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Ukrainian airspace shut down to accept U.S. military cargo


U.S. AF doing good work in Georgia. Next stop: Ukraine!
Ukrainian airports are shut down in order to accept military-transport planes of USA and NATO. One of my readers who has connections in Zaporozhye already confirmed it.

His friend's work is connected with Zaporozhye airport. Here is his quote:
Now at the airport they are performing an urgent order for the installation of defensive towers along the perimeter of the airport. He said that the work needs to be completed ASAP, since the order is urgent. Started in late November. Now almost complete. Yesterday reported that flights from Zaporozhye (Motor Sich) will stop on the 13th. And this is despite the wishes of Motor Sich to fly to Moscow daily from December 16, instead of three times a week.

To the question, why stop, one of the airport workers replied that the airport has to be prepared to accept military aircraft with equipment, including Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. The equipment is expected from the United States.
In Dnepropetrovsk - a similar situation, from Kharkov there was no confirmation. In general, apparently the US does not want to wait until the Act on military assistance to Ukraine adopted by the senate will pass through congress and are boosting rearmament of junta troops. New unofficial military advisers/assistants should be expected to show up as well.

Comment: Initial reports were laughably transparent:
The air space over the international airport "Dnepropetrovsk" is closed until December 15, 2014 due to a threat of a terrorist attack, reported a source from the airport administration.
Airspace in the region is controlled by Kolomoisky, Mossad's biggest stooge in Ukraine.

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The European Union wants Russia to bail out both the EU and Ukraine

ukraine crisis
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IMF says Ukraine will be bankrupt 'within weeks' and needs $15 billion more for war against eastern Ukraine; EU threatens Russia with more sanctions if Russia lets Ukraine go bankrupt; EU will lose billions on Ukraine if Russia won't bail them out.

The details are here and here.

And here's the back-story to that:

Mark Adomanis of Forbes is the clearest and most honest writer in the West about Ukraine's financial situation, though he propagandizes constantly against Russia just like all the rest of the West's aristocracy-paid 'reporters' do (and must do, in order to keep their jobs). He wrote on 15 April 2014, that,
"when it bought $3 billion worth of [Ukrainian Government] bonds at the end of 2013 Russia inserted a clause that stipulates that the total volume of Ukrainian state-guaranteed debt cannot exceed 60% of its annual GDP. If that threshold is breached, Russia can legally demand repayments on an accelerated schedule. Given the parlous state of the Ukrainian economy and its government's extremely weak finances, this essentially means that if Ukraine's debt exceeds 60% of its GDP Russia can legally force it to default."
Ukraine's foreign debt has soared above that $60 billion limit, because of a demand that the IMF placed upon its $17 billion loan on 1 May 2014, namely that Ukraine eliminate or otherwise crush the people in the area of Ukraine where the public had voted 90% for the pro-Russian Ukrainian President whom Obama had overthrown on February 22nd. The way that CNBC headlined it on May 1st, the day before pro-Government thugs massacred this new Government's resistors at the Trade Unions Building in Odessa and so started the program to exterminate the residents of that region, was "IMF Warns Ukraine on Bailout if It Loses East." What that meant was that, without the gas-fields and the other assets in the east, the Ukrainian Government wouldn't have valuable-enough assets to sell off or "privatize" so as to be able to make good on the IMF's $17 billion loan to Ukraine, and taxpayers in the U.S. and Europe would then need to absorb losses on those loans; so, the Ukrainian Government needed to follow-through and exterminate those people in order for the loans to keep coming. The aristocrats want to control their land, not the people on it. The residents are just an obstruction. This money was loaned by the IMF in order to enable Western corporations (mainly Big Oil and Big Ag and Big Military) to take over Ukraine. For examples: the residents in the areas that are being bombed did not want fracking there, and did not want a NATO missile base there.

Comment: The insanity of the EU and of their U.S. patrons is more apparent with each passing day. They fabricate atrocities which they later use to demonize Putin, and it has been so from the start of the U.S. engineered coup d'état in Ukraine.


