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Vaccine failure is well established: Malignant mumps in MMR vaccinated children

A new study finds highly malignant mumps infections in those successfully vaccinated against the virus...

A provocative new study titled, "Epidemic of complicated mumps in previously vaccinated young adults in the South-West of France," reveals that the MMR vaccine, despite generating high rates of presumably protective IgG antibodies against mumps, does not always translate into real-world immunity against infection as we have repeatedly been told. To the contrary, the study details cases where, despite the detection of high levels of antibodies against the mumps virus, patients contracted a malignant form of mumps that only rarely follows from natural, community acquired infection.

Comment: Additional information that vaccine failure is well established:


Hypertension and mercury toxicity

A growing body of medical literature has discovered the damaging effects of mercury on endothelial (the inner lining of blood vessels) function and vascular smooth muscle function.

Mercury induces mitochondrial dysfunction with reduction in adenosine triphosphate (ATP), depletion of glutathione, and increased lipid peroxidation. Increased oxidative stress and reduced oxidative defense are common.

The overall vascular effects of mercury include increased oxidative stress and inflammation, reduced oxidative defense, thrombosis, dyslipidemia, and immune and mitochondrial dysfunction.

The clinical consequences of mercury toxicity include hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, reduced heart rate variability, increased carotid intima-media thickness and carotid artery obstruction, cerebrovascular accident, generalized atherosclerosis, and renal dysfunction.

Comment: For more information on how to detox mercury, check out Infrared Saunas: An Easy Way to Lose Weight, Lower Blood Pressure, Detoxify, and Improve Brain Function.


Contraceptive pill associated with changes in brain structure

contraceptive pill
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Since its advent 50 years ago, the pill has helped revolutionize contraception and transform women's lives. The pill is so popular today that over 100 million women worldwide currently use this method of contraception, and the majority of users report high levels of satisfaction.

Many women, however, experience unpleasant side effects, ranging from mood changes to androgenic effects, such as acne and unwanted hair growth. The latter are caused by the fact that some progestins (the synthetic versions of the hormone progesterone used in oral contraceptives) interact with androgen receptors. The androgens, such as testosterone, are steroid hormones that are responsible for male characteristics. Some progestins have high androgenic activity and therefore increase the chances of androgen-related side effects, but many more modern pills actually exert anti-androgenic effects.

Over the years, many studies have scrutinized these side effects, but the focus of the majority of these studies has been on metabolic and emotional effects. A few studies also looked at effects on cognitive tasks, and some found that the pill is associated with memory changes, enhancing verbal and recognition memory. The possible effects on brain structure and function, however, have been largely ignored, despite the fact that the steroid from which many progestins were derived has been demonstrated to induce changes in the brain.

A few years back, a study aimed to address this gap in our knowledge and discovered that users of oral contraceptives had larger volumes of gray matter (brain tissue consisting of nerve cell bodies) in certain areas of the brain. However, they failed to take into account the androgenic activity (androgenicity) of the progestin or control for age differences.

Building on this work, scientists from the University of Salzberg enrolled 60 women into a new study. 20 of the participants were naturally cycling, i.e. not taking oral contraceptives (OCs), 18 were using OCs containing androgenic progestins, and 22 were taking OCs containing anti-androgenic progestins.

As described in Brain Research, after controlling for age, MRI scans revealed that women using anti-androgenic progestins had significantly larger gray matter volumes in several brain regions when compared with naturally cycling women. These brain areas include the hippocampus, which is involved in learning and memory, and the fusiform face area (FFA), which is thought to be specialized for facial recognition. Furthermore, they found that volume increased with duration of use, i.e. the longer women had been taking the pill, the greater the gray matter volume in these areas. Women taking androgenic progestins, however, had smaller gray matter volumes in certain brain regions when compared with naturally cycling women.

A vaccine for cancer?

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Researchers have tested a new way to encourage the body's own immune system to fight off cancer. Results are better than they expected.

A series of papers published Wednesday in the journal Nature show how the immune system can fight off cancer, and how that discovery could usher in new vaccines to stimulate that process to become more efficient. It's the latest advance in personalized medicine - tailoring a treatment to the unique genetic profile of the patient.

One of the jobs of the immune system is to patrol the body looking for foreign invaders that are then disposed of. When tumor cells arise, they are often "marked for death" because they have special molecules on the surface called antigens. The immune system recognizes these antigens and then destroys the tumor cell.

