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Is Monsanto doing secret biowar research on Maui?

Here is a stunning quote from Sherwood Ross' 6/22/2007 Counterpunch article, "The Big Profits in Boiwarfare Research: Corporate America's Deadliest Secret":

"A number of major pharmaceutical corporations and biotech firms are concealing the nature of the biological warfare research work they are doing for the U.S. government.

"Since their funding comes from the National Institutes of Health, the recipients are obligated under NIH guidelines to make their activities public. Not disclosing their ops raises the suspicion they may be engaged in forbidden kinds of germ warfare research.


Propyl Paraben: Are you eating an endocrine disruptor?

The pastry you're thinking about buying may contain the preservative propyl paraben, linked to disruptions in hormone signaling.

According to ingredient data obtained by EWG's Food Scores: Rate Your Plate, an online database and app that helps consumers eat healthier, propyl paraben is in 49 widely-available processed foods, including Sara Lee cinnamon rolls, Weight Watchers cakes and La Banderita Corn Tortillas.

Last year, EWG turned the spotlight on propyl paraben in its Dirty Dozen Guide To Food Additives because the federal Food and Drug Administration has listed its use in food as "Generally Recognized As Safe." Despite mounting evidence that propyl paraben disrupts the endocrine system, the FDA has failed to take action to eliminate its use in food or reassess its safety.

Comment: Carcinogenic parabens contaminating U.S. food supply
Researchers may have solved a vexing mystery as to why parabens contamination in humans has been so pervasive in recent studies: Parabens are increasingly contaminating our food supply.

Researchers from the New York State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, along with the University of New York at Albany have determined in a study of foods purchased from local markets that much of the U.S. food supply is contaminated with parabens - a group of chemicals thought previously to produce exposure in humans through the skin in cosmetics and lotions containing preservatives.

This likely explains an increasing body of evidence showing that humans have much higher blood and urine concentrations of parabens than could be explained with the use of body lotions and cosmetics.

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New Study: How using bleach could be making us sick

© Natural Society
A study published earlier this month suggests that a variety of illnesses may be fostered by the use of bleach, an old-time cleaner. How could that be? Bleach is used to kill bacteria, just as antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers are.

Each of these products is hazardous to your relationship with the beneficial bacteria in your gut, and it is these bacteria that make up the backbone of the immune system. How ironic that the compounds we have been using to stay clean and avoid germs could be making us sick

Researchers from Spain, Finland, and the Netherlands investigated the correlation between bleach use in the home and frequency of infection in 9102 children ages 6-12. Parents filled out a questionnaire revealing whether they used bleach in the weekly cleaning of their home.

They also reported the frequency of infections in their children, such as influenza, tonsillitis, ear infections, sinus and pneumonia during the past year.

Although the frequency of bleach use varied greatly in the countries from which the participants were drawn, the researchers were able to determine that overall, the prevalence of single and recurrent infections was higher among children whose parents used bleach.

They concluded that using bleach to clean the home may increase the risk of respiratory and other infections in school-age children, and this may indicate a public health issue.

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How to detox from fluoride

In today's world, fluoride is hard to avoid completely. Here's how to detox your body.
Adding fluoride to the water supplies has been called murder on a grand scale. But whether or not your town adds it to your drinking water, you're probably ingesting this toxin every day.

You're exposed to fluoride if you take prescription drugs like Prozac, swim in pools, or sit in hot tubs. It's in conventional produce like lettuce, and commercial bread and bakery products. It may be in beverages like iced tea, wine, and beer made with municipal water, or in infant formula. And of course it's in toothpaste. It may even sneak into your food from Teflon coated pots and pans.

In addition to increasing the risk of death, fluoride also calcifies the pineal gland and hardens the arteries. And it increases the risk of hypothyroidism.

Minimizing your exposure to fluoride is important. But in today's world, this toxin is hard to avoid completely. That's why it's critical to detox your body from fluoride.


Corporate modern medicine's role in the rapid decline of human physiology

Readers may recall my recent article "Proof That Past Is Prologue Pharmacologically" about the thousand-year-old 'antibiotic' recipe that stunned today's scientists who 'tried it out' in their scientific laboratory, only to find that it killed off 90% of MRSA in mice.

For those who aren't familiar with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), here is a short video that lets you see the damage MRSA can do to the human body.

Juxtapose that video with this one wherein the laboratory scientist, who conducted the Anglo-Saxon 'antibiotic' recipe experiment four times with the same amazing results, explains their surprise.

The take-away message from this "re-discovery" should be this, in my opinion: Human biochemistry has evolved over eons of time and brought us to where we are now in life. However, in less than 200 hundred short years in the United States of America at least, corporate modern medicine, with all its innovative 'sciences', e.g., vaccines, chemotherapy, and toxic pharmaceuticals, plus the chemical industry's toxic chemical 'enhancement' of food growing and processing has brought humans into a tragic, serious, and rapid decline in human physiology, which is documented by the facts below:

1. Heart disease (which includes Heart Disease, Stroke and other Cardiovascular Diseases) is the No. 1 cause of death in the United States, killing nearly 787,000 people alone in 2011.

2. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for people of most racial/ethnic groups in the United States, including African Americans, Hispanics and Whites. For Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders and American Indians or Alaska Natives, heart disease is second only to cancer. [CJF emphasis added]

3. Direct and indirect costs of heart disease total more than $320.1 billion. That includes health expenditures and lost productivity. [1]

[It should be noted that heart disease became a prominent health problem in the 1900s.]

4. The American Cancer Society has been keeping statistics since 1952. According to the ACS 2015 report, "Cancer is caused by external factors, such as tobacco, infectious organisms, and an unhealthy diet, and internal factors, such as inherited genetic mutations, hormones, and immune conditions. These factors may act together or in sequence to cause cancer." [2]

[Note that chemicals or toxic pollution are missing from that list!]

