The Politics of the Ottawa Shooting

CCTV footage showing the shooter making his way towards Parliament Building in Ottawa

Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.org appears on RT to discuss the Ottawa shooting and the political context in which it should be understood. Draitser explains that an investigation into the role of intelligence agencies in the event is critical to an understanding of how this event really happened. He also notes the convenient timing of the incident and how it will be capitalized on politically by the Harper government. Finally, Draitser outlines how this incident will harden the policies of the government as it relates to the US-led coalition in the Middle East, rather than forcing it to rethink them.


Modern-day Gladio: 'Terror' attack wave in Canada


The FBI has an impressive portfolio of intentionally created, then foiled terror plots. Its methods include allowing suspects to handle both real and inoperable weapons and explosives. These methods allow the FBI to switch entrapment cases "live" at any moment simply by switching out duds and arrests with real explosives and successful attacks. Because the FBI uses "informants," when attacks go live, these confidential assets can be blamed, obfuscating the FBI's involvement.
As warned, after multiple staged incidents used to ratchet up fear and paranoia in the build-up to US and its allies' military intervention in Syria and Iraq, at least two live attacks have now been carried out in Canada - precisely as they were predicted.

The first attack involved a deadly hit-and-run that left one Canadian soldier dead. AP would report in its article, "Terrorist ideology blamed in Canada car attack," that:
A young convert to Islam who killed a Canadian soldier in a hit-and-run had been on the radar of federal investigators, who feared he had jihadist ambitions and seized his passport when he tried to travel to Turkey, authorities said Tuesday.
The second, most recent attack, involved a shooting in Ottawa injuring several and killing another Canadian soldier. RT in its article, "Ottawa gunman 'identified' as recent Muslim convert, high-risk traveler," would report that:
While the name of the Ottawa gunman is yet to be announced, a number of officials told numerous media that the shooter is believed to be Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a recent Muslim convert, allegedly designated as a high-risk traveler.
Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was born in Quebec as Michael Joseph Hall north of Montreal, two US officials told Reuters, claiming that American law enforcement agencies have been advised that the attacker recently converted to Islam.
AP sources also identified the man to be Zehaf-Bibeau. A Twitter account associated with Islamic State militants tweeted a photo they identified as the Ottawa shooter. The Globe and Mail reports that the shooter was designated a "high-risk traveler" by the Canadian authorities with his passport seized.
Clearly, both suspects were under the watch of not only Canadian authorities, but also US investigators, before the attacks.

Comment: See also Niall Bradley's SOTT Focus on the Ottawa shooting: Ottawa under attack: 'ISIS' assault on Canadian capital another false-flag terror event

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How to start a war and lose an empire: Full-spectrum warfare against Russia, and why it's backfiring in every possible way

A year and a half I wrote an essay on how the US chooses to view Russia, titled The Image of the Enemy. I was living in Russia at the time, and, after observing the American anti-Russian rhetoric and the Russian reaction to it, I made some observations that seemed important at the time. It turns out that I managed to spot an important trend, but given the quick pace of developments since then, these observations are now woefully out of date, and so here is an update.

At that time the stakes weren't very high yet. There was much noise around a fellow named Magnitsky, a corporate lawyer-crook who got caught and died in pretrial custody. He had been holding items for some bigger Western crooks, who were, of course, never apprehended. The Americans chose to treat this as a human rights violation and responded with the so-called "Magnitsky Act" which sanctioned certain Russian individuals who were labeled as human rights violators. Russian legislators responded with the "Dima Yakovlev Bill," named after a Russian orphan adopted by Americans who killed him by leaving him in a locked car for nine hours. This bill banned American orphan-killing fiends from adopting any more Russian orphans. It all amounted to a silly bit of melodrama.

But what a difference a year and a half has made! Ukraine, which was at that time collapsing at about the same steady pace as it had been ever since its independence two decades ago, is now truly a defunct state, with its economy in free-fall, one region gone and two more in open rebellion, much of the country terrorized by oligarch-funded death squads, and some American-anointed puppets nominally in charge but quaking in their boots about what's coming next. Syria and Iraq, which were then at a low simmer, have since erupted into full-blown war, with large parts of both now under the control of the Islamic Caliphate, which was formed with help from the US, was armed with US-made weapons via the Iraqis. Post-Qaddafi Libya seems to be working on establishing an Islamic Caliphate of its own. Against this backdrop of profound foreign US foreign policy failure, the US recently saw it fit to accuse Russia of having troops "on NATO's doorstep," as if this had nothing to do with the fact that NATO has expanded east, all the way to Russia's borders. Unsurprisingly, US - Russia relations have now reached a point where the Russians saw it fit to issue a stern warning: further Western attempts at blackmailing them may result in a nuclear confrontation.

Turmoil in Hong Kong, terrorism in Xinjiang: America's covert war on China

China is facing increasing pressure along two fronts. In its western province of Xinjiang, terrorists have been stepping up destabilization and separatist activities.

In China's southeast Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, protests have disrupted normality in the dense urban streets, with protest leaders seeking to directly confront Beijing while dividing and destabilizing both Hong Kong society and attempting to "infect" the mainland.

What is more troubling is the greater geopolitical agenda driving both of these seemingly "internal" conflicts - and that they both lead back to a single source beyond China's borders. With the so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS) now implicated in receiving, training, and employing terrorists from China's Xinjiang province, and considering the fact that ISIS is the result of an intentional, engineered proxy war the US and its allies are waging in the Middle East, along with the fact that the unrest in Hong Kong is also traced back to Washington and London, presents a narrative of an ongoing confrontation between East and West being fought on the battlefield of fourth generation warfare.

Comment: China, and Russia, pose a serious threat to American hegemony. As such, they must be neutralized, whatever the means. Paul Craig Roberts offers some additional insight into the strategy against China, and what kind of power China really has, in his article Will Russia and China hold their fire until War is the only alternative?:
... China could deal a more lethal blow. Choosing a time of heightened concern or disruptions in US financial markets, China could dump its trillion dollar plus holdings of US treasuries, or indeed all its holdings of US financial instruments, on the market. The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury could try to stabilize the prices of US financial instruments by creating money with which to purchase the bonds and other instruments. This money creation would increase concern about the dollar's value, and at that point China could dump the trillion dollars plus it receives from its bond sales on the exchange market. The Federal Reserve cannot print foreign currencies with which to buy up the dollars. The dollar's exchange value would collapse and with it the dollar's use as world reserve currency. The US would become just another broke country unable to pay for its imports. [...]

Both Russia and China have Muslim populations among whom the CIA operates encouraging disassociation, rebellion, and violence. Washington intends to break up the Russian Federation into smaller, weaker countries that could not stand in the way of Washington's hegemony.


Shocking! Mainstream Media Publishes the Truth: Vote all you want, the secret government won't change

The people we elect aren't the ones calling the shots, says Tufts University's Michael Glennon

The voters who put Barack Obama in office expected some big changes. From the NSA's warrantless wiretapping to Guantanamo Bay to the Patriot Act, candidate Obama was a defender of civil liberties and privacy, promising a dramatically different approach from his predecessor.

But six years into his administration, the Obama version of national security looks almost indistinguishable from the one he inherited. Guantanamo Bay remains open. The NSA has, if anything, become more aggressive in monitoring Americans. Drone strikes have escalated. Most recently it was reported that the same president who won a Nobel Prize in part for promoting nuclear disarmament is spending up to $1 trillion modernizing and revitalizing America's nuclear weapons.

Why did the face in the Oval Office change but the policies remain the same? Critics tend to focus on Obama himself, a leader who perhaps has shifted with politics to take a harder line. But Tufts University political scientist Michael J. Glennon has a more pessimistic answer: Obama couldn't have changed policies much even if he tried.

With U.S. led air strikes on Isis intensifying, it's a good time to be an arms giant like Lockheed Martin

Officer visitors look at missiles in front of the Lockheed Martin stand at the Eurosatory 2012 defence and security exhibition in Villepinte near Paris on June 11, 2012
So who is winning the war? Isis? Us? The Kurds (remember them?) The Syrians? The Iraqis? Do we even remember the war? Not at all. We must tell the truth. So let us now praise famous weapons and the manufacturers that begat them.

Share prices are soaring in America for those who produce the coalition bombs and missiles and drones and aircraft participating in this latest war which - for all who are involved (except for the recipients of the bombs and missiles and those they are fighting) - is Hollywood from start to finish.

Shares in Lockheed Martin - maker of the "All for One and One for All" Hellfire missiles - are up 9.3 per cent in the past three months. Raytheon - which has a big Israeli arm - has gone up 3.8 per cent. Northrop Grumman shares swooped up the same 3.8 per cent. And General Dynamics shares have risen 4.3 per cent. Lockheed Martin - which really does steal Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers quotation on its publicity material - makes the rockets carried by the Reaper drones, famous for destroying wedding parties over Afghanistan and Pakistan, and by Iraqi aircraft.

And don't be downhearted. The profits go on soaring. When the Americans decided to extend their bombing into Syria in September - to attack President Assad's enemies scarcely a year after they first proposed to bomb President Assad himself - Raytheon was awarded a $251m (£156m) contract to supply the US navy with more Tomahawk cruise missiles. Agence France-Presse, which does the job that Reuters used to do when it was a real news agency, informed us that on 23rd September, American warships fired 47 Tomahawk missiles. Each one costs about $1.4m. And if we spent as promiscuously on Ebola cures, believe me, there would be no more Ebola.

Let us leave out here the political cost of this conflict. After all, the war against Isis is breeding Isis. For every dead Isis member, we are creating three of four more. And if Isis really is the "apocalyptic", "evil", "end-of-the-world" institution we have been told it is - my words come from the Pentagon and our politicians, of course - then every increase in profits for Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics is creating yet more Isis fighters. So every drone or F/A-18 fighter-bomber we send is the carrier of a virus, every missile an Ebola germ for the future of the world. Think about that.
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How "America's number one enemy" sees the situation: Russian TV chat show on U.S. sanctions (EN SUBS)

Hosted by a popular TV and radio journalist, the following Russian chat show ('Sunday Evening With Vladimir Soloviev') provides insight into how Russians view the U.S. sanctions and the broader economic and propaganda war directed against their country.


Sergei Markov: Deputy Chairman of the Russian Public Forum on International Affairs
Andrei Isaev: Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans' Affairs
Sergei Mikheev: Political Scientist
Nikolai Starikov: Writer and co-Chairman of the Great Fatherland Party
Evgeny Tarlo: Member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation

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Western intel op? Press TV reporter killed after reporting that ISIS terrorists are entering Syria from Turkey as 'undercover NGO activists'

Serena Shim
© Twitter/Hamid Farajollahi
Reporter and mother of two, Serena Shim was killed in Turkey - "the largest prison for journalists". She had expressed fears for her own safety
A Lebanese-American reporter working for Iranian channel, Press TV, Serena Shim has been killed in a car crash in Turkey, following her reports of accusations from Turkey's intelligence agency that she had been "spying."

"Our correspondent Serena Shim has been killed near the Turkey-Syria border. Serena was killed in a reported car accident when she was returning from a report scene...their car collided with a heavy vehicle," a Press TV broadcast stated on Monday. Shim had also been the mother of two young children.

The driver of the vehicle was subsequently arrested, according to Turkish news agency Hurriyet, citing the Turkish Doğan News Agency. Press TV disputed this, alleging that both driver and vehicle have disappeared.

Press TV has additionally expressed suspicion, implying that it may not have been an accident. "Just a couple of days ago she had been threatened by Turkish intelligence," the broadcast said.

Shim had been returning to her hotel after reporting from Suruç - a rural district near the Syrian border, where a many foreign journalists are based. They are covering news from the Syrian northeastern border town of Kobani, under siege by Islamic State militants for the past month due to its strategic importance.

Comment: Rest in peace, Ms. Serena Shim. Thank you for your courageous work.
"The oldest cliché is that truth is the first casualty of war. I disagree. Journalism is the first casualty." - John Pilger

Red Flag

Former FSB chief: U.S. using old anti-Soviet policy to break up Russian Federation

© RIA Novosti/ Said Tcarnaev
Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.
The current turmoil in Ukraine and the military conflicts in Georgia and the Caucasus are a direct result of the anti-Russian policy of the US administration, claims the former head of Russia's Federal Security Service.

Nikolai Patrushev who headed the FSB from 1999 until 2008 said in an interview with the Russian government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta that intelligence analysts established a current anti-Russian program being executed by American special services dates back to the 1970s, and is based on Zbigniew Brzezinski's "strategy of weak spots", the policy of turning the opponent's potential problems into full scale crises.

Comment: Remember Brzezinski? Yep, the same guy who treacherously blocked the publication of Political Ponerology in the '80s. We wonder why...

"The CIA decided that the most vulnerable spot in our country was its economy. After making a detailed model US specialists established that the Soviet economy suffered from excessive dependency from energy exports. Then, they developed a strategy to provoke the financial and economic insolvency of the Soviet state through both a sharp fall in budget income and significant hike in expenditures due to problems organized from outside," Patrushev told reporters.

Comment: So national sovereignty is now an open joke. You've got resources in your country and it's not fair to keep them all for yourself!

It's disputed whether or not Albright said the following, in 2007:
"Siberia is too large and rich to belong to one country."
Anyway, said or unsaid, Albright, the NeoCons, and US foreign policy mandarins in general, have clearly had their fangs set on opening up Russia to Western private interests. One year before Putin was made PM of Russia, the American elites sensed something was afoot:
Economy Shift In Russia Worries U.S., Albright Says

New York Times
October 3, 1998

The United States is disappointed by the economic confusion within the new Russian Government of Prime Minister Yevgeny M. Primakov, Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright said today, and she warned Russia about the dangers of an anti-Western policy.

In her first comprehensive review of United States-Russian relations since Mr. Primakov was confirmed as Prime Minister last month, Ms. Albright said Washington was ''deeply concerned'' about Russia's direction and did not think the crisis there would soon abate.

''We have heard a lot of talk in recent days about printing new money, indexing wages, imposing price and capital controls and restoring state management of parts of the economy,'' she told the U.S.-Russia Business Council in Chicago. ''We can only wonder if some members of Primakov's team understand the basic arithmetic of the global economy.''

''Our initial reaction to some of the direction he's going in has not been particularly positive,'' she said.

''More big bailouts are not by themselves going to restore investor confidence in Russia,'' she said. ''In the long run, the gap between Russia's needs and its resources must be met not by foreign bailouts but by foreign investment.''

Ms. Albright sharply criticized as self-defeating the ''many voices in Russia who want to shift the emphasis in Russia's interaction with America and our allies from one of partnership to one of assertiveness, opposition and defiance for its own stake.''
The technocratic jargon she uses needs to be deciphered a bit: When Albright said, "We can only wonder if some members of Primakov's team understand the basic arithmetic of the global economy," she wasn't just being a typically arrogant American. She was making pointed reference to the specific Chicago-school neo-liberal economic formulae Western oligarchs rely on to maintain the status quo of 'ever more for the rich and ever less for the masses'.

Chastizing Russian state bailouts is - in retrospect - richly ironic given the scale of US bailouts of US corporations just 10 years later. More to the point, however, is Albright's subsequent statement:
"...the gap between Russia's needs and its resources must be met not by foreign bailouts but by foreign investment."
Right there we find the same line of thought as the first comment about Siberia being "too big for one country", just formulated slightly differently: Russia should be allowing Western corporations to exploit its resources for private profit, instead of the national state doing so for the benefit of Russia.

What also comes through is the same sentiment regarding the scale of Russia's natural resources: it's 'unfair' that this country has more than it needs, therefore they should allow us - humanitarians of the benevolent and blessed Western oligarchy - to come in and redistribute it on behalf of all humanity.

Like Putin said back in 2006, "Comrade Wolf knows who to eat."

Comet 2

Cosmic COINTELPRO: Baiting chemtrails conspiracy theorists with straw men

Increasingly persistent airplane condensation trails, which CorpGov does not want people to notice
The chemtrails conspiracy theory has been circulating for a while among the same sorts of people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job and celebrities are being controlled by the CIA. In brief, chemtrail enthusiasts think that those white trails of vapor you see pouring out of planes are actually nasty chemical or biological agents that governments are using to geo-engineer the weather, create a vast electromagnetic super-weapon, control the population, or - well, you get the idea. There's no science or proof whatsoever behind this, but plenty of people are still willing to entertain this vaguely supervillain-esque notion.

On October 1, Chris Bovey - a 41-year-old from Devon, England - thought he'd troll the chemtrails camp. During a flight from Buenos Aires to the UK, his plane had to make an emergency landing in São Paulo and dumped excess fuel to lighten the load. Since he had a window seat, Chris decided to film all the liquid being sprayed out of the wing next to him.

Chris Bovey

Comment: Yes indeed, chemtrails are a dead end.

And what that dead end is concealing is FAR more revealing:

Chemtrails? Contrails? Strange Skies

Chemtrails, Disinformation and the Sixth Extinction

Excerpt from Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, published by Red Pill Press:
So-called 'chemtrails' are often described as evidence of aerosol spraying of anthropogenic toxic substances on a mass scale from high altitudes as part of a government plot to poison the population.1 This is claimed in spite of the fact that far simpler and more efficient means of delivering toxic substances to masses of people have long existed (and been applied), such as the fluoridation of 'drinking' water,2 the genetic manipulation of the food supply3 and the nuclear explosions conducted around our planet4, just to name a few.

It should also be pointed out that high-altitude spraying is an extremely inaccurate delivery method. Permanent winds at this altitude (about seven miles up) can reach hundreds of miles per hour and aerosols can take up to two years5 to reach Earth's surface.6 So, when you spray from airliner cruising altitude, you can't know where and when the released aerosols will land, and you might actually end up spraying yourself.

That being said, there is evidence that the ruling elites in various countries have, indeed, conducted aerial spraying of toxic substances, but these were low-altitude spraying that allowed greater control over where and when the agent would reach the ground. For example, the CIA sprayed infectious agents over Cuba:
Fort Detrick SO [Special Operations] Division microbiologists assisted in several covert attacks against rural and agricultural areas in Cuba. These attacks involved aerial spraying with swine flu virus, dengue, and other lethal infectious agents. As a result, hundreds of farm animals and several humans died.7
High-altitude spraying has also been tested by releasing sulfur dioxide and other aerosols for the purpose of cloud-seeding8, but this doesn't require control over the time and location of the landing and has been shown to be generally ineffective.

Another factor that makes the 'chemtrails' theory iffy at best is the 'evidence' collected by proponents of the theory. They point to high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium found in ground and water samples.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust. Every year about 100 million tons of aluminum is produced.9 It is extensively used in the car industry, plane industry, boat industry, building industry, etc. From this perspective, it's not surprising to find high levels of aluminum in most if not all ground and water samples. Such levels do not imply that this aluminum comes from jet spraying.

Barium10 is found in nature as a free element.11 It is used for numerous industrial applications: glassmaking,12 fluorescent lamps, and screens.13 Barium is also used as an 'atmospheric aerosol spray for enhancing/refracting the signaling of radio/radar waves along military jet flight paths, missile test ranges.'14 So toxicology results indicating high levels of barium in some water sources near barium production and usage sites are hardly surprising.

Finally, strontium is a natural element, the 15th most common element on Earth. It is also massively produced (about 300,000 tons a year15) and used in screens for TVs, computers and phones. In addition, one radioactive isotope of strontium, called strontium 90, is present in radioactive fallout. Since 1945, 2,051 nuclear explosions have occurred on planet Earth.16 Many of these explosions happened in the atmosphere and were conducted in places as far apart as the Pacific Islands, China, the US, Algeria, Australia, Russia and Kazakhstan. Thus it is not surprising to find high levels of strontium (radioactive or not) all over the planet.

In short, there are numerous industrial sources of the elements claimed to be evidence of 'chemtrail spraying of populations.'

Contrails have been observed since WWI, when bombers managed to reach high enough altitudes for cold air to allow contrails to form.17 The phenomenon was so obvious that bomber pilots complained that contrails were giving away their position.18 Chemtrailers claim that 'chemtrails' are thicker and longer lasting compared to contrails. So, basically the only valid piece of evidence brought by 'chemtrailers' is the fact that jet planes did not previously leave any persistent and thick condensation trails behind them and now they do. This observation is in fact valid. Indeed, around the end of the 1990s, something changed and thicker contrails started being observed more frequently. Incidentally, the term 'chemtrails' was first introduced by journalist William Thomas in 1997.19

A condensation trail, or contrail, is the result of the condensation of jet fumes. Here, unlike noctilucent clouds, atmospheric dust doesn't play a major role since jet engines already release massive quantities of particles,20 particularly sulfur molecules21 that are some of the most efficient condensation nuclei.22

However, temperature plays a major role. The cooler the ambient air, the stronger and longer lasting the condensation. The cruising altitude for an airliner is about 10 km (7 mi), this is just below the stratosphere,23 which has cooled down "by several degrees since 2002".24
© Climate Change Blog adapted by sott.net
Temperature of the stratosphere over the period 1948-2011. At the beginning of the century (green vertical line), the temperature of the stratosphere started to decrease.

Far from the conspiracy theory proposed by the 'chemtrailers', data strongly suggests that persistent contrails are a direct consequence of the cooling of the stratosphere, a far more troubling state of affairs than 'chemtrails' released in the upper atmosphere, where the high winds make it unlikely that anything released in a given location will filter to the ground anywhere near a 'targeted' location, or anytime soon.


By attributing the cause of these cosmically-induced events to humans, the elites maintain the illusion that they are, at least to some degree, in control; if they are causing it, then theoretically, at least, they could stop it.

'Chemtrails' can be stopped if enough people petition the world's governments to cease the 'sprayings', missile tests covering up for incoming comet fragments and meteor fireballs can be stopped if military budgets are reigned in, global warming can be reduced by controlling man-made greenhouse gas emissions, and global dimming will vanish if we stop polluting the atmosphere. The message behind all the chemtrails COINTELPRO is: 'man is in control and all is right with the world'.

Increased 'meteor smoke', cosmic rays, volcanic dust and cooling stratosphere are changing the chemical composition of the SKY, not the contrails coming out of jets.
However, contrails triggered by increased cometary activity, overhead cometary explosions, cosmically-induced weather disruptions and the accumulation of cometary dust in the atmosphere cannot be changed by the elites, even if just theoretically. The intimation that the cosmos is threatening the survival of humanity is a stress too intense to be borne by most people.

Even if 'chemtrails', global warming and missile tests are not actually stopped in practice, the very idea that they can be stopped is enough to invite people to continue supporting the illusion of control, wishfully thinking that all it will take is a public awareness campaign, new elections, political advocacy, protests, the scapegoating of 'guilty parties', etc. But it's all a lie, and if the public realizes this, the only place their stressed brains can go for relief is to think that 'the gods are angry' and, collectively, to try to find the real reason. Again and again throughout history, this has resulted in the masses coming to the conclusion that the 'gods' are angry because of the corruption and violence perpetrated by the elites in their efforts to get and maintain greater power.
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