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Putin signs bill on 'undesirable foreign groups' into law

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev
Russian President Vladimir Putin
The Russian president has signed a bill banning the activities of foreign groups that pose a threat to national security or defense capability, and to punish those who continue to cooperate with such groups.

The bill, initially drafted by two opposition MPs, was passed by both chambers of the Russian parliament last week. It tasks the Prosecutor General's Office and the Foreign Ministry with creating a proscribed list of "undesirable foreign organizations" and to outlaw their activities in the country. The main criterion for putting a foreign or international NGO on the list is a "threat to the constitutional order and defense capability, or the security of the Russian state."

Once the group is recognized as undesirable, all its assets in Russia must be frozen, its offices closed and distribution of any of its information materials must be banned.

If the group does not comply with the ban, its leaders and members would face punishments ranging from administrative fines to prison sentences of up to six years for repeated and aggravated offenses. Russian citizens and organizations that continue to work with banned groups would face administrative fines only.


Fighter jets scramble following at least 6 reports of threats to passenger planes inbound to the United States

Air France Flight 22, from Charles De Gaulle Airport, was escorted by fighter jets to JFK airport after an anonymous threat was made against the flight.
At least six flights were impacted by threats at airports in New York, New Jersey and Boston today, according to airlines and law enforcement.

JFK Airport:

An Air France plane was escorted to JFK Airport in New York City this morning after an anonymous threat was made against the flight, law enforcement officials told ABC News. The FBI said the plane has since been checked and cleared with "no incidents or hazards reported on board the flight by either the passengers or its crew."

Authorities said that the decision to have the plane escorted by two fighter jets was done "out of an abundance of caution" after the Maryland State Police McHenry Barrack, in Garrett County, received an anonymous call of a "chemical weapons threat" aboard Air France Flight 22, which was en route from Paris to the New York City airport.

The tip was called in at 6:45 a.m. on an untraceable line and the caller did not identify himself, a senior federal official told ABC News. Two F-15 planes were scrambled and followed the plane into U.S. airspace, but they flew in a way so that the passengers and crew would not be able to see the military planes, sources said.

Comment: This whole scenario of threats to these passenger planes is suspicious. It is convenient to those in power that this is happening and the call of the tip for Air France Flight 22 was done "on an untraceable line." Who would have thought in this day and age of NSA mass surveillance that such a thing was possible? How do they explain this? Who do you think really made the call? Who benefits? Why is it convenient and the whole thing suspect, because the Patriot Act extension in the United States is being opposed and hampered. Everyone needs a good scare provided by those in power in order to realize why we need them, unencumbered access to everyone's communications and data by the NSA and of course the draconian Patriot Act.

Black Magic

U.S. admits to backing 'questionable actors' (i.e. Al Qaeda/ISIS) in Syria

Mindless U.S.-backed puppet troll in Syria.
Taking advantage of a Syrian military stretched thin to protect everywhere at the same time, high concentrations of well-coordinated Al Qaeda forces, based in NATO-member Turkey as well as in US-allies Jordan and Saudi Arabia, have attacked across several fronts. The tactical and strategic gains are minimal compared to the initial stages of the West's proxy war against Syria beginning in 2011, but the Western media is intentionally fanning the flames of hysteria specifically to break both support for Syria from abroad, and fracture resistance from within.

This latest attempt to overwhelm the Syrian people, its government, and its armed forces comes with several shocking revelations. Previously, veteran award-winning journalists foretold the coming conflict in Syria, warning how the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel were openly planning to use Al Qaeda as a proxy force to overthrow Syria first, then Iran and how it would unfold into a cataclysmic sectarian war. There were also signed and dated policy papers advocating the use of terrorism and the provocation of war to directly target Iran after Syria and Hezbollah had been sufficiently weakened.

However, now, there is a US Department of Defense (DoD) document confirming without doubt that the so-called "Syrian opposition" is Al Qaeda, including the so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS), and that the opposition's supporters - the West, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar - specifically sought to establish safe havens in Iraq and eastern Syria, precisely where ISIS is now based.

Comment: That's the American empire for you. They not only support terrorists, foment violence and war in foreign countries; they are fairly open about it. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. The media certainly won't admit they're soulless tools of their lords and masters. That's psychopathic hubris for you.


