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Charlie Hebdo not racist? If you say so

“Shari`a Hebdo” cover: Mohammed, editor-in-chief: “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter!” Puerile.
Translated by Daphne Lawless

He worked there from 1992 to 2001, before walking out, angered by "the dictatorial behaviour and corrupt promotion practices" of a certain Philippe Val [former CH editor - trans.] Since then, Olivier Cyran has been an observer from a distance, outside the walls, of the evolution of Charlie Hebdo and its growing obsession with Islam. He went over this long-term drift on the occasion of an opinion piece in Le Monde, signed by Charb [Stéphane Charbonnier, one of the cartoonists murdered in January 2015 - trans.] and Fabrice Nicolino.

Postscript 11 January 2015: to all those who think that this article was validation in advance of the shameful terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo (that they were asking for it), the editorial team of Article 11 would like to give a hearty middle finger to such vultures. To make things absolutely clear, please see this text.


Dear Charb and Fabrice Nicolino,

"We hope that those who claim, and will claim tomorrow, that Charlie is racist, will at least have the courage to say it out loud and under their real name. We'll know how to respond." Reading this rant at the end of your opinion piece in Le Monde[1], as if to say "come say it to our face if you're a real man", I felt something rising within me, like a craving to go back to fighting in the school playground. Yet it wasn't me being called out. Which upright citizens you hope to convince, moreover, is a mystery. For a good long while, many people have been saying "out loud" and "under their real name" what they think about your magazine and the effluent flowing out of it, without any one of you being bothered to answer them or to shake their little fists.

And so Le Monde has charitably opened their laundry service to you, for an express steam-cleaning of your rumpled honour. To hear you talk, it was urgent: you couldn't even go out in Paris without a taxi driver treating you like racists and leaving you helpless on the footpath. I understand your annoyance, but why did you have to go give yourself another black eye in a different publication than your own? Don't Charlie Hebdo, its website and its publishing house give you space to express yourself to your heart's content? You invoke "Charlie's" glorious heritage of the 60s and 70s, when it was political censorship and not haunting disrepute that gave your magazine something to worry about. But I doubt that, at the time, writers like Cavanna or Choron would have asked for help from the posh press to make themselves respectable.

Comment: Kudos to Mr. Cyran for picking apart all that is so horribly wrong about Charlie Hebdo and how the publication has negatively effected France. Perhaps not surprisingly, we also learn that this sort of racist, idiotic, and damaging type of discourse is also propagated by a good number of other French media outlets. Coupled with this country's utter acquiescence to the West's and Israel's 'war on terror' dictates after the Paris shooting, we see yet another historical replay in new clothes; its become Vichy France all over again. Only far worse.


Secularism: France's biggest illusion

muslim attacks france

With controversial headline “This brazen Islam” a French magazine in 2012 claimed Muslims were infiltrating hospitals, cafeterias, swimming pools, schools
Commentators in France and elsewhere have taken the recent terrorist attacks in Paris as an occasion to reflect more broadly about Muslims in France. Many read the attacks as a sign of French Muslims' refusal to integrate. They've asked whether Muslims can be fully secular and expressed doubt as whether one can be both Muslim and French.

Even as we try to make sense of what happened, however, we should be wary of myths about French secularism (laïcité) and French citizenship being spun in the aftermath of the attacks.

France understands itself and is often accepted as a preeminent secular nation that fully separates church and state and restricts religion to the private sphere.

The reality is more complicated, as more than 10 years of research on this issue have taught me.

In 1905, a major law officially separated church and state in France, though it did not go into effect in the northeastern region of Alsace-Moselle, which was under Prussian rule at the time. Even when Alsace-Moselle was reintegrated into France, however, it remained exempt from the 1905 law, and Catholicism, Calvinism, Lutheranism, and Judaism are still officially recognized religions in the region. As a result, religious education in one of those religions is obligatory for public-school students and the regional government pays the salaries of clergy of the four recognized religions.

Other exceptions to the separation of church and state

The 1905 law itself contains a number of exceptions. For instance, though it forbids government financing of new religious buildings, it allows the government to pay maintenance costs for religious edifices built before 1905 - most of them Catholic churches. Thanks to later laws, the state also subsidizes private religious schools, most of them Catholic, some of them Jewish. And there exist other traces of Catholicism within the education system, like a public school calendar organized around Catholic holy days and public school cafeterias that serve fish on Fridays.

However, when Muslim French request the kind of accommodations offered to other religious communities in France, for example, state-funded Muslim schools, a school calendar that incorporates Muslim holy days, and the official recognition of Islam in Alsace-Moselle, they are reminded that France is a secular country where proper citizenship requires separating religion from public life.

Comment: The French approach to its Muslim population is an excellent example of the 'hollowing out' of language and stated principles as explained in Political Ponerology, The original intent of a law or a group's aims no matter how lofty, are gradually inverted by pathological members to mean something entirely different to the inner core.
Paramoralisms: The conviction that moral values exist and that some actions violate moral rules is so common and ancient a phenomenon that it seems to have some substratum at man's instinctive endowment level (although it is certainly not totally adequate for moral truth), and that it does not only represent centuries' of experience, culture, religion, and socialization. Thus, any insinuation framed in moral slogans is always suggestive, even if the "moral" criteria used are just an "ad hoc" invention. Any act can thus be proved to be immoral or moral by means of such paramoralisms utilized as active suggestion, and people whose minds will succumb to such reasoning can always be found.
Paramoralisms somehow cunningly evades the control of our common sense, sometimes leading to acceptance or approval of behavior that is openly pathological. Paramoralistic statements and suggestions so often accompany various kinds of evil that they seem quite irreplaceable. Unfortunately, it has become a frequent phenomenon for individuals,
oppressive groups, or patho-political systems to invent ever-new moral criteria for someone's convenience. Such suggestions often partially deprive people of their moral reasoning and deform its development in youngsters. Paramoralism factories have been founded worldwide, and a ponerologist finds it hard to believe that they are managed by psychologically normal

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French terror attacks contribute to Israelis' isolation

David Ward

David Ward
There are two big opposing political memes touching on Zionism in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. One is that Europe is unsafe for Jews. This idea is the very basis of Zionism. Our site will be chronicling the upsurge in this belief because it is an important news story: more and more Zionists are expressing it. (Abe Foxman: "if France doesn't heal itself, ultimately, the Jews will leave." Commentary: Muslims pose the threat of another Holocaust: "Jews in France - and, given certain trends, elsewhere in Europe, from Great Britain to Scandinavia - have to consider their literal survival.")

The other meme is a bit quieter, but it's out there: Israel is losing legitimacy in the eyes of the world because it discriminates on a religious basis and occupies Palestine and is causing problems for the west. The country's claim to be a Jewish democracy is an anachronism in our age, and one that sticks out like a sore thumb in the wake of Gaza. The people who express fears about the Jewish place in Europe tend to deny that Israel's actions have anything to do with European or Muslim attitudes about Jews. But even these advocates are painfully aware of Israel's delegitimization.

Comment: Israel will not take these change of events lying down. It will scream, kick, fight and create world chaos as it goes down.


CyberBerkut hacktivists leak docs suggesting Volnovakha bus attack was a false flag

The bus shelling incident in Volnovakha could have been organized by the Security Service of Ukraine, hackers from CyberBerkut group claim, publishing compromised SBU documents on the official website of the network.

Hackers released letters and cryptograms of the Anti-Terrorist Center of the SBU, confirming that the attack could have been planned and carried out by SBU Office in Donetsk region. The documents also contained information about how Ukrainian security forces used the incident for political purposes.

Comment: Here is a partial translation of the leaked document (translation by Sott.net):
From: Mariupol, Department of the security service of Ukraine in Donetsk
To: Kiev, Head of Department of the security service of Ukraine colonel Dublik A.J.

About carrying out of the information campaign to blame DNR and LNR in death of civilians.

To reach the goal of the information campaign the Department takes proper propaganda and counter-propaganda measures to form a necessary information impact on the population of Ukraine.

As part of the planned measures to discredit terror organisation DNR there has been published information material under the title ,A shell by Volnovaha exploded next to passengers bus. 10 people killed" on the popular regional internet resources ,News of Donbass" (_http://novosti.dn.ua/details/242457) and ,In the city" (_http://dn.vgorode.ua/news/sobytyia/248106). Additionally an article under the title ,DNR shelled an Ukrainian checkpoint by Volnovaha: 10 civilians killed".

As part of the propaganda campaign we organized an interview with soldiers of the battalion ,Kiev-2" who were in the immediate vicinity to the checkpoint by Volnovaha. The mentioned interview will be published shortly on the popular internet channel ,Hromadske.tv" (_https://www.youtube.com/user/HromadskeZP) under the title ,Shelling of a checkpoint by Volnovaha. Witnesses' report." The purpose of this interview is to blame DNR and LNR in killing passengers of the bus at Volnovaha at 13.01.2015.

Moreover, on our initiative on the pages of high-ranking internet resource ,0629" were published articles ,On the route Donetsk-Mariupol militants struck artillery attack on a bus. 10 people died" (_http://www.0629.com.ua/news/710328) and ,The cause of death of people near Volnovaha - certainly not mine, - expert opinion" (_http://www.0629.com.ua/article/712305), the contents of which explains to readers who really has been fighting in eastern Ukraine, breaking Minsk cease-fire agreement on a bilateral basis, and the consequences for the civilian population of Ukraine they lead to.

In order to create the necessary information impact on the population of Europe and the United States on the pages of a popular internet resource "Ukraine@war"an article "Bus with civilians hit at Ukrainian checkpost near Volnovakha" has been published (_http://ukraineatwar.blogspot.com/2015/01/volnovakha.html) , where by bringing graphic materials, in the tragedy at Volnovaha the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" (DNR) was blamed.

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How ironic: US calls ICC decision to investigate Gaza onslaught 'tragic irony'

Fatou Bensouda

Fatou Bensouda
The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court yesterday opened a "preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine," with the possibility of a full-blown investigation of Israeli war crimes during last summer's Gaza onslaught; and the US is standing steadfastly behind Israel.

The New York Times says Israelis have responded in fury to the announcement by prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.
Israel's foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman... said Israel would seek to disband the court, which he described as an anti-Israel institution that "embodies hypocrisy and grants a tailwind to terrorism."

... the investigation, infused with internationally recognized legality and credibility, was one that the Israelis had sought to prevent. "It's like she turned the key in the ignition of the judicial vehicle," Richard Dicker, director of the international justice program at Human Rights Watch, said of Ms. Bensouda.

Comment: Notice the true 'terrorists' of the world no longer want to be a part of the ICC: Israel and the United States.

Che Guevara

Intensive fighting along entire line of contact in Novorossiya

donetsk airport
Things look very bad today and very intensive combat operations, in particular artillery strikes, are reported everywhere in Novorussia. At the very least, in the following locations:

1) Donetsk Airport: the Ukrainians attacked with a fairly large concentration of armor and under heavy artillery fire. As for tonight (local time) all of these attacks have been successfully repelled but intelligences sources are reporting a sharp rise in the number of tanks and armored vehicles all around the Donestk airport. The Novorussians are expecting attacks from Peski and Avdeevka.

2) The Ukrainian artillery has opened for almost everywhere along the front. The Ukrainian airforce has also dropped several 500kg bombs from high altitude on the city of Gorlovka.

3) Novorussian units are returning fire and the outskirts of Mariupol have come under Novorussian artillery attacks.

Comment: See also: And counter to Ukrainian reports, "Motorola" is not dead. (How many times has this guy died by now?) Here he is, with Givi, recorded today:


Feeding the beast: Meet the three American families funding Netan-yahoo's campaign

© unknown
Ninety per cent of funds for PM's primary contest came from US.
More than 90 per cent of the recent campaign contributions collected by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came from the US, official records show. In previous campaigns, around half of his campaign funding has come from just three American families.

Mr Netanyahu last week easily won his Likud Party's election to select a prime ministerial candidate - easily overcoming his nearest challenger, former deputy defence minister Danny Danon. The 65-year-old Mr Netanyahu is now gearing up for the general election, due to be held on March 17.

Records from Israel's State Comptroller Office and collated by Buzzfeed.com show that Mr Netanyahu raised around 1m shekels (roughly £166,000), for his primary campaign. Around 90 per cent of this came from the US.

Comment: These families have shown their support for the psychopathic Israeli government. It would only be fair to boycott not just Israel but her supporters as well.


Donetsk: Kiev loses over 200 soldiers in just 24 hours

© REUTERS/ Alexander Ermochenko
At least 200 Ukrainian soldiers and eight eastern Ukrainian independence supporters, as well as numerous civilians, have been killed in the last 24 hours of heavy fighting, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic's (DPR) militia headquarters reported Monday.

"Approximately 200 people were killed and injured. Losses among the militia are eight killed and 37 injured," Donetsk headquarters commander Eduard Basurin said.

At least nine civilians were killed and another 44 were injured in battles between Kiev forces and the independence supporters, Basurin added. One 4-year-old girl is dead and four other children injured in the fighting.

Comment: See also:
  • SOTT Exclusive: Kiev breaks ceasefire, launches major offensive in E. Ukraine - Donetsk retakes airport
It looks like Poroshenko really IS that stupid. That, or he's simply doing whatever he's ordered to do by the CIA station chief. Did he really think this latest offensive would be a success? Ukrainian forces are losing... hard. They're fleeing Peski. Their attempt to retake the airport failed. And while the defenders of Donetsk and Lugansk fight their invaders, the Ukrainians bomb civilians. Basurin also reported: destruction of 81 buildings, 56 shellings of civilian areas.


The Great American Highway Robbery Scheme: Cops in the US can legally steal your money under 'civil asset forfeiture law'

In the wake of Sept. 11, 2001, an aggressive brand of policing called "highway interdiction," which involves authorities seizing money and property during traffic stops, has grown in popularity. Thousands of people not charged with crimes are left fighting legal battles to regain their money.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., on Friday barred local and state police from using federal law to seize cash, cars and other property without warrants or criminal charges. Holder's action represents the most sweeping check on police power to confiscate personal property since the seizures began three decades ago as part of the war on drugs. Since 2008, thousands of local and state police agencies have made more than 55,000 seizures of cash and property worth $3 billion under a civil asset forfeiture program at the Justice Department called Equitable Sharing.

The program has enabled local and state police to make seizures and then have them "adopted" by federal agencies, which share in the proceeds. It allowed police departments and drug task forces to keep up to 80 percent of the proceeds of adopted seizures, with the rest going to federal agencies. "With this new policy, effective immediately, the Justice Department is taking an important step to prohibit federal agency adoptions of state and local seizures, except for public safety reasons," Holder said in a statement.

Comment: Wow, what an obscene little racket the Boys in Blue have going on there.

This is an abomination, and is totally out of control. It began with Nixon's 'War on Drugs' in the 1970s, and it has metastasized into the police state that is the US of A today.

Just as banks are stealing money from people's accounts, the same is happening on the highways and even in people's homes. How can Americans - who supposedly love freedom - acquiesce in such daylight robbery?


Total hysteria: France now jailing people for 'ironic' comments

Defending terrorism: Mock Charlie Hebdo cover circulated after the murder of the magazine’s cartoonists. The text says “Charlie Hebdo is shit. It doesn’t stop bullets.”
It may sound like an ironic joke, but it isn't. Less than a week after the massive rallies in defense of "free expression," following the murders of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, French authorities have jailed a youth for irony.

The arrest is part of a harsh crackdown on free speech in the country that has prompted criticism from national and international human rights organizations.

A 16-year-old high school student was taken into police custody on Thursday and indicted for "defending terrorism," national broadcaster France 3 reports.

His alleged crime? He posted on Facebook a cartoon "representing a person holding the magazine Charlie Hebdo, being hit by bullets, and accompanied by an 'ironic' comment," France 3 states.

Defending freedom: An actual Charlie Hebdo from July 2013 caused outrage for mocking Egyptian protestors killed after the military coup. The text says “The Quran is shit. It doesn’t stop bullets.”

Comment: Make no mistake. France is making the same mistake Germany did in the '30s. The patterns are the same, and the result will be the same. Europe is headed for a second Holocaust, this time against Muslims.