On NATO's economic war against Russia and Putin's response

Russia is reacting to the economic war which NATO is waging against her in the way she would have reacted in a conventional war. She allowed herself to be hit by unilateral "sanctions" in order to better lead the opponent to a battleground of her own choosing. Simultaneously, she has signed agreements with China to safeguard her future and with Turkey to disrupt NATO. As long ago, against France or Germany, her initial defeat could be the guarantee of her victory in the end.
© RIA Novosti/Sergey Guneev
Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the concluding news conference in Ankara.
At the annual summit on security organized by the Bertelsmann Foundation and NATO in Munich in 2007, President Vladimir Putin had stressed that the interest of Western Europeans was not only overseas but also and especially with Russia. Since then, he has continued to try to build economic relations, including the construction of the North Stream pipeline under the leadership of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. For its part, the United States has done everything to prevent this rapprochement, including the organization of the Kiev coup and the South Stream pipeline sabotage.

According to the Atlanticist press, Russia would have been severely impacted by the unilateral "sanctions" - in reality acts of economic war - imposed on the occasion of the annexation of Crimea to the Federation or of the destruction of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing and by lower oil prices. The ruble has lost 40% of its value, wasted investments in the South Stream gas pipeline cost $ 4.5 billion and the food embargo has cost $ 8.7 billion. The Atlanticist media assures us that Russia is now definitely ruined and isolated politically.

The Atlanticist press however is at an impasse concerning the consequences of this economic war in the European Union. Besides the ban on food exports which is likely to destroy whole sections of its agriculture, the renunciation of South Stream will weigh very seriously on the future of the Union by increasing the price of energy.
© Boursorama
The depreciation of the ruble against the dollar

Comment: See also: The implications of the Russian-Turkish gas deal for the future of NATO
Erdogan's stand may encourage other NATO countries, whose economies are already suffering heavily due to the sanctions against Russia, to rebel as well. A sudden storm started in Turkey may become a broader European hurricane and lead to the reconfiguration of the European security infrastructure. And, in the process, prevent another European war.
EU losers! Russia scraps South Stream pipeline project, announces major alternative gas deal - Did Putin just poach Turkey?

Western leaders are scratching their heads as Ankara pivots East

Putin's counterpunch to EU: Exit South Stream, enter Turk Stream


Another failed USAID attempt at subverting Cuba and what it tells us about U.S. subversion worldwide

© AFP Photo
Our rappers in Havana: Los Aldeanos, a rap group openly critical of the Castro government, were recruited to help produce an underground television project and provided political training.
Revealed in an Associated Press (AP) investigation, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) had for two years attempted to create and exploit a social network within Cuba for the purpose of sparking unrest and overthrowing the Cuban government. The program was an abject failure, primarily because the Cuban government took the necessary measures to investigate, interrogate, and otherwise disrupt what was foreign-backed sedition.

AP would reveal in its report titled, "US co-opted Cuba's hip-hop scene to spark change," that:
The program is laid out in documents involving Creative Associates International, a Washington, D.C., contractor paid millions of dollars to undermine Cuba's communist government. The thousands of pages include contracts, emails, preserved chats, budgets, expense reports, power points, photographs and passports.
The work included the creation of a "Cuban Twitter" social network and the dispatch of inexperienced Latin American youth to recruit activists, operations that were the focus of previous AP stories.
Far from the first time USAID and other US organizations claiming to be aiding in development but in fact engaged in political subversion, the Cuban program itself was based on another US-backed program used to topple the government of Serbia in 2000, AP would reveal.

The USAID operation involved money covertly funneled into Cuba through front companies and offshore banks. USAID, despite the evidence, has wholly denied the operation, as has other US organizations caught in blatant political subversion.

Regarding USAID's denial, AP would report:
"Any assertions that our work is secret or covert are simply false," USAID said in a statement Wednesday. Its programs were aimed at strengthening civil society "often in places where civic engagement is suppressed and where people are harassed, arrested, subjected to physical harm or worse."
If by "civil society," USAID means networks of political subversion operating in the interests of Wall Street and Washington, then that is precisely what USAID was doing in Cuba, and does elsewhere around the world. However, USAID's insistence that none of its work was "secret or covert" is simply a lie.

