High Strangeness


UFOs and phone interference

There can surely be very few stranger experiences for the researcher of Fortean and paranormal phenomena than when those same phenomena decide to turn the tables and focus their attentions upon the aforementioned researcher. And there is, perhaps, no better example of this than in relation to the mystery of the Men in Black - whose shadowy and creepy activities seem to have consistently targeted UFO witnesses and investigators alike. Including, just maybe, me.

On last Saturday night's Coast to Coast show I was interviewed on that very subject: the Men in Black mystery. It was a 3-hour-long episode (1AM to 4AM) in which I discussed with the host of the show, John B. Wells, the many and varied complexities of the legend of the Men in Black.

During the course of the show, we covered a great deal of ground, such as: (A) the saga of Albert Bender (arguably, the one man more than any other who kick-started the MIB mystery), (B) Gray Barker's significant part in the controversy (largely thanks to his classic 1956 book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers), (C) the MIB-Mothman connection detailed by John Keel in The Mothman Prophecies and by the aforementioned Barker in The Silver Bridge (the latter being a book I particularly recommend), (D) the many and varied theories for who - or what - the Men in Black might be, (E) modern day encounters with the MIB, and much more.

But, there was something else too...

Comment: Listen to Hyperdimensional Planet Earth, a SOTT Talk Radio show to learn the truth behind the High Strangeness that appears to have plagued our planet and species for so long, focusing on the question; are human beings really at the top of the food chain?

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The Thin Man - Stick insects in Russia (Slenderman in Russia)

Not much is known about this video titled 'The Thin Man - Stick Insects in Russia (Slenderman in Russia)', except that it shows what appears to be a giant stick creature climbing on the sides of an apartment building in Russia.

Some say it is merely Adobe Aftereffects but what do you think?

Large 'glowing, pulsating' fish-like creature filmed in Bristol harbour

Experts were baffled after video footage emerged of a glowing "alien-like creature" swimming in Bristol harbour.

Stunned eyewitnesses filmed a mystery luminescent, tentacled being, which was flashing a variety of colours, floating close to the top of the water

Videos of the strange marine object in the city's historic docks were posted on Youtube and Twitter with many claiming to have seen an alien.

Marine biologists admit they are baffled, but claim the footage could be a marine salp which had drifted off course by the weather.

Dr Steve Simpson, from the School of Biological Sciences at Bristol University, said: "It's very intriguing, I don't really know what to make of it.

What the...?!

1980 John Keel interview with David Letterman

John Keel was interviewed by David Letterman on July 28, 1980. The Fortean researcher, ufologist and author talked about some of the strange-but-true things going on on this planet!

For more on Keel, please visit the tribute site maintained by his friends, at johnkeel.com.
Black Cat

The invisible hand of the Cosmic Trickster: High strangeness and the paranormal nature of the UFO phenomenon

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We seem to be surrounded by an almost invisible world that can manipulate us in any way. ~ John Keel

On Sunday, October 30th, 1938, millions of radio listeners in the USA were shocked to the core by a radio announcement about a Martian attack on Earth. They panicked, some ran out of their homes screaming, others packed up their cars and fled. Even though the ground-shaking news turned out to be nothing more than a portion of Orson Welles' adaptation of the well-known book, War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, many of the listeners believed what they heard on the radio was real.

In his infamous broadcast, Orson Welles set the scene by saying: "We know now that in the early years of the twentieth century this world was being watched closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own..."

While Welles' radio stunt was fiction, a careful analysis of the evidence suggests the actual reality surrounding UFOs and all things associated is much stranger than any fiction ever invented by a human mind.

Comment: Join your Sott Talk Radio hosts this Sunday, December 1st 2013 for an indepth discussion on this fascinating topic. Callers welcome.


Strange lights and fireballs seen over Tucson Thanksgiving night

Tucson - Lights in the sky on Thanksgiving night spark stories of possible UFO's or comets flying over the desert.

People living in the area of Houghton and Golf Links report seeing "fireball-like" lights shooting through the southwestern sky Thursday night. Some thought the lights could be the comet Ison, which is heading toward the sun.

News 4 viewer Jeffrey Compton sent in video he shot near his home showing the fireballs glowing in the night sky.

So far, no official explanation for the glowing lights.
Grey Alien

Alien abductee documents "unseen forces" disturbing his home in weird video

A strange new video posted by a prominent UFO abductee begs the question, "are extraterrestrials masquerading as ghosts or do abductees just attract weirdness of all forms?

The video, posted on November 17th, appears to show an "unseen force" moving a picture frame on command. That might seem pretty bizarre, but the man behind the clip, Stan Romanek, knows a thing or two about strange videos. Several years ago, Romanek, a man who wrote a book about being taken aboard alien crafts, released a bit of footage that he says showed an extraterrestrial peering into his window.

Top Secret

Lyle Blackburn on 'Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster'

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Interview with Lyle Blackburn

Brought to you by Anomalist books.

1. What made you decide to pursue the Bishopville, South Carolina Lizardman for your 2nd book entitled Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster?

I was doing research on monster sightings that have occurred in various swamps locations around the southeast U.S. In the process I actually visited swamps in several different states, including Scape Ore Swamp near Bishopville, South Carolina. As I interviewed people in the area, including law officials and witnesses, I realized there was much more to the story of the Bishopville Lizard Man than had ever been made public. It seemed like a great story, so I ended up developing it into a book.

2. Could you share some of the odd going ons regarding Lizardman festivities in Bishopville?

At this point the Lizard Man is sort of a cultural icon that many people in the area recognize. There's a few restaurants that incorporate the Lizard Man into their identity and there's a display at the Cotton Museum in Bishopville. Bishopville also has a Cotton Festival each year and their mascot is the "Lizard Man." It's kind of a fun thing now, but when it started, there were some incredible and downright spooky sightings of the creature.

UFOs appear in formation over Fayetteville, North Carolina, 8 November 2013

Strange lights appeared over Fayetteville, North Carolina on November 8, 2013. At first there seemed to be one stationary light from an unknown source in the sky, then two more appeared and the three lights moved in formation.

The YouTube uploader described it as: "[at] first look[ing] like [a] comet falling from [the] sky, then lights appeared in formation."


France: Mystery fibres drop from sky

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Mysterious stringy filaments seen falling from the sky have mystified residents and authorities in the Drôme and Ardèche.

Reports of the fibres were first raised on Thursday, but no one has yet been able to identify what they are - giving rise to theories that they are the by-product of plane exhausts.

Some website are already speculating that the fibres are proof behind a conspiracy theory that "chemtrail", contrails from planes that take a long time to disperse, are deliberately injecting chemicals into the atmosphere to spread disease and kill the sick and infirm.

Others have offered suggestions from spiders' webs to 'Angel hair', believed by followers of Raëlism to be made by UFOs passing through the atmosphere.

The prefecture for the Drôme said it did not know what the fibres were but said it was not worried and would not be sending them for analysis.

The Commission de Recherche et d'Information Indépendantes sur la Radioactivité has said there is no concern about radioactivity from the fibres.