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Putin concerned over rise of neo-Nazism in Europe; calls for efforts to counter attempts to revise results of WW2


Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed concern over the spread of neo-Nazi ideology in Europe and called for efforts to prevent the revision of the outcome of the Second World War.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed concern over the spread of neo-Nazi ideology in Europe and called for efforts to prevent the revision of the outcome of the Second World War.

"Unfortunately, the vaccine against the Nazi virus, developed at the Nuremberg trials, is losing its effectiveness in some European countries. A clear sign of this trend is open manifestations of neo-Nazism, which have become common in Latvia and other Baltic states," Putin said on the eve of his visit to Serbia on October 16.

"We are especially concerned in this respect about the situation in Ukraine, where an unconstitutional state coup in February was driven by nationalists and other radical groups," Putin said in an interview with Serbian newspaper Politika.

"Today, our common goal is to counter the glorification of Nazism, firmly counter attempts to revise the results of World War II and consequently fight any forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and chauvinism," Putin stressed.

Comment: Agents of the American and certain European governments conspired to foment 'revolution' in Kiev in order to pull all of Ukraine away from Russian influence and open it up to US and EU plunder. To do so they relied primarily on right-wing neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine with whom, ordinarily, no one in their right mind would choose to associate themselves :

A deal between devils: The neo-Nazi element and the U.S.'s proxy war in Ukraine


Palestine vote: UK MPs take historic decision to recognise Palestinian state

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Voting by 274 to 12, a majority of 262, MPs on all sides urged the Government to 'recognise the state of Palestine'
Parliament took the historic step tonight of voting unilaterally to back the recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Voting by 274 to 12, a majority of 262, MPs on all sides urged the Government to "recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel" as part of a "contribution to securing a negotiated two-state solution".

Support for the motion, while symbolic, marks a significant change in the political landscape, following the failure of successive peace negotiations and the bitter conflict in Gaza over the summer.

Significantly Labour whipped its MPs to vote in favour of the resolution, raising the prospect that the party would defy Israel's wishes and recognise Palestine as a state should it come to power at the next election.

Comment: Whether the recognition of Palestinian statehood is symbolic or practical, it IS a move in the right direction. It remains to be seen however, how the Government will react...


War, circus and injustice in British-occupied Australia

Tony Abbott, 'prime minster' of Australia, and British colonial psychopath
There are times when farce and living caricature almost consume the cynicism and mendacity in the daily life of Australia's rulers. Across the front pages is a photograph of a resolute Tony Abbott with Indigenous children in Arnhem Land, in the remote north. "Domestic policy one day," says the caption, "focus on war the next."

Reminiscent of a vintage anthropologist, the prime minister grasps the head of an Indigenous child trying to shake his hand. He beams, as if incredulous at the success of his twin stunts: "running the nation" from a bushland tent on the Gove Peninsula while "taking the nation to war". Like any "reality" show, he is surrounded by cameras and manic attendants, who alert the nation to his principled and decisive acts.

But wait; the leader of all Australians must fly south to farewell the SAS, off on its latest heroic mission since its triumph in the civilian bloodfest of Afghanistan. "Pursuing sheer evil" sounds familiar; of course, an historic mercenary role is unmentionable, this time backing the latest US installed sectarian regime in Baghdad and re-branded ex Kurdish "terrorists", now guarding Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Marathon Oil, Hunt Oil et al.

Kiev is wildly understating the casualties of its army

Following Russia Insider's recent article that the true fatality rate of the junta's army during the "anti terrorist operation" may have been in the region of 8,000 to 12,000, a number of important points can be made.

These figures are of course unverified. However they do not look unreasonable to me in light of Poroshenko's admission that the Ukraine lost during the ATO something like 65% of its armoured vehicles. It seems the Ukrainian airforce has also been essentially annihilated. Certainly it has ceased to be a presence in recent weeks.

Assuming that the figures are true then the Ukraine has just been witness to a slaughter unprecedented in any European country since the end of the Second World War. It bears saying that the fighting only achieved full intensity following the fall of Slaviansk on 5th July 2014. The fighting around Slavyansk in May and June was of a lesser intensity. It is surely the case therefore that the bulk of the losses the Ukraine suffered were accounted for by the fighting that took place after Slavyansk fell on 5th July 2014.

In other words it is likely that between 8,000 to 12,000 Ukrainian troops were killed in a period of around 2 months from 5th July 2014 until the announcement of the ceasefire on 5th September 2014. If so this would mean the Ukraine was losing during this period men at a rate of roughly 129 to 190 a day. Nothing comparable has happened in Europe since the German surrender on 9th May 1945. 

Not surprising: Condoleezza Rice prevented NY Times from publishing CIA scoop

Condoleezza Rice
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While serving as secretary of state under President George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice called upon the New York Times and asked the paper to not report on a story, a former editor now says.

Jill Abramson, who served as executive editor of the Times from 2011 through earlier this year, told CBS News' 60 Minutes television program that she was summoned to an undisclosed location by Rice during the Bush administration and asked to stop Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist James Risen from finishing an article concerning a CIA effort to disrupt Iran's nuclear capabilities.

According to the interview with 60 Minutes, Abramson said Rice "barely looked up" during the meeting and instead "read in a very stern manner" from a legal pad that was described by the editor as containing "just point after point about why this story would be damaging to the national security."

"I felt a bit surreal," Abramson recalled. "Her bottom line ... was to make sure that Jim cease all reporting on this story, which was really an extraordinary request."

Comment: Controlling the press has been and always will be a prime directive from the powers-that-be. They must not allow the population to know the truth.

For more on this story:

U.S. allegedly spying on New York Times reporter James Risen
Blow to investigative journalism! Reporters have no rights to safeguard confidentiality of sources, James Risen ordered to testify in CIA leaker trial


U.S. saber rattling continues as it sends warship to Georgia's Black Sea

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USS Mount Whitney
The USS Mount Whitney has docked in Georgia's Black Sea port of Batumi. The ships visit is intended to "strengthen ties" with the United States' NATO allies and partners and promote "peace and security in the region," the US Embassy in Georgia said.

Comment: We hope it's not lost on any of our dear readers the irony of a warship promoting "peace and security."

The US command ship entered the Black Sea on Saturday, one day after the guided missile destroyer USS Cole arrived in the region.

According to a press release from the US Sixth Fleet, Mount Whitney's mission is to reassure its NATO allies of the US Navy's commitment towards strengthening and improving interoperability in the region.

"This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with our naval counterparts, enhancing alliances, and strengthening bonds as we advance our common goal of safety, stability, and security in the region," the ship's commanding officer, Captain Mark Colombo, said at the welcome ceremony.
#USSMountWhitney arrives in #Batumi #Georgia http://t.co/vEO550lNtc

- U.S.NavyEuropeAfrica (@NAVEUR_NAVAF) October 14, 2014
The ship is slated to conduct routine combined training with the Georgian Coast Guard, provide ship tours, hold a public concert for the local community, and host a reception for local officials, the US embassy in Tbilisi said in a statement.

The ship is set to depart on October 18.

Interview with The Saker: Ukraine as we know it is gone forever

A new country is born: Novorossiya has won its war of independence from Ukraine
The Saker is an ex-military analyst who was born in Europe to a family of Russian refugees. He now lives in Florida where he writes the Vineyard of the Saker blog and is a regular contributor to Russia Insider. The international community of Saker Blogs includes, besides the original Saker blog, French, German, Russian, Oceania and Serbian members and will soon include a Latin American member. - Mike Whitney

Mike Whitney: Is the United States responsible for the troubles in Ukraine?

The SAKER: Yes, absolutely, there's no doubt about it. While it's true that the Ukrainian people were unhappy with the corrupt Yanukovich regime, the coup itself was definitely CIA orchestrated. The EU was also involved, especially Germany, but they didn't play nearly as big a role as the U.S. The taped phone messages of (US Undersecretary of State) Victoria Nuland show who was really calling the shots behind the scenes.

Mike Whitney: What role did the Obama administration play in Kiev's decision to launch a war on its own people in the east of Ukraine?

The Saker: A central role. You have to understand that there is no "Ukrainian" power in Kiev. Poroshenko is 100% US-run as are the people around him. The head of the notorious Ukrainian secret police (the SBU), Valentin Nalivaichenko, is a known CIA agent. It's also true that the US refers to Poroshenko "our Ukraine insider". All of his so called "decisions" are actually made by U.S. officials in Kiev. As for Poroshenko's speech to Congress a few weeks ago, that was obviously written by an American.
War Whore

Turkey denies it will allow U.S. to use its military bases for bombing missions in Iraq and Syria

© AFP Photo / Tarik Tinazay
US airforce F-16 warplanes lining to take off from the Incirlik Airbase
The Obama administration jumped the gun by announcing that Turkey had authorized it permission to fly US fighter jets out of the Incirlik Airbase against Islamic State militants, who are making dramatic gains in Iraq and Syria.

The snub from Ankara is as an embarrassment to US officials, who on Sunday were trumpeting Turkey's participation in the fight against the Islamic State [IS]. On Tuesday, military leaders from 22 countries that contribute in one way or another in the US-led coalition against IS will meet US President Obama in Washington.

White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice, in an apparent effort to convince war-weary Americans at home that there is some sort of global consensus on the Syrian mission, told NBC's Meet the Press that Turkey and Saudi Arabia had authorized that "facilities inside Turkey can be used by the coalition forces, American and otherwise, to engage in activities inside of Iraq and Syria."

On Monday, Turkish officials denied that they'd granted permission for their territory to be used as a launch pad against IS.

"Turkey has made no decision on whether to open its Incirlik airbase to the US-led coalition in the fight," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters in New York.

You're fired: U.S. getting ready to replace Poroshenko?

Its getting hot in the kitchen
It looks like Poroshenko's days are numbered. His most likely replacement? The extreme right.

So the "great genius" of Ukrainian military strategy, the man who promised to organize a victory parade for the Ukrainian army in Sevastopol was fired.

Officially, of course, Ukrainian Defence Minister Valerii Geletei submitted his resignation which was accepted. But the truth of the matter is that Heletey was sacked for gross incompetence and for making idiotic claims that the Russian military had used two tactical nuclear weapons at the Lugansk airport. The question is, of course, whether that will solve Poroshenko's problem.

After all, if Geletei promised a victory parade in Sevastopol, Poroshenko promised one in Donetsk. He did get one, but not the one he hoped for: a parade of Ukrainian prisoners followed by street-cleaning trucks. Poroshenko also promised to liquidate the "terrorists" in a matter of days, but instead his military suffered a crushing and most humiliating defeat. Finally, Poroshenko did go to the US to get a special ally status for the Ukraine, a conference of "friends of the Ukraine", lethal aid and lots of money. In the end, he got nothing besides standing ovations and smiles. The critical question is, why did the US gave nothing meaningful to Poroshenko? Could it be that the US has decided that he is unable to deliver anything useful?

Comment: Things are looking grim for the situation in Ukraine. Poroshenko has just replaced Geletei with a war criminal, probably to appease the far-right. In addition, the Ukrainian economy is in shambles and they continue to fight with Russia over gas supplies.

Saker report: Dark clouds over Novorussia as Ukraine appoints war criminal as minister of war

Escalation of war in Ukraine? Victoria Nuland arrives in Kiev


Russia will import pork from China after 10 year hiatus in response to Western sanctions

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Russia will import pork from China for the first time in a decade to replace imports from the US and Europe banned as part of the standoff with the West over the Ukraine crisis.

Pork imports by Russia from China have resumed for the first time since 2004, according to the website of Russia's consumer watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor. Eight hundred tons of pork is on its way to Russia in 32 shipping containers.

China is the world's largest pork producer and in 2013 delivered 68 million tons, or about 50 percent of the world's pork.

Worried about foot and mouth disease, Russia banned Chinese meat imports in 2004. In 2009 swine flu struck Chinese pigs and in 2003 the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak had also raised concerns.

In August, Russia agreed to resume pork imports from China, and gave two Chinese companies permission to sell on the Russian market. Nine more applications have been processed and are awaiting approval.