Comment: The following excerpt is from the book Subverting Syria: How CIA Contra Gangs and NGO's Manufacture, Mislabel and Market Mass Murder. It captures a couple crucial steps in the Pentagon's Unconventional Warfare doctrine. Here is an overview of the game plan as it applies to Syria:
- Fund NGO's to create a climate of protest in the target country

- Provocateurs organize demonstrations, then fire on protesters and security forces alike to stoke violence

- Staged and mislabeled video footage creates the illusion of repression by the regime

- Mass media endlessly repeat the Big Lie that the nation's leader is a brutal dictator - " Give a dog a bad name and hang him."

- Invade border towns with special forces death squads, the CIA Foreign Legion of Al Qaeda psychopaths, fanatics and guns for hire

- Foment a civil war on ethnic divides, and fabricate pretexts for military intervention by the UN, or NATO

- Bomb the country into the stone age, to be conquered and ruled by NATO's Islamic terrorist puppets - Eradicate Arab socialism and government for the people, replacing it with a corrupt clique beholden to Wall Street and London bankers

- US corporations write multi-billion-dollar contracts for "reconstruction" and "security," yielding an astronomical profit on the spoils of war - Isolate Lebanon, Palestine , Iraq and Iran, giving free rein for Greater Israel to dominate the Middle East


Kiss your grass-fed beef goodbye! GMO grass about to be approved

gmo grass_cows
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While many of us rely on grass-fed beef as a source of healthful, properly raised meat, that option of healthy eating may just move down a peg. Why? Not because cattle may have to switch to GM grain, but rather because cattle may be forced to indulge in genetically modified grass.

The Scotts 'Miracle-Gro' Company which created genetically modified RoundUp-Ready Kentucky Bluegrass has announced that it will conduct field trials at the homes of Scotts' employees. What's more, they can do so without any government oversight because there are no laws that prohibit or limit the planting of GMO grass.

We already know that RoundUp ready crops have been linked (retracted, but read more on that here) via independent peer reviewed studies to inflammatory, genotoxic, neurotoxic, carcinogenic, and endocrine disrupting diseases, as well as infertility. RoundUp also chelates important minerals from the body, robbing you of your good health.

Now, cattle will graze upon GMO Kentucky Bluegrass and people will ingest the RoundUp chemicals sprayed on the cow's favorite meal.

You can guess who is behind this latest GMO development.

Scotts is Monsanto's exclusive agent for the marketing and distribution of consumer RoundUp.

We are running out of time to try and get Scott's from being able to market and sell this latest GMO product. You can sign this petition which will be sent to Hagedorn, along with the CEOs of Lowe's and Home Depot who are expected to sell the GMO grass.
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CIA report: It's not just my body that America has tortured, but the truth as well

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But at least the world now knows what happened to me and so many others at the hands of the US

The world is busy expressing outrage and disbelief after revelations by the US Senate that the CIA used brutal torture methods against prisoners, allegedly to prevent further attacks on the USA in the wake of September 11.

In reality everything that's been admitted in the CIA torture report has already been described by us, the victims of America - whether free or still imprisoned - in excruciating detail to our lawyers, to the media, academics, politicians and even to the police, from the day we were released. The greatest revelation to me at least is that this report was released at all.

As an exercise in openness at least it appears there has been some progress. While it must be noted that the report only details abuses carried out by CIA agents (without mentioning the US military or FBI), there has been far more transparency compared to the countries that were co-opted into the CIA torture programme. In fact, these countries' complicity is even more sinister, considering 25 of them were from Europe. Yet none have made similar confessions. Britain's complicit role in US torture, and the outsourcing of terror suspects to dictatorships in Libya, Egypt and Syria remains woefully unreported, and that was main reason I visited these countries following the so-called Arab spring.

Maybe the leaders of the 54 countries which facilitated the torture can't remember that the Bush administration was committing these crimes on their soil, with their intelligence agencies, with their permission and full cooperation. But those of us who were the recipients of 'American justice' can never forget.

Comment: A "conspiracy nut" might be tempted to think the creation of a fanatical new terrorist group led by torture survivors was a deliberate act.

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Defense bill passes, giving sacred Native American sites to mining company

© Associated Press
Washington-- The U.S. Senate passed a measure authorizing the nation's defense programs Friday, and along with it managed to give lands sacred to Native Americans to a foreign company that owns a uranium mine with Iran.

The $585 billion National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 is one of the must-pass pieces of legislation that Congress moves every year. But like they did in attaching extraneous riders to the must-pass government funding bill, lawmakers used the defense bill as a vehicle to pass a massive public lands package.

The bill sailed through on a vote of 89 to 11.

Many of the land measures were popular. But one, the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act, had twice failed to win support in the House of Representatives, blocked both by conservationists and conservatives.

The deal gives a subsidiary of the Australian-English mining firm Rio Tinto 2,400 acres of the Tonto National Forest in exchange for several other parcels so it can mine a massive copper deposit.
2 + 2 = 4

Paying down U.S. debt is now almost mathematically impossible

© Cliffkule.com
Exactly 199 years ago, in 1815, a "temporary" committee was established in the US Senate called the Committee on Finance and Uniform National Currency.

It was set up to address economic issues and the debt accrued by the US government after the War of 1812.

Of course, because there's nothing more permanent than a temporary government measure, the committee became a permanent one after just one year.

It soon expanded its role from raising tariffs to having influence over taxation, banking, currency, and appropriations.

In subsequent wars, notably the American Civil War, the Committee was quick to use its powers and introduced the union's first income tax. They also detached the dollar from gold to help fund the war.

This was all an indication of things to come.

Over the subsequent decades there was a sustained push to finally establish the country's central bank that will control money and credit, as well as institute a permanent income tax to feed the expanding aspirations of government.

They succeeded in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed and the 16th Amendment ratified, binding the country in the shackles of central banking and taxation of income.

Over the century that followed, the US has gone from being the biggest creditor in the world to its biggest debtor.

Comment: 10 Things That We Can Learn About The Economic Collapse In Greece


Switzerland: Rioters clash with police in downtown Zurich, rampage through city center

Massive scenes of violence were reported in Zurich, one of the world's most quiet and prosperous cities. Some 200 masked left-wing radicals clashed with police and set streets in the city center ablaze. Seven policemen were injured in the incident.

Comment: Zurich is Switzerland's largest city and a major financial hub hosting several banking corporations. The city is also one of the wealthiest in Europe. Are the riots false-flags intended to discredit #ReclaimTheStreets?


The man behind top Islamic State Twitter account

The most influential pro-Islamic State Twitter account to be followed by foreign jihadis - Shami Witness - is shut down after a Channel 4 News investigation uncovers the identity of the man behind it

He spent his mornings, afternoons and evenings sending thousands of tweets of propaganda about the Islamic State militant group, acting as the leading conduit of information between jihadis, supporters, and recruits.

His tweets, written under the name Shami Witness, were seen two million times each month, making him perhaps the most influential Islamic State Twitter account, with over 17,700 followers.

Comment: Meanwhile, India arrested the man behind the Twitter account:
Police in southern India said they have arrested a man who has admitted to running a popular pro-ISIS group Twitter account, but added that he appears to have no direct links to the militant group. Mehdi Masroor Biswas, a 24-year-old engineer, was being questioned by authorities, Bangalore's top police official, M.N. Reddy, told reporters on Saturday . He said police have no evidence so far that shows that Biswas had any direct links to militants of the Islamic State or any other radical Muslim extremist group.

"He appears to have been only majorly active in the virtual world," Reddy said.
ISIS is created and supported by the United States. In another interesting news, Pakistan arrested an Indian national who is suspected of being a South Asian al Qaeda commander

Does this have anything to do with India's stance as a BRICS member nation?

US 'Troubled' by Reports of Crimean Leader's India Visit

Only time will tell.