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Mesa, Arizona multiple shootings: 1 killed, 5 injured

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Police say they have captured the gunman responsible for shooting at least six people at multiple locations in Mesa, Arizona. One person died, and another is in critical condition. The suspect was captured in the Phoenix suburb.

There are at least four confirmed shooting scenes in Mesa, though there could be as many as five or six locations, Mesa Police Department Detective Estaban Florez told reporters. Mesa PD and the Arizona State University Police Department have said that the suspect was captured about one mile west southwest of the first scene without any shots fired.

Comment: Surprised the suspect is not dead.


Letter sent to White House tests positive for cyanide

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A suspicious envelope received by the White House earlier this week has tested positive for cyanide, the US Secret Service has confirmed, adding that another test will be conducted to confirm the results.

"On Monday 3/16/15, an envelope was received at the White House Mail Screening Facility. Initial Biological testing was negative; however, on 03/17/15, the chemical testing returned a presumptive positive for cyanide," Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said in a statement. "The sample was transported to another facility to confirm the results."

According to US Environmental Protection Agency cyanide, which is used in a number of industries, is "extremely" toxic to humans.

"Chronic (long-term) inhalation exposure of humans to cyanide results primarily in effects on the central nervous system (CNS)," the EPA warns.

Other effects include cardiovascular and respiratory, as well as an enlarged thyroid gland, and irritation to the eyes and skin.

Green Light

NYPD cops alter Wikipedia entries on police murders; no punishment will be pursued

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Two veteran New York City cops discovered to have altered Wikipedia entries related to high-profile police brutality cases from police headquarters won't be punished, according to the commissioner.

New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton made the announcement Monday and said the two officers - whose names will not be released - do not currently work in the police headquarters, and are assigned to two different units.

"Two officers, who have been identified, were using department equipment to access Wikipedia and make entries," NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton told reporters. "I don't anticipate any punishment, quite frankly."
Bill Bratton: No penalty for NYPD cops who edited Wikipedia page about #EricGarner

— Occupy Wall Street (@OccupyWallStNYC) March 17, 2015

Comment: Comment: " NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton told reporters. "I don't anticipate any punishment, quite frankly."" Of course not. If officers can get away with cold-blooded murder without so much as a slap on the wrist they can surely get away with attempts to re-write history.


Another Western false flag? At least 20 dead as gunmen open fire at Tunisian museum

Gunmen in military uniforms stormed Tunisia's national museum, killing 17 foreign tourists and two Tunisians on Wednesday in one of the worst militant attacks in a country that has largely escaped the region's "Arab Spring" turmoil.

Visitors from Italy, Germany, Poland and Spain were among the dead in the noon assault on the Bardo museum near parliament in central Tunis, Prime Minister Habib Essid said.

Security forces stormed the former palace around two hours later, killed two militants and freed other tourists held hostage inside, a government spokesman said. One policeman was killed in the police operation.

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Islamic State militants, who have become particularly active in neighboring Libya, were behind the attack. "The EU is determined to mobilize all the tools it has to fully support Tunisia in the fight against terrorism," she added.

Prime Minister Essid declared in a national address:

"All Tunisians should be united after this attack which was aimed at destroying the Tunisian economy."


Killer cops on the loose in Madison, Wisconsin

Tony Robinson
Last Saturday over 1,000 people gathered for the funeral of Tony Robinson on Madison's East side. Robinson, an unarmed, biracial, teenager was shot and killed on March 6 by Madison police officer Matt Kenny. Officer Kenny shot Robinson in the head and multiple times in the torso after he responded to a call that Robinson was acting "erratically".

According to friends of Robinson, he was tripping on hallucinogenic drugs the night he was shot. One of the calls to the police came from friends wanting help for Robinson.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a world where the police exist to offer help. And officer Kenny is no exception. He responded to a teen in need of help with the cold compassion of multiple gunshots. Moreover, Kenny's murder of Robinson was not his first.

In 2007 Kenny shot and killed a drunk man holding a pellet gun. His punishment? He earned the Medal of Valor, the department's highest honor.

Comment: America has become a police state where the cops shoot first and ask questions later. Will the Black Lives Matter protests have the strength to put this monster back into its cage or has the psychopathic devolution of the US gone too far to be stopped?

Snakes in Suits

Right-wing Fox News slams Republicans for sending letter to Iran

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren on Sunday blasted Republican senators for sending a "horrific" letter to Iran, and attempting an "end run" around the president.

