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Revealed: Child sex abuse gang 'with tentacles that go round the world'

Full details of paedophile ring's activity can be reported for first time after trial of two of them, John Denham and Matthew Stansfield, ended with convictions.

© National Crime Agency
Left to right, top row: Adam Toms, David Harsley, John Denham (previously known as Benjamin Harrop), Christopher Knight; L-R bottom row: Matthew Stansfield, Robin Hollyson and Matthew Lisk.
Seven members of a paedophile gang were involved in the rape and abuse of babies, toddlers and children in attacks that were streamed on the internet and seen on every continent.

The sex ring - described as having "tentacles that go round the world" - preyed on the families of the children they targeted, in one case grooming a mother and father before their baby was born.



Monsanto sued in Los Angeles County for false advertising

© T. Matthew Phillips
Today a class action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County, California against the Monsanto corporation. The suit alleges that Monsanto is guilty of false advertising by claiming that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, targets an enzyme only found in plants and not in humans or animals. Monsanto makes this claim to support the contention that glyphosate is harmless to humans.

In the lawsuit, the argument is made that the targeted enzyme, EPSP synthase, is found in the microbiota which reside in our intestines and therefore this enzyme is found in humans and animals. It is further stated in the lawsuit that there are many human and animal health problems associated with the disruption of our intestinal microbes.

Comment: Read more about how GMO farming and food is making our gut flora unfriendly:


Why are oil and gas workers mysteriously dying across America?

© AP
In July of 2012, the mother of 21-year old Dustin Bergsing filed a wrongful-death suit in Yellowstone County District Court. Bergsing died on January 7 of that year — his first child was born just six weeks prior. The cause of death was hydrocarbon poisoning. More specifically, Bergsing died from inhaling fatal amounts of petroleum vapors after gauging a crude oil tank on a Marathon Oil site in Mandaree, North Dakota. Here is what happened (from a North Dakota Supreme Court apellee brief):
Dustin Bergsing was working for Across Big Sky when he was found dead at a Marathon well-site near Mandaree, North Dakota, in the early morning hours of January 7, 2012. Across Big Sky also submitted a report of death, describing the accident happened when Bergsing was "on the catwalk and was going to gauge the oil level in the production tank."

On January 6, 2012, Bergsing left the home he shared with Lacey Breding in Montana to start his shift in North Dakota. The week before, Breding and Bergsing began making plans for their wedding, which was scheduled for June 30, 2012. The night of January 6, Breding and Bergsing were messaging each other, and Bergsing stopped responding around 9:30 p.m. The next contact Breding had was from the Dunn County Sheriff's Department at approximately 4:15 a.m. informing her Bergsing had died...

The bloodwork showed Bergsing had ethane, propane, butane, isobutene, pentane, hexane, and cyclohexane in his blood.

Comment: Wow, how hard can it be to provide some minimal safety for these employees? The deaths are increasing and oil companies need to be held accountable.

Better Earth

Paradise Stolen - The Myth of Overpopulation

Part three of Stefan Verstappen's series shows the myth of overpopulation as the cause of poverty, in a concise and thought-provoking video.


The ties that bind: U.S. training Nazis along with a media full of cover stories

© Unknown
It has become a popular position both in the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media, and among those on the Russophobic left, to downplay the significant fascist influence on the political and military institutions, as well as the cultural character of the "New Ukraine." Quite often, the reality of Ukrainian fascism is obscured by vague assertions that such conclusions are merely "Russian propaganda," that they are simply Kremlin talking points, and not statements of objective reality.

Indeed, influential political figures such as the ever-hilarious John McCain and Jen Psaki, and global media brands like The Guardian and FOX, have all rushed to the nearest camera or twitter account to proclaim that Ukraine is "free" and that we should "stand united" with it. Carefully embedded in these pleas is the notion that Ukraine is democratic, and that whatever "ultra-nationalists" - coded language for fascists and Nazis - exist, are merely a marginal influence at best.


Truth Is Washington's enemy


Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Ed Royce (R, CA) - a political gear in the grinding machine of mindless destruction.