South Front Crisis News 25 May 2015: Ukraine talks and Syria vs. ISIS in Palmyra

Subgroups of the Contact Group for settling the civil war in Ukraine will have the next round of talks on June 2, Heidi Tagliavini, the plenipotentiary representative of the European security organization OSCE said on Friday. Notwithstanding the talking, Kiev government is continuing offensive actions in Donbass. During last night, firefights were observed in Donetsk Airport. Settlements Peski, Elenovka and Yasnoe were shelled by mortars and battle-tanks of Kiev's forces. The clashes are continuing in settlement Shirokino which pro-Kiev militants are trying to capture since winter. Apparently, it won't be any constructive dialogue If Ukraine's forces gain any preponderance in clashes before the talks.

The Syrian army is engaged in a "complicated" offensive to liberate the Syrian city of Palmyra from the Islamic State terrorists who overran the city last week. "We estimate that ISIL had over 1,800 militants in the attack. Less than 300 of them are locals but we are still on the outskirts of the city and once we regroup a substantial force things will begin to change," a Syrian army officer said at the Press TV's footage from the front line. On Sunday, the ISIS militants slaughtered 400 civilians, mostly women and children in the central Syrian city since it fell to the insurgents. The massacre came after the terrorists accused the victims of cooperating with the Syrian government and refusing to follow the orders of ISIS.


Washington blows itself up with its own bomb


"Ok George - I mean Mr. Soros, so what's plan C??"

These are sad days in Washington and Wall Street. The once unchallenged sole Superpower at the collapse of the Soviet Union some quarter century ago is losing its global influence so rapidly that most would not have predicted anything comparable six months ago. The key actor who has catalyzed a global defiance of Washington as Sole Superpower is Vladimir Putin, Russia's President. This is the real background to the surprise visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Sochi to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and then a four hour talk with "Satan" himself, Putin.

Far from a "reset" try, Washington's hapless geopolitical strategists are desperately trying to find a better way to bring the Russian Bear to her knees.

A flash back to December 2014 is instructive to understand why the US Secretary of State holds out an apparent olive branch to Russia's Putin at this juncture. At that point, Washington appeared about to pin Russia to the ground, with its precision targeted financial sanctions and its deal with Saudi Arabia to collapse oil prices. In mid-December the Ruble was in free fall against the dollar. Oil prices were similarly plummeting down to $45 a barrel from $107 only six months earlier. As Russia is strongly dependent on oil and gas export revenues for its state finances, and Russian companies held huge dollar debt obligations abroad, the situation was bleak as seen from inside the Kremlin.

Comment: This is certainly one way to read Kerry and Nuland's visit to Sochi, and probably close to the truth. The peace overtures are just surface narrative designed to give Russians and others the impression that cooler heads are prevailing in Washington - when, in fact, the cooler heads - whoever they are - are either dupes of their own horrible thinking and manipulations, or, being maneuvered to seem tamed and docile by the rabid dogs of war, chaos and conquest who really run the show in the U.S. Or both.

See also: Surprised? US has launched a new assault against Russia

Red Flag

Under shadow of trade deal, US pesticide lobby pressured EU to dump toxic pesticide rules

© Garry Knight
Opposition to the TTIP spans Europe.
Under pressure from the U.S. and agrochemical industry lobbyists and amid ongoing negotiations for a controversial trade deal, the European Union dropped planned rules that could have led to the banning of 31 pesticides containing hazardous chemicals, a new investigative report has revealed.

The probe, led by the Brussels-based research and watchdog group Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) and French journalist Stephane Horel, exposes how corporate lobby groups like the American Chemistry Council, CropLife America, and the American Chambers of Commerce, mobilized to stop the EU from taking action on hormone (endocrine) disrupting chemicals (EDCs)—known to have significant health and environmental impacts.

According to the report—titled A Toxic Affair: How the Chemical Lobby Blocked Action on Hormone Disrupting Chemicals (pdf)—the examination of evidence "sheds light on how corporations and their lobby groups have used numerous tactics from the corporate lobbying playbook: scaremongering, evidence-discrediting, and delaying tactics as well as the ongoing [TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP] negotiations as a leverage."

Comment: For more information read:

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U.S. partially lifts sanctions to create 'uncontrolled access point' via the exportation of communications software, services

© Sputnik
The US Treasury permitted the export of communications software and services to Crimea, in a move similar to its partial lifting of the embargo against Cuba earlier this year.

The US Treasury Department authorized the export of social media and communications software and services to the Russian region of Crimea on Friday.

