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Russian President Vladimir Putin: So who created ISIS, anyway?

© Mikhail Klimentyev / RIA Novosti
Vladimir Putin speaks to political experts at a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, October 24.
In 2014, President Obama named the three major threats to US national security; ISIS, Russia and Ebola (because spiraling national debt, unequal distribution of wealth, over-incarceration, climate change etc. are less pressing issues.)

It would be fair to say that Russian politicians took much offence to being placed in this list, next to a terror organisation and a disease.

In relation to this statement, Putin answers a number of questions from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club, late 2014.

To draw his point to a close, Putin mirrors the words of John F Kennedy in a 1963 speech titled "A Strategy for Peace", unusual for its time due to the warmth of the address to the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.

Putin is likely to echo the words he said at Valdai when he speaks at the UN in New York tomorrow.

Comment: Putin isn't shy when it comes to putting liars and hypocrites in their place. With one day before his highly anticipated speech at the UN General Assembly, all eyes are on New York for Putin the Great.

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Георгиевская ленточка

All eyes on New York for Putin the Great


Vladimir Vladimirovich returns to the Lion's Den (aka NYC)
It's the ultimate geopolitical cliffhanger of the season: will US President Barack Obama finally decide to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, either this Friday or during the UN General Assembly next week in New York?

Russia's game changer in Syria - not only weapons delivery but also the prospect of actual intervention by the Russian Air Force - has left the Beltway reeling.

Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walled Muallem has made it clear to RT that direct Russian involvement in the fight against ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and those "moderates" (US neocon designation) of Jabhat al-Nusra, a.k.a. Al-Qaeda in Syria, is even more important than the arms delivery.

Washington, meanwhile, remains mired in a geopolitical black-hole as far as Putin's strategy is concerned. The Obama administration's response will hinge on how Putin's speech at the UN will be received across the world, and how the frantic diplomacy related to the Syrian theatre of war will fare.

It's naïve to interpret the Russian military build-up as a mere show of force, an invitation to the Americans to finally sit down and discuss everything from southwest Asia to Ukraine.

Comment: Pepe has posted an update to the above on his Facebook page:

The White House announced a while ago that the coin FINALLY dropped on Obama and he WILL talk to Putin at the UN General Assembly.

And now a senior adviser to Assad is saying that the US and Russia have reached a "tacit agreement" on ending the mess in Syria.

Quick recap. Putin started by refusing "Assad must go" as a prerequisite for peace negotiations.

Then he turbo-charged the military build up in Latakia - both the Pentagon and the White House DID NOT see it coming.

So this is what Putin accomplished even BEFORE Obama saw the light and decided to talk:

Forget about a Libya-remixed NATO war on Syria.

Forget about a Sultan Erdogan no-fly zone over areas controlled by Damascus.

And out with the old world order. THIS is how the new world order works, and Russia is also driving it.

Putin's speech on Monday at the UN will be about "the joint struggle against terrorism" (as branded by TASS).

Expect abundant apoplexy in the Washington/New York axis.
While the UK remains committed to Washington's line of 'removing Assad', the German government has taken Russia's position:

'Merkel admits Syrian conflict cannot be resolved without Bashar Assad '

Cow Skull

The US blockade of Syria is a war crime, pure and simple


The news that the United States asked both Greece and Bulgaria to block Russian flights over their air space headed for Syria is a logical extension of the criminality of the aggression against Syria being conducted by the NATO powers and their allies in the region. The NATO alliance has been conducting a war of aggression against Syria since 2011 when it succeeded in destroying Libya and it was responsible for the waves of humanity who fled the NATO bombing and who now flee the Takfiri militants NATO used as their auxiliaries.

These actions are clearly war crimes of the highest order, contemptuous violations of the UN Charter, international law and of all morality. The resulting misery of the peoples of the countries under attack, who are forced to flee and become refugees in the heart of the very alliance that is attacking them, is beyond words. The images bombard us daily. But the images are not placed in the western media to create a call for peace in the region. Instead, as we see from the recent statements of the British, French and American leaders, they are used to manipulate the emotions of the citizens of the NATO countries to justify a call for more military aggression against Syria which will create more misery, more death and more refugees.

