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The first case of Ebola has been confirmed in the US

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed on Tuesday that the first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in the US.

On Monday, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas admitted a patient into strict isolation to be evaluated for potential Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), based on the patient's symptoms and recent travel history, according to a statement by the hospital.

By Tuesday afternoon, the CDC had received preliminary blood test results back, confirming that the patient was indeed infected with the potentially deadly virus.

The patient had recently traveled to Liberia, leaving the West African country on September 19 and arriving in the US on the following day. The patient had no Ebola symptoms when leaving Liberia or entering the United States, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden said during a press conference.

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7 Reasons to take Cold showers and 1 that Really matters

Today, I could not turn the shower faucet to the right any further. Victory.

My first experience with cold showers was excited but short lived. Joel Runyon had a blog post and YouTube video discussing cold showers and how to begin. I was pumped and I gave it a try. I tried it, I yelped, I nearly peed myself, and then I stopped for a while.

It was too uncomfortable. I didn't want to replace hot, enjoyable showers with frigid, painful experiences. Despite all of the health benefits, I now know that being uncomfortable is exactly what cold showers are all about.

If health isn't high on your priority list, getting used to discomfort on a daily basis should be. By subjecting myself to discomfort now, I increase the likelihood I can stay the course in other areas of my life that are more important. Best of all, there are plenty of health benefits associated with cold shower therapy.

History proves vaccines are quite safe - really?

Pro-vaccine propaganda
In 1987, when I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., I decided to look into vaccines as a cause of immune-system suppression.

I had never dug below the surface of that subject before.

Of course, the authorities and experts have been forever telling people how effective and safe vaccines are. They issue their remarks with great assurance.

Here are just a few of my findings, from 1987. They paint a different historical record.

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Sierra Leone government cannot account for more than 1,000 Ebola patients

Sierra Leone's largest newspaper, the Awareness Times, is reporting with alarm that at least 1,028 Ebola patients appear to be missing in the country, as official Ministry of Health statistics account for a smaller number of combined victims and survivors of the disease than the total number of registered cases.

The Awareness Times report notes that the Ministry of Health has confirmed 2,000 cases of Ebola in the country. Its official statistics note that 540 have died, while 432 are classified as survivors. That leaves 1,042 unaccounted for cases.

The report follows up on a New York Times piece in which a Western diplomat is quoted as saying that official statistics in Sierra Leone are highly untrustworthy. According to the Times, those numbers are believed to be "largely inaccurate," rendering them borderline useless. Said the diplomat: "Even a 2-year-old child can look at them and see they don't add up." The Times notes that Sierra Leone has responded to the crisis largely by quarantining large areas-- nearly all 14 districts in Sierra Leone are at least partially quarantined, and it is believed that between one and two million people are being kept locked down due to this measure.

The Awareness Times did the math to prove the inaccuracy of the numbers, and the response they received from the Ministry of Health did little to assuage the concern that the government has little control over the situation. In a statement highlighting the convoluted relationships between press and state in Sierra Leone, Dr. Sylvia Blyden-- both Special Executive Assistant to President Ernest Koroma and founder of the Awareness Times-- issued a statement to her own newspaper:
"The fact is that a few of these unaccounted-for numbers are currently admitted in Ebola centers but I can categorically state today that the vast majority of the [over] 1,000 patients are already DEAD and lying in their graves. Yes, they are dead and buried! Hundreds of them! :-( May their souls rest in peace."
She goes on to blame the erroneous numbers on "a flight of common sense" on the part of the government, and adds that many of those unaccounted for are those who did not die in medical facilities, but rather died in their homes, and may continue to remain in their homes undisturbed given the fear of touching the body of a person with Ebola.

Cowing the masses into submission with disinfo: Lower vaccination rates in California causing spread of measles

© Land Destroyer Report

Comment: The following article contains a wealth of misinformation meant to frighten parents into taking risks with their children's health. In recent months, courts, governments and vaccine manufacturers have conceded that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Other studies have shown that vaccines have no benefit, and vaccinated children have 2 to 5 times MORE diseases than un-vaccinated children.

The number of California parents not vaccinating their kindergartners has doubled since 2007 (5 percent) to 11 percent in 2014.

Public health experts claim that the failure to vaccinate is the reason why measles have made a comeback in California after being eradicated.

