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Tue, 09 Feb 2016
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Puppet Masters


Kerry and West mourning loss of their mercenaries, Russia helping Syrian army prepare for Turkish invasion

Abdullah Al-Muhaysini runs the judicial system in Aleppo, so how is it that Kerry is defending The Army of Conquest's control on the city?

"We call upon the regime and its supporters to halt their bombardment of opposition-held areas, especially in Aleppo, and to lift their besiegement of civilians in accordance with UN Security Council Resolutions 2165, 2254 and 2258...." Secretary of State John Kerry's statement after the failure of the Geneva conference, which the the Higher Negotiation Committee (HNC) withdrew from, following the SAA's successful operations in ending the siege imposed upon the towns of Nubl and Al-Zahraa just North of Aleppo for the past three and a half years.

A source close to Syrian President Bashar Assad said to Al-Rai, "The Americans were caught napping by the quick advancements on the ground brought on by the Russian offensive, it turned the tide of the war and now the Americans are contradicting themselves, UN resolution 2254 reaffirms in point 8 the 2249 resolution (2015) that all member states should fight against ISIS and Al-Nusra and all other groups, individuals that support them, and that aforementioned ceasefire will not apply to these groups and individuals and that they ought to be eradicated"

The source elaborates, "Secretary Kerry is not only going against UN resolutions that he himself is quoting, but worse still he is defending Al-Qaeda and their affiliate groups that are run by ex-Guantanamo prisoners, so to stop the military operations around Aleppo against The Army of Conquest is not solely about helping the citizens of Nubl and Al-Zahraa. The main purpose of such a call is to prevent the SAA from eradicating Al-Qaeda et al from Aleppo and its country side, these areas are not under siege since they are linked to Idlib and the Turkish border."

Comment: Western MSM regurgitators are shedding crocodile tears for the al-Nusra terrorists killed in the Syrian Army's operation that lifted the terrorists' siege of Nubl and Al-Zahraa. Read 'em and weep: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the U.S.'s terrorists have 2 options: surrender or die. Victory is not an option. Which means the U.S. will either have to accept defeat, or further escalate the war against the Syrian government. Which do you think is more likely?


Hidden truths about the mainstream news media

There is a growing trend of skepticism on the internet right now as people start to call out mainstream media for its honesty (or rather, lack thereof). It's an important move for people in general, as there are good reasons to question the talking heads that are gifted with such a reach and influence, via a brand whose survival is based upon getting and keeping your attention. To give someone, or some brand, the authority to tell you what is true, is one of the greatest mistakes a human being can make. Here's why.

Yes, of course, I know I'm about to tell you how to think in this article, being written on a brand you recognize, that survives on getting and keeping your attention. But at least I'm honest about that. I'm not going to attempt to prove that I know everything about every newsroom on the planet. I can only tell you about some of the common things that I have seen, in the newsrooms I have been in.

Comment: The revolutionary act of telling the truth
George Orwell said, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

These are dark times, in which the propaganda of deceit touches all our lives. It is as if political reality has been privatized and illusion legitimized. The information age is a media age. We have politics by media; censorship by media; war by media; retribution by media; diversion by media - a surreal assembly line of cliches and false assumptions. Wondrous technology has become both our friend and our enemy. Every time we turn on a computer or pick up a digital device - our secular rosary beads - we are subjected to control: to surveillance of our habits and routines, and to lies and manipulation.

Red Flag

Saudis, Turks conspire to initiate military operation in Syria, pretense of US-led coalition goals

© AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis
Watch and Wait: Turkish soldiers hold positions on hilltop on outskirts of Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border.
Danger exists that Saudi Arabia and Turkey will provide support to armed groupings fighting against the government troops of Syrian President Bashar Assad if these two countries launch a ground operation against the Islamic State terrorist organization on the territory of Syria, experts polled by TASS said on Friday.

On Thursday, a day after the Geneva talks on the Syrian settlement were suspended, Saudi Defense Minister, General Ahmed Asiri said that the armed forces of Saudi Arabia were ready for a ground operation in Syria as part of the US-led international coalition. This statement was welcomed by Pentagon Chief Ashton Carter. Saudi sources told The Guardian that thousands of special force fighters could be moved to Syria, possibly in coordination with Turkey.

However, the Saudi initiative is more like a propaganda cover for Turkey's military activity on the border with Syria, Senior Researcher of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Akhmetov said.

The expert referred to a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry's spokesman on Thursday that the ministry had serious grounds to suspect Turkey of making intensive preparations for military invasion into the territory of the sovereign state of Syria.

Comment: Is it just bizarre that Turkey and Saudi Arabia still think they are fooling everyone with the US-led coalition subterfuge? Not even the US is still pulling that one off! If they actually invade Syria, they will support the terrorist factions and claim they are Russian targets in order to provide the US a legitimate excuse to enter into war against Russia.


Desperation: Rupert Murdoch floats Kerry as last-minute Democratic 2016 candidate

The belief that Hillary Clinton's candidacy will sink makes it possible for US Secretary of State John Kerry to become the Democratic Party's last-minute presidential nominee, Australian-born American media mogul Rupert Murdoch says.

