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Nick Redfern on 'Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind'

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New Q&A with Nick Redfern on "Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind: Suspicious Deaths, Mysterious Murders, and Bizarre Disappearances in UFO History" due out June 23rd from New Page Books.

1. Can you tell us about the suspicious deaths that surround the Roswell UFO crash of July 1947?

ANSWER: In the book I talk about the suicides and early deaths of a number of people involved in the Roswell case. They were deaths that extended from 1947 to the 1980s, and included one of the sons of rancher Mack Brazel (who found the strange debris in Lincoln County, New Mexico), and a woman named Miriam Bush, who was found dead in a hotel room in 1989. She was the executive secretary at the Roswell base hospital back in 1947 and confided in her family that she saw small, strange bodies brought into the hospital in the summer of 1947.

2. What is the truth behind the deaths of two military personnel involved in the recovery of alleged UFO debris at Maury Island, Washington State in 1947?

ANSWER: The Maury Island case is a very weird one. It focuses on the alleged mid-air explosion of a flying saucer over Maury Island in June 1947. Harold Dahl, the man who recovered some of the debris that rained down, was threatened by a Man in Black. Two military investigators, 1st Lt. Frank Mercer Brown and Capt. William Lee Davidson, were killed when their aircraft - carrying the debris to Wright Field for analysis - crashed. Two local media men died in the wake of the affair too: Ted Morello and Paul Lance. Extensive files on the case have surfaced from the FBI, via the Freedom of Information Act.

Comment: For more information on this topic, see the following sources:


UK witnesses confused by strange lights

Increasing meteorite sightings are still often confused with UFOs.
A series of UFO sightings were reported in the UK last week, which led some to make appeals and gather more information about the incidents on social media.

On May 5, Thursday, a couple was observing the skies hoping to see the International Space Station (ISS) and accidentally witnessed an unidentified flying object.

"I was looking for the ISS with my husband and thought that the light I could see was the space station, but then it started moving in different directions," wife Gail Phillips told Lincolnshire Echo, a local daily.

Three buses burst into flames around the UK in one day

You wait ages for a bus (fire), then three come along at once....
As summer temperatures continued to rise today, it wasn't just those in the sunshine feeling the heat with three different buses catching fire around the country.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but these pictures show the dramatic flames and charred shells of the coaches after each intense blaze.

In Birmingham, a double-decker bus exploded into a fireball in an arson attack outside a busy supermarket this afternoon.

Passengers were seen fleeing from the National Express West Midlands vehicle as it burst into flames outside an Aldi on the Stratford Road in Sparkbrook, and three fire engines rushed to the scene.

Blaze: The dramatic scene in Birmingham

Was White Hart Inn ghost caught on camera again?

© comp
The paranormal investigators have captured another intriguing photo at the White Hart Inn.
Paranormal investigators at Edinburgh pub The White Hart Inn have taken another photo of what appears to be a ghostly apparition in in the bar.

The picture, taken by Edinburgh Ghost Hunting Society (EGHS), comes after a tourist's photo showed a similar figure in the foreground late last year, which prompted an investigation by the Psychical Research and Investigation Unit - part of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre (SACDC).

SACDC say that while their initial thoughts were that someone had walked in front of the camera, a review of CCTV footage showed that no one had done so when the image was taken, and they do not know of any cases where there has been a similar scenario in two completely different investigations.

But what do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

A case for the connection between cosmic and paranormal phenomena? Mysterious dancing fireball captured on camera in Northampton, UK

An English schoolgirl has filmed a dancing fireball in the skies over her Northampton home.

Katie Real, 11, spotted the mysterious glowing orb performing loops across the sky from her window on Saturday evening local time.
The dancing fireball was spotted in the skies above Northampton
A quick-thinking Katie used her laptop to film the unidentified flying object as it ducked and weaved through the clouds before disappearing behind a veil of trees.

In the background her spellbound siblings can be heard debating over what it is.

"Initially we thought it could be a plane on fire but it appeared to be dancing across the sky," Katie's mum 30-year-old Fiona Fearon told the Daily Star.

"It was an amazing sight. It looked like a ball of fire moving around in the sky."

Comment: In the article The invisible hand of the Cosmic Trickster: High strangeness and the paranormal nature of the UFO phenomenon we find the following bit of information:
Another interesting example is meteorites that refuse to follow the expected trajectory.

The Mystery Behind the Green Fireball Phenomenon
The green fireball phenomenon came to prevalence in the late 1940s, and no one in the scientific world knew what to make of it. The fireballs would shoot through the atmosphere, usually in the vicinity of highly classified nuclear facilities like Los Alamos or the Sandia National Laboratory, where atomic bombs were assembled. At the time, these were some of the most sensitive and top-secret locations in the United States.

Around a dozen green fireballs were reportedly spotted on one occasion, all of them in the airspace of New Mexico, home of both Los Alamos and Sandia. The fireballs were at first mistaken for green flares, but their large size and brilliance soon showed such speculation to be false.

Attempts to explain away green fireballs as meteors didn't fit the facts. For one, green fireballs generally flew on a more horizontal course, while meteors invariably plunged down into the Earth's atmosphere. In some of the later cases it's said that the green fireballs began to fall along vertical trajectories before disappearing.
With the increase of fireballs all around the world, I have to wonder if we may soon observe such "deviations off course" on a daily basis.
And, indeed, the case in point fits the pattern. Interestingly enough, Northampton appears to be quite a popular place for various strange and unexplained phenomena, including being plagued by "mysterious" explosions and bangs, that are a signature of a meteorite/cometary fragment overhead explosion.Here is a list of some other "out of the ordinary" cases that happened in the area:

UK Housewife: I saw UFO out of bedroom window
Tornadoes cause damage in Britain
England: White lights seen amongst planes flying across the sky
England: Two witnesses see a 'ball of orange fire' traveling at speed change course twice, then went behind a cloud
England: Witness sees a white pulsating light disappear and reappear and later a laser beam from the sky
England: Wootton, Northampton - Ball of Fire Spotted
England: Brixworth, Northampton - Six Orange Orbs
England: Northampton - Intensely Brilliant Silver Light in the Sky
England: Witness sees orange lights, bigger than a plane, speeding across the sky
More Mystery lights spotted in UK skies
Yet another European river turns 'blood' red overnight, this time in Northampton, UK
Not funny: Creepy clown lingers on streets of Northampton in middle of the night

What's going on in Northampton, UK? Care to speculate?

