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Possible carrier of Ebola virus being monitored in Wales

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Britain may be facing its first case of Ebola. A person in Wales is being monitored by health officials following a potential exposure to the virus.

Though the individual is not showing any concrete symptoms of the virus, the person has voluntarily limited their contact with others and will not be going to work, Public Health Wales (PHW) confirmed on Tuesday.

It is believed the individual may have been exposed to the virus in West Africa.

The recent outbreak of Ebola has so far killed 887 people across Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria. Over 1,600 separate cases of the virus have been detected throughout the region.

There are currently no confirmed incidences of the virus in Wales, or in the wider United Kingdom.

"We are alert to the possibility of Ebola cases in the UK given the outbreak in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea and we remain vigilant to unexplained illness in people who have traveled from the area," PHW told the Independent on Tuesday.

Measures are currently in place to protect public health in the event of an outbreak in the region, Public Health Wales added.

The potential Ebola carrier is not currently in hospital, according to a Public Health England (PHE) spokeswoman. But if the individual develops suspicious symptoms, the person will be quarantined in a local hospital and receive medical tests to discern whether he or she has contracted the deadly disease, the spokeswoman added.

25 Facts about the Ebola outbreak that you should know

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An Ebola virion
What would a global pandemic look like for a disease that has no cure and that kills more than half of the people that it infects? Let's hope that we don't get to find out, but what we do know is that more than 100 health workers that were on the front lines of fighting this disease have ended up getting it themselves.

The top health officials in the entire world are sounding the alarm and the phrase "out of control" is constantly being thrown around by professionals with decades of experience. So should average Americans be concerned about Ebola? If so, how bad could an Ebola outbreak in the U.S. potentially become? The following are 25 critical facts about this Ebola outbreak that every American needs to know...

#1 As the chart below demonstrates, the spread of Ebola is starting to become exponential...
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The biggest 15 lies you're being told about by mainstream medicine

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Doctors get their information from corporate sources
Do you ever question what doctors, nutritionists, institutions and even science tells you about your health, food, environment and lifestyle? You should, because we live in an era of deception and duplicity where the most trusted and valued sources of information are hijacked by much bigger interests than you can imagine. The internet is one of the last frontiers for truth, informing and educating billions on why our systems of health, agriculture, medicine and many other areas we depend on are failing us. The reason they're failing us is because corrupt governments, corporations and the media are constantly feeding us lies on a daily basis, which through repetition, the public eventually accepts as truth.

Wash your hands: Ebola outbreak could be much worse than thought

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The worst outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in history could actually be much worse than the official death toll reflects. Already, the World Health Organization says 887 people have died, but a top doctor working at the heart of the outbreak in West Africa says many cases are going unreported.

The senior doctor, who works for a leading medical organization in Liberia, explained to CBS News' Debora Patta that what has helped set this outbreak apart from previous ones is the virus' spread in urban areas.

One of the epicenters of the disease is the Liberian capital of Monrovia, home to about a million people, or almost a quarter of the country's population.

Comment: For more information please see:

Natural treatments for Ebola virus exist, research suggest

And then there's always the supremely protective diet, the ketogenic diet:

Solve your issues with a ketogenic diet
The Ketogenic Diet: An Overview


Natural allopathic treatment modalities for Ebola

WHO chief Margaret Chan said the Ebola epidemic is out of control. "The virus attacks the body's soft tissues - a process some doctors describe, bluntly, as like watching a patient 'dissolve," Tribune correspondent Paul Salopek reported during a 2000 outbreak. There is no cure. No effective treatment. No vaccine. The rest of the world, a plane ride or two away, shudders. As with previous outbreaks, the virus shows no mercy. Ebola kills up to 90 percent of its victims with astonishing swiftness."

Standard treatment involves providing relief of Ebola symptoms while the body fights the infection. This type of treatment is known as supportive care. The current outbreak has caused more deaths than any other on record, said an official from the Doctors without Borders, meaning with sixty to ninety percent dying from Ebola one would think that the medical establishment would open its ears to solutions that make scientific sense. Virologists are so caught up in the faulty vaccine paradigm that they cannot see the forest from the trees in terms of what will work. In the case of Ebola there is no vaccine and will not be one for a few years.

Those entering treatment centers do not get medicine, but they are rehydrated with medical drips. The Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa is thought to be 'totally out of control' and doctors are stretched to the limit in their attempts to respond to the disease with their present approach that leaves most of their patients dead. Medical officials like to blame the virus but part of those deaths stem from their own ignorance and refusal to look more deeply at alternatives.

Comment: Again, a ketogenic diet at this stage is the best bet to try to prevent an Ebola infection, should the disease go pandemic. The substances listed in the article above could be life-saving, if someone starts to develop symptoms compatible with Ebola. One shouldn't forget however, that initial symptoms are unspecific, and many other diseases produce the same clinical picture at the beginning of the disease course (like malaria, influenza etc.).

