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The Saker: The AngloZionist Empire has truly become an "Empire of Illusions"

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It's OK, Barry. You had your chance.
This is bizarre. The recent two summits (APEC and G20) have, I would argue, ended up as a disaster for the US and its allies (see here, here and here) while Russia, China and the rest of the BRICS are clearly in control of the situation, yet there are still those who believe the western corporate media which wants to portray Putin are Russia as "weak".

I suppose in our age of virtual reality perceptions are everything, and in this case such perceptions are clearly molded by exposure to the western corporate media whose brainwashing skills are nothing short of amazing. But let's look at the facts.

The single biggest development which came out of these two summits is that Xi Jinping has clearly and, for the first time, openly shown that he fully support Putin and Russia.

Comment: The problem with psychopaths (and psychopaths are undoubtedly the movers and shakers of the AngloZionist Empire) is that they think they can shape reality to their own image; they think they can wholly manufacture 'facts'. To a great extent that works in their favor. They can mold public perception, establish global narratives by which to effect their goals. But facts tend to be stubborn, and wishful thinking will get you every time, especially when there are people who provide an alternative, namely the truth. It's a lot easier to prop up an illusion when no one is there to call a spade a spade. Enter Putin...

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The World is run by fools, and we let them

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Negro woman carrying shoes home from church Mississippi Delta July 1936
Dumb and Dumber To, the sequel after 20 years, was released recently. Unfortunately for Jim and Jeff and the Farrelly brothers, unintended humor will always be funnier than the scripted kind, no matter how hard Hollywood tries. Case in point: the Dumber slapstick was easily upstaged over the past few days by the G20 summit in Brisbane.

Not only did the pedantic Anglo-Saxon power hungry freak show of Harper, Cameron and Abbott (nobody even noticed Obama) give Vladimir V. Putin a good laugh with their empty chest thumping, entirely spin doctor scripted and entirely aimed at their domestic media and audiences, these so-called leaders also came up with no less than 800(!) measures they claim will boost global economic growth by 2.1%, or $2 trillion. Over 5 years, or some useless and opaque number like that (2018?).

It would seem to be painfully obvious that what the world needs really urgently badly today is not so much economic growth, but growth in the dendrites, synapses and neurons in the heads of both our leaders and of those who put them where they are, ourselves. No use holding your breath. As things are, none of us are any smarter than either Dumb or Dumber.

Comment: For more on the psychopaths running the world and listen to this radio show: SOTT Talk Radio: Surviving the Psy-pocalypse - Interview with Stefan Verstappen

Snakes in Suits

Obama's speech in Australia: A threat of war against China

President Obama
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The remarks by Barack Obama at the University of Queensland on Saturday, delivered while he was in Australia for the G20 Leaders Summit, was a bellicose restatement that the US will use every means, including war, to prevent any challenge by China to American dominance over the Asia-Pacific.

Much of the speech was devoted to reviewing the military deployments and diplomatic intrigues against China that Washington has carried out since Obama announced the "pivot to Asia" before the Australian parliament in 2011. He boasted of how the US has strengthened its ties with Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, opened new bases in Australia and Singapore, encouraged India to play a greater regional military role and pursued closer relations with Vietnam, Malaysia and Burma.

China, by contrast, was discussed from the standpoint of US suspicions over "what kind of role it will play" in the region. Obama's platitudes that the US welcomed China's economic growth were swiftly followed by assertions that Beijing must "adhere to the same rules as other nations" - rules dictated by Washington - if conflict was to be avoided.
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British Conservative politician murdered boy at 'elite' orgy, abuse victim claims

The extent of child sexual abuse by the British 'elite' is massively underestimated
A Conservative MP murdered a young boy during a depraved sex party in the 1980s, an alleged victim of the Westminster paedophile scandal has claimed.

The 12-year-old boy, who was being abused by a group of men, was strangled by the politician at a luxury townhouse in front of other victims, it has been alleged.

On another occasion, the victim claims a young boy, who was around ten-years-old, was deliberately run down and killed by a car being driven by one of his abusers.

The alleged murders are among three that are now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police as part of a major probe into claims that a powerful paedophile ring with links to Westminster was operating in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s.

Scotland Yard, which set up Operation Fairbank two years ago to look at the abuse claims, announced on Friday it had launched a fresh strand of the inquiry, entitled Operation Midland, to probe the alleged murders.

Comment: The extent of British 'elite' child sexual abuse is staggering, yet the true extent of the abuse is still unknown, and likely massively underestimated. Even today coverups continue into cases from the 1980s and 90s, files have been destroyed, and the evidence that they have been destroyed is itself being covered up. The only lesson that the British elite have learned from recent exposure of their brutality towards children is that they should engage in such inhuman acts with even more secrecy than before.

