Israel's crocodile tears as Putin outmaneuvers and neutralizes Netanyahu in brilliant strategic move

Comment: This is a rare moment in the geopolitical world where there is cause for celebration. When the illegal and murderous actions of a country, along with its psychopathic leaders are being restricted and neutralized, we think there may actually be justice in this world after all. Read on and observe how an Israeli journalist describes the current "bleak" situation for Israel, and how from now on they will have to be extremely careful before engaging in illegal military operations against other sovereign countries, otherwise they may find themselves being mauled by the Russian bear.

Israel will think twice and more before it decides to initiate air force attacks inside Syria - as it did at least 10 times in the past three years.

A gun placed on stage in the first act must be fired by the last one. This axiom is attributed to Russian playwright Anton Chekov - the same one whose work Minister of Culture Miri Regev proudly declared she has never read.

Even though it was clear that the extensive military buildup by the Russia Army in Syria was bound to eventually lead to military intervention in the civil war, the first Russian air strikes yesterday were received with a bit of surprise. Yesterday morning the Russia Duma (parliament) approved the use of military force - as if President Vladimir Putin really needed their approval - and yesterday by noon missions were executed near the towns of Homs, Hama, and Latakiya. According to Western sources, the Russians targeted positions of rebel groups opposing the regime of President Bashar Assad, including factions supported by the US. The Russian Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, said that its air force targeted ISIS.

Comment: Even here the Israeli media can't get its facts straight. As it turns out, Hizb'allah have been involved in Syria for some time. In fact, it appears that they were withdrawn from engagements with ISIS just prior to the commencement of Russia's intervention. Hizb'allah is probably concerned about the Israelis and Saudis using the "jihadis" to bring the war to Lebanon so, like Russia, they've been "fighting them there so as not to have to fight them here".

Light Saber

Putin's lightning war in Syria

For more than a year, the United States has been playing patty-cake with an army of homicidal maniacs who call themselves ISIS. On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he'd had enough of Washington's song-and-dance and was planning to bring a little Russian justice to the terrorist militias that had killed 225,000 Syrians and ripped the country to shreds. In language that could not be more explicit, Putin said to the General Assembly: "We can no longer tolerate the currents state of affairs in the world". Less than 48 hours later, Russian bombers were raining down precision-guided munitions on terrorist strongholds across western Syria sending the jihadi vermin scrambling for cover.

That's how you fight terrorism if you're serious about it. Bravo, Putin.

Putin's blitz caught the entire western political establishment flat-footed. Even now, three days into the air campaign, neither the administration nor the policy wonks at the many far-right think tanks in Washington have even settled on an approach, much less a strategy, to developments on the ground. What's clear, is that Putin's action has surprised everyone including the media which to-this-day hasn't even settled on it's talking points.

This is extraordinary. Ask yourself this, dear reader: How can our political and military leaders watch Moscow deploy its troops, warplanes and military hardware to a theater where the US is carrying out major operations and have absolutely no plan of how deal with those forces if they are sent into battle?

If you are convinced, as I am, that we are governed by numbskulls, you will certainly find confirmation of that fact in recent events.

But while the Obama administration is frantically searching for a strategy, Putin's air-squadrons are unleashing holy hell on the sociopaths, the head-choppers and the other assorted vipers that comprise the Islamic State. And Mr. Putin is getting plenty of help too, particularly from the crack-troops in the Iranian Quds forces and from the ferocious militia that defeated the IDF in two separate conflicts, Hezbollah, the Army of God. Check this out from Reuters:
"Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria in the last 10 days and will soon join government forces and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies in a major ground offensive backed by Russian air strikes, two Lebanese sources told Reuters....
"The (Russian) air strikes will in the near future be accompanied by ground advances by the Syrian army and its allies," said one of the sources familiar with political and military developments in the conflict....

"The vanguard of Iranian ground forces began arriving in Syria: soldiers and officers specifically to participate in this battle. They are not advisors ... we mean hundreds with equipment and weapons. They will be followed by more," the second source said. Iraqis would also take part in the operation, the source said."

