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Researchers make surprising connection between solar storms and incidences of rheumatoid arthritis and giant cell arteritis

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What began as a chat between husband and wife has evolved into an intriguing scientific discovery. The results, published in May in BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) Open, show a "highly significant" correlation between periodic solar storms and incidences of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and giant cell arteritis (GCA), two potentially debilitating autoimmune diseases. The findings by a rare collaboration of physicists and medical researchers suggest a relationship between the solar outbursts and the incidence of these diseases that could lead to preventive measures if a causal link can be established.

RA and GCA are autoimmune conditions in which the body mistakenly attacks its own organs and tissues. RA inflames and swells joints and can cause crippling damage if left untreated. In GCA, the autoimmune disease results in inflammation of the wall of arteries, leading to headaches, jaw pain, vision problems and even blindness in severe cases.

Inspiring this study were conversations between Simon Wing, a Johns Hopkins University physicist and first author of the paper, and his wife, Lisa Rider, deputy unit chief of the Environmental Autoimmunity Group at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the National Institutes of Health, and a coauthor. Rider spotted data from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, showing that cases of RA and GCA followed close to 10-year cycles. "That got me curious," Wing recalled. "Only a few things in nature have a periodicity of about 10-11 years and the solar cycle is one of them."


Women under chronic stress have significantly lower levels of klotho, a hormone that regulates aging and enhances cognition

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Women under chronic stress have significantly lower levels of klotho, a hormone that regulates aging and enhances cognition, researchers at UC San Francisco have found in a study comparing mothers of children on the autism spectrum to low-stress controls.

The researchers found that the women in their study with clinically significant depressive symptoms had even lower levels of klotho in their blood than those who were under stress but not experiencing such symptoms.

The study, published June 16, in Translational Psychiatry, is the first to show a relationship between psychological influences and klotho, which performs a wide variety of functions in the body.

"Our findings suggest that klotho, which we now know is very important to health, could be a link between chronic stress and premature disease and death," said lead author, Aric Prather, PhD, an assistant professor of psychiatry at UCSF. "Since our study is observational, we cannot say that chronic stress directly caused lower klotho levels, but the new connection opens avenues of research that converge upon aging, mental health, and age-related diseases."

Comment: As numerous studies show, stress negatively impacts health in a variety of ways. One of the best methods of helping to reduce stress, calm and focus the mind, thus improving your overall quality of life is the Éiriú Eolas technique of breathing and meditation. It will help you to have improved overall health, a stronger immune system, better impulse control, reduced inflammation and will also help you to heal emotional wounds. The program can be learned online here free of charge.


How exercise can be BAD for you: Ultra-marathons and endurance events 'can trigger blood poisoning', scientists warn


Extreme endurance events like ultramarathons and multi-stage marathons can causes intestinal bacteria to leak into the bloodstream, triggering blood poisoning, a study has found
Too much exercise can trigger blood poisoning, scientists have warned.

Taking part in extreme endurance events causes intestinal bacteria to leak into the bloodstream, leading to serious infection, a new study revealed.

Researchers said their findings came after analysing people who participated in fitness events, including ultra-marathons, and multi-stage marathons which span consecutive days.

Dr Ricardo Costa, of the University of Monash, said: 'Blood samples taken before and after the events, compared with a control group, proved that exercise over a prolonged period of time causes the gut wall to change.

'This allows the naturally present bacteria, known as endotoxins, in the gut to leak into the bloodstream.'

This then triggers an inflammatory response throughout the body from it's immune cells, similar to a serious infection, he added.

As part of the study, Dr Costa and his team examined people taking part in a 24-hour ultra-marathon and multi-stage ultra-marathons.


Study finds eating chocolate lowers risk of heart disease, strokes, and reduces heart pressure

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A new study has found that chocolate can lower the risk of heart disease and strokes as well as reduce blood pressure and help people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, but the results are not definitive.

The research published in the journal Heart Monday used a wide sample of 25,000 volunteers who ate about 15-100 grams of chocolate a day in the form of all types, including dark, milk and hot cocoa.

This is the equivalent to about two Alpen Gold bars or about 500 calories.

"The main message is that you don't need to worry too much if you are only moderately eating chocolate," Phyo Myint, a professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and one of the study's lead authors, said in an interview with the Washington Post.


Gluten intolerance and asthma

The incidence of people suffering with asthma in the U.S. continues to grow. Interestingly enough, so does the incidence of people being diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Because asthma can be an autoimmune reaction, the next question is - Are the two related?

According to a new study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, there is a strong correlation.

Source: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 127, Issue 4, April 2011, Pages 1071-1073.

Comment: For more information, see Opening Pandora's Bread Box: The Critical Role of Wheat Lectin in Human Disease

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Kill cancer with oxygen and ketogenic diet

Keto - Krebs - Oxygen, the keys to curing cancer!
Oxygen is the final acceptor of electrons in the electron transport chain. Without oxygen, the electron transport chain becomes jammed with electrons. Consequently, NAD[1] cannot be produced, thereby causing glycolysis to produce lactic acid instead of pyruvate, which is a necessary component of the Krebs Cycle. Thus, the Krebs Cycle is heavily dependent on oxygen, deeming it an aerobic process.