Lord (Norman) Tebbit, a close ally of former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, publicly explained earlier this year how "different things looked" in the 1980s:
"At that time I think most people would have thought the Establishment, the system, was to be protected, and that if a few things had gone wrong here and there, it was more important to protect the system than to delve too far into them."
Indeed, and Tebbit was one of those people who "thought it was more important to protect the system" than to protect innocent and vulnerable children. Tebbit, along with Margaret Thatcher and other Tory party elite, narrowly escaped justice when they were targeted by an IRA bomb at the 1984 Conservative party conference at the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

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The War in Rojava: How U.S. and Turkey seek to gain control over Syria

A war is being fought for control over Western Kurdistan and the northern areas of Syria, including three de facto Kurdish enclaves there. The fighting in Western Kurdistan is a means to an end and not a goal in itself. The objectives of gaining control over Syrian Kurdistan and northern Syria are critical to gaining control over the rest of the Syrian Arab Republic and entail US-supported regime change in Damascus.

Western Kurdistan is alternatively called Rojava in Kurmanji, the dialect of the Kurdish language that is used locally there and spoken by the majority of the Kurds living in Turkey. The word Rojava comes from the Kurdish root word roj, which means both sun and day, and literally means «sunset» («the sun's end») or the «end of the day» («the day's end») in Kurmanji and not the word «west». The confusion over its meaning arises for two main reasons. The first is that in the Sorani or Central dialect of the Kurdish language the word roj is only used to refer to the day. The second is that Rojava connotes or suggests the direction of the west, where the sun is seen to set when the day ends.

The Siege on Ayn Al-Arab or Kobani

Despite the fact that neither the Syrian military nor the Syrian government controls most of Syrian Kurdistan and that a significant amount of the locals there have declared themselves neutral, the forces of the Free Syrian Army, Al-Nusra, and the ISIL (DAISH) have launched a multiparty war on Rojava's mosaic of inhabitants. It has only been in late-2014 that this war on Western Kurdistan has gained international attention as the Syrian Kurds in Aleppo Governorate's northeastern district (mintaqah) of Ayn Al-Arab (Ain Al-Arab) became surrounded by the ISIL in late-September and early-October. As this happened, the behaviour of the US and its allies, specifically the neo-Ottomanist Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, exposed their true objectives in Rojava and Syria. By the time that the Syrian Kurds in northeastern Aleppo Governorate were being encircled by the ISIL, it was clear that Washington and its counterfeit anti-ISIL coalition were actually using the ISIL outbreak to redraw the strategic and ethno-confessional maps of Syria and Iraq. Many of the Syrian Kurds think that the goal is to force them eastward into Iraqi Kurdistan and to surrender to Turkish domination.
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Fears of another exodus in Syria - similar to the one that was felt when Turkey assisted Jubhat Al-Nusra's violent takeover of the mostly ethnic Armenian town of Kasab (Kessab) in Latakia Governorate in March 2014 - began to materialize. Nearly 200,000 Syrians - Kurds, Turkoman, Assyrians, Armenians, and Arabs - fled across the Syrian-Turkish border. By October 9, one-third of Ayn Al-Arab had fallen to the pseudo-caliphate.

The "Putin is isolated" story is untrue, stupid, and just plain dangerous

Head and shoulders above the rest.
These headlines are silly: Even more silly then those headlines was the German prime news Tagesschau which used a picture of Putin seemingly sitting alone at a lunch table to prove his "isolation". But news service pictures show that he is sitting with the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff waiting for the other lunch guests to sit down next to them. These were simply not visible in the frame Tagesschau selectively used.

And do these headline writers, TV correspondents and politicians know what the 20 in G-20 means? The people who publicly miffed Putin in Brisbane were Obama, Cameron, Harper, Abbott and Abe. I count five out of twenty.

Comment: Yet another crystal clear example of how the main-stream media skews the truth in order to serve its masters. But this is also a really instructive bit of 'reality creation' that is being attempted here. As discussed in Joe Quinn's recent article: Putin at the G20: Sharing a stage with psychopathic a**holes makes you want to leave early, Canadian PM Steven Harper and British PM David Cameron both addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin about Ukraine and Russia's "aggression" there. And later, Obama made one of the most despicable speeches, however short (demonizing Russia), that any leader has probably ever made about another country. This is no exaggeration. A true hit and run.

Here's the important thing to note however: The hardcore lies that undergird the accusations and speech are for perception purposes only. They serve to buttress the Anglo-American Axis's narrative as promulgated by the media doing their bidding. Because, why would anyone, no less a world leader - and someone who is a part of the vaunted G20 say such things to another world leader unless they were true, one would reason to ask. Who has the balls and the stupidity to make such accusations to the face of another about matters of such magnitude when they have to know, on some level, that such statements as theirs are absolutely false and based on lies? The answer is horrific in its implications. Only members of the intra-species predator found among homo sapiens - commonly known as psychopaths - are capable of such a thing. And many of these types appear to have found good high-profile ego-boosting jobs as Prime Ministers and Presidents.

