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SOTT Exclusive: ISIS' curiously contrived conspiracy

I've been wondering: is everyone meant to be impressed by the latest "ISIS" attacks in Yemen, where someone detonated 5 bombs inside Mosques packed with innocent men women and children, killing 130? Or what about "ISIS" gunning down 23 tourists in a Tunisian museum? Do the perpetrators of these atrocities think that gunning down defenseless people in order to spread fear of Muslim terrorists makes them special? Because it really doesn't. It makes them despicable degenerates, the shit on the sole of the shoe of the human race.

Rather than give in to these crass efforts to make us afraid, we should respond, if only in our own minds, with not only righteous indignation and complete and utter contempt for the cowards who perpetrate these acts against innocent people and those in the Western media who encourage us to submit to this asinine manipulation. Such people may see themselves as masterminds or evil geniuses, but objectively, they're lower than pond scum on the evolutionary ladder. That's a funny image, a bunch of pond scum imagining itself as ruler of the world.

And I'm sorry, but the 'suicide bomber' nonsense doesn't fly with me. When you detonate a bomb in a room packed full of people, it's pretty easy to claim it was a 'suicide bomber' when there's no realistic way to prove or disprove that allegation. In fact, if someone wanted to create 'eyewitness testimony' to the presence of the 'suicide bomber', how hard would it be to place the bomb in the building beforehand, and when a guy wearing a backpack walks in, detonate the bomb and identify him as the 'suicide bomber'?


Talking enough? UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Yemen

The UN Security Council is due to convene on Sunday an emergency meeting on the deterioration of the crisis in Yemen, torn by a struggle between the government and the Shiite Houthi rebels who have toppled it, the press service of the organization has said.

The meeting is scheduled at 3 p.m. New York time (1900 GMT).

A diplomatic source told TASS the meeting is called by Jordan, a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, at the request of Yemen's President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

"During the meeting, a statement of the Council's chair will be adopted," the source said.

The Council members will also hold a meeting behind the closed doors.

Comment: How can there be any dialogue with the terrorists?


The Sting: How the FBI Created a Terrorist

The FBI isn't nabbing would-be terrorists so much as setting up mentally ill or economically desperate people to commit crimes they could never have accomplished on their own.

Comment: For evidence of the extent to which these FBI terror plots constitute the great part of the "terror threat" see Fake Terror and the War for your Mind, by The Sott Report.

Dollar Gold

Will Russian-led EEU create a rival single currency?

With the rivalry between the European Union (EU) and Russian Federation reaching boiling point over the past few months tensions are high between the former superpower and wannabe superpower. In a move that is sure to increase that rivalry further, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he wants the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) to develop its own version of the single currency.

The EEU was only formed in January this year and is comprised of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Ukraine had formerly been on the list of prospective members but as the conflict in that nation escalated and relations waned, it has understandably chosen not to take part.

With Russia, being the largest economy in the EEU by far any single currency used by the trading bloc will undoubtedly be in the form of the Ruble and react to the strengths and weaknesses that affect the world's largest nation.

Comment: For more of the bigger picture, see: West to East: Global power balance shifting - the American empire is dying

Stock Up

Russian economy rebounds as it adapts to Western sanctions in record time

© Bloomberg
Sanctions meant to punish Russia for snatching Crimea from Ukraine one year ago were supposed to hurt Russian business. And they did. Russian stocks, bonds and commodities had the worst performance in 2014 of those in any emerging market.

That was then. Now the picture is changing, with investors starting to favor Russia in 2015. The ruble, which became the world's most volatile currency last year after President Vladimir Putin's land grab, is stabilizing. The swings in its value narrowed this year more than any of the other 30 most-traded currencies.

Investors in Russian government securities denominated in rubles have earned the equivalent of 7 cents on the dollar so far this year, as measured by the Bloomberg Russia Local Sovereign Bond Index. In contrast, anyone holding similar government debt in emerging markets across-the-board has lost 1.1 percent in 2015.

The picture is even rosier for Russia's corporate bondholders; they've had a 7.3 percent total return in 2015, leading the gains in the index for emerging market corporate bonds compiled by Bloomberg. And while shareholders in the global emerging market stocks measured by the MSCI Emerging Market Index gained 1.7 percent this year, the 50 Russian stocks in the Micex index are up 11.9 percent -- better than the Standard & Poor's 500 or any other North American market.

Comment: See also: A sign of bigger things to come, perhaps?

Red Flag

CIA Director warns Iran of 'tremendous costs' of no nuclear deal

© AP
CIA Director John Brennan
CIA Director John Brennan warns that Iran will face "tremendous costs" if no nuclear deal is reached and it pursues the development of nuclear weapons.

"I think they realize there's going to be tremendous costs and consequences and implications if they were to decide to go for a breakout," Brennan said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday," reiterating the administration is committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, even if a deal fails. "If they decide to go down that route," he said, "they know they will do so at their peril."

The administration is in the midst of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, despite a deeply skeptical Republican Congress.

Asked about the ability to monitor Iran's nuclear activity, Brennan stressed "it's not a question of trusting the Iranians on this," adding the U.S. is in a position to "verify" Iranian pledges. And asked about a potential secret nuclear site in Iran, he responded only by expressing his confidence in U.S. intelligence services.

Brennan was also pressed about Iran's role in combating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in the Middle East.

Airplane Paper

SOTT Exclusive: U.S. drone army terrorizing populations worldwide, concerned ISIS could do the same

Hardly a day goes by without ISIS making the headlines. If they're not staging terror attacks wielding Kalashnikovs, then you can be sure they're plotting to do something that threatens Western 'freedom and democracy.' The first to inform us are, of course, U.S. officials; somehow they're always first in the know. Apparently, ISIS could now be plotting to build a 'drone army.'
As U.S.-led coalition forces confirm they shot down an ISIS drone this week, experts warn the extremists could soon adapt the technology for battle purposes.

The self-proclaimed Islamic State—also known as ISIS or ISIL—has added drones to its arsenal, and for the first time, the U.S.-led coalition took one of their drones out, officials announced Wednesday.
While U.S. officials are quick to denounce anyone who questions or reveals their terror activities as a 'conspiracy theorist' and are every ready to ratchet up even more plans designed to demonize such people, they have no qualms about spreading some of these theories themselves. After all, if it comes from the mouths of the official talking heads, then it must be OK.
"They don't have reusable attack drones, but I think it is just a matter of time before they jury-rig surveillance drones into flying IEDs. Basically, they could turn them into little kamikaze drones."
Largely omitted from the article is the fact that another extremist group - this one not waving a black-and-white flag but wearing suits and ties and sitting in high offices somewhere in the U.S. - has already adapted the said technology for surveillance and battle purposes and is terrorizing the population of Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and elsewhere across the planet. According to one report, the recipient of the most people killed by drones Nobel Peace Prize, the poster child of the U.S. empire, Obama, has killed more people with drones than died on 9/11.


Cold Consent: DEA is seizing cash with no cause at airports, train and bus stations

Federal drug agents may be racially profiling and unjustly seizing cash from travelers in the nation's airports, bus stations and train stations. A new report released by the Office of the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Justice examined the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)'s controversial use of "cold consent."

In a cold consent encounter, a person is stopped if an agent thinks that person's behavior fits a drug courier profile. Or an agent can stop a person cold "based on no particular behavior," according to the Inspector General report. The agent then asks people they have stopped for consent to question them and sometimes to search their possessions as well. By gaining consent, law enforcement officers can bypass the need for a warrant.

But after reviewing the DEA's policies, the Inspector General concluded, "cold consent encounters and searches can raise civil rights concerns." In one incident, DEA agents cold-stopped an African-American woman at an airport and allegedly subjected her to "aggressive and humiliating questioning"; the woman was a Pentagon lawyer and travelling on government business.

Comment: For more on these government approved shake-downs see the following video.


The black budget: What does it mean to US Federal budget, the economy and you?

Are financial fraud and market manipulations actually mechanisms for financing the black budget and centralized governance necessitated by high-tech secrecy?


Oops! Ukrainian 'security' forces blindfold, handcuff, detain OSCE monitor

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Averin
An OSCE representative checks on the presence of heavy artillery in the place of its deployment in the village of Ulyanovskoye, Amvrosiyevsky District, Donetsk Region.
Ukrainian Security Services "agents" have detained, blindfolded and handcuffed an OSCE monitor in the Kiev-controlled city of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine. Having found out his identity, the three men in balaclavas released the monitor "with apologies."

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in its daily report confirmed that as soon as one of its members disembarked the train in Kramatorsk on Thursday, he was immediately apprehended by men in civilian clothes wearing sky-masks.

"An SMM monitor was approached by three men in civilian clothes, two of them wearing balaclavas and holstered weapons. The monitor was handcuffed and hooded before being asked to identify himself," the report says.

The organization does not provide any details as to how long the monitor was held handcuffed or how the person was treated. OSCE notes, however, that once the identity was established, "he was released with apologies."

Comment: Typical. Even Kiev's SBU is little more than a collection of thugs.