("Assad allies, including Iranians, prepare ground attack in Syria: sources", Reuters)
A military alliance between Moscow, Tehran and Hezbollah?

You're darn tootin', and you can thank Barack Obama and his lunatic regime change plan for that development.

Black Cat 2

Russia's campaign is snuffing out the CIA's Al-Qaeda forces

© Dmitriy Vinogradov / RIA Novosti
Technicians service Russian Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback strike fighters at Syria's Hmeimim airport.
With some 125 strikes in three days the Russian bombing campaign continues to build. The U.S. media is now obsessed with the idea that Russia may be using "dumb bombs" instead of Syrian "barrel bombs". This is becoming a new propaganda meme. But videos from the Russian airbase show that at least some of the planes are armed with KAB-500S-E satellite (GLONAST) guided bombs which are precise "smart" bombs. (Other pictures and video from the Russian air base show a quite comfortable life including air conditioned quarters, a mess tent, Gulaschkanonen, a bakery, a laundry etc. This base is not an improvised short-term installation.)

Besides that how is it more humane to kill by a precise bomb than by a "dumb bomb" or "barrel bomb". Gaza was bombed by the Israelis with (U.S. produced) smart bombs. That did not lead to less destruction or killing. The recent Saudi (U.S. produced) bomb on the Yemen wedding that killed 130 people was also "smart" and hit right where it was targeted at.

The Russians bombed, as I earlier described, mostly in the corridor up to the Turkish border which is in the hand of al-Qaeda, Ahrar al Shams and CIA mercenaries. It also bombed Raqqa, the Syrian capital of the Islamic State and killed a dozen fighters. In response to that the Islamic State canceled Friday prayers in Raqqa seemingly out of fear that any congregation of IS fighters would now get bombed.

Funny. The U.S. claimed for a year that it was seriously bombing the Islamic State. But the Friday prayers have never be canceled before. Could it be that the Islamic State did not believe the U.S. claims but now fears that the Russians really mean business?

Comment: As Moon of Alabama wrote in a previews piece:
Indeed. Even back in 2012 the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency found:
"Moderates"- my ass.
And the claim that ISIS wasn't in Homs? "Except that just nine days ago the Islamic State shot dead seven men in Rastan for being allegedly gay." See also: Western warmongers killed 1.5 million Muslims in 'war on terror'; falsely accuse Russia of '30 civilian casualties' in airstrikes against ISIS


Another Bibi 'bomb' at the UN: Meet the 'death stare' - Netanyahu's 45 seconds of silence during speech


Follow Israel's line of psychopathic reasoning, or I'll glare at you. Or worse.
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's signature moment at the United Nations today was his 44 seconds of silence to indicate the world's silence in the face of alleged Iranian threats to Israel. Here's video of it, posted by the Prime Minister himself on Facebook:

Comment: Overheard at the office of Netanyahu's communication director just a few months ago:

Communication Director: "Listen, Bibi, you're going to have to sound very strong at the next UN meeting when you address the delegates. You'll have to let everyone know you mean business about Iran since most of the world wants to see the deal with Iran go through! And the stupid Americans - we don't know what they're doing, but that's another story."

Netanyahu: "How about another pictogram with a bomb on it? This time we'll paint a nice big nuclear mushroom cloud around it with a map of Israel surrounding the bomb. I have some sketches I brought with me..."

Communication Director: "No Bibi, we have a much better idea. This time you must make them feel guilty like never before -- they have to believe that by choosing to normalize relations with Iran that it will mean the death of Israel, and you'll remind them again very strongly about the holocaust of course. So, listen, you remember that time we took a stroll on the beach a few years ago and you got really upset at the guy with the falafal stand?"

Netanyahu: "You mean when I gave him two shekels and the guy said the falafal sandwhich was three shekels and I told him "do you know who the hell I am?!""

Communication Director: "Yes Bibi, good. Now do you remember what you did just before saying that to him?"

