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Murdering memory and the cult of historical victimization


The past is never really in the past as long as it pervades our present. And recent history is very much with us - as it should be.
Germany and France embarked upon an open and honest discussion to reconcile their long-standing historical differences after the Second World War. What we see now is the opposite: history is being used to divide countries and peoples in Eastern Europe and Russia.

As the 70th anniversary of fascism's demise in Europe approaches, history is being re-cast, particularly events before, during, and after World War II. This history is being reinterpreted and even rewritten in a number of post-Soviet and Eastern European states. This approach often undermines, or even denies, the role the Soviet Union (its peoples and soldiers) played in the defeat of Nazi Germany. This has less to do with historical knowledge than it does with scoring cheap geopolitical points in the present at Russia's expense.

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The U.S. is helping commit atrocities in Yemen - and pretending it's Iran's fault

In an April interview with PBS Newshour, Secretary of State John Kerry was asked about Iran's involvement in the escalating war in Yemen. His response was astounding and revealing.
"Iran needs to recognize that the United States is not going to stand by while the region is destabilized or while people engage in overt warfare across lines — international boundaries — in other countries," Kerry said.
The quip was astounding because Iran is not bombing Yemen or engaged in "overt warfare" there, though it has given some support to one side. The culprit on the overt warfare front is Saudi Arabia.

It was revealing that Kerry ignored the Saudi and Gulf Arab role in the catastrophe unfolding in Yemen. The silence on their bombing campaign, which has led to civilian deaths, a flow of refugees and the destabilization of the poorest country in the Arab world, is effectively a show of support for the Saudi war. And that support extends far beyond mere words, or the lack of them.

Comment: See also Joe Quinn's article on what is currently happening in Yemen, and why: U.S., British and Saudis thwart Freedom and Democracy in Yemen - again

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'The Russian threat' or how NATO makes a killing for the U.S. defense industry

On Saturday, April 18th, the Commander of the U.S. Army in Europe, Ben Hodges, told Britain'sTelegraph that "There is a Russian threat," and that "The best insurance we have against a showdown is that NATO stands together."

Ever since the Soviet Union's military alliance, the Warsaw Pact, dissolved in 1991, NATO has expanded eastward to Russia's borders, and now it is preparing to admit yet another nation on Russia's border: Ukraine. This eastward expansion broke (and breaks, since it's continuing) a verbal agreement which had produced the termination of the Warsaw Pact (the Soviet Union's equivalent of America's NATO alliance).

In February 1990, U.S. President George H.W. Bush sent his Secretary of State, James Baker, to Moscow to negotiate with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev an end to the Cold War. According to Jack Matlock, the U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union then, Baker offered Gorbachev the following deal: "Assuming there is no expansion of NATO jurisdiction to the East, not one inch, what would you prefer, a Germany embedded in NATO, or one that can go independently in any direction it chooses."

Comment: In case you've never seen it, watch U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower's farewell address to the nation on January 17, 1961. President Eisenhower, who was also a five star general in the U.S. army and served as Supreme Commander of the allied forces in Europe during WWII, warned the world of exactly what we're seeing today.


Shopping with cash in this state is now illegal

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You can be arrested for paying with cash.
With the passage of House Bill 195 into law, the State of Louisiana has banned the use of cash in all transactions involving second-hand goods. State representative Ricky Hardy, a co-author of the bill, claims that the bill targets criminals who traffic in stolen goods. According to Hardy, "It's a mechanism to be used so the police department has something to go on and have a lead."

The bill prohibits cash transactions by "second-hand dealers," defined to include garage sales, flea markets, resellers of specialty items, and even non-profit resellers like Goodwill. Curiously, it specifically exempts pawnbrokers from the ban. But of course, pawn shops - and not rented stalls at local church flea markets - are notorious as places that criminals frequent to convert stolen goods into quick cash. So what gives?

Are the authors of the bill and those who voted for it ignoramuses - or are they deliberately obscuring the real purpose of the bill? The answer is clear once we examine the other provisions of the bill. The bill goes far beyond banning cash transactions.

As lawyer Thad Ackel notes, the bill requires second-hand dealers to turn over a valuable business asset, namely, their business' proprietary client information. For every transaction, a second-hand dealer must obtain the seller's personal information such as their name, address, driver's license number, and the license plate number of the vehicle in which the goods were delivered.

They must also make a detailed description of the item(s) purchased and submit this with the personal identification information of every transaction to the local policing authorities through electronic daily reports.

If a seller cannot or refuses to produce to the second-hand dealer any of the required forms of identification, the second-hand dealer is prohibited from completing the transaction.

Comment: Cash - maybe the last bastion of anonymity! What better way to shut down an economy, than to make new and invasive rules about how to accomplish a transaction, be worried about whether you are being monitored privately or on a national/international scale, and tracked as to what you purchase. (This bill was passed in 2011!) What is even worse is the $5000 bank withdrawal-triggers that allow the police to seize your funds and place you under investigation. Tellers have become the inquisitors. And, the smartphone personal tracking device and payment scheme (phasing out/outlawing cash/check/credit card sales thanks to POTUS) become mandatory in October 2015. Don't phone home.

Over in France, Finance Minister Michel Sapin hailed the introduction of measures set to come into force in September which will restrict French citizens from making cash payments over 1,000 euros. The new regulations, introduced in the name of fighting terrorism, will also see cash deposits of over 10,000 euros during a single month reported to anti-fraud authorities. Meanwhile, in the UK, HSBC is now interrogating its account holders on how they earn and spend their money as well as restricting large cash withdrawals for customers from £5000 upwards. Back in America, purchasing Amtrak train tickets with cash is being treated as a suspicious activity as part of a number of behaviors that are "indicative of criminal activity".

See also:
Department of Justice wants banks to call the police on anyone who withdraws more than $5,000
Feds urge banks to call the cops on customers who withdraw $5000 or more

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The Anthrax coverup exposed

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Graeme MacQueen's 2014 book, The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, has been vindicated by the head of the FBI's Anthrax Investigation.

Four and one-half months ago I posted a review of MacQueen's book. The hired government apologists, the despicable presstitute media, and the usual gullible patriots greeted the book with screams of "conspiracy theory." In fact, MacQueen's book was a carefully researched project that established that there indeed was a conspiracy - a conspiracy inside the government.

MacQueen's conclusion stands vindicated by Richard Lambert, the agent in charge of the FBI anthrax investigation who has turned whistleblower.

Comment: Agent in charge of FBI anthrax investigation blows whistle, claims whole thing was a scam

Control Panel

Global metamorphosis: Eurasia as we (and the U.S.) knew it is dead

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Move over, Cold War 2.0. The real story, now and for the foreseeable future, in its myriad declinations, and of course, ruling out too many bumps in the road, is a new, integrated Eurasia forging ahead.

China's immensely ambitious New Silk Road project will keep intersecting with the Russia-led Eurasia Economic Union (EEC). And that will be the day when the EU wakes up and finds a booming trade/commerce axis stretching from St. Petersburg to Shanghai. It's always pertinent to remember that Vladimir Putin sold a similar, and even more encompassing, vision in Germany a few years ago - stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

It will take time - and troubled times. But Eurasia's radical face lift is inexorable. This implies an exceptionalist dream - the U.S. as Eurasia hegemon, something that still looked feasible at the turn of the millennium - fast dissolving right before anyone's eyes.

War Whore

More Hillary cronyism revealed: Cisco and the Clinton Foundation

In her 2014 memoir "Hard Choices," Clinton reiterated her support for human-rights advocates in China. She specifically criticized the Great Firewall, writing that after she made comments about the right to dissent in China in 2011, "censors went right to work erasing mentions of my message from the Internet."

But the issue of Chinese repression — and Cisco's role — was already known by then. In 2009, weeks after Clinton's State Department had named Cisco a finalist for the secretary of state's Awards for Corporate Excellence (ACE), a report from the Electronic Freedom Foundation noted "Cisco's deep involvement" in building the Chinese government's censorship system. The report pointed out that "Cisco engineers gave a presentation acknowledging the repressive uses for their technology."

Daniel Wade, an attorney who represented Chinese dissidents in a lawsuit against Cisco, told IBTimes that "Cisco knew full well that its products were going to be used to suppress and facilitate the torture of democracy activists."

"Crony capitalism has defined Clinton's career, from her tenure on the board of Walmart, to the Wall Street execs whom she surrounded herself with at the State Department, to her allegiance to Cisco, even as it violated principles on which she staked her tenure," said David Segal, executive director of the Internet freedom advocacy group Demand Progress.

- From the International Business Times article: Hillary Clinton, Cisco And China: Company Funded Foundation, Was Lauded By Clinton Despite Role In Repression.
As many suspected, it turns out that the Clinton Foundation is indeed a tepid cesspool of crony corporate and government donations used to buy influence at the highest levels of Washington D.C. This shouldn't surprise anyone paying attention, but it will hopefully wake up some Democrats still buying into the deep rooted myth of Hillary Clinton.

Comment: A lot of accusations are flying around in this article but one thing is clear, it's all about money and capitalism for which Hillary clearly advocates above all else. She clearly has no scruples where human rights are concerned.


Caught on tape: National Guard troops patrol California city, conduct New Jersey 'Homeland response drill'

Late last week, when we covered the various signs that "something big" may be coming, we discussed the one "exercise that people have really been buzzing about" - operation Jade Helm, an "unconventional warfare exercise" during which the states Texas and Utah will be designated as hostile territory.

As previously profiled, "Jade Helm is a challenging eight-week joint military and Interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado," according to an unclassified military document announcing the training drill, which runs from July 15 through September 15.

Multiple branches of the US military, including Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, will participate in the 8-week long exercise, which may result in "increased aircraft in the area at night."

Troops will be tasked with honing advanced skills in "large areas of undeveloped land with low population densities," and will work alongside "civilians to gain their trust and an understanding of the issues."

The exercise, in which some participants will be "wearing civilian clothes and driving civilian vehicles," lists Texas and Utah as "hostile" territory.

Comment: It seems plans are well underway in preparation for an economic collapse and possibly natural catastrophes.

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Where is the outrage? Chemical weapons used by Saudi Arabia kill scores of Yemen civilians

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Saudi warplanes used toxic gas during Saturday's strikes on markets and civilian areas in Sa'ada, leaving a number of people injured and dead, Iranian media reported.

Yemeni locals said that the Saudi warplanes used prohibited weapons in their airstrikes on the Fag Attan area in Southern Sana'a on Friday.

Those who were injured during the attacks said they have been suffering from suffocation, nausea and diarrhea since the start of the attacks.

The Saudi Arabia led coalition has been attacking Yemen for 24 days now to restore power to President Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh. The Saudi-led operation has so far killed over 2655 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children. The attacks have also left thousands of people injured.

Comment: This is completely unconscionable and despicable. Clearly military targets were not chosen but instead civilians. Absolutely disgusting behavior! Where is the outcry like the accusations of Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad?


The hijacking of the Bank of Canada and the "case" efforts to return it to the people

Canadians have been fleeced for billions, but no traction in media for complex banking case.

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The Bank of Canada became a public institution in 1938.
"Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nation's laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation." -- William Lyon Mackenzie King, prime minister of Canada, 1935
You know the old aphorism -- "If a tree falls in the forest...?" Well, how about this one: If citizens win a significant victory in court against an autocratic government involving the fleecing of Canadians of billions of their hard-earned tax dollars and no one in the media actually covers it, did it really happen?