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War of aggression: Attack on Syria under the guise of striking ISIS

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The administration's response to the conjunction of this weekend's People's Climate March and the International Day of Peace?

1) Bomb Syria the following day, to wrest control of the oil from ISIS which gained its foothold directly in the region through the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan funding and arming ISIS' predecessors in Syria.

2) Send the president to UN General Assembly, where he will inevitably give a rousing speech about climate and peace, while the destruction of the environment and the shattering of world peace is on full display 5,000 miles away.

Nothing better illustrates the bankruptcy of the Obama administration's foreign policy than funding groups that turn on the U.S. again and again, a neo-con fueled cycle of profits for war makers and destruction of ever-shifting "enemies."

The fact can't be refuted: ISIS was born of Western intervention in Iraq and covert action in Syria.

This Frankenstein-like experiment of arming the alleged freedom-seeking Syrian opposition created the monster that roams the region. ISIS and the U.S. have a curious relationship -- mortal enemies that, at the same time, benefit from some of the same events:

a) Ousting former Iraqi President Nouri al Maliki for his refusal to consent to the continued presence of U.S. troops in his country.

b) Regime change in Syria.

c) Arming the Kurds so they can separate from Iraq, a preliminary move to partitioning Iraq.

Comment: See also: Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a "New Middle East"


On the eve of the decisive battle for Donbass

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What will the final offensive of the junta look like?

The situation in Donbass is in limbo. On one hand, the signed truce has halted large-scale military operations; on the other, exchange of fire did not stop for a single day. There have even been attempts to carry out limited operations. For example, the Ukrainian command has not abandoned hope of rescuing the encircled special forces units from the Donetsk airport (so far all attempts at this have been repulsed). According to the [Ukraine] National Security Council, over the first 5 days of the armistice, the Ukraine Armed Forces (UAF) units came under fire from the Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) about 130 times. The NAF quote similar figures for the UAF shelling of their positions.

The peace is too 'fragile'

At the level of statements, it is already clear that leaders in Donetsk and Kiev have opposite views on the future of Donbass. Poroshenko said that the agreed "special status" for Donbass is temporary, and is not even prepared to talk about a transition to a federation-type structure in Ukraine. Yuriy Lutsenko, who is now the head of the president's electoral bloc, has been more outspoken and insulting, sharing his plans for staging a blockade of the region. As for the DPR, the Prime Minister Alexandr Zakharchenko stated on September 9 that the truce is only an opportunity for the UAF to retreat from the rest of the territory of the DPR/LPR without further bloodshed.

It is also worth noting that at the level of the individual unit commanders, there is open discontent with the Minsk accords. In particular, Alexey Mozgovoi, the Prizrak brigade commander, said that 100% of the NAF personnel do not support these agreements with Kiev. As for the "hawks" in the rest of Ukraine - those supporting Kiev in the continuation of the war - there is a clear decline in their aggressive mood. At the end of June, during the previous truce, there were rallies in Kiev demanding the continuation of the war; they nearly set fire to the Parliament building. Today, after a series of crushing defeats, Ukrainian "hawks" are much more moderate, although the desire to harm Donbass has not evaporated. In general, it is worth noting that the two sides consider the truce to be nothing more than a pause before the next stage of active hostilities.

As for the immediate future, at the moment there are three main options: the UAF offensive, the NAF offensive, or the indefinite freezing of the conflict. In Novorossiya, the first option is considered the most likely outcome.

Comment: The NATO exercises in west Ukraine end today, September 26. So while hostilities continue in the region, particularly around Donetsk's airport, we did not see a UAF offensive 10 days ago. If Seleznev is correct in his analysis, if there is to be a new UAF offensive, it will happen soon. If it doesn't, perhaps the war whores in Kiev have realized it would be suicide and are pursuing other options. Time will tell.


Attack on Syria: War against Russia is always the main agenda for US

In a perpetual rotation of armed conflicts around the world, the attention of the American war-geopolitical-media apparatus has returned to focus on the Middle East, in Syria. This time the pretext is called ISIS.
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In the usual scheme established for decades, the manipulation of a minority is exploited by imperialism to create chaos and disorder in a community. The mechanism of 'divide and rule', a distinctive and characteristic American foreign policy, was revived after the end of the Soviet Union. The propellant of religious extremism, at least as strong as the political factor, contained all the features necessary for this purpose.

As 9/11 came true, America waged the "war on terrorism" against Al Qaeda (here's the expedient), bombed 4 nations and Bin Laden killed (...), the fuel began to run out again. The failed attempt by the western media, but very provocative, to replace Al Qaeda with Russia has certified the pins of American foreign policy.

The focus is mainly on 3 factors:
  • Hitting the economic interests of all countries directly connected with Beijing, Moscow and Tehran.
  • Generate as much chaos as possible in the Middle East, in order to avoid the emergence of a power stabilizer such as China, Russia or Iran.
  • Power up the so-called "Wartime-Industrial-Economic-Political-Media" who lives for wars and loves "fighting" terrorism.
Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen (drones count!), Pakistan, Libya, Iraq (2) and now Syria. Seven countries hit by American weapons in 14 years. An average of a rain of missiles on a sovereign nation every two years. Not to mention the situations in which the United States gave direct support to a nation/faction for their own personal interests (Ukraine, Georgia in 2008 and Syria since 2011).