But cancer cells can be crafty. Some of them are able to hide from the immune system because they produce chemicals that can shut the immune response down. The chemicals disable a component of the immune system called T cells.

So scientists designed a vaccine to block the activity of those disabling chemicals. This allows the T cells to rev into gear and destroy the tumor cells. A vaccine has to be created for each individual because everyone's cancer cells are different.

"The concept is that, if we engage the immune system to attack the cancer, the immune system has the ability to remember, it has memory," Antoni Ribas, Professor of Medicine and director of the Tumor Immunology Program at the Johnson Cancer Center at UCLA, told Sputnik. Ribas was one of the doctors who carried out some of the cancer vaccine experiments. "That would lead to a long-lasting response, which is the feature that's important."

In one experiment, mice with an advanced form of muscle cancer were given a vaccine tailored to their specific tumor type. Astonishingly, the immune systems of the animals responded by obliterating the cancer in 90% of the mice that were treated.

"This is proof that personalized cancer vaccines can be very powerful and need to be applied to human cancers now", said Dr. Robert Schreiber of the Washington University School of Medicine, one of the lead authors of the study.

As knowledge of what makes the immune system tick continues to improve, the effectiveness of using the body's own defenses to fight cancer is likely to make treatment outcomes better.

Comment: While this is very interesting, it is also dangerous. This vaccine could potentially rake in mega bucks for the pharmaceutical industry. Vaccine efficacy is very questionable. Real research should involve delving into how to prevent cancer in the first place like with proper diet and care for all aspects of your body and mind.

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Writing reasonably about vaccines?: How this journalist was censored

When the editor of the Washington Independent Review of Books invited me to review a recent narrative book about vaccines, I said yes. It was a natural fit, since I've been researching vaccines for the past fifteen years, participating publicly in vaccine debates, and writing about the vexing issue of childhood vaccination for nearly as long.

But when an advanced reading copy came in the mail, I recognized the author's name as someone who had mentioned me in a January 2013 article in Harper's Magazine. I flipped through the book, and since her essay from Harper's was printed there nearly verbatim, my name was also in the book.

I called the editor to ask if that might create the perception of a conflict of interest.

"Do you think you can write a fair and balanced review," the editor asked me on the phone.

United Nations calls for an end to industrialized farming, organic agriculture can feed the world

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Gardener holding handful of Parisienne Carrots, which are a variety of heirloom carrot.
In 2013, the United Nations announced that the world's agricultural needs can be met with localized organic farms. That's right, we do not need giant monocultures that pour, spray and coat our produce with massive amounts of poisons, only to create mutant pests and weeds while decimating pollinators and harming human health. Don't believe the hype: We do not need genetically modified foods "to feed the world."

From my experience, many of these - how shall we say it - "worker bees" (i.e the GMO salesmen) who spread this propaganda, actually believe conventional tactics are necessary to ensure food security. They've drunk the Kool-Aid and cannot envision another possibility. The changes threaten their very existence.

Comment: SOTT has carried several articles on the topic of organic vs. conventional/industrial produced food. Below are a list of articles that give more data about why this topic is important, in addition to tools consumers can use to make informed decisions when purchasing food:

Life Preserver

LDL is your friend

LDL or low density lipoprotein has been given a bad rap. Every since someone decided to call it "bad cholesterol" it has been demonized as being responsible for just about everything bad in the world. Medical doctors and cardiologists in specific have joined the crusade against LDL with a pervasive mentality that somehow the lower the blood value of LDL, the better. Fortunately, the justification for this altruism is unjustified.

So let's take a step back for a moment and review just exactly what LDL is and does, and then I'll move on and explain why the notion of it being something to fear is ill founded.

LDL is what we call a carrier protein. And one of it's important jobs is to carry a fundamentally important chemical to every cell in the body. This chemical is a critical component of cell membranes, serves as a brain antioxidant, and is the raw material from which your body manufactures vitamin D, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. And this important, life-sustaining chemical is cholesterol.

So the notion that LDL is "bad cholesterol" is flawed on two counts. First, it is, in and of itself, not cholesterol, it is a protein. Second, now that you've embraced all of its functions in human physiology, it's clear that LDL is anything but bad. How could we castigate a part of our biochemistry so fundamental for life?

