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John Keel: 1966 report for Playboy on visit to Bluebook, Pentagon

On April 19, 1966, John Keel visited the Pentagon, to interview Lt. Col. Maston Jacks of Project Bluebook for his projected Playboy article. They talked for two hours. John later wrote a report of the meeting, and sent copies to NICAP, APRO, Ivan Sanderson, and his editors at Playboy. I posted Jacks's response to John's initial letter of inquiry here, as well as Sanderson's response to the report; I hadn't found this report yet. John also describes a preliminary visit to NICAP, including a meeting with Major Donald Keyhoe.

The report is six pages; below are the first two. More to come!

P.S.: As William Grabowski mentions in the comments, John gives a short version of his interview with Jacks in The Mothman Prophecies. It's on page 23 of the Tor edition.

Comment: For more on John Keel, check out:

Grey Alien

Alien abduction or accidental awareness?

A recent article in the November 11 issue of Scientific American claims that alien abductions might be nothing more than "accidental awareness" caused by psychological damage inflicted upon a patient who awakens too soon while undergoing surgery. This hypothesis is presented by Anne Skomorowsky, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University and Psychosomatic Medicine Specialist at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

I received Dr. Skomorowsky's article from a colleague who questioned if it was a joke of some kind. I did as well, until I discovered that it has been printed in a prestigious journal. The article was loosely based upon the largest collection of data on "accidental awareness" ever assembled. It had been released by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. No mention was made of alien abduction. However, Dr. Skomorowsky's article was linked to one written in 2008 by David V. Forrest, M.D., a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia. Dr. Forrest noted that frequently reported narratives of alien abduction, altered state of consciousness, uniformly colored figures with large eyes, nakedness, a high tech room, etc. resemble medical-surgical procedures. He cautioned that if surgeons and anesthesiologists are creating false memories of alien abduction, the medical community should take note of it. Dr. Skomorowsky carried this conjecture to fruition in her article for Scientific American.

Comment: This is what happens when educated professionals try to discuss things that they have not even bothered to research in depth. They may not realize it, but their 'explanations' end up looking even more ridiculous than the idea of 'alien abduction' must seem to them.


United monsters of America: Infographic shows the location of strange beasts


The map, created by artist Mark Adams, reveals the imaginary beasts that are feared the most in each state.
From the Jersey Devil to the Mothman, the US is filled with fictional creatures that have come to life in the nation's imagination.

Now one artist has decided to draw these cryptids by hand, revealing the beasts that are feared the most in each state.

'The map is a bit of a declaration of optimism and wonderment as to what might be possible on planet Earth,' artist Mark Adams told Dailymail.com.


Randy 'ghosts' prowling Welsh roads to seduce drivers, paranormal author claims

Hitchhiking ghosts could be seducing travellers on a busy road near Swansea, a paranormal investigator has claimed.

Gavin Davies, the author of Ghost Sex, says he is investigating a spate of incidents where unsuspecting drivers are seduced by hitchhiking ghouls.

One of them involved a Pembrokeshire man who told Mr Davies he was seduced by a figure disguised as a beautiful woman hitchhiking on the A40.

"I was approached by a man who did not want to be identified because it could expose him to ridicule, who told me he picked up a hitchhiker who turned out to be a ghost that seduced him," Mr Davies said.

Comment: For much more on this sort of paranormal activity check out High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions & The Process Of Alien Abduction by Laura Knight-Jadczyk.


Jagged UFO seen hovering over New York


Mysterious: The object was apparently spotted above New York
A mysterious jagged-shaped unidentified flying object has been claimed to have been spotted in the sky above New York.

The dark, disc shaped object, is filmed as it hovers in mid-air - in clear daylight.

Uploaded to YouTube on January 15, the footage last just fourteen seconds, before the YouTube user claims his phone shut down due to an unexplained overheating issue.

He also suggests that wildlife in the area were scared away by the object, which was making a mysterious noise.


UFO releasing glowing orbs into a formation in Western Massachusetts

Comment: Are we beginning to experience a spike in the High Strangeness phenomena? From the last few days:

Strange purple object in the sky over Tynemouth UK

Mysterious footage of teleporting dog that appears on motorway out of thin air


Mysterious footage of 'teleporting dog' that appears on motorway out of thin air


Out of thin air: Dog appears to 'teleport' on a motorway
A bizarre video that shows a dog apparently teleporting onto a motorway has gone viral.

The fascinating footage shows the mysterious pooch appear as if out of thin air during an illegal drag race taking place on the highway.

Shot on a mobile phone by one of the spectators, the clip shows at least two cars travelling at high speed down the motorway with the camera panning around as the cars vanish into the distance.

But incredibly, although it seems impossible for the cars to miss the animal, a dog suddenly seems to appear from nowhere and bounds happily over to the side of the road, with its tail wagging.


Proof of bigfoot? New 'yeti' video shows giant hairy beast walking through Russian forest

A group claim to have spotted the beast in the woods
There has long been speculation about the mythical creature but latest clips could reveal the truth once and for all

A group of Russians claim to have captured the best footage of bigfoot.

The adventurers spotted what they described as a hairy bear-sized humanoid that marched out of the woods before disappearing seconds later.

The recording came when a group of people from the city of Adygeisk set off in search of the mysterious creature after a local TV station reported that it had been sighted in a remote region.

They said they had questioned the people at a mountainside lodge who claimed to have seen the creature, and managed to get several independent confirmations that there was something out there.


Strange purple object in the sky over Tynemouth, UK


Mystery: The strange pulsating purple light is causing confusion in the North East
First spotted by a dog walker on Monday night, the pulsating light has been reported by many more people - but nobody has been able to work out what it is

More sightings of a UFO hovering in the North East skies have been revealed.

The suspected alien spacecraft was first captured on video in the sky above North Tyneside by venture capitalist Craig Lowther on Monday night.

The 43-year-old, from Tynemouth, noticed a pulsating light in the sky and reached for his camera.

He said: "I am out at night a lot walking the dog but this is like nothing I have ever seen before."


'Mysterious beasts' spotted by Arizona highway cameras

© ABC News
'Mysterious Beasts' Spotted by Arizona Highway Cameras
A suspicious pack of what appeared to be a group of large animals has sparked a viral debate about a possible sasquatch sighting in Arizona.

The Arizona Department of Transportation was behind the latest announcement -- and conspiracy theories began to grow after they posted a photo from a highway patrol camera.

It wasn't Big Foot enthusiasts reading too deeply into a suspicious photo; the government officials were the ones to suggest that something sinister -- and mysterious -- was going on.

Comment: Though it is not clear what these creatures are, Arizona is in the news for a number of UFO sightings and other strange phenomena.