"Watch Hillary's candidacy sink and sink. Nobody buying and more big trouble coming on emails. Dems looking for replacement. John Kerry?" Murdoch tweeted on Saturday.

Comment: Now both Kerry and Biden are being courted for this hilarious presidential race.

Snakes in Suits

Endgame Syria: NATO's last desperate options in lost proxy war

As Syrian forces and their allies complete the encirclement of Syria's largest city, Aleppo, the United States and its regional allies have signaled a sudden increased interest in ground operations in Syria, including US airpower backing Turkish-Saudi ground forces.

While it is obvious the US and its allies are responding directly to the collapse of their proxy forces across the country, their most recent threats to further escalate the conflict in Syria are tenuously predicated on "fighting ISIS."

Light Saber

Moving away from NATO? Greece and Iran to strengthen political and economic ties following end of sanctions

© AP Photo/ Seth Wenig
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will arrive in Tehran on Sunday in order to strengthen political and economic ties with Iran, including in the energy field.

Tsipras will be accompanied by Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, several other high-ranking government officials and 50 Greek industrialists and businessmen during his two-day visit in Iran.

Athens and Tehran are set to sign deals on trade, finance, tourism and cultural relations, as well as housing and road construction, agriculture and pharmaceutical industry.


Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and US meet to plan Taliban peace talks

Pakistani Prime Minister’s Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz.
Representatives from Pakistan, Afghanistan, the United States and China have met in the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad to draw up a roadmap for Afghan peace talks with the Taliban.

The meeting was held in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, on Saturday.

Following the meeting, Pakistani Prime Minister's Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz called on splinter groups of the Taliban militant outfit to engage in peace talks with the Afghan government.

Comment: Interesting that China is involved with this meeting.

Cowboy Hat

Syria recaptures more towns from militant control in Aleppo

Government forces stand on a tank near the towns of Nabbul and Zahra in Syria's northern province of Aleppo.
Syrian forces push ahead with a major offensive north of the country, recapturing more towns in areas close to the Turkish border. Syria's official SANA agency said on Friday that army units backed by popular volunteer fighters managed to seize control over the towns of Rityan and Mair in the northern countryside of Aleppo Province.

The recapture came days after pro-government forces broke a long-running siege on two Shia-dominated towns of Nubbul and Zahra, in a major blow to al-Qaeda-linked militants operating along the Turkish border. The army, backed by the Russian air force has dealt a series of heavy blows to terrorists across Syria over the past couple of months. Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says some 15,000 civilians, who have been fleeing the battle in Aleppo, have arrived at the Turkish border.

Elsewhere to the south of Syria, the military managed to take full control of Atman town in the countryside of the southern city of Dara'a, a military source told SANA.

Advances were also reported in other areas, with SANA saying that Syrian forces killed scores of terrorists from the so-called Jaish al-Fateh group in the province of Hama. The Syrian Air Force also launched airstrikes against militants in the countryside of Hama and neighboring Idlib Province, inflicting huge losses on their properties and forces.

For nearly five years, Syria has been grappling with turmoil. Estimates show that more than 260,000 people have been killed and millions displaced since March 2011.


War is a racket: Companies profiting the most from war

Since the conclusion of World War II, the United States and a number of Western European nations have maintained extremely costly military industrial complexes — both in peacetime and during the numerous other conflicts since. The United States is far and away the largest defense market, and U.S.-based companies disproportionately comprise the top global arms producers.

Global military sales from the 100 largest dealers totaled $401 billion in 2014, down by 1.5% — but still substantially higher than in 2002 — according to the latest estimates released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 10 companies with the largest military equipment sales worldwide. Lockheed Martin, with annual arms sales of $37.5 billion, maintains its dominant and long-standing lead as the largest corporate arms dealer in the world.

Comment: War is murder for profit. This needs to stop! The last thing we need are for these greedy psychopaths to not be happy with what they have but create more conflicts to generate even more profits.

Bad Guys

Western imperialism: European wealth is built on death, destruction, and theft

(Speech given in Rome at the Italian Parliament on January 29, 2016)

Friends and Comrades, it is a great honor to be standing here - at the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament.

One year ago I was driving through the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, monitoring the situation in the refugee camps there. Winter was approaching and the mountains on the Lebanese - Syrian border were covered by snow. It was cold, very cold.

Some 20 minutes, after leaving Baalbek, I spotted an extremely humble makeshift refugee camp, growing literally from the road, in the middle of nowhere.

I stopped. Together with my interpreter, I walked inside and engaged several people in conversation.

The situation was desperate. Children were hungry and could not register for schools through the UNHCR or through the Lebanese government, which, by that time, had almost collapsed. Many electronic food cards that were issued to the migrants did not function. Work permits were not offered, and without proper paperwork, local social services could not be used. In brief: a total disaster.

Comment: Without recognizing psychopathy, pathological mentalities, and the role it plays in imperialism, this cycle of death and destruction will continue on. See more: