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Weak ruble won't be forever: The dollar will come down

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Dollar is over-valued and has to come down. Look for the market to wake up to that when the Fed doesn't raise interest rates as expected and inevitably sends the US currency tanking

Everyone expects an interest raise in 3-6 months time. It's not happening

Seeing how at this very moment ruble is getting hammered by the dollar predicting a ruble appreciation seems like a very bold statement indeed. However, if one contrarian investor is right that is exactly what we should expect.

Peter Schiff is a financial analyst who made his fame and fortune by going against the grain. He is most known for having predicted and warned about the housing bubble and the financial crisis of 2008. Broadly speaking he is bearish on US economy and the US dollar and bullish on commodities, gold, foreign stocks and foreign currencies.

He would sum up his position something like this:

The much vaunted US recovery since the 2008 crash has not been real. Economy and disposable income of most people have not improved significantly, or at all, since then.

As such the gains made by US stock markets are not based on the state of the US economy. They are the outcome of loose money policies of the US Federal Reserve.

Comment: While it's good to keep an eye on international developments, best to look after oneself by becoming as independent as possible. There are many thing you can do to prepare for an economic disaster which will inevitably bring civil unrest.

Eye 2

Libya: The results of the West's 'most successful' mission

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More than 200 people are feared dead after two boats full of migrants sank in the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya.

The tragic scenes have become commonplace in the country, which western governments only four years ago claimed was a striking example of successful foreign intervention.

Authorities are continuing their efforts to retrieve bodies from the water after the vessels capsized shortly after leaving Libya's coastal city of Zuwara, en-route to Italy.

Comment: Also see: It's official: The U.S. used Al Qaeda to destroy Libya

Bad Guys

A primer for understanding the 'divide and conquer' in Turkey-Kurdish relations

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A demonstrator runs away after throwing a projectile toward riot police spraying tear gas during a demonstration against corruption in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul on December 25, 2013
The political and security situation in Turkey is becoming increasingly worrying as it deteriorates behind a jumble of acronyms that few could possibly hope to understand. Were it not for the associated terror facing millions of Turks, Kurds and Syrians, it might seem comical. Sadly, however, there is nothing remotely amusing about this particular alphabet soup.

A prime example of how misleading headlines, confusing language and loosely employed acronyms was evident on August 12, 2015, when the UK Newspaper The Telegraph published the following:
"Turkey suffered one of its bloodiest days in recent weeks on Monday as Kurdish insurgents launched deadly attacks in different parts of the country, including the US consulate in Istanbul, killing nine people and leaving 11 wounded in ensuing clashes with Turkey security services."


Russian boots on the ground in Syria? Middle East mayhem intensifies

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Purported Russian contractors in Syria.
Last month, in a task almost as difficult as Diogenes' search for one honest man, the U.S. allegedly found a staggering 60 'moderate rebels' in Syria to train in its interventionist program to oust Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad 'war against the Islamist terrorists'. This crack team of 'moderate' fighters, trained by the U.S. amid thousands of similarly-motivated terrorists of the Islamic State/al-Nusra/Free Syrian Army variety, demonstrated their valor by immediately refusing to fight Al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front in Syria, a dangerous hesitation because they were subsequently attacked by al-Nusra fighters anyway.

As news of the group's uselessness reached Washington at the beginning of August, Obama then pledged airstrikes in Syria to defend said 'rebels', even from 'attacks' carried out by the legitimate authorities in Syria. The airstrikes began a couple weeks ago, launched from NATO bases in Turkey, thus opening a second front of air raids against Syria from the north, following over a year of NATO airstrikes from Iraq 'against Islamic State targets' in both Iraq and Syria's southern flanks. The massive bomb attack in late July at a Kurdish political youth meeting in Suruc, southern Turkey - allegedly carried out by 'ISIS' from Syria - the day before the Turkish air force joined in US bombing raids against targets in northern Syria, is also extremely suspect. I think we can reasonably suggest that internal political opponents were targeted by Erdogan's neo-Ottomanist regime, and their deaths used to justify cross-border air raids against Kurds in northern Syria.

Turkey's perfidy in all this needs to be underscored. Syria-based analyst Thierry Meyssan reckons the Russian alternative gas pipeline route to Mediterranean Europe - 'Turkish Stream', signed between Putin and Erdogan last December - is dead in the water. Indeed, Gazprom suspended related construction contracts in early July, before halving the gas transit capacity slated in the original deal. Turkey's official stance regarding Crimea's secession to Russia is that it "will never recognize Russia's annexation." Ankara has also been dangling massive loans to the Kiev regime and hosting a Crimean Tatar lobby group convention, attended by Kiev's foreign minister, and calling for Russia to 'return Crimea to Ukraine'.


Ponzi scheme: The real reason global markets are crashing

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The Grand Scheme of Things...
The economy is collapsing and the stock market is crashing... again. Is this crash the big one, or is it just another hiccup on the slow road to certain doom? Should we stampede, or should we continue to graze?

For those who've shouldered the responsibility of understanding how our government and economy truly work, this new, latest economic collapse, is not in any way unexpected, but rather a predictable certainty in a long train of abuses by government and Wall Street. You see, the economic system is designed to fail. Collapse is in its DNA.

At its core, our fiat-based, reserve-currency, derivates-driven, interest rate-manipulated economy is a criminal enterprise that is explicitly designed to fail at offering human kind an equitable, just and common-sensical way to facilitate exchange. However, it is very well designed to transfer wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest of the world's elite in crisis after financial crisis until the whole thing collapses. It is engineered to implode.

Comment: The bubbles must continue...a debt-driven deception, systemically operative around the world, amounting to belief and investment in a nonexistent (virtual) financial reality. The end-product is always insolvency and collapse. The architects are the only winners as they are the riggers of the game. What is their next move?


South Front International Military Review: Korean border standoff

The Korean Peninsula faced a new standoff between the North and South along the Demilitarized Zone conducting a complicated environment. On Aug. 20, North and South Korean forces exchanged fire across the inter-Korean border. The South has also raised its military readiness alert to its highest level, "Jindogae 1″.

The latest exchange comes as tension is high on the Korean Peninsula, following the maiming of two South Korean soldiers by a land mine on August 4 as they were conducting a patrol inside the South Korean half of the 4-kilometer-wide Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ, that separates the two countries. Seoul accused North Korea of infiltrating the DMZ and planting the mine. Also, the South Korea began anti-North propaganda broadcasts from a number of towers along the border.

Comment: Meanwhile, Kiev illegally continues to shell Novorossia:


Oh the irony: AP sues over access to FBI records involving fake news story

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The Associated Press sued the U.S. Department of Justice Thursday over the FBI's failure to provide public records related to the creation of a fake news story used to plant surveillance software on a suspect's computer.

AP joined with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to file the lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

At issue is a 2014 Freedom of Information request seeking documents related to the FBI's decision to send a web link to the fake article to a 15-year-old boy suspected of making bomb threats to a high school near Olympia, Washington. The link enabled the FBI to infect the suspect's computer with software that revealed its location and Internet address.

Comment: So now AP is worried about fake news stories from the government because of planted software on its computers?

Cloud Lightning

New York will fund $100M flood protection project to shield lower Manhattan from 'changing climate'

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Flood walls, levees, and more parkland will be added under the $100 million project to safeguard lower Manhattan from major storms.
The city will spend $100 million to build a new flood protection system to shield lower Manhattan from major storms, Mayor de Blasio will announce Thursday.

The project — stretching from the top of Battery Park City around the tip of Manhattan and up to the Lower East Side — will use measures like levees, flood walls, and more park land to soak up storm water and protect the area from the "absolute devastation" it experienced during Sandy, said Dan Zarrilli, director of the Mayor's Office of Recovery and Resiliency.

"With a changing climate, the risks are growing," Zarrilli said.

Comment: New York may want to change their mind on what to prepare for: Ice age cometh: Brutal winters point to Earth turning colder.

Heart - Black

IDF celebrates anniversary of Gaza op - they should be begging Palestinians for forgiveness

Anybody still laboring under the misconception that we live in a world underpinned by international law, democracy, and human rights have some explaining to do when it comes to the plight of the Palestinian people.
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Destruction in Gaza from Operation Protective Edge.
It is a plight brought back into sharp focus on the anniversary of Israel's military operation in Gaza last year, Operation Protective Edge, during which over 2,000 Palestinians were killed, 500 of them children, with thousands more injured or maimed, many permanently.

No amount of apologetics or denial can possibly deflect from the glaring and grievous injustice of this event, which despite the suffering endured by a civilian population, was commemorated by the Israel Defense Forces, the IDF, with the following recent tweeted message: "One yr ago today, Op. Protective Edge ended. 67 soldiers fell in defense of the country. May their memory be blessed."

The country referred in this message, it is worth recalling, exists on land taken by force from those who lived there previously. Since then the Palestinian people who have managed to remain - dismissed, dehumanized, and demonized - have posed a threat to no-one apart from those who continue to oppress, kill, and occupy them. If resistance to the aforementioned can be described as terrorism then the word is bankrupt of all meaning.

The siege of Gaza, under which 1.8 million people have been forced to exist in what is tantamount to a vast prison camp for the past ten years, shames the West, without whose continued financial, political, and diplomatic support Israel would find its ability to consistently flout international law vis-à-vis its oppression of a people whose only crime is that they continue to exist.

Comment: The probability of Israel showing any remorse for its persecution of the Palestinian people is just about nil.

Snakes in Suits

More fear: French intelligence fears Islamist 'missile strike on airliner' or 9/11-style attack

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French security forces are bracing for the eventuality of civil unrest.
French security forces are bracing for the eventuality of civil unrest and fear there could be a missile strike on a passenger airliner or a September 11-style attack, according to sources close to French intelligence.

"Airlines have been warned of a possible attack on a plane with an anti-tank missile," a source told The Telegraph. "But pilots are unsure how to take evasive action."

After Friday's thwarted attempt to massacre passengers on an Amsterdam-Paris train and a series of terrorist attacks and attempted killings in France this year, President François Hollande warned the nation to prepare for more violence, considered inevitable as the Islamist threat grows.

Comment: This article paints the picture that France is helpless in the face of terrorism and blowback from Libya. Now France "needs" to call in the army in the guise of protecting the people to clean up undesirable neighborhoods and increase security check points.