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Evil Rays

Electromagnetic Radiation and your health

"Life is electromagnetic." - Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe

Awareness continues to increase surrounding the pervasive dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Our modern world is becoming an electromagnetic soup filled with pulses, radio frequencies, computer screens, wireless signals, as well as personal devices such as cell phones and gadgets that are emitting damaging radiation.

There are many peer-reviewed scientific studies drawing conclusions that should concern us all, but particularly for young children and pregnant women. Government agencies are even doing battle amongst themselves over outdated scientific information that still impacts current regulations. A prominent neuroscientist recently went on record in a lecture to the medical community which gave strong credence to the concerns of everyday citizens. A world-renown biochemist joined the chorus of warnings, and went as far as to say that wireless radiation is a biohazard and should be abolished in certain settings.

Comment: Wireless radiation is a biohazard! Read more:


Recently discovered: "Stupid Virus"

Recently, disease researchers yet again have discovered an emerging virus.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the University of Nebraska stumbled on to chlorovirus ATCV-1, a DNA virus which comes from algae, while doing an unrelated test on throat microbes. Forty-three percent of patients tested had it in their throats. Among other things, it is found to lead to cognitive problems. You can read some mainstream articles here, here, here and here.

I think the headlines should have read a lot differently. This discovery could have big implications for people for a few reasons. Yet, where is the media panic now? it's been made cute and funny by dubbing it the "stupid virus."

Before we get carried away with giddy headlines pointing out how so many people must have "caught stupid" - let's get a couple of things straight.

Comment: Speaking of compromised immune systems and viruses roaring out like a sleeping dragons. Read the following: New Light on the Black Death: The Viral and Cosmic Connection
Comets are vile stars. Every time they appear in the south, they wipe out the old and establish the new. Fish grow sick, crops fail, Emperors and common people die, and men go to war. The people hate life and don't even want to speak of it." -Li Ch'un Feng, Director, Chinese Imperial Astronomical Bureau, 648, A.D.
As a physician, I usually concentrate strictly on medical and health-related issues, not history or catastrophism. However, like so many other people, I see signs of atmospheric changes on our planet which, according to many experts, may well be due to increasing comet dust loading. When I read about increasing reports of fireballs all around the world, and I know that these factors must have an effect on the health of individuals and societies, it motivates me to do the research to find the connections so that I am better prepared for what may lie in our future. If our planet is entering a new cometary bombardment cycle, and if these comets harbor new species of microbes unknown to mankind's collective immunological systems (as may well be the case), then being forewarned is being forearmed.

According to the late Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe of the University of Wales at Cardiff, viruses can be distributed throughout space by dust in the debris stream of comets. Then as Earth passes though the stream, the dust and viruses load our atmosphere, where they can stay suspended for years until gravity pulls them down. They compare numerous plagues throughout our history which coincide with cometary bodies in our skies. These researchers are certain that germs causing plagues and epidemics come from space.


Deadly bacteria grows in your gut thanks to GMO food

Deadly bacteria grow in your gut when you eat GMO food, according to a new study.

A new study titled, "The Influence of Glyphosate on the Microbiota and Production of Botulinum Neurotoxin During Ruminal Fermentation," confirms a growing suspicion that GM foods tainted with the ubiquitous agrochemical Roundup are causing widespread changes in the microbiome of those who consume them, resulting in bodily changes that are believed to lead to a wide range of lethal diseases.

As we reported in 2012, in an article titled "Roundup Herbicide Linked To Overgrowth of Deadly Bacteria," a growing body of research points to the world's most popular herbicide as causing dysbiosis (pathogenic alteration of gut bacteria), a condition which profoundly affects and alters the so-called holobiont, or total set of organisms plus human cells that make up our bodily constitution, and as a consequence, health. Because we depend on the proper selection and quantity of bacterial strains with which we co-evolved over countless eons, any significant disruption of the commensal ties to this microbial universe will result in a state of suboptimal functioning, ultimately leading to disease.

Comment: This new study is very concerning when one considers the fact that gut health is connected with the overall health of the immune system. While it is not surprising that GMO foods cause major disturbances in gut flora, research into the specific bacteria present in products like glyphosate/RoundUp, that lead to gut imbalances/toxicity, is really frightening!

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