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Pope Francis angers Turkey over Armenian genocide comments

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Pope Francis honored the 100th anniversary of the slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks and called it "the first genocide of the 20th century." His comments have angered Turkey, which has recalled its Vatican envoy.

At Sunday's mass in the Armenian Catholic rite at Peter's Basilica the Pope said he had a duty to honor the innocent men, women, children, priests and bishops who were murdered by the Ottoman Turks.

"Concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it," said the pontiff.

He said that humanity had lived through three periods of massive and unprecedented tragedy in the 20th century. "The first, which is widely considered 'the first genocide of the 20th century', struck your own Armenian people," he said.

Scholars and historians estimate that as many as 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turks around the time of the First World War.

Turkey accepts that many Christian Armenians died in fighting with Muslim Ottoman soldiers at the beginning of 1915, but says the numbers are massively inflated and that they were killed in war.

Comment: Despite the Turkish sensitivity over the word genocide, what the Ottoman Turks did to the Armenians most definitely can be described as genocide. The Pope is merely saying what everyone in the world already knows, that the Turks systematically exterminated Armenians during WWI.

The forgotten holocaust:
The Armenian Genocide was a systematic extermination that occurred during World War One, mostly in 1915. The killers were Ottoman Turks: agents and soldiers of that government, as well as eager civilians.

The slaughter took place in two phases. First was the wholesale killing of able-bodied Armenian males through massacre and forced labor. Afterward came the deportation of women, children, the elderly and the infirm, on death marches into the Syrian Desert.

All told, perhaps 1.5 million people were killed. The vast majority of these were Armenians, but the Turks also killed large numbers of Assyrian Christians, Greeks, and other minority groups.

In many ways - including that of medical experiments on victims - the Armenian Genocide was the direct forerunner of the Nazi Genocide against the Jews.
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“Scenes like this were common all over the Armenian provinces, in the spring and summer months of 1915. Death in its several forms—massacre, starvation, exhaustion—destroyed the larger part of the refugees. The Turkish policy was that of extermination under the guise of deportation.”


Westerners - including Americans - abandoned by their leaders to Saudi bombing of Yemen, evacuated by Russian ships and planes


Russian planes were sent into Yemen by the Russian government to save people, no matter where they're from
The Russian Navy vessel Priazovye has helped to evacuate 308 people from war-torn Yemen. The Russian Defense Ministry stated citizens from 19 countries had been rescued, including Russian, Ukrainian, US and Yemeni nationals.

The Russian warship departed the southern Yemeni port of Aden on Sunday night and is due to arrive in Djibouti, on the east coast of Africa on Monday morning.

"Among those evacuated from the zone of hostilities in the Aden area, were citizens of 19 countries, including 45 Russian nationals," Igor Konashenkov, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Sunday.

There were also a number of foreign citizens aboard the Priazovye, including 18 Americans, 14 Ukrainians, nine Belorusians, five UK citizens, as well as 159 Yemeni nationals.

The Russian warship had been based in the Gulf of Aden to help carry out anti-piracy missions, before it was sent towards Yemen to aid the evacuation. It follows weeks of Saudi-led airstrikes against Houthi anti-government rebels.

This is not the first Russian-led evacuation in Yemen. Earlier in April, Moscow organized flights and ship to help evacuate its own citizens, as well as a number of foreigners, from the conflict area. So far, Russian aircraft have made five rescue missions into Yemen to airlift people caught in the war-zone to safety.

Comment: Another 300 Westerners, including more Americans, have been airlifted from Yemen. American readers might want to note that their fellow countrymen abandoned in Yemen are being bombed from the air by US and British-made Saudi jets... which are undertaking round-the-clock bombing raids thanks to being refuelled in mid-air by US bombers.


German FM: Long-term isolation of Russia not in German interests

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Germany is unwilling to keep Russia in longstanding isolation, but a possible regain of G8 membership by Moscow depends on implementation of the ceasefire in Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Sunday.

The Western powers suspended Moscow from the G8 group of advanced economies following last March's reunification of Crimea with Russia, backed by 96 percent of the peninsula's voters at a referendum. The West and Ukraine, however, accuse Russia of an illegal annexation, as well as of providing military support to eastern Ukraine's pro-independence militia.

"We are not interested in a longstanding isolation of Russia. But after the illegal annexation of Crimea we cannot act as if nothing happened and do 'business as usual.' The way back to the G8 goes through the respect of Ukraine's territorial integrity and implementation of Russia's commitments under the Minsk agreements," Frank Walter-Steinmeier told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Russia, France and Germany brokered a ceasefire agreement between the Ukrainian government and independence forces in Minsk in February, following months of intense fighting. Under the deal, the sides have withdrawn heavy weapons from the line of contact.

Currently, the G7 group comprises Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Majority of parliamentary candidates in Finland do not see Russia as a threat

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The survey results show that majority of Finnish parliamentary candidates do not see Russia as a threat to the Finns.

The majority of parliamentary candidates in Finland, do not see Russia as a threat to the security of Finland. This conclusion was reached via the result of a survey conducted by Finnish media Yle.

Out of more than 150 respondents, 70 percent believe that Finns should not be afraid of its eastern neighbor. Such a view is especially popular among the left-wing parties.

Similarly, a large number of candidates do not support anti-Russian sanctions. Comments by the candidates expressed a general opinion that the sanctions negatively impact Finland, but the Finns wanted to stand with the EU as a joint front.


US agribusiness, GMOs, Ukraine and the plundering of the planet

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Beautiful Ukraine grain. Now you see it...soon you won't.
Small family/peasant farms pro­duce most of the world's food. They form the bedrock of global food pro­duc­tion. Yet they are being squeezed onto less than a quar­ter of the planet's farm­land. The world is fast los­ing farms and farm­ers through the con­cen­tra­tion of land into the hands of rich and pow­er­ful land spec­u­la­tors and agribusi­ness corporations.

By def­i­n­i­tion, peas­ant agri­cul­ture pri­ori­tises food pro­duc­tion for local and national mar­kets as well as for farm­ers' own fam­i­lies. Big agritech cor­po­ra­tions on the other hand take over scarce fer­tile land and pri­ori­tise com­modi­ties or export crops for profit and for­eign mar­kets that tend to cater for the needs of the urban afflu­ent. This process dis­places farm­ers from their land and brings about food inse­cu­rity, poverty and hunger.

What big agribusi­ness with its indus­trial model of glob­alised agri­cul­ture claims to be doing - address­ing global hunger and food short­ages - is doing noth­ing of the sort. There is enough evi­dence to show that its activ­i­ties actu­ally lead to hunger and poverty - some­thing that the likes of GMO-agribusiness-neoliberal apol­o­gists might like to con­sider when they pro­pa­gan­dize about choice, democ­racy and hunger: issues that they seem unable to grasp, at least beyond a self-serving super­fi­cial level.

Comment: Another of humanity's productive and long-proven working systems infiltrated, overrun and ruined by self-serving, authoritarian pathological units.

Comment: "Nowhere in the world, in no act of genocide, in no war, are so many people killed per minute, per hour and per day as those who are killed by hunger and poverty on our planet." —Fidel Castro, 1998

The global food industry is not organized to feed the hungry; it is organized to generate profits for corporate agribusiness. Back in 2008, six companies controlled 85% of the world trade in grain, three controlled 83% of cocoa, three controlled 80% of banana trade and corn had a complete lock enabling ADM,Cargill and Bunge to decide how much of each year's crop goes to make ethanol, sweeteners, animal feed or human food. Over the past three decades, agribusiness companies have insidiously engineered a massive restructuring of global agriculture via market power, governments, the World Bank, IMF and the World Trade Organization. The changes have lined their pockets, while making global hunger worse and food crises inevitable. Millions of people are starving in countries that export food while the industrial agriculture shift has driven millions of people off the land and into urban slums, unemployment and poverty...not to mention the effects of biodiversity loss...

Kill off the consumers and who will be left to buy all the franken food grown from your tainted earth and poisoned water??? Big Agra...not so smart.


Meet the secretive group that runs the World


First unofficial meeting of the BIS Board of Directors in Basel, April 1930.
Over the centuries there have been many stories, some based on loose facts, others based on hearsay, conjecture, speculation and outright lies, about groups of people who "control the world." Some of these are partially accurate, others are wildly hyperbolic, but when it comes to the historic record, nothing comes closer to the stereotypical, secretive group determining the fate of over 7 billion people, than the Bank of International Settlements, which hides in such plain sight, that few have ever paid much attention.

The following is an excerpt from TOWER OF BASEL: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World by Adam LeBor. Reprinted with permission from PublicAffairs.

Comment: So who guides the BIS?


Russia's space defense troops spot foreign spying satellites disguised as space junk

© RIA Novosti/Grigoriy Sisoev
A group of electronic reconnaissance satellites disguised as space junk has been disclosed by Russian aerospace defense troops. The devices were put into orbit to spy specifically on facilities on Russian territory.

"Most recently, experts of the Main Space Intelligence Center disclosed a tyro group of electronic reconnaissance satellites. This satellite constellation is being developed to carry out communications surveillance of the facilities based inside Russian Federation territory," commander of the Space Command, Major-General Oleg Maidanovich, informed Zvezda TV channel.

The developed satellites were disguised as space trash, which is a normal practice, noted the commander.

Major-General was reluctant to report on state affiliation of the exposed space vehicles, saying "So far, there is no need for this."

Maidanovich said that one of the top priority tasks of the space command is to reveal satellite constellation in development.

Comment: Amazing, all this wasted money and technology on spying.

Star of David

Solar panels in Khan al-Ahmar illegally removed by Israel, only source of village electricity

Solar panels finally brought electricity to the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar in the West Bank, but the residents' joy was short lived.

A few weeks after the panels were installed, Israeli authorities confiscated them, indicating the latest chapter in Israel's long battle to quash the strategically located village.

PNN reports that, on Wednesday, policemen and Israeli soldiers escorted employees of the Israeli Civil Administration (the governing body of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank) on a trip to Khan al-Ahmar, a Bedouin village located a few kilometers from occupied East Jerusalem. There, they dismantled 11 solar panels, most of which had just been donated and installed by the Palestinian NGO Future for Palestine to give this village a few hours of electricity a day.

Comment: The psychopathic drive is relentless.


Heinous waste of money officially begins

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Washington —The two major political parties' unconscionable waste of money officially commences this weekend, as Democrats and Republicans will soon begin spending an estimated five billion dollars of their corporate puppet masters' assets in an unquenchable pursuit of power.

The billions, which could be spent rebuilding the nation's crumbling infrastructure, improving schools, or reducing the scourge of malaria in Africa, will instead be squandered in a heinous free-for-all of slander and personal destruction, alienating voters as never before.

The media will inevitably focus on the personalities of the bloated roster of narcissists lusting after the White House, but scant attention will be paid to the Wall Street bankers, industrial polluters, and casino magnates whose grip on American democracy will remain vise-like.

While attention this weekend turns to the Democrats, the Republicans remain quietly confident about their chances of purchasing the nation's highest office. In the words of one top operative, "Our billionaires can beat their billionaires."


Ukraine falling apart: Did Odessa just declare independence?

Source: Antifashist - Translated from Russian by Alexey Tatu
A parallel government was formed in Odessa, declaring its secession from Ukraine and the formation of the Odessa People's Republic. This information was distributed by the "Agency of Information Reports". (http://vg-news.ru/)

According to the publication, the editorial office is in posession of a document entitled the "Declaration on the State Sovereignty of the Odessa People's Republic". The document is dated on April 6, 2015:
In light of tragic events that took place in Kiev (in February 2014) and Odessa (in May 2014), we declare a unilateral exit of the Odessa People's Republic from Ukraine, and the urgent formation of the Cabinet of Ministers. As the head of state, I emphasize that this measure is designed to protect the democratic values of the region from attacks by right-wing formations, brought to the territory of the former Odessa region on the orders of the so-called authorities in Kiev.

Until the normalization of the situation, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Odessa People's Republic will be represented by the following public officials:

Defense Minister: Shilov N. A.

The Minister of Internal Affairs: Luzgin, A. A.

The Minister of Health: V. S. Evseev

The Minister for Civil Defense and Emergencies: Zharkov D. N.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism: Shevchenko M.K.

Military Commandant of Odessa: Kovalenko P.S.

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Odessa People's Republic, Kovalenko P. S. (signed)

April 6, 2015
"Anti-fascist" at the moment has no confirmation of this information from other sources. Once this information becomes available, details will be published. Please follow our updates.