Although Crimea already has many Internet users and bloggers who document changes and conditions on the peninsula, the explanatory note states that the new action "is in U.S. national security and foreign policy interests because it helps create a potentially uncontrolled access point." The United States does not consider Crimea to be a part of Russia, but rather a part of Ukraine that it has enacted an embargo against, similar to one previously enacted over Cuba.

"In addition, creating an opportunity for people in the Crimea region of Ukraine to draw attention to these issues may also encourage other countries to join with the United States and other like-minded countries currently imposing sanctions on Russia," the explanatory note to the new act states.

Snakes in Suits

Clinton e-mails reveal Washington's obsession with overthrowing Qaddafi government in Libya

© RIA Novosti
A cache of 296 e-mails to and from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released by the State Department on Friday reveal US officials working overtime to orchestrate the fall of a foreign government.

On March 27, 2011, Clinton's longtime close adviser Sidney Blumenthal briefed her about allied special forces activities to undermine then Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

"An extremely sensitive source added that the rebels are receiving direct assistance and training from a small number of Egyptian Special Forces units, while French and British Special Operations troops are working out of bases in Egypt, along the Libyan border," Blumenthal wrote to Clinton.

Blumenthal was never hired by the State Department in any office capacity, but he was one of Clinton's closest and most influential advisers, the published e-mails reveal.

"These troops are overseeing the transfer of weapons and supplies to the rebels," he added.

Comment: So here it is in the open. The U.S. does not care about democracy or a country's sovereignty. If they don't overtly invade and occupy a country, they will covertly work behind the scenes creating a false opposition and funding rebels to destabilize countries. Does that sound like the kind of country that our media outlets falsely portray America as?


ISIS complains about 'conspiracy theories' claiming that the group is a puppet in the hands of western intelligence agencies

© AFP Photo/HO/Al-Furquan Media
An image grab taken from a propaganda video released on March 17, 2014 by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)'s al-Furqan Media allegedly shows ISIL fighters at an undisclosed location in the Anbar province
The Islamic State (Isis) group has released a new issue of its slick propaganda magazine Dabiq, featuring articles justifying the enslavement of Yazidi girls and condemning conspiracy theorists, as well as a report by British hostage John Cantlie.

The 79-page English language publication's ninth issue, titled They Plot And Allah Plots, opens with a front-page photo of US Secretary of State John Kerry posing with Arab foreign ministers after talks on an anti-IS coalition in Saudi Arabia in September last year.

The picture is followed by a piece praising a botched jihadi attack on a Texas cartoon contest, carried out by two self-professed IS sympathisers, earlier in May.

The gunmen, named as Elton Simpson, 30, and Nadir Soofi, 34, were shot dead by a police officer guarding the event organised by hard-line conservatives critical of Islam at Garland's Curtis Culwell Centre near Dallas.

The publication also features an article suggesting that the terror group is losing militants to conspiracy theories.

Titled Conspiracy Theory Shirk (Sin) the piece implies that some fighters have grown delusional because of conjectures saying that IS is a puppet in the hands of western intelligence agencies.

"If the mujahedeen liberated territory occupied by the kuffar [infidels], they would say that the kuffar allowed them to do so because kafir [disbelievers] interests' necessitated a prolonged war," the article reads.

"According to these theorists, almost all the events of the world were somehow linked back to the kuffar, their intelligence agencies, research, technology, and co-conspirators! Conspiracy theories have thereby become an excuse to abandon jihad."

Comment: You just can't make this stuff up. These ISIS publications are eerily becoming more and more similar to Western media propaganda.

Secret Pentagon report reveals West saw ISIS as strategic asset

Corbett Report: Who is really behind ISIS? Origins, funding, training and intrigue

Bad Guys

Islamic State kills 400, mostly women & children, in Palmyra

© Reuters / Nour Fourat
Historical city of Palmyra, Syria.
Islamic State militants have killed at least 400 people in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra, mostly women and children, Syrian state television said Sunday, citing residents.

According to Reuters, opposition activists on social media claimed that hundreds of bodies were in the streets of the city.

Islamic State militants have entered Syria's historic city of Palmyra, a UNESCO landmark, earlier this week after gaining full control over the city. The UN human rights office said Thursday that one-third of Palmyra's population of 200,000 have fled the city, although there have also been reports of government forces preventing civilians from leaving until they had abandoned the town themselves.

Comment: Such a tragedy. How much longer can Syria withstand the slaughter?