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Of course, we no longer speak of wars with 'boots on ground'. After the apparatus devastated Iraq and Afghanistan, not even the media have succeeded, for now, in convincing the American people that a new intervene with ground troops is a good idea. The FP (foreign policy), immediately adjusted to this shit and had already changed it's techniques creating proxy wars: destabilizing countries with Color Revolutions and Arab Springs had become a regular practice.

Why are Dutch prisons closing?

The reason the Netherlands Is closing its prisons is staggering, especially for the American reader: there are not enough offenders because of the country's progressive philosophy and best practices it is using.

Comment: Don't be fooled by this 'progressive philosophy' bit. The reason why prisons are closing probably has to do with ordinary austerity measures.More than half of the prisoners will have to share a prison cell.
Some say the main reason is that judges increasingly hand down community service and GPS ankle-band sentences instead of jail terms.
On one hand rapists and paedophiles get away with light sentences, if they are sentenced at all. On the other hand people that write too many letters to their council or steal exam papers (and are pupils at an Islamic school) will face time in prison.

The Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA), representing over 60 organisations, called for the government to urgently limit "unnecessary use of prison, ensuring it is reserved for serious, persistent and violent offenders for whom no alternative sanction is appropriate".

In 2009, the Dutch justice ministry announced a plan to close eight prisons in the Netherlands. Why? A declining crime rate that is expected to continue. In 2013, a staggering 19 prisons were scheduled to close. Officials have announced they are in the process of cutting 3,500 jobs.

How did they do it?

Primary reasons for fewer offenders and prisoners in the Netherlands include a continued general decline in crime rates, a focus on rehabilitation of offenders, progressive drug laws, and also, those convicted are choosing electronic tagging instead of incarceration.

Comment: Police have been coming down hard on people that grow weed for some time now. The laws are progressive for those high-up that are involved in the drug trade.


Putin advisor examines the threat of war and the Russian response

How to Lead a Coalition and Avoid a Global Conflict

Sergei Glazyev
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Sergei Glaziev is an Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Sergei Glaziev is an Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Summary: The world needs a coalition of sound forces advocating stability - a global anti-war coalition with a positive plan for rearranging the international financial and economic architecture on the principles of mutual benefit, fairness, and respect for national sovereignty.

U.S. actions in Ukraine should be classified not only as hostile with regard to Russia, but also as targeting global destabilization. The U.S. is essentially provoking an international conflict to salvage its geopolitical, financial, and economic authority. The response must be systemic and comprehensive, aimed at exposing and ending U.S. political domination, and, most importantly, at undermining U.S. military-political power based on the printing of dollars as a global currency.

The world needs a coalition of sound forces advocating stability - in essence, a global anti-war coalition with a positive plan for rearranging the international financial and economic architecture on the principles of mutual benefit, fairness, and respect for national sovereignty.

Comment: Putin is known for using his advisors to disseminate ideas he can't express openly. If this is his vision and Russian policy will be aimed towards it, the world is fortunate to have such a leader on the world stage.


Will Russia and China wait until war is the only option?

obama un speech
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The Liar in Chief lying at the UN
Obama's September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life. It is absolutely amazing that the president of the United States would stand before the entire world and tell what everyone knows are blatant lies while simultaneously demonstrating Washington's double standards and belief that Washington alone, because the US is exceptional and indispensable, has the right to violate all law.

It is even more amazing that every person present did not get up and walk out of the assembly.

The diplomats of the world actually sat there and listened to blatant lies from the world's worst terrorist. They even clapped their approval.

Comment: The spellbinder at work.
Spellbinders are characterized by pathological egotism. Such a person is forced by some internal causes to make an early choice between two possibilities: the first is forcing other people to think and experience things in a manner similar to his own; [...]

The spellbinder places on a high moral plane anyone who has succumbed to his influence and incorporated the experiential method he imposes. He showers such people with attention and property, if possible. Critics are met with "moral" outrage. It can even be proclaimed that the compliant minority is in fact the moral majority, since it professes the best ideology and honors a leader whose qualities are above average. Such activity is always necessarily characterized by the inability to foresee its final results, something obvious from the psychological point of view because its substratum contains pathological phenomena, and both spellbinding and self-charming make it impossible to perceive reality accurately enough to foresee results logically. However, spellbinders nurture great optimism and harbor visions of future triumphs similar to those they enjoyed over their own crippled souls. -- Political Ponerology

Comment: Russia and China are both capable of bringing the West down, and they know it. But they are both countries with long histories, which teaches patience. The West will fall from its own arrogance and hubris.


Ukraine's PM spews lies at General Assembly, Russia's UN rep calls his speech 'strange & melodramatic'

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Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin listens to U.S. President Barack Obama (not pictured) speak at the Security Council of the 69th United Nations General Assembly at U.N. Headquarters in New York, September 24, 2014
Russia's ambassador to the UN used the word "strange" to describe a speech given by the Ukrainian prime minister at the General Assembly.

