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Chipotle bans GMO foods from its restaurants

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Chipotle has become the first fast-food chain to ban genetically modified foods, known as GMOs, in all foods served in its restaurants. The Mexican fast-casual chain has removed non-organic soy and corn from its tortillas and other menu items.

"Chipotle was the first national restaurant company to disclose the GMO ingredients in our food, and now we are the first to cook only with non-GMO ingredients," the company wrote on its website.

Back in 2013, Chipotle started showing which items contain GMOs. On Monday, it removed those items altogether from the 68 ingredients ‒ including salt and pepper ‒ served at its 1,831 restaurants.

"This is another step toward the visions we have of changing the way people think about and eat fast food," Steve Ells, founder and co-chief executive of Chipotle, told the New York Times. "Just because food is served fast doesn't mean it has to be made with cheap raw ingredients, highly processed with preservatives and fillers and stabilizers and artificial colors and flavors."

"The vast majority of our ingredients don't come in a GMO variety, and we use lots of whole, unprocessed foods, so it was easier for us to do," Ells added.

Comment: It's nice to see how a global corporation like Chipotle has taken on the challenges of operating outside the standard fare. While it may not be easy, their success is notable as they are meeting a need where people are being helped rather than harmed.


Experts: Diet, not exercise, most important to health

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Doing 30 minutes of cardio work or spending an hour on the treadmill will do you absolutely no good if you continually consume pizza, soda, and Twinkies, a trio of international fitness gurus write in a scathing editorial published last week in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

While many health and wellness experts tout the importance of both a healthy diet and adequate activity in preventing obesity and keeping in good physical condition, the three researchers claim that there is overwhelming evidence suggesting that diet is more important than exercise.

Furthermore, as Forbes summarizes, even if people regularly work out and have an acceptable body weight, they could still be unhealthy if that individual consumes too many carbohydrates. The authors of the editorial are calling for a basic reboot of our concept of health.

It looks like you can't just "work off" that fat piece of chocolate cake you had for breakfast...and lunch.


Robert Kennedy, Jr. fights to stop vaccine 'holocaust'

Robert Kennedy, Jr. speaks out against vaccine holocaust.
At a recent screening of the powerful new documentary film Trace Amounts, which exposes the scientific connection between mercury in vaccines and autism, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. warned an audience of supportive viewers that vaccines are essentially poison vials causing a "holocaust" in our country.

The nephew of former U.S. president John F. Kennedy, RFK Jr. attended the screening in solidarity with California parents who are fighting to stop Senate Bill 277from eliminating their freedom as Californians to exempt their children from "mandatory" vaccinations. Speaking to the crowd, Kennedy emphasized the proven dangers of vaccines.

"They can put anything they want in that vaccine and they have no accountability for it," stated Kennedy about the vaccine industry, which ironically maintains its own exclusive and unconstitutional exemption from legal liability for vaccines that injure and kill children.

Comment: With all the invaluable information that is out there on how damaging vaccines are, it's good to have an advocate like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. be a voice against this "vaccine holocaust". It seems most politicians couldn't care less about the health and welfare of our future generation. Vaccines = Big $$$, nothing less.


Researchers using Ebola to ramp up the fear of...measles?

The official story regarding the Ebola outbreak has gone from hokey to downright ludicrous with new reports claiming that, if Ebola isn't eradicated from West Africa soon, 100,000 people will get sick and 16,000 people will die -- from measles!

Yep, the measles scare campaign is now merging with Ebola into one single, bizarre, pro-vaccine hybrid narrative that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The mainstream media says that children won't be able to get their MMR vaccines if hospitals are bogged down with Ebola patients, which will somehow snowball into a massive measles pandemic.

Comment: Measles isn't scary enough on its own so the PTB have to link it with Ebola in order to create demand for their toxic vaccines. Ridiculous!


Statistics don't lie: Mandated vaccines, child mortality and soaring rates of Alzheimer's

From very early on in life, everyone learns how important math is, especially that one and one equal two, not three or even two-and-a-half! However, when it comes to statistics and other mathematical markers for business, industry, and even science, numbers sometimes belie the reality of the facts, depending upon who wants to prove what, and to whom.

Recently, I've been thinking about the cost of healthcare—or is it sickness care—in the United States, and how it's been escalating despite the purported advances in medical science and even the outlandish contention that vaccines can help to reduce sickness and its costs by improving, what's euphemistically called, 'herd immunity'.

Let's get one thing accurate: I don't consider myself—or any person—to be a member of any animal herd. I'm a human being with intelligence and unalienable rights granted by the very act of my being born with those implicit rights every person comes into life with: Life, which includes being able to breathe air, drink water, and eat food to maintain health and bodily functions; liberty—the very essence of freedom, i.e., to be free from control mechanisms by individuals, spouses, family or friends, and most of all, by governments, especially those referred to as dictatorial; and happiness, a state of being that depends upon many contributing factors, which some humans can control and others that we cannot, but definitely impact our very lives, often in ways we always can't clearly understand or define.

One overarching mechanism affecting everyone in the United States, at least, is bureaucratic control and its dictates, along with an apparent belief that government owns our children, our wealth, and even our bodies! What leads me to such a conclusion? Nothing is more demonstrable than how healthcare with all its ancillary aspects operates with dogmatic and dictatorial force of law, regardless of an individual's right to self-determination given to him or her as an inherent birthright.

Comment: The above facts and figures tell a very different story from what we are led to believe regarding the links between high vaccine rates, child mortality and the soaring rates of Alzheimer's. These are statistics that the government, BigPharma and the presstitute media do not want people to see, because their efforts to mandate vaccines for everyone would be seriously undermined if the truth were widely known.