Bizarro Earth

Before joining the military, consider this...

in god we bust
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I want to take just a few minutes of your time because this is really important. Please read this article, watch the videos and check out the documentaries linked below. If you've got any friends in the Army or know anyone considering joining up please share it with them.
Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy. - Henry Kissinger, former U.S. National Security Advisor and Secretary of State.
War is part of human history, we have fought each other for millennia. In most cases wars have been waged to take territories and resources. All major nations have won their power through blood and iron. Not a lot has changed today. Big players still try to dominate the world by playing out a grand chess game. They conspire to deceive and manipulate the public through propaganda campaigns and false flag operations, they often invent non-existent threats to justify their actions. Soldiers are led to believe that they are fighting for a just cause to protect their countries, but in many cases this is a travesty of the truth.

Taking off the mask, and the gloves: Kiev scraps human rights, cuts services, freezes banks in E. Ukraine

© Reuters / Marko Djurica
A rebel stands in front of a building that was destroyed in the recent shelling, in the town of Yasinovataya, eastern Ukraine, September 22, 2014
Kiev has suspended the protection of human rights and ordered the withdrawal of its institutions from areas controlled by local militia in the nation's east. Rebels have branded the decree, which hits the population on winter's eve, an 'act of genocide.'

The move was prepared by the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council last week and enacted by a presidential decree signed on Friday. It has yet to be ratified by the newly-elected parliament, but the decree explicitly says that this procedure must be expedited - so there is little doubt that the new governing coalition will adopt it next week.

Comment: Kiev just doesn't know when to give up and admit defeat. Just last month Poroshenko was still talking tough prior to Donetsk and Lugansk's elections. See: SOTT EXCLUSIVE: Russia to send 7th aid convoy - Poroshenko says Donbas children can sit in cellars

But all recent attacks against the Novorussian rebels have been utter failures, easily repelled by the NAF. It looks like Plotnitskiy will be proven right: people in Lugansk and Donetsk will be living better than those in the West, all things considered.

Snakes in Suits

Obama: US "Upholds core international principles...you don't invade other countries." Is this real life?

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Your faithful Russia correspondent was minding his own business when he accidentally clicked on an link which he naively thought was a picture of a funny cat. Instead it was a New York Times article that nearly melted his brain.

There is no way to prepare for what you are about to see.
Imagine if Ted Bundy had evangelized about how "you can't murder people," and that The New York Times dutifully relayed this statement without bothering to mention that Ted Bundy was a prolific serial killer and necrophile, to boot.

U.S. draws closer to war with China by attempting to oust Assad

© Xinhua Photo - Liang Shun
GULF OF ADEN -- A marine observes the situation on the sea at the dock landing ship “Jing Gangshan” of the 15th Escort Taskforce of the Chinese Navy in the Gulf of Aden. This is the first implementation of the joint convoy mission of the 14th and the 15th Escort Taskforce of the Chinese Navy, Sept. 2013; the first ever buildup of the Chinese Navy in the middle east.
CNN on 12 November reported Obama administration is suddenly focused on removing Assad as the core of its anti-ISIS strategy, once again submitting to Turkey and Arab Gulf states that enabled ISIS to begin with, and are actually contributing very little to the anti-ISIS efforts to be dictating such orders to Washington.

Moreover, these demands are harmful to US security interests - redefining US anti-ISIS mission to one of anti-Assad mission - and thereby potentially drawing in Eurasian powers of China, Russia and Iran into open military conflict against the US.

Presently the Beijing-Moscow-Tehran axis is actually tacitly supporting the US-led coalition, and Assad is allowing US use of its airspace to strike ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups.

Comment: The Beijing-Moscow-Tehran axis are playing it very cool, very smart, and very sane right now. They do not want war but they can also see the writing on the wall given the patterns of the US-led coalition's actions.

Now, Ankara, Riyadh and Doha's obsession on removing Assad and hoping to replace him with a proxy Islamist regime is throwing a monkey wrench into coalition efforts. With Islamist strongholds spanning from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Egypt, this risks turning the Eastern Mediterranean into an Islamic Lake, a threat shared by Israel as well as EU members Cyprus and Greece.

This is also a threat to US' Noble Energy, Italy's ENI, Korea's KOGAS, Russia's Gazprom, and other stakeholders such as Jordan, Egypt, and Asian consumers interested in the newly discovered natural gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean.

As such, removing Assad for a probable Islamist replacement that will also persecute the Christian, Kurdish, Druze and Alawite communities in Syria; escalate the conflict by drawing in two nuclear powers of China and Russia; harm development of hydrocarbons in the Levantine Basin and further regional instability, is not in US or EU's security interest.

And it is definitely not in China's interest.

Comment: If it seems like the U.S. has entered into a maniacal and suicidal attempt to impose military and economic power over some of the largest and most independent nations on the planet, it is because they are.