Comment: For more information on how the purveyors of our modern 'healthcare' system have made billions while contributing to the tragic decline in human health, listen to our SOTT Radio interview with Dr. Claus Köhnlein, coauthor of Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense.


Fleas in Arizona test positive for bubonic plague

© Reuters / Petar Kujundzic
Fleas near a popular hiking trail outside Flagstaff, Arizona have tested positive for the bubonic plague. The insects were found in prairie dog burrows in Picture Canyon. State officials warned visitors and residents to avoid contact with prairie dogs.

Public health officials noticed a prairie dog burrow where animals appeared to be dying off and saw at least one dead prairie dog, Randy Philips, division manager with the Coconino County Public Health Services District, told the Arizona Daily Sun.

"It looked like something that could be associated with death due to plague," Philips said.

The first round of testing took place over a limited area of Picture Canyon, just north of the Wildcat Wastewater Treatment Plant in east Flagstaff. On Thursday, they went back to sample more flea colonies over a much broader area, Phillips said. Those results are due back later this week.
#Arizona Flees tested positive for the plague near #Flagstaff.

— Breaking3zero U.S (@Breaking3zeroUS) April 6, 2015
On Saturday, officials began clearing and disinfecting burrows in the area with insecticides, in an attempt to prevent any possible outbreak of the plague.


Why being 'overweight' means you live longer: The way scientists twist the facts


The figures actually show that being 'overweight' is healthier than being 'underweight' or within the 'normal' BMI range - and can lead to a longer life.
I have been studying medical research for many years, and the single most outstanding thing I have learned is that many medical "facts" are simply not true. Let's take as an example the health risks of drinking alcohol. If you are a man, it has virtually become gospel that drinking more than 21 units of alcohol a week is damaging to your health. But where did the evidence to support this well-known "fact" come from?

The answer may surprise you. According to Richard Smith, a former editor of the British Medical Journal, the level for safe drinking was "plucked out of the air". He was on a Royal College of Physicians team that helped produce the guidelines in 1987. He told The Times newspaper that the committee's epidemiologist had conceded that there was no data about safe limits available and that "it's impossible to say what's safe and what isn't". Smith said the drinking limits were "not based on any firm evidence at all", but were an "intelligent guess".

In time, the intelligent guess becomes an undisputed fact. On much the same lines, we have the inarguable "fact" that being overweight is bad for your health. I should say that, by definition, being "overweight" must be bad for your health - or we wouldn't call it overweight. But we do not define overweight as being the weight above which you are damaging your health; it has an exact definition.

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Night owls and metabolic syndrome

There have been early birds and night owls for most of documented history. Some people naturally go to sleep and wake earlier, while others get a rush of energy near sunset. Recent studies are finding that these differences may have serious health consequences.

The chronobiology of night owls

Differences in sleeping patterns are usually inherent. Recent studies in chronobiology have found that one's chronotype, or innate internal timing, is largely genetic. A 2012 study in Annals of Neurology identified a gene called PER1 as one factor in whether a person is an early bird or a night owl. There are several genes believed to affect one's circadian rhythm and may contribute to the timing of a person's sleep cycle.

The downsides of staying up late

Ben Franklin famously claimed that "early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." While there are no current circadian biology studies on the wealthy and wise parts, late sleepers do have more health risks than morning chronotypes. Modern life often does not allow people to wake later, so night chronotypes are more likely to get less sleep and even lower quality sleep. In addition, they tend to eat late at night, which has been associated with metabolic syndrome, sarcopenia, and other chronic health problems.

Comment: Listen to The Health and Wellness Show - 06 April 2015 - Connecting the Dots for important information regarding stress, sleep, exercise, proper breathing, circadian rhythms, earthing, and more!


Glyphosate implicated in antibiotic resistance

The overuse of antibiotics, 80 percent of which are foisted on factory farm animals, is a part of modern day antibiotic resistance. That is, an environment that allows surviving bacteria to mount a strong defense against antibiotics, making them useless against infection. Other factors like inattentive "sick care" contribute too - when antibiotics are handed out like cough drops or when lack of self-care leads to the constant request for them at the doctor's office or ER.

In recent years, both patients and the medical community have been blamed for the influx of antibiotic resistance. This is unfair, when not only were these methods approved as safe, but also consider their comfortable use for so many decades. (And again, most antibiotics are used in farming.) So what could explain the unbreakable and aggressive new strains of bacteria?

Scientists now think that another unfortunate part of corporate industrial farming has led to the rapid and exponential increase of antibiotic resistance.


Evil Rays

Documentary: Resonance - Beings of Frequency

"The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance." ~ Herodotus
The London Underground can be a place of happiness only in one regard - if you're fed up with inane mobile phone chatter. Despite everything I dread about the Tube, there's been a kind of silence on the trains you'd hardly experience anywhere else anymore. However, things are about to change. The major mobile phone companies are eager to equip tunnels and stations with wi-fi technology so we can spend time on the phone even where no signal could reach before. In a way, the network is about to be turned into a giant microwave.

This may be an extremely negative view on a convenience Londoners seem to be waiting for, the more so as many people consider the risks of wireless technologies in general and mobile phones in particular as highly controversial, if at all. But I belong to the people who are somewhat "electrosensitive" meaning I get a headache when I use my mobile for too long, and I kind of always "know" when I'm close to a phone mast.

Given the economical impact - and obvious benefits - of mobile communications technology it's maybe no wonder the subject hasn't been explored in more critical depth. Having said this, James Russell's documentary is a remarkable attempt at popularizing an issue that's already pressing yet widely ignored.

Comment: Electromagnetic Radiation and your health