We can literally force mitochondria to become active again and use the Krebs Cycle for energy if we ram enough oxygen into the cells. This process, called Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy, rockets oxygen into cancer cells so they stop being cancerous (anaerobic) and regain apoptosis, their programmable cell death. If you put enough oxygen into a cancer cell it will turn on the Krebs Cycle (the mitochondria) and this reignites the program for cell death.[2]

Dr. Philipp Mergenthaler and Dr. Andreas Meisel showed that depriving a cell of glucose, while giving it plenty of oxygen at the same time, blocks glycolysis and therefore forces the cell to revive its mitochondria and use the Krebs Cycle for energy.

Comment: There are many benefits to the ketogenic protocol as discussed in the following SOTT articles:

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The American Medical Association just voted to end personal vaccination exemptions

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The American Medical Association, the country's largest association of physicians, is weighing in on the vaccination debate by supporting the end of personal vaccination exemptions on both the state and federal levels.

At the group's annual meeting in Chicago on Monday, members voted to mobilize the organization in order to persuade state legislatures to eliminate nonmedical reasons for exemption, such as religion, which are used to dodge crucial immunizations against diseases such as measles and whooping cough.

"As evident from the recent measles outbreak at Disneyland, protecting community health in today's mobile society requires that policymakers not permit individuals from opting out of immunization solely as a matter of personal preference or convenience," said board member Dr. Patrice Harris, according to Forbes. "When people are immunized they also help prevent the spread of disease to others."

Comment: Oh please! Like the AMA is really concerned with protecting the 'community's health'! Dr. Patrice Harris is grossly misinformed or just in denial if she believes that individuals are 'opting out of immunization solely as a matter of personal preference or convenience'.

Way to go Dr. Harris! Painting the anti-vaxxer stance as some kind of trendy new fad that is 'popular' among concerned parents, Big Pharma would be proud, don't address the real concerns, just make everyone comply no questions asked!

Last December, 117 people who had visited Disneyland in Orange County, California were infected with the highly contagious disease. Other states also reported outbreaks and an old debate about the safety of vaccines was revived.

Comment: No brainer?! Talk about protecting the kid next to you:


Truvia's deception: A highly processed GMO sweetener that contains only 5% stevia

If you're one of the people who was excited when the "natural" sweetener that was allegedly made from the stevia plant became more commonly available, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.

All of that hype about the "new" zero-calorie Truvia? All the talk about how natural it is? That's just not true.

Incidentally, while the FDA has approved this bastardization of stevia, the actual leaf, where the active chemicals are found, is banned from sale as a food additive or sweetener and may only be sold as an "herbal supplement."

Comment: GMO derived erythritol, the main ingredient in Truvia, found to be a potent insecticide

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So much for food safety: Each week products are found contaminated with allergens, pathogens, particulate matter

One of the clear and present dangers in having such a highly industrialized, highly centralized food system in this country (a system where a whopping 96% of everyone relies on the other 4% for their food) is contamination. Our food is so centralized now that 10 megacorporations essentially own and produce all the brands you see on your grocery store shelf.

In short, it ain't like your mom's mom's mom used to make.

So in a typical week, several products are found contaminated with everything from undeclared major allergens to potentially fatal food-borne pathogens to "particulate matter". You never know what you're gonna get.

In just the last few days, these things have been recalled (via the FDA's recall page and the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service FSIS):

Comment: One wonders just how many other instances of contamination are not even disclosed. The only way to protect yourself is to eliminate as much packaged and processed foods from your diet as possible.

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German scientist: 'Electronic smog is disrupting nature on a massive scale'

© Nickolay Lamm
Frequency fence: Visualisations from U.S artist Nickolay Lamm based on how mobile networks and frequencies are distributed across U.S. cities
Mobile phones, Wi-Fi systems, electric power lines and similar sources of "electrosmog" are disrupting nature on a massive scale, causing birds and bees to lose their bearings, fail to reproduce and die, a conference will be told this week.

Dr Ulrich Warnke - who has been researching the effects of man-made electrical fields on wildlife for more than 30 years - will tell the conference, organised by the Radiation Research Trust at the Royal Society in London, that "an unprecedented dense mesh of artificial magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic fields" has been generated, overwhelming the "natural system of information" on which the species rely.

He believes this could be responsible for the disappearance of bees in Europe and the US in what is known as colony collapse disorder, for the decline of the house sparrow, whose numbers have fallen by half in Britain over the past 30 years, and that it could also interfere with bird migration.

Dr Warnke, a lecturer at the University of Saarland, in Germany, adds that the world's natural electrical and magnetic fields have had a "decisive hand in the evolution of species". Over millions of years they learned to use them to work out where they were, the time of day, and the approach of bad weather.

Comment: Indeed, and there is good evidence that the cancer pandemic and other 'diseases of civilization' are strongly correlated, if not caused by, the exponential proliferation of EMF pollution.

Check out Larry Bowers' 4-part series on EMF pollution, beginning here:

EMF pollution - What is EMF?