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Amerika to save Europe from Russia by sending F-22 Raptor fighter jets


'World police, get down on the ground!'
The US Air Force said its F-22 Raptor stealth fighters will be sent to Europe to show "commitment to the security and stability" of its allies. The Air Force Secretary tied the move to the US' "approach to Russia," linking it to the crisis in Ukraine.

The deployment, slated to occur "very soon," was described as part of the "European Reassurance Initiative," Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said at a Pentagon briefing on Monday. She added that it was "to support combatant commander requirements" in the region.

James said Russia's "military activity" in Ukraine continued to be of great concern to the US and its European allies, and that the deployment of the F-22s was "certainly on the strong side of the coin." She also quoted Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who said last week, "Our approach to Russia needs to be strong and it needs to be balanced."

Comment: What's a few Raptors between friends?

Before they know it, Europeans will be living under US military occupation.

For a good cause, of course...


South Front Crisis News: 1 Ukrainian town, 8 months, 164 civilians killed by Kiev's shelling

According to official reports, legislatively the strength of Kiev's army has been set at 250,000. The 22 existing brigades have been reorganized and twelve new brigades are about to be formed. Under state defense contracts the army has received more than 1,300 pieces of military equipment. Also, the Defense Ministry has created a center for development and material support for the Ukrainian armed forces and agreements have been authorized for shifting the army to NATO standards. The Minsk peaceful is going successful. (тут рукалицо)

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Indian anti-corruption official: Mumbai attacks orchestrated by India, U.S., Pakistan intelligence services

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Azam Amir Kasab, 21, is said to be the man pictured at Mumbai's train station carrying an assault rifle and grenades - and the only terrorist survivor.
A senior Indian police officer and anti-corruption investigator last month accused the Indian government of orchestrating the Mumbai terror attacks which occurred nearly seven years ago, according to an Indian government official.

R. V. S. Mani, a former undersecretary in India's home ministry now in the urban development ministry, testified in July that a senior police officer who investigated the 2004 'encounter killings' of four Indian Muslims in Gujarat by the Ahmedabad Police Crime Branch, had told him that the 2008 Mumbai attacks were "set up" by the Indian government.

The police officer, Satish Verma — currently Principal at the Police Training College in Junagadh — is well-known for his secondment to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), India's elite anti-corruption law enforcement agency, to lead the probe into the 2004 'encounter killings.'

The 2004 victims were Ishrat Jahan Raza, a 19-year-old girl from Mumbra, Maharashtra, and three men — Pranesh Pillai (alias Javed Gulam Sheikh), Amjad Ali Rana and Zeeshan Johar. Gujarat police authorities with the support of Indian government officials claimed that the killings were justified due to credible intelligence linking the four to Islamist terrorists.

Comment: You can probably add Israel's Mossad to the list: This type of operation is standard procedure. Plan the attack, train and handle the 'terrorists', then push through draconian 'anti-terror' legislation and ridicule anyone who points out the obvious.


Chinese central banker blames expectation of fed rate hike for market crash

While the western mainstream media meme is that "this is all China's fault" - despite the fact that the real break happened after the FOMC Minutes last week - Xinhua reports that China central bank blames wide-spread expectations of a Fed rate hike in September for the global market rout... demanding The Fed "remain patient.

As Xinhua reports,
A researcher with China's central bank on Tuesday blamed wide expectation of a Fed rate rise in September for the global market rout.

Yao Yudong, head of the People's Bank of China's Research Institute of Finance, said the expected Fed rate hike next month had been the "trigger" for the wild market swings.

Analysts worried that the Fed rate hike could accelerate the plunge of U.S. stocks andtrigger a sell-off of assets worldwide and even a new global credit crisis.

Yao said the Fed should remain patient before the U.S. inflation reaches 2 percent.

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Economist on global market crisis: It's not about China, the problem is America

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A view shows the Federal Reserve building
As stock markets continue their slide into negative territory, economists debate whether the problems lie in monetary mismanagement by the US Federal Reserve or with China's domestic concerns "exporting pain" to others via its yuan devaluation.

Speaking to RT, economist Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital Inc. said that there is a lot of "scapegoating" surrounding China and the yuan's devaluation when it comes to the recent downward fortunes of global stock markets, but that the Federal Reserve is the more responsible culprit when it comes to any instability in the American economy.

"This is not about China. This problem is made in America. It's all about the Fed. The Fed inflated this bubble and now they're threatening to prick it. Everybody expects the Fed to actually raise interest rates," Schiff said, after US stocks rallied early Tuesday before crashing in the final hour of trading.

He went on to say that he believes the possibility of the Fed raising rates is "a bluff," and that doing so would trigger another financial crisis.


Inquiry questions if ISIS analysis was distorted

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Airstrikes on ISIS positions
The Pentagon's inspector general is investigating allegations that military officials have skewed intelligence assessments about the United States-led campaign in Iraq against the Islamic State to provide a more optimistic account of progress, according to several officials familiar with the inquiry.

The investigation began after at least one civilian Defense Intelligence Agency analyst told the authorities that he had evidence that officials at United States Central Command — the military headquarters overseeing the American bombing campaign and other efforts against the Islamic State — were improperly reworking the conclusions of intelligence assessments prepared for policy makers, including President Obama, the government officials said.

Fuller details of the claims were not available, including when the assessments were said to have been altered and who at Central Command, or Centcom, the analyst said was responsible. The officials, speaking only on the condition of anonymity about classified matters, said that the recently opened investigation focused on whether military officials had changed the conclusions of draft intelligence assessments during a review process and then passed them on.

Comment: Falsifying records, deceiving the public, "possibly misleading" the supreme decision-makers...and the penalty for this might be...? Or is this just another layer of problem solving to pull the wool, gain confidence and divert a real investigation or something else. From the looks of it, we have a 3-D pseudo war of Distortion, Deception and Disinformation. "Service Bias"...now there's an interesting term for manipulation and lying!

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Why China's slowdown will lead to sustainable growth

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In less than a week China's modest, by-the-book devaluation of its currency appears to have escalated into a full-scale political crisis, complete with reports of a Mao-style purge of top leaders and tanks in Tiananmen Square. Suddenly, the world's highest-flying economy appears headed for the brick wall of reality.

Reality doesn't mean early onset doom and gloom.

The danger of making 2 plus 2 equal 5 or 6 in this volatile interim is all too real. So is another week of panic in the bond and equity markets—as bad as or worse than the wholly unwarranted freak-out we've just been through.


Clean slate: New Ferguson judge voids 10,000 arrest warrants

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Police guard the Municipal Court in Ferguson, Missouri, March 2015.
The new municipal judge in Ferguson has recalled all arrest warrants issued before 2015. The decision gives many residents of the troubled Missouri city a fresh start, just days before a court reform law is to take effect.

Issued by Ferguson Municipal Court Judge Donald McCullin, the order applies to all arrest warrants prior to December 31, 2014, whether for minor traffic violations or more serious offenses. Close to 10,000 warrants are affected by the decision, municipal prosecutor Stephanie Karr told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"These changes should continue the process of restoring confidence in the court, alleviating fears of the consequences of appearing in court, and giving many residents a fresh start," said McCullin, who was appointed to the post in June. His predecessor, Ronald Brockmeyer, resigned in March following a scathing Department of Justice report accused Ferguson of unconstitutional practices and racial profiling.

Comment: Wow, a town of 21,000 voids 10,000 arrest warrants! That is almost half of the population! This seems like great news but will do little to really change the town's image of racial profiling.

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Lavrov: Russia and China are stalwart opponents of imposing will over sovereign states and attempts to rewrite history

© Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti
Rewriting history shatters the pillars of the world order perpetuated by the UN Charter, Russia's foreign minister said in an article published in Russian and Chinese media. The world's fate cannot be held in the hands of just one state, he added.

Sergey Lavrov's article 'History Lessons and New Frontiers' has been published in Russian Rossiyskaya Gazeta and the Chinese People's Daily along with a piece by China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

"Today we see barefaced craving to falsify the history of war (WWII) and equalize victims and slaughterers. This urge does not only revolt feelings of our people, but also undermines the basis of the modern world order perpetuated in the United Nations' Statute," Lavrov wrote.

It is highly important that Russia and China present a united front in persistently presenting the historical truth, Lavrov stressed, paying special attention to the significance of Chinese leader Xi Jinping's visit to Russia on the Victory Day and the march of Chinese soldiers on Red Square during the celebrations.

Comment: It's easy to see why Russia and China are painted as villains by the West when you read Lavrov's words. The U.S. believes in the exact opposite of what they do. Since the leaders of the U.S. are bound and determined to hold full hegemonic control of the world, they cannot let either country get enough control to change the global geopolitical makeup. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for humanity, they are failing.

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The West continues spreading the myth of the Russian threat

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Not a week goes by without the Pentagon carping about an ominous Russian "threat".

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey entered certified Donald "known unknown" Rumsfeld territory when he recently tried to conceptualize the "threat"; "Threats are the combination, or the aggregate, of capabilities and intentions. Let me set aside for the moment, intentions, because I don't know what Russia intends."

So Dempsey admits he does not know what he's talking about. What he seems to know is that Russia is a "threat" anyway — in space, cyber space, ground-based cruise missiles, submarines.

And most of all, a threat to NATO; "One of the things that Russia does seem to do is either discredit, or even more ominously, create the conditions for the failure of NATO."

So Russia "does seem" to discredit an already self-discredited NATO. That's not much of a "threat".

All these rhetorical games take place while NATO "does seem" to get ready for a direct confrontation with Russia. And make no mistake; Moscow does view NATO's belligerence as a real threat.