Netanyahu: "Sure I do, I gave him my angry look. I was really upset - charging me three shekels for a two shekel falafal sandwhich! He should've given it to me for free because of all I do for this country."

Communication Director: "Right! Well, we want you to do the exact same thing as you did then, only this time you'll give the angry look right in the middle of the speech - to all the delegates, yes? You want them to feel very very guilty and upset with themselves for even considering normalizing relations with Iran. And you'll stare them down for a really really long time, like at least half a minute. Get it?

Netanyahu: "Great idea - I love it. You know, I'm still a little angry at that stupid guy with the stand. Ok, get me a mirror I want to bring up those feelings again and start practicing right now!"

Communication Director: "Wonderful - someone get Bibi a mirror ASAP!!"


Grainy smudges vs. crystal clear jets: Why do U.S. satellites work in Syria but not Ukraine?

One of the best images of “Russian equipment” in Ukraine…
The Ukraine crisis has been almost completely removed from the focus of the mainstream media. There are some contributions from time to time, like the one in connection with the UN General Assembly, where the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who was elected after the coup d'etat, delivered an expectedly Russophobic speech.

However, over the last few days, Syria is very big news in the western press. Russia has commenced massive weapons and humanitarian deliveries to the Syrian government, something that has become indisputable. On the one hand, even the Russian President Vladimir Putin has admitted to it repeatedly, most recently during the CBS interview. On the other, there is meaningful evidence from satellite images of the Syrian airport Bashar al-Assad, located in the seashore town of Latakia.

The remarkable thing about that, especially when contrasted with 'reporting' of the Ukraine crisis by the western press, is how quickly tangible evidence became available, in the form of highly resolved satellite images of the Russian interventions in Syria. The first rumours surfaced at the end of August and beginning of September, seeded by the Israeli news papers Ynet and Haaretz. Proof was not available back then, and the intervention was dismissed by many commentators - even by the "Saker" for example, who regularly publishes geopolitical analyses regarding Russia.

Comment: The answer should be pretty obvious.

See also: Russia in Syria: When the propaganda is kind of true - Russia bombing 'U.S.-trained' nutjobs

Eye 1

'Humanitarian' propaganda war against Syria - Led by Avaaz and The White Helmets

Global civic organization Avaaz: Not what it pretends to be
"Propaganda is the spreading of information in support of a cause. It's not so important whether the information is true or false or if the cause is just or not — it's all propaganda."

"The word propaganda is often used in a negative sense, especially for politicians who make false claims to get elected or spread rumours to instigate regime change [sic]. In fact, any campaign that is used to persuade can be called propaganda."
Russia's involvement in Syria has caused a flurry of "cold war", Assad/ISIS co-dependency propaganda, all being produced by the usual suspects and all with the primary objective of invoking a No Fly Zone in Syria and stoking the "Russian Bear threat" fires that have been smouldering for some time.

I am going to attempt to dismantle this propaganda edifice one brick at a time.

Comment: See also:


Another mass shooting just in time to distract US from Putin's truth-telling

The truth is, we don't even need to hear the gory details.

We don't need to know the shooter's name, his background, what psychotropic meds he was on. We don't need to know the victim's names and hear their harrowing tales recanted dramatically over and over on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC.

We don't have to wonder why the shooter is dead now. We know dead men tell no tales.

If you are wasting your time looking that close at what the right hand was doing, you already missed the sleight of hand magic trick in the left.

All that matters is that stories about Putin calling the U.S.'s bluff in Syria and airstriking of the very ISIS terrorists that the CIA trained, armed, and funded have been knocked off of the mainstream U.S. media's front page news in lieu of yet another curiously timed mass shooting.

Comment: A few direct quotes from George H.W. Bush may be in order here:
A Benevolent Dictatorship is the Best Form of Government. Everything in Secret and above the law needs to be imperative.-- George H W Bush

Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush in 1988 said: New World Order is the consolidation of more power and money into tighter, fewer, righted, eliter, whiter, hands. NAZI Adolph Hitler first coined the phrase: New World Order.

Bush further stated in June 1992 to Sarah McClendon the Grandam of the Washington White House Press Corps when she asked Bush what will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran-Contra? George H W Bush Replied: Sarah, If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.


Islamic Holocaust: Western wars have killed AT LEAST 4 million Muslims since 1990


Shock and awe... and death, lots of death.
Last month, the Washington DC-based Physicians for Social Responsibility (PRS) released a landmark study concluding that the death toll from 10 years of the "War on Terror" since the 9/11 attacks is at least 1.3 million, and could be as high as 2 million.

The 97-page report by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning doctors' group is the first to tally up the total number of civilian casualties from US-led counter-terrorism interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The PSR report is authored by an interdisciplinary team of leading public health experts, including Dr. Robert Gould, director of health professional outreach and education at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, and Professor Tim Takaro of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

Yet it has been almost completely blacked out by the English-language media, despite being the first effort by a world-leading public health organisation to produce a scientifically robust calculation of the number of people killed by the US-UK-led "war on terror".

Comment: Widening the focus to all Western interventions in the Muslim world, the death toll increases further.

Summarizing the above findings... the upper toll for West-caused deaths in Afghanistan and Pakistan (since 1991) is 5 million, and the conservative estimate for deaths resulting from Western intervention in Iraq (since 1991) is 3 million (the upper toll is 4 million).

Then we should add in the death toll from the proxy war against Syria (thus far), which is at least 100,000. The death toll in Libya from NATO's blitzkrieg (followed by CIA-fuelled civil war) is officially 40,000, but an independent fact-finding commission found it to be 660,000.

Then there have also been the smaller-scale invasions and occupations of Lebanon and Palestine, the invasions and occupations of Mali and other central African states, and the drone and proxy wars in Yemen and Somalia, each yielding anything from several hundreds of deaths to tens of thousands.

All told, we're probably looking at around 10 million people across 'the Muslim world' (from North Africa to Afghanistan) killed - either directly slaughtered, or as a consequence of military intervention - by the Empire's war machine since 1991.

If that isn't a holocaust, what is it?


With one hand Obama handshakes China's Xi while sticking a knife in his back with his other hand


While there were several points of apparent accord reached between the US and China during President Xi Jinping's state visit, the issue of cybercrime will continue to be a source of tension going forward. Tension that will be unilaterally and cynically exploited by Washington for its ulterior geopolitical aim of demonising and browbeating China.

The problem partly stems from Washington being able to propagate its sly, prejudicial attitude towards China. Smiles and handshakes aside, the United States' official mentality harbours and projects a demeaning presumption of Chinese guilt over cybercrime.

That mentality is manifest in the arrogant way that the United States government during President Xi's visit managed to appoint itself as «judge and jury» to arbitrate on this contentious issue.

Washington's truculent attitude is quite a feat of reality-inversion considering its own proven global NSA spying operations, as revealed by Edward Snowden; as well as its known state-sponsored hacking operations against countries, such as when it ravaged Iran's civilian nuclear facilities back in 2010 with the Stuxnet virus. That cyberattack was personally ordered by President Barack Obama, according to the New York Times.


Russian military reports 8 ISIS targets hit during 20 combat flights in Syria

© Stringer / Reuters
Russia has struck eight Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria, the country's Defense Ministry said, adding that civilian infrastructure was avoided during the operations.

"Today, Russian aerospace force jets delivered pinpoint strikes on eight ISIS terror group targets in Syria. In total, 20 flights were made," spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said.

"As a result, arms and fuel depots and military equipment were hit. ISIS coordination centers in the mountains were totally destroyed," he added.

Konashenkov said that all the flights took place after air surveillance and careful verification of the data provided by the Syrian military. He stressed that Russian jets did not target any civilian infrastructure and avoided these territories.

Comment: Despite the fact that the U.S. military has been caught off guard with how quickly Russia has taken over the battle against ISIS, the Russian military looks entirely prepared and competent to do what the West has been unwilling unable to do.