammal was warm and dripping with blood - the RSPCA is investigating the strange discovery

Residents of a village a mile from the sea are stunned after finding a dead porpoise in an alleyway - lying in a pool of its own blood.

The 4ft long creature - similar to a dolphin - was discovered in Tarring, just outside Worthing, West Sussex, and appeared to have died recently.

Locals have no idea how the 12 stone mammal got there.

Tim Allen, 31, was one of the first people on the scene after being alerted to the grim discovery by a neighbour.


Snap-shot shows spectre-like veiled woman in hospital which used to be an asylum

Chris Leadbetter noticed the image of a woman, in a veil, behind his grandfather after he went to visit him in the Royal Countess of Chester Hospital where he was being treated for terminal cancer, and took a photo
When Chris Leadbetter took a photo of his grandfather in hospital, he hoped it would be an image he could treasure after the pensioner was told his bladder cancer was terminal.

However when Mr Leadbetter examined the picture he noticed there was a chilling figure of a woman behind his grandfather, Bob Large.

Stunned, he showed staff at the Countess of Chester Hospital the photograph who went on to describe the 'long haired blonde girl', who they claim, a lot of patients see lurking at the end of their beds.

And the ghostly figure may have had an impact of Mr Large as he has since been released from hospital and sleeping better than before, despite the previous diagnosis.

Mr Leadbetter had gone to visit his grandfather at the hospital in Chester, which is on the site of the former County Lunatic Asylum, built in 1829.

The pensioner had been told his bladder cancer and kidney failure was terminal.

Mr Leadbetter arrived to find the local vicar at his grandfather's bedside, praying for his recovery, and decided to take the 'last' picture on his mobile phone.

But it was not until he got home a week later and examined it that he saw a spectre-like figure of a woman, dressed in a veil, lurking in the back of the picture.


More UFO's seen flying by Eiffel Tower

A UFO "fleet" speeding around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, was inadvertently caught on a tourist's cell phone video last week and posted on YouTube, where the video is still waiting for an explanation of what the three fast-moving objects it depicts might actually be.

The UFO-tracking site UFO Sightings Daily described the three objects, which as appear in the video as pinpoints of light, as a "fleet," apparently because the three UFOs appear to be flying one after the other - though they do not seem to be in any kind of formation or following a set flight pattern.

Comment: Maybe there are some 'extraterrestrial' visitors who appreciate the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building as much as we humans do? Or, another thought, maybe some of them want to be seen - or just don't give a hoot about being seen? After all, if they have the technology to do what they are apparently doing, they have to know that everyone and their mother walks around these days with some kind of phone or device capable of capturing photos and/or video of them. If the pilots of these craft wanted to be discreet, why play peekaboo around some of the world's most famous structures - again and again.


Black-eyed child ghosts seen on the London Underground


TUNNEL TERROR: The black-eyed ghoul
Reports of a girl with "coal-black pits for eye sockets" first emerged in the capital in the 1980s - but experts now say she is back.

The last sighting was just two weeks ago and a paranormal investigator says he has been flooded with reports.

One terrified traveller said he and his wife were waiting for the tube with their child when they heard the chilling sound of a little girl giggling in the tunnel.

"To our amazement, a child, no taller than one meter in height appeared as if out of nowhere further up the track in front of us," he said.

"We stopped dead in our tracks after noticing her eyes had no colour."

Comment: See also: New report of ghostly black-eyed children sightings in Cannock Chase

Black Cat 2

Caught on camera: What is this "supernatural" entity?

The annual burning of the Mexican boogeyman, known as El Kookooee, draws crowds to Albuquerque's South Valley. At this year's event, the burning may have drawn more than just people.

"All of us were just freaked out by this thing," said Steve Vaughan.

The figure was captured in a picture taken by a pair of local firefighters at the burning Sunday. A ghost enthusiast said it could be some sort of wizard or spirit.

"It's either a real humanoid figure up there hovering in the sky or it's an extremely good projection from either a slide or some kind of camera," said Rick Walter.

The image is getting a lot of attention.

"I showed it to them and they were all, 'Oh my gosh, that's wild,' 'I want to see that, text it to me,' and then they put it on Facebook and it kind of blew up from three," said Josh Ellis.