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, told an ABC News panel that the 46 senators who joined Sen. Tom Cotton's (R-AR) letter undermine President Barack Obama's negotiations with Iran had made a "horrendous" mistake.

"If you read the text of the letter, it is the most condescending, infantile text assuming that the leaders of Iran — whatever you may think of them, and there's a lot on the record to think terribly of them — that somehow, that they have no idea what the American system is all about," Remnick explained. "It's an absurd comical exercise."

Susteren agreed: "I think that letter was horrific."

"It end runs the president, which I think is terrible," she said. "I think they could have achieved the same goal without sending a letter becoming pen pals with the leadership of Iran."

The Fox News host also condemned President Obama for trying to "end run the United States Senate and not calling this a treaty."

Watch the video below from ABC's This Week, broadcast March 15, 2015.

Comment: It's pretty funny to see Fox News slamming Republicans for anything. They are usually working together to spread neocon policy, but now it looks like there might be a break in the ranks.


Phony revolution coming soon? New Black Panther party suggests arming every black individual in the U.S.

Around 40 New Black Panther Party members took to the streets of Austin, Texas to condemn recent killings of black civilians. Armed with high caliber weapons, they said they aimed to patrol their own communities and encourage the taking up of arms.

The protest in the state capital of Texas on Monday coincided with the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival, which celebrates music and film. However the heavily-armed New Black Panther members, who were carrying Kalashnikov rifles and AR-15's caught the attention of many, as they chanted songs in their display of force.

Showing off their weapons was not the main reason for them marching along the streets. The movement was protesting the deaths of a number of unarmed black people, such as teenager Michael Brown and Eric Garner, whom they believe were the results of police brutality.

"We are here to show support for the families and the victims who got murdered throughout the United States," said New Black Panther Party member, Darren X, who was speaking to Ruptly video news agency.

The deaths of Brown and Garner caused mass protests across the US, while the fact that no police officer was charged in either instance has only increased the feeling amongst the black community that they are being victimized.

Mr. Potato

America is in big, big trouble

Houston, we have a problem.

Did you ever wonder why America is in trouble? Maybe it is because people like this vote and select political leaders. This video brings up a valid argument for voters to be tested before they are allowed at the polls.

Comment: The dumbing down of America - By design


Teacher facing obstruction charges for trying to stop school cop as he choked a child

© The Free Thought Project
Lakewood, WA — Students are speaking out against what they believe to be a case of excessive force at their high school.

An officer at Clover Park High School is now being investigated for using excessive force after arresting a student.

The student is facing a charge of resisting arrest, and a teacher is also facing possible charges of obstruction for trying to help the student. The case has been referred to the city attorney who will determine if charges will be filed.

According to KIRO 7,
The incident happened a week and a half ago near the pool on campus.

Reports of a fight prompted the on duty school resource officer, Lakewood Police Detective Rey Punzalan, to respond.

Witnesses say the officer hit one of the students, a 14-year-old, with his car door.

Because he failed to put it in park, the door kept hitting the student.
Police are claiming that the negligent actions of the officer using his car door as a weapon did not injure the child at all. Lakewood Police Lieutenant Chris Lawler says the student wasn't hurt. "It didn't knock him down," Lt Lawler explained. "It didn't cause any injuries."

When the officer told the student to go to the office, the student, who had just been struck by the officer's car door, allegedly responded with profanity.

"So he goes to grab the student, who is 6-foot-1, 210 pounds, and the kids immediately tenses up and starts to fight with the officer," says Lawler, in an attempt to paint the student as some monstrous villain.

However, the eyewitnesses say that's not the case at all. They say the student was not fighting back, and the officer placed him in a chokehold.

Predictably, police are claiming that it wasn't a chokehold, the officer merely "grabbed the child by the neck."

Brick Wall

Hysteria abounds: Eleven year old boy suspended and prosecuted for bringing a leaf to school

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An 11-year-old boy has endured relentless attacks from the government for bringing a leaf to school that tested negative for marijuana. Nevertheless, he was suspended from school for a 364 days and charged with possession of marijuana - even after it was proven on multiple occasions that the plant was not weed.

On September 22nd of last year, students at Bedford Middle School reported to school authorities that a boy had a lighter and a bag with a leaf in it. He was "bragging" that it was marijuana, which violated the school's zero-tolerance policy. The policy includes "imitation" or "look-alike" drugs.

When officials found the "drug," it led to the boy's suspension, but vice-principal Brian Wilson and school resource officer M.M. Calohan took it a step further: they contacted the police, who charged him with possession of marijuana.

Comment: Zero tolerance or zero common sense?