California law says that kindergartners have to be vaccinated against "measles, whooping cough, polio, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, chicken pox, diphtheria and tetanus," notes The Los Angeles Times, but parents who object to immunizations based on their deeply-held, sincere, personal beliefs can get exemptions for their kids, which places those kids and other people's children in danger.

For decades, high vaccination numbers have prevented children from suffering diseases of the past, but the refusal of many parents to vaccinate is slowly moving California back to the Stone Age.

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Dallas hospital monitoring patient for Ebola

doctor checks the health of a patient
© AP/Thomas Kienzle
A doctor checks the health of a patient.
A Dallas hospital says it is isolating a patient who is showing signs of having the Ebola virus.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas said in a statement Monday night that the patient's symptoms and travel history suggest the patient may have Ebola, the virus that has killed more than 3,000 people across West Africa.

The hospital expects to receive preliminary test results Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Presbyterian Hospital says it's taking measures to keep its doctors, staff and patients safe.

Enterovirus, which causes paralyzation in children, begins to spread across U.S.

© Reuters / Brian Snyder
Several hundred US kids are being treated for Enterovirus 68 - a respiratory illness that can cause children to become paralyzed. Outbreaks of the virus have been detected in most of the fifty states.

So far, the virus has infected 443 children in 40 states, and the District of Columbia, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Abbreviated as EV-D68, the virus was first identified 50 years ago. However, it has rarely been tested for until cases started appearing in the US Midwest and Southwest this year.

EV-D68 causes symptoms similar to the common cold but progresses into wheezing, breathing problems and paralysis.

There is no drug yet for the current strain of the virus, so treatment is focused on helping patients to breathe.

Surprise! Study shows fluoridated water can calcify arteries

Fluoride is put in your drinking water 'for your teeth' without your consent, but did you know that it could also be calcifying your arteries?

A few years ago, we reported on a study evaluating a new diagnostic technology that inadvertently revealed a link between fluoride exposure and coronary artery disease. Our report stirred up quite a lot of controversy and criticism, even leading one of the most respected figures in alternative medicine (deservedly so) - Dr. Russell Blaylock -- to call us out on Infowars for our allegedly sophomoric interpretation of the following article: "Association of vascular fluoride uptake with vascular calcification and coronary artery disease." As one can see, the study's results revealed a hitherto largely unknown connection between fluoride exposure, coronary artery disease and cardiovascular events (e.g. heart attack).
"There was significant correlation between history of cardiovascular events and presence of fluoride uptake in coronary arteries. The coronary fluoride uptake value in patients with cardiovascular events was significantly higher than in patients without cardiovascular events."
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DNA signature found in ice storm babies: Objective stress exposure of pregnant women causes long lasting changes in the epigenome of their babies

Prenatal maternal stress exposure to natural disasters predicts epigenetic profile of offspring

This news release is available in French.

Montreal, September 29th, 2014 - The number of days an expectant mother was deprived of electricity during Quebec's Ice Storm (1998) predicts the epigenetic profile of her child, a new study finds.

Scientists from the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and McGill University have detected a distinctive 'signature' in the DNA of children born in the aftermath of the massive Quebec ice storm. Five months after the event, researchers recruited women who had been pregnant during the disaster and assessed their degrees of hardship and distress in a study called Project Ice Storm.

Thirteen years later, the researchers found that DNA within the T cells - a type of immune system cell - of 36 children showed distinctive patterns in DNA methylation.

Low vitamin D levels correlated with magnesium deficiency

magnesium deficiency chart
© Dr. Peter Osborne
After consulting with hundreds of patients, I am seeing a scary pattern that I want to bring to your attention.

The concern is the combination of rock bottom intracellular magnesium "and" low vitamin D levels.

It is important to know that if you have a low vitamin D level in spite of taking it, a magnesium deficiency can be one of the reasons you can't correct it.

Magnesium levels in the first quintile (lower 20% of reference range) or below that, could make you a victim of a fatal heart attack.

Comment: Magnesium and Vitamin D3 are two extremely important nutrients. Studies have found that people who took supplements of Vitamin D for six years reduced their risk of dying from all causes. While exposure to sun can provide Vitamin D3, often people aren't able to get adequate sun, particularly in winter, so additional supplementation is recommended.

Magnesium deficiency is an epidemic as the soils have been depleted for decades due to modern agricultural practices. Thus, even consuming large amounts of magnesium rich foods, probably will not be sufficient. Magnesium is essential for the functioning of more than 300 different enzymes in the body, particularly those that produce, transport, store, and utilize energy.

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