Most of Arseny Yatsenyuk's speech, which came last at the first day of UNGA debates, was devoted to criticizing Russia.

Yatsenyuk has urged the General Assembly participants not to lift sanctions imposed on Russia until Kiev regains control over the whole of the Ukrainian territory.

Comment: Yatsenyuk's heavy on the theatrics and light on any sense of civic responsibility. What else should be expected from a puppet of the West?
"Recall the phone exchange between the Ukraine ambassador and Victoria Nuland (Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs) that got leaked out, where she basically said 'we want Yats in there.' They like him because he's pro Western," says Vladimir Signorelli, president of boutique investment research firm Bretton Woods Research LLC in New Jersey. "Yatsenyuk is the the kind of technocrat you want if you want austerity, with the veneer of professionalism," Signorelli said. "He's the type of guy who can hobnob with the European elite. A Mario Monti type: unelected and willing to do the IMFs bidding," he said.
Washington's man Yatsenyuk setting Ukraine up for ruin


Russia against expansionism: Foreign ministry criticizes Romanian PM over Moldova annexation statement

russian foreign ministry
© RIA Novosti/ Maksim Blinov
Building of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Moscow's Smolenskaya-Sennaya Square.
Russia's Foreign Ministry has denounced Romanian PM Victor Ponta's plan to unify Moldova with Romania by 2018 as "inadmissible and irresponsible," and called for all European countries to counter modern expansionism.

Prime Minister Ponta, announced last week that he was entering the race for the Romanian presidency, and said that if elected he would make the unification of Romania and Moldova his main objective.

"We consider it irresponsible and inadmissible to multiply such statements when an election campaign is under way in Moldova. We expect the Chisinau authorities to give an adequate appraisal of these words. We also hold that a reaction must follow from Brussels and other European capitals," the Russian Foreign ministry said in a statement.

Russian diplomats added that authorities in Moscow were concerned how certain Bucharest circles have annexation plans concerning the sovereignty and neutrality of Moldova.

Romanian nationalists have had plans to annex Moldova ever since it emerged as an independent nation in the early 1990s. Bucharest officials introduced a simplified citizenship procedure for Moldovans and thousands of people have already used it, especially after Romanians received the right of visa free travel in the EU.

This year Romania sponsored a national census in Moldova, and the Romanian ambassador told reporters that his country was interested in the number of Moldovans who spoke Romanian and considered themselves Romanians.

Moldova signed an Association Agreement with the EU in June this year and ratified it in July. After this move Moscow warned Chisinau that it would cause a review of trade links between Russia and Moldova. In addition, Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin said that the agreement violated the basic rights of residents of the Russian-speaking breakaway Republic of Transdniester. Rogozin also promised Russia's fully-fledged support to the region.

In the same speech Rogozin attacked Moldova's pro-EU position, saying that this course was countering "life's natural logic," as about 700,000 Moldovan citizens are now working in Russia as labor migrants, and their earnings are supporting the state budget of their homeland.

Comment: Once again Russia has made it clear it does not hold to an expansionist policy. For those who would howl about Russia "annexing" Crimea, remember that it was the will of the Crimean people to rejoin a country it had been part of for centuries, not something forced upon Crimea.


US airstrikes targeting 'IS-controlled' oil refineries killing civilians including children

US Navy F-18
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A formation of U.S. Navy F-18E Super Hornets
At least 14 Islamic State militants and five civilians have been killed in airstrikes carried out by the US-led forces overnight in northeast Syria, according to a monitoring group.

A third night of attacks targeted IS-controlled oil refineries in the east of the country, the location being the major source of income for the radical group, Rami Abdulrahman, the head of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The facilities around al Mayadin, al Hasakah, and Abu Kamal were hit, according to the US military, as quoted by Reuters.

Comment: It seems that not even the refusal of France, Germany and the UK to participate in this bloodbath will deter the psychopaths:

'Hooray! We're finally slaughtering Syrians directly!' U.S. airstrikes kill 5 civilians in Syria
US starts bombing Syria - Real target is Assad


Good riddance! Attorney General Eric Holder announced he's stepping down

Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African-American U.S. Attorney General is expected to announce his resignation on Thursday.

NPR reported Thursday morning that Holder intends to leave the Justice Department as soon as his successor is confirmed.

Holder is the fourth longest-serving Attorney General in U.S. history and one of the President Barack Obama's most enduring cabinet appointees. He is apparently eager to leave office, concerned that "he otherwise could be locked in to stay for much of the rest of President Obama's second term," wrote NPR's Carrie Johnson.

Holder's tenure has been marked by controversy as Republicans placed political obstacles in the path of virtually every Obama administration initiative and appointee. However, it was his recent intervention in Ferguson, Missouri and appearance before protesters that is believed to have calmed tensions in the St. Louis suburb.

Comment: As Roosevelt says, nothing happens in politics by mistake. Who has the pathocracy picked for his replacement and what do they have planned?

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