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Our daily poison: How chemicals have contaminated the food chain

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Kirkus Reviews praises "Our Daily Poison, From Pesticides to Packaging, How Chemicals Have Contaminted the Food Chain and Are Making Us Sick": "For readers with a strong interest in environmental and public health and food safety policy, this may be one of the most important books of the year."

In specific, Kirkus lauds Robin for ferreting out the origins of the modern chemical industry:
A few of the topics discussed include the origins of the chemical industry in chemical warfare; its history of "strategizing how to control and manipulate research on the toxicity of its products, while waging a merciless war on all the scientists wishing to maintain their independence in the name of the defense of public health"; the modern epidemic of cancers and other diseases that exploded at the end of the 19th century; the weaknesses of epidemiological studies; the idea of acceptable daily intake; case studies of specific chemicals; and the "cocktail effect."

There are several painful stories of poisoning victims' struggles for recognition and compensation, which serve to break up and humanize the flood of technical information. In her conclusion, Robin calls for a new precautionary approach to approving chemicals that errs on the side of protecting people rather than industry.

Comment: The excerpt above describes quite a disturbing picture of the toxic pesticide 'cocktail effect' that humans have been exposed to since the early 1950's. While the information presented in Our Daily Poison may be news to some, the poisoning of our planet through toxic chemical pesticides continues today:


Still battling candida? It may be due to mercury fillings

mercury filling
So you don't indulge in sugar. You never take antibiotics. You eat a pretty good diet. Why are you still battling Candida?

You may have to look no further than your mouth. If you have amalgam fillings - mercury fillings - the cause of your Candidiasis might be staring back at you.

The problem with amalgam fillings

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man, yet many of us have mercury fillings in our mouth that are poisoning us. Tiny particles break free and mercury vapor is released that we inhale or swallow. The mercury release is 50 times higher for those who have mercury fillings capped with gold.

Comment: In addition to having mercury fillings safely removed it is worth trying a low carb or ketogenic diet to rid yourself of candida.


Heart disease and diabetes risks tied to carbs, not fat, study finds

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Is the pendulum swinging back? In what seems contrary to mainstream dietary advice, a small new study shows that doubling the saturated fat in a person's diet does not drive up the levels of saturated fat in the blood.

Rather, the study found that it was the carbohydrates in people's diets that were linked with increased levels of a type of fatty acid linked to heart disease and type-2 diabetes. The results of the study, which followed 16 middle-aged, obese adults for 21 weeks, were published Nov. 21 in the journal PLOS ONE.

Saturated fats, largely from meat and dairy products, have been vilified for decades as a primary culprit in promoting heart disease. And most health authorities maintain this stance.

However, in recent years, scientists have seen the ill effects of completely replacing saturated fat with carbohydrates, particularly the simple carbs that are found so commonly in processed foods. A large analysis published in 2009 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that swapping saturated fats with carbs had no benefit in reducing people's risk of heart disease. But replacing those so-called bad fats with polyunsaturated fats - found in fish, olives and nuts - did.

"The unintended consequence of telling everyone to restrict fat was that people ate an even greater amount of carbohydrates," said Jeff Volek, senior author on the new study and a professor of human sciences at The Ohio State University. "This is a fact. It's not a stretch to make the connection between overconsumption of carbs and the obesity and diabetes epidemic."

The new study "challenges the conventional wisdom that has demonized saturated fat," Volek said, because it shows that saturated fats don't need to be replaced at all, neither with carbs nor polyunsaturated fats.

'Right now, it doesn't look good': WHO fails to meet its goal of containing the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

'The most dangerous thing would be if people now think Ebola is over and become complacent,' warns Ebola expert.
Ebola workers
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Health care workers undergo infection control training in Sierra Leone
The World Health Organization has failed to meet their December 1 goal for isolating and containing the deadly Ebola outbreak in many regions of West Africa, the United Nations reports.

The targets, set in early October, aimed to get 70 per cent of the Ebola cases isolated and treated and to have 70 percent of the deceased safely buried by December 1. Of the hardest hit nations - Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone - only Guinea is on track to meet the deadline, WHO Spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said in a press briefing last week.

Comment: It was apparent long ago that government organizations do not have a handle on the Ebola outbreak. It would be in the best interests of the hardest hit African countries to eschew the counsel of the WHO and UN and put a team together that knows what they're doing.

Perhaps this will give them a clue:
Ebola: Fear, lies and the evidence (VIDEO)

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Must read! One parent who had enough - Vaccines: Medical ignorance and deceit

In British Columbia (Canada), school nurses deliberately track down youth aged 14 and up who have consent forms from the their parents marked "NO" to all vaccines and attempt to persuade those children to get vaccinated under "mature consent" laws that state children over the age of 14 may make their own decisions about medical interventions. A number of my friends' children were coerce into vaccines against their parents' wishes and one parent in particular has taken his case to the BC Civil Liberties Association.

When vaccination day approached for my 14-year-old daughter, I wanted to keep her home from school. Knowing that many parents relent to vaccinating their children despite their original intention to refuse because they are bullied into it by nurses or doctors, I can easily imagine how hard it must be for children to refuse in the face of such pressure.

I planned to keep my daughter home from school on vaccination day, but the shots took place during her favorite classes and she didn't want to miss them. I coached my daughter on what to say and do if anyone tried to force her to take the shots. I also sent a letter requesting non-vaccination.In my letter, I informed the vaccine-pushers that I would take it to the courts and the media if my daughter was coerced into getting vaccinated.

To my surprise, the Medical Health Officer for my local health authority responded to my letter. It was the usual propaganda with a dash of condescension and a wallop of complete ignorance. I could not help it. I decided to respond...

Comment: For more information, see Gardasil: Medical torture and child abuse by Big Pharma:
There is something deeply wrong with a giant pharmaceutical company spending hundreds of millions of dollars to manipulate women and influence legislation in order to generate a revenue stream of billions of dollars a year for itself at the expense of a gullible public. Because what is wrong with Gardasil isn't just that it is unnecessary. Gardasil is possibly the most dangerous vaccine on the market, with the potential to injure, maim, or even kill the children who receive it.
To all parents being asked to vaccinate their daughters - or even sons - with Gardasil, Tracy has this to say: "Please do your homework. Please educate yourself about the risks of this vaccine. The risk of cervical cancer is so low and the success of regular Pap testing has been so great that there really is no need for this vaccine at all. There is no going back once your child has brain damage.


Only one out of one thousand men helped by prostate cancer screening

Andrew Buelt, DO, and Joe Weatherly, DO, are family medicine residents in St. Petersburg, Fla. Together, they co-produce the podcast Questioning Medicine, where they deconstruct issues confronting today's clinicians. In this guest blog, Buelt gives his take on the overuse of prostate cancer screenings.
prostate exam
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Let the Prostate Be

As prostate cancer awareness month just ended, prostate cancer screening seemed a fitting subject for this week's blog.

Those who know the evidence might think this argument pits European practices against our own domestic actions. Almost like a Ryder Cup for prostate screening. However, I recently saw that almost 50% of patients admit to undergoing lubed finger insertions and blood tests, which we know to be fairly inaccurate, in the last 12 months.

Comment: See also: Prostate cancer screenings essentially useless
Because most prostate cancers are slow growing, many men may die of other causes without ever experiencing symptoms from an active cancer. Neither the PSA test nor a biopsy, however, is able to determine whether a cancer is slow-growing or aggressive.


Ebola: Fear, lies and the evidence (VIDEO)

Ebola - not stopping.
Just about everything we've been told about Ebola since the beginning of the outbreak in west Africa, is wrong. The means of transmission, the incubation period, its persistence on surfaces, available treatment methods have all been systematically misrepresented. That's an extreme claim, and extreme claims must bear the burden proof, so let's take a look at the evidence.

Comment: See SCG's previous Ebola video as well: Ebola - What you're not being told


Why we may need viruses more than vaccines

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A groundbreaking study published this month in Nature challenges a century old assumption about the innate pathogenicity of these extremely small, self-replicating particles known as viruses.

Titled, "An enteric virus can replace the beneficial function of commensal bacteria," researchers found that an "enteric RNA virus can replace the beneficial function of commensal bacteria in the intestine."

Known as murine (mouse) noravirus (MNV), researchers found that infecting germ-free or antibiotic-treated mice infection with MNV "restored intestinal morphology and lymphocyte function without inducing overt inflammation and disease."

The researchers found:
"Importantly, MNV infection offset the deleterious effect of treatment with antibiotics in models of intestinal injury and pathogenic bacterial infection. These data indicate that eukaryotic viruses have the capacity to support intestinal homeostasis and shape mucosal immunity, similarly to commensal bacteria."
Despite the commonly held belief that viruses are vectors of morbidity and mortality that must be vaccinated against in order to save us from inevitable harm and death, the new study dovetails with a growing body of research showing that our own genome is 8% viral in origin.

Study confirms: DNA from GMOs can pass directly into humans

The idea that DNA from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is broken down in the digestive tract and rendered innocuous, a common industry claim, is patently false. A recent study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE found that large, meal-derived DNA fragments from GMOs are fully capable of transferring their genes directly into the bloodstream, deconstructing the myth that transgenic foods act on the body in the same way as natural foods.

A combined analysis of four other independent studies involving more than 1,000 human samples and a team of researchers from universities in Hungary, Denmark and the U.S. looked at the assimilation process for GMOs as they are currently consumed throughout the world. This includes derivatives of GM crops such as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from GM corn, for instance, and soy protein from GM soybeans, as well as meat derived from animals fed a GM-based diet.

Comment: Back in 2012 Dr. Don Huber, plant pathologist, discussed the shocking discovery of a brand new organism in genetically engineered crops. It is likely that Dr. Huber's research led him to a similar conclusion, regarding GMOs, as the team of researchers reporting their findings in the PLOSONE journal. The following is just one of Dr. Huber's concerns:
The situation is equally disturbing with respects to the genetic engineering of the crop itself. Many experts have admitted that we really do not yet understand genetics enough to dabble in this way and release it into the wild. Because what we do know is that when you insert a foreign gene, you alter not just one feature - you're altering multiple things, and you can end up with some highly unpredictable and unforeseeable results.
The results....
In short, this mixture of GMO foods led to a toxic mix in the digestive tract of the animals, leading to a reduced ability for GMO-fed pigs to reproduce. The pigs were studied from conception until slaughter (the first long term study of its kind) and all were all affected adversely.


Harmful effects of psychiatric drugs make them too unsafe to take

woman with pill
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Psychiatric drugs are more dangerous than you have ever imagined. If you haven't been prescribed one yet, you are among the lucky few. If you or a loved one are taking psychiatric drugs, there is hope; but you need to understand the dangers and how to minimize the risk.

The following overview focuses on longer-term psychiatric drug hazards, although most of them can begin to develop within weeks. They are scientifically documented in my recent book Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal and my medical text Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry, Second Edition.

Comment: As if it weren't bad enough to be ingesting these drug cocktails in pill form, evidence shows that our water supply is tainted with dangerous drugs as well.

Cancer and psychiatric drugs found in tap water

The Drug Store in Your Tap Water

Drugs in Drinking Water a Growing Problem