Comment: All the world's democratic institutions and courts of justice have proven utterly useless in preventing or addressing US aggression. Worse still, they facilitate the destruction on a scale we haven't seen since WWII with their silence. As we now see, it will require the deep commitment and resolve of the sane leaders of the world's to counter the evil that's been unleashed.

As yet another symbol of US wrong-headedness what can be more indicative of the problem we are facing than this:

Need beheading: US welcomes news that Saudi Arabia will head UN Human Rights panel

Light Sabers

Shameless hypocrisy: U.S. says Russian veto puts UNSC's legitimacy at risk

© Loey Felipe/AFP/Getty
The UN security council discussing the war in Syria earlier this month.
The United States has warned that Russia's continued blanket use of its UN veto will jeopardise the security council's long-term legitimacy and could lead the US and like-minded countries to bypass it as a decision-making body.

Comment: In other words, what the U.S. wants, the U.S. will get, by any means necessary, ignoring the very principles for which the UN is supposed to exist. Yes, the veto can be abused in certain scenarios, as is usually the case regarding Israel and Palestine. But it also functions for the exact reason Russia has put it to use: to veto really bad ideas.

The warning comes as the UN reaches its 70th anniversary and the security council faces a crisis caused by its paralysis over Syria. It has failed to agree concerted action to try to stem the bloodshed, even after more than 220,000 Syrians have died and more than 11 million have been forced from their homes.

Russia has used its veto powers four times to block resolutions on Syria that Moscow sees as damaging to its ally, the regime of Bashar al-Assad. It has also forestalled common action on Ukraine where it is a party to the conflict, having annexed Crimea and pursued a covert military campaign in support of eastern separatists.

Comment: Russia should be praised, not condemned for these. 1) The resolutions on Syria really were damaging. 2) 'Action on Ukraine' is based on the false premise that Russia "annexed Crimea" and "pursued a covert military campaign" there. In fact, the U.S. staged a coup and tried to bait Russia into a military confrontation. The U.S. is wholly responsible for the Ukraine crisis, not Russia.

Samantha Power, the US permanent representative to the UN, said that the US and other countries had increasingly been going elsewhere to have atrocities investigated, and that a "forum-shopping" trend was likely to continue.

Comment: Since when has the U.S. really cared for UN approval to wage their illegal wars? One word: Iraq.

Eye 2

From American occupations to European detention camps: Remaking the World in greater Israel's image

© Unknown
Police and refugees in Hungary

However they want to address the issue, most people are horrified at the refugee crisis now besetting Europe, with its scenes of chaos, conflict, and desperation. Yet in Israel, at least one high official sees in it not horror, but hope. As Rania Khalek has reported:
"Dore Gold, director general of the Israeli foreign ministry, expressed optimism that the refugee influx will shift Europe to the right, making it more sympathetic to Israel's 'security' justification for its ongoing colonization of Palestine.
'Israel always faced the problem in the past that its national security perspective was completely out of sync with how Europeans were viewing the emergence of the European community and the borderless world that was emerging,' the American-born hardliner told The Jerusalem Post.
'In the European models that existed 25 or 30 years ago, it is kind of difficult to hear an Israeli argument. But now things may be beginning to change a little,' posited Gold.
'The European perspective is beginning to sound a little bit more like Israel's perspective on security issues, compared to what it was in the past.'"

Comment: As the World's perceptions of the US and Israel now change, and non-psychopathic people begin to see beneath the veil of lies and manipulation these nations' governments are responsible for, we will become witness to how history is being played out yet again; and note the stark similarities the US and Israel have to regimes of the past and to each other. It will also be interesting to see, based on the unwritten laws of the universe, how their fates converge and how they differ. One thing's for sure though: it ain't gonna be pretty.