US Representative Ed Royce (R, CA) is busy at work destroying the possibility of truth being spoken in the US. On April 15 at a hearing before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs of which Royce is chairman, Royce made use of two minor presstitutes to help him redefine all who take exception to Washington's lies as "threats" who belong to a deranged pro-Russian propaganda cult. Bloggers Compared To ISIS During Congressional Hearing

Washington's problem is that whereas Washington controls the print and TV media in the US and its vassal states in Europe, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, and Japan, Washington does not control Internet sites, such as this one, or media, such as RT, of non-vassal states. Consequently, Washington's lies are subject to challenge, and as people lose confidence in Western print and TV media because of the propaganda content, Washington's agendas, which depend on lies, are experiencing rougher sledding.

Truth is bubbling up through Washington's propaganda. Confronted with the possibility of a loss of control over every explanation, Hillary Clinton, Ed Royce, and the rest are suddenly complaining that Washington is "losing the information war." Huge sums of taxpayers' hard earned money will now be used to combat the truth with lies.

What to do? How to suppress truth with lies in order to remain in control? The answer says Andrew Lack, Royce, et alia, is to redefine a truth-teller as a terrorist. Thus, the comparison of RT and "dissident" Internet bloggers to the Islamist State and the designated terror group, Boko Haram.

Ice Cube

The titanic tip of the climate spending iceberg

© www.acting-man.com
The dawning of reality, a very cold prospect.
Lock­heed Mar­tin, a recent Wash­ing­ton Post arti­cle notes, is get­ting into renew­able energy, nuclear fusion, "sus­tain­abil­ity" and even fish farm­ing projects, to aug­ment its reduced defense prof­its. The com­pany plans to forge new ties with Defense Depart­ment and other Obama ini­tia­tives, based on a shared belief in man­made cli­mate change as a crit­i­cal secu­rity and plan­e­tary threat. It is charg­ing ahead where other defense con­trac­tors have failed, con­fi­dent that its exper­tise, lob­by­ing skills and "socially respon­si­ble" com­mit­ment to pre­vent­ing cli­mate chaos will land it plen­ti­ful con­tracts and subsidies.

© futureofwork.glider.com
As below, not above.
As with its polar coun­ter­parts, 90% of the titanic cli­mate fund­ing ice­berg is invis­i­ble to most cit­i­zens, busi­ness­men and politi­cians. The Lock­heed action is the mere tip of the icy mountaintop.

The multi-billion-dollar agenda reflects the Obama Administration's com­mit­ment to using cli­mate change to rad­i­cally trans­form Amer­ica. It reflects a deter­mi­na­tion to make the cli­mate cri­sis indus­try so enor­mous that no one will be able to tear it down, even as com­puter mod­els and dis­as­ter claims become less and less cred­i­ble - and even if Repub­li­cans con­trol Con­gress and the White House after 2016. Lock­heed is merely the lat­est in a long list of reg­u­la­tors, researchers, uni­ver­si­ties, busi­nesses, man­u­fac­tur­ers, pres­sure groups, jour­nal­ists and politi­cians with such strong mon­e­tary, rep­u­ta­tional and author­ity inter­ests in alarmism that they will defend its tenets and largesse tooth and nail.

Comment: More of the same scheme and tactics trying to cement an idea that has no foundation except in the minds and pockets of the rich and greedy. Interesting to see that the general population is not putting much credence into the CO2GW theory, perhaps due to the real and rising evidence of global cooling taking place, the White House lawn excepted! The Big Lie has less and less time to foment as ongoing and irrefutable information increasingly demands different conclusions. Truth-seekers are not stupid and big business doesn't care if it is a warm or cold wind as long as profits rise. Hopefully the public will see the scam and prepare for the next, and more severe, phase of global cooling. Climate change is not the threat to national security - it is, instead, the perpetuation and enforcement of manipulated data, faulty models and wild exaggerations for false flag agendas in order to negatively impact living standards, reduce populations and increase profitability!

People 2

#AskLavrov: Getting to know Russia's foreign minister

© Sputnik/ Natalia Novikova
Russian Foreign Minister Holds His First Ever Radio Q&A Session
On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gave a live interview to Radio Sputnik, Ekho Moskvy and Govorit Moskva radio stations, answering questions of listeners and readers from around the world.

On Wednesday three Russian radio stations conducted a live interview with the country's top diplomat. It was the first time Sergei Lavrov holds a radio Q&A session answering questions from people all over the world.

In the run-up to Larvrov's Q&A session, Internet users were encouraged to ask their questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskLavrov.
  • 14:05 - The last question (a personal one): Margarita Simonyan wonders if Lavrov really used the F-word addressing [British former foreign secretary] David Miliband in 2008.

    "I did tell Miliband "don't lecture me", but the F-word was a quote from a colleague of ours, who had returned from Tbilisi and called Saakashvili a "f*** lunatic". That's the context the F-word was used in".
    © Agence France-Presse/ Alexander Nemenov
    David Miliband
  • 13:57 - Does the world need a policeman to prevent tragedies like the Rwandan genocide?

    "The founders of the UN realized that the organization would need its own forces, the peacekeeping forces. They are not "policemen."

Comment: Putin has surrounded himself with staff of Sergei Lavrov's caliber. Lavrov's approach to politics and foreign relations is a reassuring mirror of Putin's: sensible, measured, grounded in reality. Not something that can be said about Washington's gang of loose cannons.

Eye 1

Ukrainian officials use corrupt system of checkpoints to prey on refugees

The kickback Ukrainians pay checkpoint guards for entry to the eastern territories embroiled by civil war has jumped to 2,000 hryvnia (about $90 US), Ukrainian news hub Vesti reports.
© Sputnik / John Trast
Speaking to Radio Vesti, Sergei Shakhov, a refugee from the Lugansk region and volunteer assisting the internally displaced persons organization Narodna Dovira ('People's Trust') noted that the bribe refugees and their relatives have to pay has reached "2,000 hryvnia." Moreover, Shakhov noted that people crossing the border face constant rudeness from border guards, while technical and other problems result in hundreds of people and vehicles queuing up at the checkpoints for hours at a time.

Last month, a new system of electronic passes was supposed to go into effect at checkpoints around Ukraine's eastern conflict zone. Speaking to Oksana Ermishina, the Chairwoman of the Public Committee for Internally Displaced Persons, Kiev's Voice of the Capital radio station noted that this plan has thus far failed to make a dent in combatting payoffs, with problems in electricity supply, communications, and the electronic badge databases themselves only exacerbating difficulties. Ermishina noted that in a situation of organizational chaos where nothing works as it should, "money talks, and until a clear system of automated procedures exists, corruption will only continue."

Comment: Of course the Maidan revolution didn't end corruption - it put Nazis in power and started an ethnic cleansing fer crying out loud! See:
  • The ties that bind: US training Nazis along with a media full of cover stories
  • Nazism reemerges in Europe despite millions dying to defeat it during WW II


The war on cash is heating up


Robert Wenzel
Letters are apparently going out to some JPMorganChase customers announcing that cash will be prohibited from being stored in the bank's safety deposit boxes.

At the Collectors Universe message board, a commenter reports:
My mother has a SDB at a Chase branch with one of my siblings as co-signers. Last week they got a letter outlining a number of changes to the lease agreement, including this:

"Contents of the box: You agree not to store any cash or coins other than those found to have a collectible value."

Another change is that signatures will no longer be accepted to access the box. The next time they go in they have to bring two forms of ID and they will be issued a four-digit pin number that will be used to access the box then and in the future.

Comment: The trend seems clear: "capital controls" are extending right down to the cash in our own accounts. It might be wise to store some of this cash (outside the bank) while you still can. There are two other strategies that are often overlooked:

1) convert some cash assets to real property - property and goods that can help you weather the financial storms that are surely coming (including precious metals), and
2) move your cash accounts to a small healthy bank that only supports your local community, and get to know them - a small local bank is much more likely to be "user friendly" as these capital controls are rolled out.

Here is a good recent summary of the currency wars (by John Rubino and Gordon Long) going on right now at all levels: