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UN's Ban Ki-Moon agrees with proposal from Right Sektor fascist leader Andriy Parubiy to have 'international peacekeepers' beef up 'anti-terrorist operation' in eastern Ukraine

"Atta boy Ban, you're our good little Korean..."
Ukraine's coup-empowered president, Aleksandr Turchinov, has proposed to conduct a joint operation with UN peacekeeping forces as he signs a decree immediately imposing a special anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country.

In a phone call with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Turchinov said that Kiev's new authorities would welcome "if, with your help, there will be conducted a joint anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country. Then, specialists and observers will be able to confirm the legitimacy and legality of our actions," the press office of the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) party quoted Turchinov as saying.

On his part, Ban Ki-moon said that Kiev could rely fully on help from the UN as its partner.

Late Monday afternoon, Ukraine's coup-appointed President Aleksandr Turchinov signed a decree to officially begin a "special anti-terrorist operation" in the east of the country, Ukraine's presidential press-service said in a statement.

Turchinov has appointed acting Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Andriy Parubiy, to oversee the operation.

Comment: So, let's just see if we've got this straight...

The protesters in Kiev were "revolutionaries", but the protesters in Eastern Ukraine are "terrorists"? Even though the protesters in Kiev were proud fascists, while the protesters in Eastern Ukraine are voicing their distaste of fascism?

Yanukovych couldn't even arm his police forces for fear of upsetting Ukrainians and world opinion, but the 'interim government' can send in special forces, army personnel carriers and US-made military helicopters? And led by fascist Andriy Parubiy, leader of the Right Sektor in Kiev?

And Ban Ki-Moon gives his blessing to this impending bloodbath?

Is it any wonder Putin has no choice but to act unilaterally? The 'West', the UN included, has completely lost its mind.

At least we now know why American Greystone mercenaries are in the country... the 'interim government' has so little support throughout Ukraine that it can't even rally a reliable, loyal military or police force together to enforce its will.


Russia calls on UN security council as Ukraine issues deadline to rebels

UN Security Council
© John Minchillo/AP
The UN Security Council meets on Sunday night to discuss the growing crisis in Ukraine.
The United Nations security council held an emergency session on Sunday night to discuss the escalating crisis in Ukraine as the war of words between its western allies and Russia continued.

Just hours before a deadline by Ukraine for pro-Russian separatists in eastern cities to disarm by Monday morning or face all-out attack, the security council convened at Russia's request. Moscow called Kiev's plans to mobilise the army "criminal".

Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, denied western and Ukrainian claims that Moscow was behind the violence, and told the meeting that Ukraine has been using radical neo-Nazi forces to destabilise its eastern region.
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Deluded Ukrainians build 'Maginot Line' to repel Russia

© FT
In a field near the village of Uspenka, eastern Ukraine, an orange earthmoving vehicle is carving out a trench about a metre deep, nicknamed by some locals the "Maginot line", along the border with Russia.

Serhiy Taruta, the billionaire oligarch who serves as Donetsk province's governor, is paying out of his own pocket for the trench, which is reinforced with massive concrete tetrapods thrown down at strategic points across roads.

Manning a machinegun point at a roadside nearby are two scruffy army reser­vists called up last week who identify themselves as Igor and Viktor. They say they had to improvise to equip themselves for duty.

"Local people are really keeping us going: food, can­ned goods, clothing," says Igor. "They even charge our cell phones for us."

US elections 2016: Will the GOP back another Bush?

Jeb Bush, a former Governor of Florida whose father and brother have both served as president, is emerging as the most viable alternative to a hard-right Republican candidate
There was one man missing from an early beauty contest of possible candidates for the Republican Party's 2016 presidential nomination in New Hampshire at the weekend but his name came up quickly anyway. And when it did the audience, made up almost entirely of grassroots conservatives, erupted in sighs and belligerent boos.

Prompted by Donald Trump, possibly the party's most practised political provocateur, the moment threw into vivid relief the civil war that is rattling the party as jockeying for the 2016 race gets under way. He was shooting arrows at Jeb Bush and his recent assertion that illegal immigrants had mainly come into the country as "an act of love" so they could support their families. "That's one I've never heard before... it's out there," Mr Trump scoffed.
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Silvio Berlusconi's messenger to the Mafia Marcello dell'Utri seized by Interpol in Beirut

Marcello dell’Utri, 72, helped Berlusconi form his Forza Italia party in 1993
The man widely believed to have been ex-premier Silvo Berlusconi's go-between with Cosa Nostra - the Sicilian Mafia - has been seized in Beirut by Interpol agents after appearing to flee Italy days ahead of a Supreme Court ruling in which he may be sentenced to seven years in prison for Mafia association.

The dramatic capture of Marcello dell'Utri, the former senator, provides a reminder of the mogul's murky past, even as judges in Milan are debating which form of community service Berlusconi should be dealt for his tax fraud conviction in August last year.

Dell'Utri was traced to the five-star Hotel Phoenicia through use of his credit card and mobile phone.

Dropbox faces online protests after appointing Condoleezza Rice to board

© Andy Rain/EPA
Dr. Condoleezza Rice's appointment has sparked protests from some Dropbox users over her past defence of warrantless wiretaps
Dropbox's decision to appoint former US secretary of state Dr Condoleezza Rice to the cloud storage service's board of directors has sparked a heated online row over her views on internet surveillance.

Protesters have set up a website - Drop Dropbox - describing the appointment as "deeply disturbing" and encouraging people to switch to rival services if the company doesn't "drop" Rice.

But supporters of Rice's appointment have also been making their views known on the blog post by Dropbox chief executive Drew Houston that announced the appointment. "When looking to grow our board, we sought out a leader who could help us expand our global footprint," wrote Houston.
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Russia, West lock horns at UN as Ukraine launches military response

© AFP Photo/Genya Savilov
Pro-Russia activists warm themselves near a barricade outside a regional police building seized by armed separatists in Slavyansk on April 13, 2014
The UN Security Council has held emergency talks after Ukraine declared a "full-scale" military operation against pro-Russia forces, amid deadly clashes in its restive east.

Russia and the West locked horns over the escalating crisis in Ukraine with Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin saying "there has already been bloodshed and a further escalation must be swiftly stopped".

US ambassador Samantha Power accused Russia of waging propaganda and bombarding Ukraine with incitement and violence.

"This is the saddest kind of instability. It is completely man made. It was written and choreographed in and by Russia," Power told the 15-member council.

The latest clashes broke out a day after masked gunmen stormed police and security service buildings in coordinated raids, especially unsettling for Kiev and Western leaders because of their similarity to events leading up to Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula.

Russia says not bound by US sanctions on Iran as the US fears losing out on lucrative trade with Iran

Iranian oil workers
© Unknown
Iranian technicians work at the oil-separator facilities in the country's Azadegan oil field, 80 km west of Ahvaz. (file photo)

A top Russian official has dismissed the US threats against the Kremlin over its trade ties with Iran, saying Moscow sees no reason to drop economic deals with Tehran.

"We are having conversations with Iran on trade and economic relations. They have not been completed. We don't see reasons why we should give up the development of economic relations with Iran. We are not violating any international sanctions by such actions," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vasili Nebenzya said on Sunday.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that Iran and Russia are close to sealing a USD 20-billion oil-for-commodities deal.

Under the deal, which is yet to be finalized, Russia will buy 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day in return for goods.

On April 8, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington could impose sanctions if Russia and Iran move forward with the oil deal.

Kiev launches 'full-scale' military op as massive protests grip eastern Ukraine

Pro-Russian protesters
© AFP Photo / Alexander Khudoteply
Pro-Russian activists hold umbrellas under the rain and shout slogans during a rally near a barricade outside the regional government building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on April 13, 2014
(This is the official version, but in reality we all know that these are all just Russian special agents dressed up to look like locals but in truth all ready to kill. Oh, you thought they were just normal umbrellas? Shame on you!)
Over 10,000 pro-autonomy demonstrators rallied across eastern Ukraine as Kiev's coup-appointed President threatened military force if protesters and paramilitaries reject a Monday morning deadline to vacate occupied govt buildings.

The deadline expired on Monday morning, however no use of force followed it immediately. Tension remains high in the Donetsk Region, as protesters prepare for a possible assault.

"The people demand that local authorities take orders from the [self-proclaimed - RT] Donetsk People's Republic, so nobody among the protesters is going to vacate the government buildings. We'll take our stand," Nikolay Solntsev, one of the protest leaders, told RIA Novosti.

Anti-Maidan activists still occupy govt buildings in Donetsk, the region's capital. A city centre rally on Sunday saw a senior 'Donetsk People's Republic' figure call for pro-autonomy activists to deploy across the region to prepare for a referendum.

Over 100 volunteers were also recruited to man defence lines against Kiev's "an anti-terrorist operation", underway most notably in Slavyansk. Buses waited to ferry the eager volunteers.

Kiev must stop war on Ukrainians - Churkin says at UNSC meeting

The United Nations Security Council
© Reuters / Eduardo Munoz
The United Nations Security Council
The international community must demand that those who are in power in Kiev stop war on their own citizens in south-eastern Ukraine, Russia's UN envoy Vitaly Churkin told the UN Security Council.

"The international community must demand the stooges of Maidan stop the war against their own people", Churkin said at an emergency Security Council session.

Churkin stressed that "reckless actions" of the Kiev government are "threatening to rip apart the delicate garment of Ukrainian mosaic society."

Kiev's post-coup authorities "stubbornly," Churkin says, refuse to listen to those who do not accept Kiev's "radicalized, chauvinistic, russophobic, anti-Semitic forces."

"Some, including those in this hall, constantly look for Moscow's hand in the events in the southeast , persistently without wishing to see the true reasons of the events in Ukraine. Quit doing it," Churkin told the meeting.

"Quit spreading tales that we built up military armadas on the border with this country, ready at any moment, within a few hours to reach almost as far as La Manche, that we sent hordes of agents to coordinate actions of the protesting people of Ukraine."