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As Assad pounds ISIS targets, US must rethink Syria strategy

Earlier this week, Bashar al-Assad served notice to ISIS that the tide may have just turned in the battle for Syria. The Kremlin's move to increase its "logistical" and "technical" support for government forces at Latakia appears to have breathed new life into the regime which carried out a series of air raids in the de facto ISIS capital Raqqa on Thursday.

This came amid reports that Assad's forces were using new "highly effective and very accurate" weaponry. "There are modern weapons that the regime didn't previously have, be they rocket launchers or air to ground to missiles," The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told Reuters.

Needless to say, Russia's move to bolster Assad and the suggestion by Syrian foreign minister Walid al-Moualem that Damascus may soon formally request Russian ground troops for the fight has alarmed Washington which, until now, was content to bide its time until Assad finally fell before swooping in to "liberate" the country from whatever militia managed to prevail. As we outlined on Friday, that option is now officially off the table, as toppling Assad will now mean ISIS, al-Nusra, YPG, and the various and sundry other groups operating throughout the country will need to first defeat Russia, an exceptionally unlikely outcome and one that the Pentagon certainly cannot afford to wait out. With its back against the wall in terms of explaining to the public why it seems more and more like the US would rather allow ISIS to continue to operate rather than ally with Russia and Assad to defeat them, Obama and Kerry folded on Friday, instructing Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to phone his Russian counterpart to begin coordinating anti-terror activities in Syria. Here's The New York Times:

Comment: To learn more about about whats going on with the war in Syria. Read:


The simple truth: The U.S. caused Europe's refugee crisis

© UNHCR / A.Kitid
A UNHCR staff member distributes blankets to people waiting to cross the Greek-FYR Macedonian border.
One thing you can almost always count on: When a major narrative takes over the news, it will be devoid of any sort of useful context. Put another way, when we are saturated with a "mega-problem," we can be sure that we will not be told the real cause — not if it so happens the US had something to do with it. No, it is always just a new thing to occupy us, to push out other stories, to encourage copious amounts of superficial debate (of the sort that typically rages over spectator sports), that never begins to get at the truth.

And so it is with the epic deluge of refugees fleeing the Middle East for Europe.

I was among the unfortunately small numbers of journalists warning about the rush to war with Saddam Hussein, and pointing out how virtually the entire US establishment was complicit in this charade, thus justifying a war based on counterfeit claims. Shortly after the hostilities, I wrote about the role of The New York Times in stoking the machine, principally via its star reporter, Judith Miller.

But that colossal gamble was just for starters.

Comment: Endless media coverage for weeks, and yet this simple truth is nowhere to be found in mainstream sources. Yes, the U.S. is responsible, but no, it will not take any responsibility. The consequences of its actions are someone else's problem, in this case, Europe. That's how the American Empire rolls: wanton destruction and chaos. Like typical psychopaths, they just don't care. As long as they get what they want.


Total Bollocks from MI5

In the last decade, now 7/7 has dropped out of this statistic, only one person has been killed in the UK by an Islamic terrorist attack. Let me repeat that. In the last decade, one person has been killed in the UK by an Islamic terrorist attack. That unfortunate death was Lee Rigby.

Rigby's tragic murder illustrated how easy it is for terrorists to commit an outrage. Two very disorganised Nigerian nutters murdered him with knives. Unfortunately, if a couple of nutters decide to go at someone on the street, they have a high chance of success.

Which is why you would have to be a lunatic actually to believe MI5's repeated claims during the last decade that there are thousands of dedicated terrorists out there, fanatical determined and organised, but in a decade of constant effort they have succeeded in killing nobody else. There were, MI5 claim, six actual terrorist plots this year but fortunately MI5 saved all of us.

If you believe MI5's stories, there are two possibilities. The first is that we have security services of a quite incredible efficiency, able to foil random terrorism, generally regarded as near impossible. The second is that we have thousands of dedicated terrorists of such incredible ineptitude that they can't manage to kill anybody, even when they could choose any random undefended target in the entire UK and any method from knives to poison to hit and run to shooting to bombs, and don't mind losing their own lives in the attempt. We have rubbish terrorists.

Piggy Bank

#PigGate: British PM Cameron once inserted his 'private part' into a dead pig's mouth, claims scorned billionaire Tory supporter


Cameron with two others from his species: Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Fmr. Sec-Gen. of NATO) and General Breedlove ('Supreme Allied Commander Europe' of NATO).
The #PigGate scandal, stemming from a startling claim that David Cameron put "a private part of his anatomy" into a dead pig's mouth at a student initiation ceremony at Oxford, has sparked an endless barrage of jokes and mockery online.

Quoting a "distinguished" contemporary, the Daily Mail reported that the then-future British Prime Minister, in his student days in Oxford, participated in an outrageous initiation ceremony that involved a dead pig's body and at least one of Cameron's "private" parts.

Comment: From the Wikipedia page of the Oxford 'society' that Cameron apparently did this for, we read:
The Piers Gaveston Society is a men-only dining club founded in 1977 at the University of Oxford with membership limited to 12 undergraduates. It is named in honour of Piers Gaveston, favourite and supposed lover of King Edward II of England. While some have described it as an extreme club that hosts secret events which include large amounts of drugs and sex, others have said that the society's events during the 1990s were not as debauched or scandalous as the media portrayed. Claims have been made of events including mass drug-taking and live sex shows.

The club's motto is "Fane non memini ne audisse unum alterum ita dilixisse", which translates approximately to "Truly, none remember hearing of a man enjoying another so much" or, "Certainly I do not remember that I have heard of any man who loved another like this."
We're reminded of the initiation rituals to the all-male 'Skull and Bones' cult at Yale University that the Bushes and John Kerry were members of.

While #PigGate is producing some hilarious reactions among the British public, let's not forget that the debauchery practised by Cameron and his kind are indicative of the psychology of those in power. The cost, to them, of wearing a 'mask of sanity', as psychologist Harvey Cleckley termed it, is that they must regularly take 'vacations into filth' to relieve themselves of the 'burden'- from their perspective - of pretending to be human.

Regarding the initiation rituals of various 'elites', they serve the purpose of 'binding' them to secret societies, clubs and cults that both reward and control their subjects over the course of their future careers. It may be worth considering whether this information is being made public now in order to exert pressure on Cameron and his government; a little reminder, perhaps, that 'we can destroy you'...


Cameron, top, second from left, as a member of Oxford University's 'Bullingdon Club'

Eye 2

Echoes of the Holocaust: Israeli leaders pleased with Europe's cruelty toward refugees

© Michael Gubi/Flickr
A scene from Budapest earlier this month; Hungary has responded in a brutal manner to refugees fleeing war.
As most of the world looks on in horror at Europe's atrocious response to refugees escaping war and persecution in the Middle East and Africa, some Israeli officials are quietly reveling in the chaos.

Dore Gold, director general of the Israeli foreign ministry, expressed optimism that the refugee influx will shift Europe to the right, making it more sympathetic to Israel's "security" justification for its ongoing colonization of Palestine.

"Israel always faced the problem in the past that its national security perspective was completely out of sync with how Europeans were viewing the emergence of the European community and the borderless world that was emerging," the American-born hardliner told The Jerusalem Post.

"In the European models that existed 25 or 30 years ago, it is kind of difficult to hear an Israeli argument. But now things may be beginning to change a little," posited Gold.

"The European perspective is beginning to sound a little bit more like Israel's perspective on security issues, compared to what it was in the past."

Comment: After the false-flag attacks of 9/11 struck the US, Benjamin Netanyahu came out and said, "This is good for Israel". It's as though any event or world development that construes Muslims as the problem, or supports the idea of the 'the Muslim Problem', is a 'good thing for Israel' simply because it will help rally people to Israel's side. Ironically, this is much the same as Jews were considered 'the Jewish Problem' in the 1930s.

Look at what happened to who considered them so. The same fate awaits those who have not learned from history.