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Mon, 08 Feb 2016
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Agents provocateur: Is the Oregon occupation being stage-managed?

US and international media have been abuzz in recent days with the ongoing armed occupation at the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. The social media space has been - quite predictably - polarized, with many on the far-right lionizing the armed occupiers as "patriots" and "heroes" defending a just cause in the name of "liberty." Naturally, many liberals and assorted leftists have condemned the occupation, pointing out both the relevant legal and historical issues at play here, including the vicious tradition of white militias in the US, the blatant disregard of environmental regulations, and much more that is well beyond the scope of this article.

But what has been missed by seemingly every pundit, left and right, who has chimed in on the Oregon occupation is the unmistakable stench of provocation. Simply put, something is off about this whole story, and it struck me from the first moment I read about what was happening, who was involved, and who wasn't involved. Specifically, there are indications that this entire fiasco has been manufactured by either government agencies themselves or some other private forces for any number of reasons.

Comment: Also worth mentioning is the media slant. If these armed 'protesters' were Muslims they would most certainly be called "terrorists", and if they were black, labeled "thugs" or "militants". No kid gloves would be used in either case: it would be shoot first, ask questions later.

If you happen to be a reader of the right-wing persuasion, and are inclined to sympathize with the ranchers' cause, you might want to jog your memory about the US military-intelligence fingerprints all over the Oklahoma City bombing:

A Noble Lie: The Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995

Oklahoma City bombing 20 yrs later: The facts that still go unreported

For more general information on government agents busy infiltrating and leading any and all political or social movements, read this:

How to Spot COINTELPRO Agents

COINTELPRO: Information Warfare


Vladimir Putin's first paper as president: 'Russia at the Turn of the Millennium' - A Strategy for Russia's Revival

Comment: The following essay by Vladimir Putin first appeared on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation on December 31st, 1999, when Putin was prime minister and had just been named acting president of Russia by the departing Boris Yeltsin.

While it was obviously too early to specify the steps Russia would take to come back from the brink of collapse, it did recognise where Russia was at that point, and outlined the broad strokes of what might be considered Putin's 'strategy' - pragmatic reform, selectively assessed and implemented, and based on the world as it is, not on 'the world according to ideology'.

At that point, Putin had had relatively little experience in politics, much less as an administrator or civil servant. It is remarkable for someone without the maturity earned from decades of experience in government to produce such a document immediately after landing a job he was neither anticipating nor wanted.

Remarkably, Putin estimated back then that it would take Russia 15 years to get back on its feet...

Humankind is witnessing two major events: the new millennium and the 2000th anniversary of Christianity. I think that the general interest and attention paid to these two events is more profound than the usual celebration of red-letter dates.

New Possibilities, New Problems

It may be a coincidence - but then again, it may not be - that the beginning of the new millennium coincides with the dramatic turn in world developments in the past 20-30 years. I mean the deep and rapid changes in humankind's whole way of life related to the formation of what we call the post-industrial society. Here are its main features:
  • Changes in the economic structure of society, with the diminishing importance of material production and the growing importance of secondary and tertiary sectors.
  • Consistent renewal and quick introduction of novel technologies and the growing output of science-intensive production.
  • Landslide developments in information science and telecommunications.
  • Priority attention to management and the improvement systems of organisation and guidance in all spheres of human endeavour.
  • And lastly, human leadership. It is the individual and his or her high standards of education, professional training, business and social activity that are becoming the guiding force of progress today.
A new type of society develops slowly enough for careful politicians, statesmen, scientists, and all those who use their brains, to notice two issues of concern.

Comment: New Year address by Vladimir Putin, December 31, 1999 (with English subtitles):

Bad Guys

'Suspicious timing': The geopolitics behind Saudi Arabia's recent executions & provocations

© REUTERS/ Thaier Al-Sudani
Riyadh's execution of Shiite Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was timed to coincide with the expected lifting of anti-Iranian sanctions and the rejuvenation of the Syrian peace process.

Saudi Arabia just beheaded a prominent anti-government activist and Shiite cleric, Nimr al-Nimr, on trumped-up charges of "terrorism", executing him alongside suspected al Qaeda fighters. The message Riyadh sent was simple enough — Shiite activists are equivalent to terrorists in the Kingdom's calculus, and this predictably engendered outrage all across the world, especially in majority-Shiite Iran. The resultant protests, some of which regretfully turned violent and targeted Saudi diplomatic facilities, were cited as 'proof' of Iran's 'aggression' against Saudi Arabia and became the publicly presentable reason for why Riyadh cut off all diplomatic and economic ties with Tehran.

Suspicious Timing

Sanctions Removal

The timing of this provocation couldn't be more suspect, since it convincingly appears as though the Saudis staged it at precisely the moment when Iran was expected to be reintegrated into the global economy. The UNSC sanctions are widely expected to be lifted by the end of the month or early February, and it looks like Saudi Arabia wants to spoil the event by provoking an anti-Iranian maelstrom that puts pressure on the EU to reconsider its planned energy and infrastructure investments in the country.

Comment: For more on the struggle between these two diametrically opposed 'world orders,' check out:

World Order: New Russian documentary on US hegemony - Includes recent interviews with Vladimir Putin (EN SUBS)

Apple Green

Putin announces Russia will become leading exporter of GMO-free foods

Russia's babushka farmers - they kicked Napoleon's and Hitler's asses, and now intend to do the same to Monsanto
Russia is to become the world's 'leading exporter' of non-GMO foods that are based on 'ecologically clean' production.

Putin is not a fan of Monsanto or bioengineered anything, which is why, in a new address to the Russian Parliament last Thursday, he proudly outlined his plan to make Russia the world's 'leading exporter' of non-GMO foods that are based on 'ecologically clean' production.

The Russian president harshly criticized food production in the United States, stating that Western food producers are no longer offering high quality, healthy, and ecologically clean food.

Comment: Another smart move by Putin: since GMOs are damaging to health and to the environment, carriers of US imperialism, and made by Monsanto (one of the most evil companies on the planet), he's taking out three birds with one stone. Not only that, but since people have been becoming increasingly aware of this reality, they've been voting with their dollars and demanding alternatives, and now Russia will be positioned to meet that increasing demand. It's a win-win-win situation for everyone (except Monsanto).

See more:


World Order: New Russian documentary on US hegemony - Includes recent interviews with Vladimir Putin (EN SUBS)

© Unknown
Somebody means business.
If World Order is a piece of propaganda, it is sophisticated and serves certain higher values, not the interests of individuals or power for power's sake. In effect, it is a wake-up call to avert nuclear war by reining in exceptionalism and safeguarding the principles of the UN Charter.

The Russian documentary World Order, released by the state broadcaster Pervy Kanal on Sunday, 20 December and posted on LiveLeak with English subtitles, received some attention in Western mainstream media, which is not always the case with news generated in Moscow. Euronews, in particular, drew on a minute or two out of this one hour forty-nine minute film to present good tidings to the world: President Putin had just publicly stated that he is ready to cooperate with European countries on shared concerns including terrorism, environmental issues and organized crime notwithstanding the sanctions being applied to Russia over Ukraine. This happy finding ignores completely the nature and overall content of the film in question, which heads in a direction 180 degrees at variance with the Euronews spin, as I will explain in a minute.

Meanwhile, BBC reporting on New Year's Eve celebrations around the world on Friday morning, 1 January, showed Vladimir Putin delivering his 2016 greetings to his countrymen over the caption "Russia names Nato as threat to security." In a classic propaganda exercise, the editorial staff of the British Broadcasting Company merged two very different pieces of news that bear the same dateline: the anodyne salutation of the Russian president and the 41 page National Security doctrine which he had signed earlier in the day. This is propaganda not only because the stories were unrelated but because the Nato threat is covered explicitly in just one page out of the 41, which take in a great many other security metrics such as education, import substitution, religious and spiritual convictions. I mention this case because the major arguments set out in the Russian Security Doctrine flagged by the BBC are precisely the same as those in World Order. For both, ultimate authorial responsibility rests with one man: Vladimir Putin.


Liar's Award for 2015: US brought peace to Syria!

© sputniknews.com
Liar, Liar...
The United States government can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but it cannot fool all of the people all of the time. That's why when State Department Spokesman John Kirby bragged up Washington's sordid achievements of 2015, even things that they never did, such as the declaration that the US brought "peace and security to Syria," everyone in the entire world raised eyebrows and said come again?

Writing in his laudatory year-in-review, Kirby further bragged of the US "stepping up to aid the Syrian people during their time of need," while taking credit for peace talks set for next month. Ironically, the peace talks are the fruit of a joint Russian-Iranian effort to get the opposition groups - not "moderate" terrorists - to talk with the Syrian government, something the War Party and its vassals had long resisted and openly opposed. Kirby's silly declaration notwithstanding, the War Party is no longer able to hide the bitter truth about the ongoing proxy war from hardcore thinkers:
  • The US has been bombing Syria for years to affect regime change and the nation is shedding millions of refugees as a result. Despite Kirby's efforts to couch America's involvement as a "humanitarian contribution," it consists pretty much exclusively of regime-change fantasy, all while arming "moderate" terrorists and allowing US bombers to be at the service of ISIL, Al-Qaeda and other proxies - the same goons that attacked Paris in November.
  • When it comes to Syria, state demolition and not "peace and security" is the best choice to describe what the United States and its rogue partners have delivered there thus far. Any doubters should ask the United Nations Security Council, which says the conflict has killed some 250,000 people and displaced 12 million.
  • According to human rights groups, despite the role of US military intervention in fuelling the rise of ISIL and conflict in Syria and Iraq, the American humanitarian response is severely lagging. Washington has admitted just about 1,854 Syrian refugees since 2012, and they will only take in more after two years of security checks.
  • The UN has registered over 2.1 million Syrian refugees in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon; 1.9 million in Turkey; and nearly 30,000 in North Africa. All of these numbers are low, as many refugees do not register. Further, these numbers fall well below calls for the US to resettle at least 100,000 refugees next year.

Comment: The best lies are not this obvious! Perhaps Kirby believes his own country's propaganda where perception is purposefully completely twisted and facts don't matter. Eyebrow raising? How about a bona fide trial-by-public truthification! The US definitely brought something to Syria, but it most assuredly wasn't peace!!!

Alarm Clock

A year of extremes: Severe snow storms, drought and floods ravaged the US in 2015

© Andrew Seng/Rex Shutterstock
Fire crews ran night operations and controlled burnings to contain the Butte fire in Sheep Ranch Wildfires in California.

In the warmest year on record, Mother Nature wrought havoc across the country, with large swaths of the west coast ablaze during the summer and the north-east blanketed in snow for most of the winter

2015 has been the warmest year, globally, on record, with the lower 48 states of the US experiencing their balmiest autumn ever measured.

This kind of exceptional heat provided an appropriate setting for the Paris climate summit, where 196 nations agreed to curb greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the sort of dangerous climate change that contributes to floods, drought and damaging sea level rises.

But the past year has also seen a number of severe natural disasters, climate change-fueled or otherwise, that have battered the US. The Federal Emergency Management Agency issued 77 disaster declarations in 2015. Here are some of the disasters that tested Americans this year.

Comment: See also: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - November 2015: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

To gain further understanding as to how and why these events are occurring, read:

Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection: The Secret History of the World - Book 3 by Pierre Lescaudron
and Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Che Guevara

Number of protests across US surged during 2015

© Eric Thayer / Reuters
A protester throws a gas canister back at police during clashes at North Ave and Pennsylvania Ave in Baltimore, Maryland April 28, 2015.
From 'Black Lives Matter' to 'Fight for 15,' the year of 2015 saw a surge of protests all across the nation.


Protesters around the country kicked off the 2015 with a Black Lives Matter demonstration against police brutality. On New Year's Eve, about 100 demonstrators gathered at New York City's iconic Times Square, where Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family presided over the annual ball drop, to stage a 'die-in.' Marchers didn't manage to get onto the square itself, due to the massive number of revelers attending.

On the West Coast, the largest New Year's march was held in Oakland, California, against perceived police force. Over 200 activists staged a noise demonstration where voices, electronics, musical instruments and fireworks were used as a means to get message out, but instead attract a large police presence. After unruly protesters lobbed bottles at the police who were cordoning them off, 29 people were arrested.

Later in the month, 23 Black Lives Matter activists were arrested after chaining themselves to barrels and blocking both sides of an interstate near Boston.
"Today, our nonviolent direct action is meant to expose the reality that Boston is a city where white commuters and students use the city and leave, while black and brown communities are targeted by police, exploited, and displaced," protester Katie Seitz said in a statement.

Comment: Americans of conscience are justifiably outraged over the murderous behavior of police officers who are supposed to protect and serve. Pathological leadership, which exists across the United States, does not know how to solve crises. It does not know how to rebuild, nor how to heal. It only knows how to create additional chaos and point the finger at others. This of course adds more fuel to the fire, degrades society, and quickens the pace of systematic collapse.

What will 2016 bring... the breaking point?


Western media AWOL as Sultan Erdogan crushes Kurds in southeast Turkey

© Ilyas Akengin / AFP
Military vehicles move a deserted street of Silvan, southeastern Turkey, during a curfew following, clashes between Turkish forces and Kurdish freedom fighters on November 10, 2015.
Almost entirely unnoticed internationally, Turkey's government and rebellious Kurdish groups are locked in battle in a series of sieges in the main towns in the east of the country. Turkey's prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu describes it as a struggle against terrorism which will be fought to the end without compromise.

Close-up details of the sieges are scarce even in the Turkish press. Few Turkish journalists let alone foreign correspondents are covering what amounts in effect to war conditions in the affected towns. Other information comes from clandestine Kurdish sources and pictures, coming not from the Turkish press, but sent via the Internet showing ravaged buildings and bodies lying in the streets. According to a government statement on Dec. 25, 217 Kurdish terrorists have been killed in the past month. The Turkish Human Rights foundation says that over 124 civilians have been killed in recent months. In total there have been about 150 days of "curfew", each of them lasting for the whole 24 hours, not simply overnight.

The two worst-affected settlements are Sur, the old city of Diyarbakir, and Cizre, a town close to the Tigris and Turkey's border with Iraq. Sur was designated a protected area of outstanding beauty before the shooting started. Now many of its historical buildings, as well as schools and social centers, have been burnt out: the government and the PKK each blame the other.

Comment: The Turkish terrorist state's brutal crackdown against its own people is more evidence of the unhinged mental state of its leaders.

Instead of pleas for 'R2P - 'right to protect' - humanitarian intervention in Turkey, Western leaders do the very opposite: they defend Turkey's act of war against Russia, ignore the evidence that Turkey is materially and financially supporting ISIS, invite it to join the EU, and pay it a bribe of 3 billion euros to block refugees from leaving its camps.

Erdogan must be 'our kind of evil dictator'.

Gold Seal

Pepe Escobar: Empire of Chaos vs Eurasian Integration in 2016

Comment: More brilliant geopolitical analysis from Pepe Escobar...

In his seminal Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization, Bryan Ward-Perkins writes:
Romans before the fall were as certain as we are today that their world would continue forever... They were wrong. We would be wise not to repeat their complacency.
The Empire of Chaos, today, is not about complacency. It's about hubris - and fear. Ever since the start of the Cold War the crucial question has been who would control the great trading networks of Eurasia - or the "heartland", according to Sir Halford John Mackinder (1861 - 1947), the father of geopolitics.

We could say that for the Empire of Chaos, the game really started with the CIA-backed coup in Iran in 1953, when the US finally encountered, face to face, that famed Eurasia crisscrossed for centuries by the Silk Road(s), and set out to conquer them all.

Only six decades later, it's clear there won't be an American Silk Road in the 21st century, but rather, just like its ancient predecessor, a Chinese one. Beijing's push for what it calls 'One Belt, One Road' is inbuilt in the 21st century conflict between the declining empire and Eurasia integration. Key subplots include perennial NATO expansion and the empire's obsession in creating a war zone out of the South China Sea.

As the Beijing-Moscow strategic partnership analyses it, the oligarchic elites who really run the Empire of Chaos are bent on the encirclement of Eurasia - considering they may be largely excluded from an integration process based on trade, commerce and advanced communication links.

Beijing and Moscow clearly identify provocation after provocation, coupled with relentless demonization. But they won't be trapped, as they're both playing a very long game.

Russian President Vladimir Putin diplomatically insists on treating the West as "partners". But he knows, and those in the know in China also know, these are not really "partners". Not after NATO's 78-day bombing of Belgrade in 1999. Not after the purposeful bombing of the Chinese Embassy. Not after non-stop NATO expansionism. Not after a second Kosovo in the form of an illegal coup in Kiev. Not after the crashing of the oil price by Gulf petrodollar US clients. Not after the Wall Street-engineered crashing of the ruble. Not after US and EU sanctions. Not after the smashing of Chinese A shares by US proxies on Wall Street. Not after non-stop saber rattling in the South China Sea. Not after the shooting down of the Su-24.