For more theories and possible explanations, read the following forum thread.


Mother films floating red orbs in the night sky in Solihull, UK

The video shows a formation of lights apparently hovering in the sky beyond Miss Bardsley's garden fence
* Michele Bardsley spotted lights above home after going out for a cigarette

* She spent nearly an hour filming the phenomenon near Birmingham

* The mother-of-three is certain the strange formation of lights are a UFO

* Her sighting comes after similar claims in the area over the past four years

A mother has told of her shock after she spotted mysterious lights in the sky above her home.

Market trader Michele Bardsley, 35, filmed strange red and white orbs floating over her street in Solihull, West Midlands.

The video she made shows a formation of three or four lights, rising and falling together in the night sky.

The mother-of-three says she filmed the phenomenon for at least 40 minutes - only breaking off for to put on her slippers when her feet got cold.

She said: 'I was painting upstairs then went to the back door for a cig. I looked up and there were these shapes, like red orbs, in the sky.


Another miraculous happening in Medjugorje?

Queen of Peace Shrine
© Glasbrotnja.net
Medjugorje - An Italian pilgrim cries blood in the latest unexplained incident in a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the Virgin Mary allegedly appears on a regular basis.

Still officially unrecognised by the Catholic Church, the mysterious religious happenings in the town of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina have perhaps received more credence on May 24, 2014, with the spontaneous outpouring of tears of blood from an Italian pilgrim at the foot of the Queen of Peace shrine above the town, according to a report in Glasbrotnja.net.

According to the report, the Italian went to pray with friends on Apparition Hill, the location where the Virgin Mary allegedly first appeared to a group of small children in June, 1981, apparitions which continue today and which have transformed Medjugorje from a sleepy backwater town into one of the most important religious destinations for Catholic pilgrims. More than one million religious tourists visited the small town every year.

'Angel' or 'UFO'? What saved British troops in WW1?

Field of Mons
© Rob Waugh/Angels, Field of Mons
An 'Angel' which many British soldiers credited with saving their lives in one of the first, brutal battles of World War I may not have been sent from heaven after all - but from the stars.

UFO authors suspect that the famous "Angel of Mons" - described as either St George, St Michael, angels, or crowds of angelic warriors, may in fact have been extraterrestrial.

Many soldiers credited the strange apparitions with saving their lives - and it became a staple of parish magazines. The battle had been one of the first in which the British faced the Germans - and despite retreating, only 1,600 lives were lost.

Decades later, the story is still "swathed in controversy" according to Nigel Watson, author of the Haynes Manual for UFO Investigations, with some attributing the 'Angel' to a short story from the Evening Standard, others to British intelligence.

Kevin Goodman, a UFO expert and author of books of mysterious encounters in the UK, says"The UFO enigma was unknown during the First World War conflict; the troops would relate to an event such as this in the only way they could, by thinking that they had a sign from God."

Cas Lake, the radio presenter of the Unexplained Show says that both answers might be true, in a way - what the culture of 1914 would have described as 'angels', we would describe as extraterrestrials.

Cars set alight in Orkney after birds nest in engines?

© PH
Birds making nests inside car bonnets has caused a spate of engine fires

Car owners in Orkney have been warned to check their engines after a spate of fires caused by birds nesting under the bonnet.

Fire crews have been called out to at least three major car blazes since birds started breeding earlier this month.

In the latest incident, a vehicle in St Margaret's Hope was completely destroyed by a fire caused by a nest built by a starling overnight.

Kim Patching, the owner, said that it would not start and then smoke and flames emerged from under the bonnet.

In another incident, a Vauxhall Corsa was written off after a fire in the engine compartment spread, engulfing it in flames.

Electric car dealer Johnathan Porterfield found a nest - complete with a clutch of four starling eggs - next to his car's engine.

He said: "I've decided to leave the car until the birds hatch out and leave."

Metal object crashes through Florida home - FAA says it was not from an airplane

Metal Object
Suburban West Palm Beach - The Federal Aviation Administration has investigated a suburban West Palm Beach home after a metal object reportedly came crashing through the roof of a home into a bathroom and determined the object is not from an airplane.

The piece of metal that smashed through the home of Bill Hardy is about the size of a brick and weighs nearly 10 pounds.

Hardy said when it made impact, it sounded like an explosion.

"I first you know that a pipe or something had burst, but then I saw that," said Hardy.

Sitting on a bed of cracked tiles was the chunk of metal with what appeared to be bolt holes.

Hardy thinks it dropped in from the sky, however the FAA has ruled that is not the case.

Comment: More stories of falling metallic objects over the years.

Mystery continues in North Carolina: Roof hole not from plane part

Strange object falls from the sky at high speed in Minnesota

"Amazing" explanation! Object that fell from sky not a meteorite. It's just a piece of scrap iron dropped out of the sky.

US: Officials At Loss To Explain Falling Metal

US: Falling metal did not come from airplane: FAA says

US: Mysterious Debris Crashes Through Plymouth Warehouse Roof