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Mon, 08 Feb 2016
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"Werewolf" caught on security camera in Sao Paulo, Brazil?

The image of what appears to be a highly unusual creature has allegedly been caught on a school security camera in São Paulo, Brazil.



'Ghost plane' seen in the skies of Derbyshire, UK


Lancaster Bomber
A couple driving in Derbyshire were left "speechless" and after seeing a "ghost plane" fly over their car.

Richard Jephson, 52 and his wife, Helen, were out in their car in Rowsley at around 2.30pm on Monday August 3.

Richard, a business advisor, said: "We were approaching a retail outlet and started slowing down to turn.

"My wife saw it first, she shouted 'what the hell's that?'.

"I looked over and I could see a big plane, it looked like a Lancaster bomber, flying incredibly low - if it was any lower, it would have landed."

"My car window was open and this plane was so low that you could touch it - but it was completely silent.


Painting of Ireland's Loch Ness monster resurfaces after 144 years

© Mary Evans Picture Library in London
‘A large and frightening sea monster seen by several people off the coast of Kilkee, Ireland’. Image from The Days’ Doings, 1871.
An image of Co Clare's sea-serpent - Victorian Ireland's equivalent of the Loch Ness monster - has resurfaced after 144 years.

The artist's impression of the bizarre ocean creature, allegedly spotted off the coast of the resort village of Kilkee, has been found lurking in the depths of a London archive.

The "monster" was the subject of various reported sightings in the 19th-century, including one in 1850 when it was seen, improbably, "sunning itself near the Clare coast off Kilkee".

The most notable sighting was in September 1871, when the "large and frightening sea monster" was seen by several people, who "all had their nerves considerably upset by the dreadful appearance of this extraordinary creature" .

The story first appeared in the Limerick Chronicle and quickly caught the attention of Fleet Street, where even the London Times commented on the appearance of the "fabled sea serpent in Ireland".


Tutbury Castle's phantom keeper captured on film

The Keeper, Tutbury Castle's notorious phantom, may have been captured on film for the first time in history, following countless reported sightings and hair-raising encounters. Footage captured within the walls of the Staffordshire castle reveals a shadowy figure standing near a wall for almost 20 seconds, before moving across the room and vanishing out of sight.

Staff and visitors at Tutbury Castle have reported countless unexplained phenomena over the years. Besides the Keeper, an apparition of a man in a full suit of armor has reportedly terrorized guests.

The film was shot by a professional television crew recording a TV series, The Past Hunters.


Tourist claims to have captured video evidence of Sasquatch in North Carolina


North Carolina man Eric Walters and his Yorkshire Terrier Zippy (bottom left) may have seen Bigfoot (center)
Bigfoot might be a Tar Heel...

A North Carolina man from Boone vacationing near Asheville who claims he saw Bigfoot got a big assist from his little dog while capturing video of Sasquatch crossing the road in Henderson County.

Eric Walters wasn't the only one to see the Missing Link - his brown Yorkshire Terrier Zippy did too.

Walters was taking Zippy for a walk on Thursday morning when they spotted 'Bigfoot' walking near some brush on the side of a dirt road, according to the Citizen-Times.

He said: 'Either there's a Sasquatch out there or someone is trying to play a practical joke.'

The large figure captured on the cellphone video shot by Walters can be seen walking into the bushes without acknowledging the camera or Zippy's barking.


The mythic child-stealing Thunderbirds of Illinois

© Burfalcy/Wiki Commons
A recreation of the Piasa Thunderbird, first seen in the late 17th century by European explorers near Alton, Il.
The evening of July 25, 1977 was just like any other hot summer evening for the Lowe family of Lawndale, Illinois. The smell of sizzling beef and grilled vegetables permeated the air as the adults kicked back on lawn chairs, and the kids tussled on the family's expansive yard outside.

The following is Ruth Lowe's harrowing eyewitness account of a particularly frightening avian encounter, as written by Jerry D. Coleman of Cryptozoology.com

At approximately 8:10 p.m., the Lowes were cleaning up after their al fresco dinner, the kids still playing outside. And that's when it happened.

Ruth, the matriarch of the Lowe clan, was cleaning up in the kitchen where she couldn't see her children. She heard a piercing scream, and knew it was none other than her 10-year old son, Marlon.

When she ran outside to see what the commotion was, she was stunned. Two massive birds, flying in a tight wingtip to wingtip formation were chasing her son, Marlon, pecking and clawing at his shoulders. As Ruth ran to Marlon's aid, the larger of the two birds sunk their claws into his shirt, fully lifting the 56 pound boy off the ground.


'UFO' captured overtaking Virgin Atlantic plane at JFK

© WorldWide TV / YouTube
A plane enthusiast has filmed a weird video which prompted online speculations of a UFO overtaking a Virgin Atlantic plane during take-off from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The footage reportedly taken on July 7 shows an unidentified object flying over the Virgin Atlantic plane at high speed. The trivial video has prompted speculations about a possible UFO sighting at JFK.

Comment: It is hard to make out what the object is but it is interesting.


Has Bishopville's 'lizard man' returned? Video apparently shows fabled South Carolina creature


The circled area shows a humanoid figure as it turned toward the man recording it.
The fabled Bishopville swamp creature known as Lizard Man appears to have surfaced again Sunday afternoon.

Sarah, a Sumter woman who says she went to church with a friend Sunday morning, stepped out of the sanctuary to see the Lizard Man running along the tree line.

So she did what anyone else would do -- took a picture with her phone.

"My hand to God, I am not making this up," she wrote in an email to the ABC News 4 newsroom. "So excited!"

She says they were just a mile or so from Scape Ore Swamp, the site of a similar spotting of what may also be the Lizard Man in May.

A man who asked not to be identified submitted a short video of what he thought was the Lizard Man Monday morning. He said he took the video in May while coon hunting but kept its existence quiet -- until he saw the reports of Lizard Man outside a church.

Dead cow and coyote found near site of "Lizard Man" mystery

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3 UFO's seen passing the sun in NASA footage


NASA Photo: July 27, 2015 at 15:54
In what would spur the interest of UFO (unidentified flying objects) enthusiasts, a fleet of three identical giant spaceships were spotted passing the sun and it has been reportedly caught on NASA solar camera.

Streetcap1 has uploaded a 56-second picturevideo that shows three identical UFOs passing the sun.

"I am not going to keep on posting these as I want to do other stuff, however thought this one would be quite hard to dismiss as three CME's hitting the camera lens at the same time, although I could be wrong," said the description of the video.

Comment: See also:

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Mysterious 'chupacabra'-like predator annihilates poultry stock in Russian village

© www.moe-online.ru
An unknown animal is killing chicken by the hundreds in villages of Russia's Voronezh Region. Frustrated poultry farmers claim that the beast is killing everything it can get, yet the ripped-apart chicken carcasses have suspiciously little blood on them.

The week of carnage in the village of Davydovka began July 23, when an unknown animal killed 95 chickens of the Golubev family household. The next day the killer visited henhouses at two other households, killing 45 and 55 hens, respectively.

"The beast tore through a wire cloth and killed them all but one," Sergey Golubev lold Mine! media outlet. "I felt pity for the wounded hen and put it in a separate place, left some food and water for it, fixed the [intruder's] entry point but the animal returned and took the hen anyway," he said.

On July 29 the intruder returned, killing all chickens at one household and some 60 geese in another.

"My daughter has just turned six months old and I am a very light sleeper. I heard my chickens being attacked. It began at 1:24 a.m. as something was battering on the doors of my barn for about three minutes," recalled Elena Konchagina, explaining that her husband was away that day and she was too afraid to go out. Next day she found all but one of her chickens dead. The surviving bird has bite marks on its body.

Comment: See also: Russia: 'Vampire' stalks Siberian livestock