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U.S. seen as greatest threat to world peace, voted three times more dangerous than the next country in 2014 Gallup international poll

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"The world now demands a maturity of America that we may not be able to achieve. It demands that we admit we have been wrong from the beginning of our adventure in [war], that we have been detrimental to the life of the [target nations'] people." - Martin King, Beyond Vietnam
Gallup International's poll of 68 countries for 2014 found the US as the greatest threat to peace in the world, voted three times more dangerous to world peace than the next country.

Among Americans, we overall voted our own nation as the 4th most dangerous to peace, and with demographics of students and 18-24 year-olds also concluding the US as the world's greatest threat.

Search for an external enemy will only briefly prolong the agony of Kiev's authorities - 'Soon no Putin will help you'

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Putin is everywhere. Everyone talks only about him. He is on the receiving end of all the aspirations and curses. It's not even a cult of personality - it's more like schizophrenia.

If you try to talk to someone, especially if it's a someone who is dedicated to the "Euromaidan", he will give you a lengthy list (in a size of a half-meter check at the supermarket) of grievances toward Putin. He grabbed Crimea, conquered the country, bought provocateurs, etc.

Fear and Loathing in Ukraine - all because of Putin. The more they talk about it, the more excited and fierce they become. They even invented a nickname for him: Putler, and added a mustache.

One enemy, one hate, one fear. Here is something many Ukrainians are united about.

Yes, it's Putin who hung Russian flags around Ukraine at night. And earlier, it was he who helped to bring to power armed Bandera people. It's Putin who drove the bulldozer and threw "Molotov cocktails" and burned tires. He drove around the cities, smashed the monuments and painted swastikas. It was Putin who beat the hell out of Rabbis and desecrated Ukrainian synagogues. It was he who broke into the offices of the Ukrainian TV channels to establish such an information dictatorship that Goebbels would be green with envy.
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Western international diplomacy is a joke - Western politicians stuck in total "lala land" or "bizarro world"

I have just been watching the news and, frankly, I ended up laughing.

First, I saw the Eurobureaucrats adding another 12 or so names to a list of 20 or so (sorry, I was not paying attention) names which are going to be on the sanctions list. The US did something similar yesterday. Looking at that circus, I was wondering: does these imbeciles really believe that these puny sanctions of 30-40 individuals will make Russia suddenly change course, apologize and leave Crimea? Have they forgotten that during WWII Leningrad was blockaded by German forces for nine hundred (900! Not 33 like Hezbollah or 78 like the Serbs - 900) days and that it was pounded by the German Air Force and artillery during each one of these 900 days, that most men died and that the city at the end was defended by mostly women, that hunger was so bad that people were making "soup" from glue used to put up posters, that medicine had run out and that the winter colds were brutal and yet that the Russian people did not surrender?! Don't they understand that for Russians Crimea is at least as important as Stalingrad was? Do they seriously think that their stupid little sanctions will affect a country which was - and still is - willing to go to war over Crimea?

Amazing. Just amazing...
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Bride of Feinstein: The monstrous hypocrisy of the U.S. Congress vs. NSA/CIA

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein's bombshell accusation about the Central Intelligence Agency Tuesday set off a scramble on Capitol Hill - with Democrats and Republicans ignoring the usual party lines in response to her claim that the agency improperly interfered in a congressional investigation.

Feinstein (D-Calif.) won immediate backing from top Democrats like Majority Leader Harry Reid and Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy while some Republicans, including Lindsey Graham and John McCain, began to echo her concerns. Have these same Senators supported the NSA spying on average Americans? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Disunited states of America: In Crimea's footsteps, 29 U.S. states want to be independent

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Over 300,000 US citizens ,which represent a total of 29 states, have signed petitions for their states to withdraw from the United States of America.

They make references to the Declaration of Independence, whereby a situation may emerge when it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, to ensure security and happiness, the federal media report.

They want to be granted the right to peacefully secede from the United States or allowed the holding of a referendum on such secession. Those who have signed the petition feel that President Obama's economic reforms have proved ineffective. They claim the government has violated the rights and freedoms of Americans in the past two years.

Texas, a state boasting the best economic performance, was the first to start the secession movement. Almost 70,000 Texans had signed the petition on the White House website by Monday. They want Barack Obama to allow their state to peacefully withdraw from the United States of America, or allow them to hold a referendum on secession. They explained to the President that they have been prompted to seek self-determination by the federal authorities' inappropriate policy, weak economic reforms and the obvious violations of Americans' rights. The petitions are signed both by Republicans, the once loyal to Obama African Americans and liberals from 29 states.
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How Cold War-hungry Neocons stage managed RT anchor Liz Wahl's resignation

The “Freedom selfie” from James Kirchick’s Twitter feed.
For her public act of protest against Russia Today's coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory and supposedly advancing the agenda of Vladimir Putin in Washington, D.C., previously unknown news anchor Liz Wahl has suddenly become one of the most famous unemployed people in America. After her on-air resignation from the cable news channel, Wahl appeared on the three major American cable news outlets - CNN, Fox News, MSNBC - to denounce the heavy-handed editorial line she claims her bosses imposed on her and other staffers.

"What's clear is what's happening right now amid this crisis is that RT is not about the truth," she told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "It's about promoting a Putinist agenda. And I can tell you firsthand, it's also about bashing America."

Wahl's act of defiance eventually earned her invitations from "The View" and "The Colbert Report," offering her the opportunity to introduce millions of Americans to a Russian government-funded network whose Nielsen ratings have been too low to measure, but which commands a massive following on YouTube. Wahl was the toast of Washington, winning plaudits from a variety of prime-time pundits, from MSNBC's Chris Hayes ("remarkably badass") to the conservative Amanda Carpenter ("Liz Wahl is proud to be an American and in the last five minutes I think she made everyone else proud to be one, too.")

The celebration of Wahl fed directly into a BuzzFeed expose on "How The Truth Is Made at Russia Today," with writer Rosie Gray painting a portrait of an "atmosphere of censorship and pressure" on American staffers toiling in RT's D.C. offices. RT had long been the subject of criticism and ridicule for its promotion of Zeitgeist-style trutherism and libertarian paranoia, but Wahl now placed RT under unprecedented scrutiny, with mainstream U.S. media sounding the alarm about a bulwark of soft Russian power situated just blocks from the White House.
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Telling it as it is: Washington is the biggest threat to life on Earth

Washington's plan to seize Ukraine and to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base has come amiss. But as Lenin said, "two steps forward, one step back."

Do you remember all the tough talk coming from John Kerry, the White House Fool, Hilary Clinton, and the lickspittle Merkel about the harsh sanctions that would "badly damage" the Russian economy unless Russia prevented the referendum vote in Crimea? Well, it was all bullshit, more hot air from the White House sock puppet and the lickspittle German chancellor who is a disgrace to the German nation. As the Russians kept telling John Kerry, sanctions on Russia would destroy Europe and do little damage to Russia.

I wish the Russians had kept this to themselves. I was looking forward to the Washington morons destroying NATO by closing down the European economy.

The world psychiatrist on the "madness" of President Putin

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Of all the various interpretations Western leaders and commentators have offered for why the president of the Russian Federation has responded the way he has to the events in Ukraine over the course of February and March of 2014 - in refusing to acquiesce to the installation of a neo-fascist regime in Kiev, and in upholding the right of Crimea to self-determination - the most striking and illuminating interpretation is that he has gone mad. Striking and illuminating, that is, something in the West itself.

In times past, the international landscape reflected a multipolar order, a multiplicity of competing ideologies, alternative schemes of social and economic organization. Back then the actions of another country could be understood in terms of its alternative ideology. Even extreme figures - Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot - calling them crazy was an example of hyperbole, an intensified way of describing the brazenness with which they pursued their rationally set political goals. But when Chancellor Angela Merkel asks whether Putin is living "in another world," echoing a theme in the narrative presented by Western media, the question seems to imply something quite literal.

CNN host Don Lemon 'puts it out there': Was lost Malaysian flight taken by 'supernatural' forces?

Saying he was "just putting it out there," CNN host Don Lemon asked his Sunday afternoon guests if something "supernatural" might be in play with the missing Malaysian flight MH 370.

After noting that he has been getting questions via email, social media, and on the street, Lemon wondered if "something beyond our understanding" might have happened to the missing airliner.

"Especially today, on a day when we deal with the supernatural," Lemon said. "We go to church .... the supernatural power of God. People are saying to me, why aren't you talking about the possibility - and I'm just putting it out there - that something odd happened to this plane; something beyond our understanding?"

Decoded host Brad Meltzer responded saying, "People roll their eyes at conspiracy theories, but what conspiracy theories do is, they ask the hardest, most outrageous questions sometimes. But every once in awhile they're right."

Ukraine Crisis: The truth you're not hearing from Western media

The European and American public are being systematically lied to about the Ukraine crisis. Storm Clouds Gathering bring you the condensed truth on recent events in Ukraine.