But we think it is still a very good idea to stock up on the minerals and vitamins discussed above - just in case!

And don't forget about the obvious treatment for Ebola: tobacco!

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Drug-resistant bacteria: Sewage-treatment plants described as giant 'mixing vessels' after scientists discover mutated microbes in British river

Antimicrobial resistance occurs when bacteria evolve genetically so that they cannot be killed by antibiotic drugs
Superbugs resistant to some of the most powerful antibiotics in the medical arsenal have been found for the first time in a British river - with scientists pinpointing a local sewage-treatment plant as the most likely source.

Scientists discovered the drug-resistant bacteria in sediment samples taken downstream of the sewerage plant on the River Sowe near Coventry. The microbes contained mutated genes that confer resistance to the latest generation of antibiotics.

The researchers believe the discovery shows how antibiotic resistance has become widespread in the environment, with sewage-treatment plants now acting as giant "mixing vessels" where antibiotic resistance can spread between different microbes.

A study found that a wide range of microbes living in the river had acquired a genetic mutation that is known to provide resistance to third-generation cephalosporins, a class of antibiotics used widely to treat meningitis, blood infections and other hospital-acquired infections.

What will you do if they make it mandatory for all Americans to take an Ebola vaccine?

Ebola Vaccine
As the Ebola death toll rises and as images of bodies being abandoned in the streets of Liberia are broadcast around the globe, there has been a growing outcry for the scientific community to "do something" about this deadly virus. And as luck would have it, there is an "experimental Ebola vaccine" that is ready to be tested on humans next month.

If Ebola starts to spread outside of Africa, and especially if it starts spreading inside the United States, people will be absolutely clamoring to get this vaccine. But will it be safe? And there will certainly be millions of people that do not want to take this vaccine under any circumstances. If the outbreak gets bad enough, will it be made mandatory at some point? If they do make it mandatory for all Americans to take an Ebola vaccine, what will you do?

Up until now, there has never been a vaccine for Ebola. But as Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Instutites of Health recently told "CBS This Morning", that could soon change...

Panic grows as another Nigerian doctor is infected with Ebola

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In this undated family photo, Patrick Sawyer is shown with his daughter Ava at their home in Coon Rapids. Sawyer died from Ebola after traveling from his native Liberia to Nigeria.
Nigerian authorities said Monday that a doctor in Lagos has contracted Ebola, the second case in the sprawling megacity as the deadliest ever outbreak of the disease continues to spread fear and panic across west Africa. The confirmation that a fourth doctor had been infected comes as fear and anger about the dead being left unburied in Liberia's capital Monrovia brought protesters into the streets, while Sierra Leone's president said Monday that the epidemic threatened the "very essence" of the nation.

"This new case is one of the doctors who attended to the Liberian Ebola patient who died," Nigeria's Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu told journalists. He said that 70 other people believed to have come into contact with the Liberian government official were being monitored. Of the eight now in quarantine, three show "symptomatic" signs of the disease, he said.

More worrying still are reports from Liberia that victims' corpses were being dumped or abandoned. Protesters, who blocked major roads in the capital on Monday, claim that the government is not collecting bodies of victims left to rot in the streets or in their homes. According to an update Monday by the UN World Health Organization, at least 887 people have died from Ebola since the beginning of the year as the virus has spread across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Hospital in NYC testing man for Ebola

ebola virus
A New York City hospital is testing a patient who traveled to a West African nation where Ebola has been reported, local media reported on Monday.

Mount Sinai Hospital on Manhattan's Upper East Side said the male patient, who had a high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms, had been placed in strict isolation and was being screened to determine the cause of his symptoms, according to reports.

Corrupt science: Neil deGrasse Tyson shamelessly defends his statements on GMO foods

After a short video clip went viral last month of American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson defending GMO foods, the scientist took to his Facebook page to publish a statement speaking further on the subject.

As RT reported last month, Tyson was caught on camera recently saying that critics of GMOs, or genetically-modified organisms, should "chill out."

"I'm amazed how much rejection genetically modified foods are receiving from the public. It smacks of the fear factor that exists at every new emergent science, where people don't fully understand it or don't fully know or embrace its consequences, and so therefore reject it," Tyson told a French interviewer originally.

"We are creating and modifying the biology of the world to serve our needs,"added the "Comos" host."I don't have a problem with that, because we've been doing that for tens of thousands of years. So chill out."Tyson's diatribe garnered hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube in a matter of days, and this week he writes on Facebook that a number of the responses he received were geared towards particular aspects of GMOs, such as labeling and food safety, while discounting the true meaning of his remarks.

Comment: Perhaps surpassing Bill Nye the Science Guy as the darling of authoritarian and materialistic pop-science, Neil deGrasse Tyson reveals more of his true colors with his continual endorsement for GMOs. The science he defends is not science at all but a blatant promotion of corporate and political interests that are to the detriment of humanity. See the following: