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Sun, 14 Feb 2016
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Premiere study shows police Tasers can cause temporary dementia

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A shocking study
The first study to look at the effects of a Taser shock on the human brain has produced unsettling results that will have major implications for police encounters. People are often questioned and/or read their Miranda rights just after being Tased, but researchers found that receiving 50,000 volts of electricity can cause a state of short-term cognitive impairment comparable to dementia.

Tasers have become the tool of choice for law enforcement "less than lethal weapons," with two million citizens being subjected to the devices. They can indeed be lethal, however, as 47 Americans died after being Tased last year. Tasers do not seem to reduce the number of people shot to death by police either, and they are often deployed needlessly.


RFK friend Paul Schrade to defend Sirhan at parole hearing, calls for his release

© MALDEF / YouTube
Robert F. Kennedy and Paul Schrade with Dolores Huerta
On Wednesday morning in San Diego, Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Bobby Kennedy, will once again be considered for parole. Sirhan was originally scheduled for release in 1984 but after intense political pressure, his parole date was rescinded and he has since been denied 13 times.

At the hearing, Sirhan will come face-to-face with Paul Schrade for the first time — a close friend of the Kennedy family who, on June 5, 1968, was walking behind the senator when the shooting started. Schrade was shot in the head by Sirhan.

For over 40 years, Schrade, now 91, has been campaigning to reopen the case, based on eyewitness evidence that Sirhan could not have fired the fatal shot described in Kennedy's autopsy and an analysis of the only known audio recording of the shooting which indicates that 13 shots — and two guns — were fired.

Schrade plans to tell the parole board that new evidence shows Sirhan shot him and several others — but did not shoot Kennedy. In a short statement released in advance of the hearing, he says:
The LAPD and LA DA knew two hours after the fatal shooting of Robert Kennedy that he was shot by a second gunman and they had conclusive evidence that Sirhan Bishara Sirhan could not and did not do it. The official record shows that [the prosecution at Sirhan's trial] never had one witness - and had no physical nor ballistic evidence - to prove Sirhan shot Robert Kennedy. Evidence locked up for 20 years shows that the LAPD destroyed physical evidence and hid ballistic evidence exonerating Sirhan, and covered up conclusive evidence that a second gunman fatally wounded Robert Kennedy.
Schrade argues that a closer look at the bullet that hit him proves a second gun was fired and Sirhan could not have killed Robert Kennedy.

Comment: There is a new ban on audio and video recording of Sirhan's parole hearing. How convenient. The best introduction to the assassination of RFK by far is the documentary Evidence of Revision.


Hello, censorship: Twitter launches 'trust and safety' council to protect the public from abusive speech

Twitter announced it will be joining in the pro-censorship campaigns currently sweeping social media under the familiar guise defenders of liberty and free speech love to hate: terrorism.

Twitter's version of the Thought Police, however, sounds somehow even more Orwellian than the original: The Trust & Safety Council — which will, unsurprisingly, "work to develop policies censoring speech on the site," as the Washington Examiner described.

"To ensure people can continue to express themselves freely and safely on Twitter, we must provide more tools and policies," the social media's statement paradoxically begins. "With hundreds of millions of Tweets sent per day, the volume of content on Twitter is massive, which makes it extraordinarily complex to strike the right balance between fighting abuse and speaking truth to power."


Pro-Palestinian hacker releases info on almost 30,000 agents for FBI and Homeland Security

© Flickr/ Michael Femla
A hacker has published the personal information of some 20,000 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and 9,000 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officers.

The hacker, tweeting from the account @DotGovs, advertised the data dump with a tweet which signed off "#FreePalestine." The data dumps, which include a list of names, job descriptions, phone numbers and emails, open with the message "Long Live Palestine, Long Live Gaza."

The hacker released the list of DHS agents on Sunday. Less than 24 hours later, he released the FBI data dump.

Several phone numbers on the list correspond to the names listed, according to website Motherboard. The job descriptions listed include special agent, field supervisor and task force officer, among others.


Petition calls for Obama to be tried for war crimes at The Hague

© Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
A petition accusing Barack Obama of war crimes and demanding he be prosecuted has been published on the White House website. It has already gained about 4,000 signatures.

"We demand conviction of a war criminal Barack Obama and trial in the International Criminal Court in [The] Hague. He is guilty of crimes not only against the USA citizens, but against the whole world," the petition states.

The authors also note that "one of the most dreadful prisons in history - Guantanamo - continues to function."

The US added to the de-stabilization of the situation in the Middle East, too, the petition's authors state.

Comment: Everyone should sign and share this petition!


Assange: A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war

© Reuters
Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (L) and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has spoken out against US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, calling her a "war hawk with bad judgment" who gets an "emotional rush out of killing people."

"A vote today for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war," Assange wrote via the @wikileaks Twitter account on Tuesday.

He added that he has "years of experience in dealing with Hillary Clinton and have read thousands of her cables. Hillary lacks judgment and will push the United States into endless wars which spread terrorism."

Assange also highlighted Clinton's "poor policy decisions," which he said have "directly contributed" to the rise of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Stating that Clinton went above the heads of Pentagon generals when it came to Libya, he wrote: "Libya has been destroyed. It became a haven for ISIS. The Libyan national armory was looted and hundreds of tons of weapons were transferred to jihadists in Syria."


Political correctness gone insane: College prof declares words 'mom' and 'dad' not inclusive enough

Word by word, the language is being picked apart by the politically correct police on the most ridiculous grounds possible. Pretty soon we aren't going to be able to use very many words anymore... not unless we want to (GASP!) offend someone.

In a world where governments are blowing up children with drones and calling them collateral damage in phony terror wars on a daily basis, social engineering has turned average people into walking arguments that the film Idiocracy was actually a documentary, busily wasting their time fretting over how offensive otherwise innocuous words are.

Human beings are mammals. A female mammal who has children has traditionally been called a "mother" or "mom," to separate this mammal linguistically from the male version, who has traditionally been called a "dad" or "father".

Comment: This PC madness has gone too far. Controlling language is a way to control thoughts. What is it that the elites want us to think about familial and intimate relations with others? Sterility, detachment and distance come to mind.

For more on the PC madness see the following article: Transabled? Really?


Movies highlight the disturbing evolution of SWAT teams in America

When most people try to make a point about how aggressive and militaristic our cops have become, they typically draw upon pop culture references, such as the Andy Griffith Show. They'll say "Whatever happened Mayberry? Whatever happened to that polite sheriff and his goofy deputy?" It's one of the most effective ways to express how creepy our police have become over the years, because it's so much easier for the average person to digest a pop culture analogy. And since movies and TV shows draw upon real life to give their stories some semblance of accuracy, these analogies can still inform us about what has transpired in the real world.

However, it isn't just beat cops and small town sheriffs that have changed over the years. Our SWAT teams have also seen an alarming evolution since they first started showing up in our major cities in the 60's and 70's. Arguably, the idea of a SWAT team was initially a good idea. It wasn't uncommon in metropolitan areas, for there to be crimes that required a heavily armed police response.


Nowhere to turn: North African states refuse to take back EU asylum seekers

© AFP 2016 / Alfonso Di Vincenzo
North African states receive hundreds of millions of euro from Western countries for humanitarian aid, but refuse to take their nationals back, who left their countries amid poverty and violence.

According to German newspaper Bild, about 6,400 Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians who actually should have been in their home countries a long time ago are still living in Germany as their countries refuse to take them back.

North African states turn a deaf ear when it comes to accepting their nationals and refuse to issue them documents despite the fact that they are obliged to do so. At the same time, these countries receive huge amounts of money as humanitarian aid from the West and Germany, in particular.

According to Bild, there were 900 illegal immigrants from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia living in Germany in January 2015. In December 2015, this number reached 26,000.


Banned: US corn and soybeans fail to meet Russian biological standards

© Jim Young / Reuters
Starting February 15, corn and soybeans from the US will no longer be welcome in Russia, announced the country's food and safety watchdog Wednesday. Rosselkhoznadzor says American producers have failed to meet Russian biological standards.

"Since the products shipped from the United States pose a real threat to Russia, and the US guarantees are not valid, we reserve the right to introduce temporary restrictions on imports of US corn and soybeans," said Rosselkhoznadzor spokesman Aleksey Alekseenko.

The watchdog has found dry rot in corn and numerous weed seeds in soybeans, he added.

Comment: Once again, Russia proves that she is not willing to compromise the health and safety of the population. Western nations should take note!