Australia: Everyone must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister's daughters

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We're talking about Tony Abbott, who just ruled from on high that there are no more exemptions from vaccines in Australia.

No more conscientious objections, no more religious exemptions. Only the rare medical exemption, permitted by a doctor. And suddenly, every family who refuses vaccinations for their children will lose up to $15,000 per year, per child, in federal support money. Every family in Australia is eligible for federal money.

Tony has officially ripped away citizens' right to choose. Australia is now officially a medical police state.


Back in 2006, Tony was singing a very different tune concerning his own daughters.

On November 9, 2006, had the story: "Abbott rules out cancer vaccine for his daughters" (see also "I could be seen as 'cruel' on Gardasil: Abbott"):
"FEDERAL Health Minister [at the time] Tony Abbott has said that while he may be seen as a 'cruel, callow, callous, heartless bastard', he would not be rushing to have his own daughters vaccinated [with the HPV shot] against cervical cancer.

"'I won't be rushing out to get my daughters vaccinated, maybe that's because I'm a cruel, callow, callous, heartless bastard but, look, I won't be,' Mr Abbott said on Southern Cross radio."
How interesting. How revealing. Tony Abbott, a vaccine refuser. Then. But now he's the Pope of forced vaccinations for all Australians, whether they want them or not.

I don't see Australian media outlets rushing to cover this contradiction. A reader pointed me to the 2006 article. Otherwise I never would have known about Tony's double life.


SOTT Exclusive: Should we be worried about latest outbreak of avian flu viruses?

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An egg-producing chicken farm run by Sunrise Farm is seen in this aerial photo in Harris, Iowa, April 23, 2015.

There has been an alarming rise in avian influenza deaths in animals across the US in recent months. US scientists are scrambling to determine the long-term effects of this rapidly mutating virus:
Reuters - The U.S. Department of Agriculture is still seeing the original H5N8 virus, but it has also identified two strains of mixed-origin viruses, both of them highly pathogenic. One is the deadly H5N2 virus. The other is an entirely new H5N1 virus that has so far been found in only a handful of the recent cases.

Because much is still unknown about these new viruses, the USDA and the CDC are conducting detailed analyses that include sequencing the viruses' genomes. A key question they hope to answer is whether the viruses might mutate and become human viruses.

"This is something we need to avoid: it is something that could happen and which we have to look for," said Dr. Jurgen Richt, an expert in avian influenza at Kansas State University.


Study finds unexpected link between cellular energetics and major depression

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Mitochondrial DNA is the small circular chromosome found inside mitochondria. Mitochondria are organelles found in cells that are the sites of energy production. Mitochondria, and thus mitochondrial DNA, are passed from mother to offspring.
Emerging evidence suggests expanded insights into the nature of depression may be forthcoming. The optimism accompanies the discovery that the illness is associated with metabolic or cellular changes.

As reported in the journal Current Biology, the finding of a cellular signature may provide scientists an opportunity to measure and monitor mental health at the cellular level.

In some form, cellular changes may be a response to perceived stress — with depression a result of the cellular modifications.

"Our most notable finding is that the amount of mitochondrial DNA changes in response to stress," says Professor Jonathan Flint of the University of Oxford.

Mitochondria are compartments in cells responsible for generating energy. An increase in mitochondrial DNA suggests a change in mitochondria and cellular energetics, Flint explains.

"We see an unexpected link between cellular energetics and major depression, which has always been seen as a mood disorder."

Comment: Much to the chagrin of BigPharma, scientists continue to find more evidence that challenges the low-serotonin theory of depression:


Vaccine-Autism Studies - the news you don't hear

A new study this week found no link between vaccines and autism. It instantly made headlines on TV news and popular media everywhere. Many billed it as the final word, "once again," disproving the notion that vaccines could have anything to do with autism.

What you didn't learn on the news was that the study was from a consulting firm that lists major vaccine makers among its clients: The Lewin Group.

That potential conflict of interest was not disclosed in the paper published in The New England Journal of Medicine; the study authors simply declare "The Lewin Group operates with editorial independence."

(As an aside, according to, The Lewin Group's parent company, UnitedHealth Group, is a key government partner in Obamacare. Its subsidiary QSSI was given the contract to build the federal government's website. One of its top executives and his family are top Obama donors.)

Conflicts of interest alone do not invalidate a study. But they serve as important context in the relentless effort by pharmaceutical interests and their government partners to discredit the many scientists and studies that have found possible vaccine-autism links.

Comment: All the evidence in the world won't matter if the public has little to no access to it. Ms Attkisson has done a service gathering all this information.

Book 2

Is genetically engineered food a fraud?

A line up of test tubes holds genetically altered orange seedlings and the hope of creating plants resistant to citrus greening, a bacterial scourge sweeping through Florida’s citrus groves.
An estimated 85 percent of all food consumed in the United States now contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—from the cereal you feed your children to the milk you put in your coffee to the sweet corn you chomp on in summer. But because there's no labeling requirement, we don't know which foods have GMOs and which don't. We also have no hard facts about the possible health effects. In his new book, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived The Public, public interest attorney Steve Druker takes the science community, the food industry, and the FDA to task for what he claims are their lax and irresponsible policies.

Talking from a parking lot in Michigan during his book tour, he explains how the debate about GMOs has undermined science and democracy, why the two Bills, Clinton and Gates, have got it wrong, and what advice he would give an African farmer trying to feed his starving child.

Comment: Additional positive reviews for Steve Druker's book: