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Chris Hedges: Sacrificing the vulnerable, from Gaza to America

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A Palestinian stands in the rubble of destroyed houses Aug. 1 in the heavily bombed town of Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip, close to the Israeli border.
Chris Hedges gave this speech Saturday at the Sauk County Fairgrounds in Baraboo, Wis., before a crowd of about 2,000. His address followed one there by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent who seems to be preparing to run in the Democratic presidential primaries. The Fighting Bob Fest, the annual event at which they appeared, brings together progressive speakers from around the country and honors Robert "Fighting Bob" La Follette (1855-1925), a U.S. senator from Wisconsin who opposed the United States' entry into World War I. Parts of this talk were drawn from Hedges' past columns.

I would like to begin by speaking about the people of Gaza. Their suffering is not an abstraction to me. I was the Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times. I spent seven years in the region. I speak Arabic. And for much of that time I was in Gaza, including when Israeli fighter jets and soldiers were attacking it.

I have stood over the bodies, including the bodies of children, left behind by Israeli airstrikes and assaults. I have watched mothers and fathers cradle their dead and bloodied boys and girls in their arms, convulsed by an indescribable grief, shrieking in pitiful cries to an indifferent universe.

Mom harassed by CPS over seemingly harmless incident

Warning: Allowing your child to play outside alone could warrant a visit from Child Protective Services and the police.

That is reportedly what happened to children's book author, Kari Anne Roy, when she allowed her 6-year-old son Isaac to play outside, just up the street from their Austin home, unsupervised.

Roy documented what happened on her blog Haiku of the Day, when she responded to a knock on the door and found a woman she did not know standing there with her son:
The woman smiled. My son frowned. And as soon as the door opened he flew into the house, running as far away from the woman as he could.

"Is that your son?" she asked with a smile.

I nodded, still trying to figure out what was happening.

"He said this was his house. I brought him home." She was wearing dark glasses. I couldn't see her eyes, couldn't gauge her expression.

"You brought..."

"Yes. He was all the way down there, with no adult." She motioned to a park bench about 150 yards from my house. A bench that is visible from my front porch. A bench where he had been playing with my 8-year-old daughter, and where he decided to stay and play when she brought our dog home from the walk they'd gone on.

"You brought him home... from playing outside?" I continued to be baffled.

And then the woman smiled condescendingly, explained that he was OUTSIDE. And he was ALONE. And she was RETURNING HIM SAFELY. To stay INSIDE. With an ADULT. I thanked her for her concern, quickly shut the door and tried to figure out what just happened.
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Rapacious! Michigan mother loses home she owned over 1 missed tax bill - county will keep all profits

Kalamazoo County is foreclosing on Deborah Calley's home.
Michigan mother says that she is devastated because Kalamazoo County is foreclosing on her home after brain bruises from a car accident caused her to miss a single tax payment two years ago.

Deborah Calley told WITI that she paid cash for her dream home in 2010. She had thought that it would make raising two children easier while she was recovering from the traumatic car accident.

But that dream was shattered when she was notified that the county was foreclosing on her home over a missed property tax payment.

"When I paid the taxes in 2012 right there in Richland, no one said, 'Oh, well you still owe money for 2011,'" Calley said. "So, I didn't really have a clue. I thought I was right on time."

Calley's Realtor, Becky Doorlag, explained that it was not unusual for people who owned their home to forget to pay property taxes because they were usually included in the mortgage payment, which Calley did not have. Calley also speculated that her brain injury may have played a role in the missed payment.

Court documents obtained by WITI showed that notices went out about the missed payment, but Calley said that did not see a single one of them. WITI discovered that all but one of those notices were addressed to banks, instead of the homeowner.

Comment: It's amazing what the elite get away with while your average citizen has to tolerate this predatory behavior.

Elite Pathocrats Hide £13 Trillion Hoard from Taxman


Fracking: Choosing gas or clean water

Fracking for oil and natural gas - or having enough water to drink.

That's the possible dilemma facing a number of countries including the United States, according to a new report released by the World Resources Institute last week - though experts disagree on the real implications of the report and what should be done about it.

Forty percent of countries with shale-rich deposits - the types where hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" is used to extract natural gas and oil - face water scarcity in and around the shale deposits, according to the WRI report.


Woman fatally shot by brother attempting Tombstone gun trick at her 40th birthday party

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A Florida woman was shot and killed over the weekend when her brother unsuccessfully attempted to re-enact some fancy gunplay from the movie "Tombstone."

In the 1993 classic western, actor Michael Biehn, as Johnny Ringo, elaborately twirls his pistol during a barroom showdown with Val Kilmer, as Doc Holliday.

Eric Stayton attempted the same stunt Saturday night at his home in Chaires, where about a dozen friends and relatives were celebrating the birthdays of his sister, 39-year-old Renee Chaires, and her 23-year-old daughter, reported the Tallahassee Democrat.

Chaires, a hair stylist who would have turned 40 this week, was standing next to her daughter in the home's carport when the 50-year-old Stayton began twirling his gun in the air.

As he attempted to holster the weapon, it slipped from his hand, struck the concrete floor, and fired.

A single shot struck Chaires in the neck, and she later died.

Stayton has not been charged in the fatal shooting, which remains under investigation.

Watch the scene from Tombstone:


Jury in St. Louis has 4 months to decide whether to indict Ferguson officer Darren Wilson

© AFP/Michael B. Thomas
Law enforcement officers watch on during a protest on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Missouri on August 18, 2014.
The St. Louis grand jury hearing evidence in the case of the white police officer who fatally shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown last month has been given an extra four months to weigh possible criminal charges against the officer, officials said on Tuesday.

The prosecutor's office still hopes to conclude its presentation of evidence to the grand jury in October but now has until Jan. 7 to do, said Edward Magee, a spokesman for St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch.

"The case is still being presented to the grand jury and we are moving forward with it," Magee said.

Under Missouri law, grand juries can be empanelled up to six months but typically are held for four months. The current grand jury sitting in St. Louis County was due to disband Sept. 10, but at the request of the prosecutor's office, St. Louis County Judge Carolyn Whittington has approved holding the jury for the full six months. She then added 60 days to the jury's term, said Paul Fox, the county's director of judicial administration. "This is not a typical case," Fox said.

Comment: The Michael Brown shooting: What you're not being told


Leading U.S.manufacturer announces global availability of hazmat suits for Ebola

Lakeland Industries, Inc. (LAKE), a leading global manufacturer of industrial protective clothing for industry, municipalities, healthcare and to first responders on the federal, state and local levels, today announced the global availability of its protective apparel for use in handling the Ebola virus. In response to the increasing demand for specialty protective suits to be worm by healthcare workers and others being exposed to Ebola, Lakeland is increasing its manufacturing capacity for these garments and includes proprietary processes for specialized seam sealing, a far superior technology for protecting against viral hazards than non-sealed products.

"Lakeland stands ready to join the fight against the spread of Ebola," said Christopher J. Ryan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lakeland Industries. "We understand the difficulty of getting appropriate products through a procurement system that in times of crisis favors availability over specification, and we hope our added capacity will help alleviate that problem. With the U.S. State Department alone putting out a bid for 160,000 suits, we encourage all protective apparel companies to increase their manufacturing capacity for sealed seam garments so that our industry can do its part in addressing this threat to global health.

Mr. Ryan continued, "With our diverse global operations and the breadth of our protective apparel line incorporating superior sealed seam technology, we are ideally situated to assist organizations worldwide as they handle Ebola. Despite reports citing the short supply of protective suits for handling hazardous materials, we believe it is very important to alert those in need around the world that Lakeland has appropriately qualified and certified suits, ample manufacturing capacity, and numerous distribution points to supply these garments."

Comment: The best protection you can have against plagues is your diet.

Are you prepping your diet?

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Russell Tribunal charges Obama and Poroshenko with war crimes in E. Ukraine

Screenshot from Ruptly video
The presidents of Ukraine and the US, in addition to heads of NATO and the European Commission have been condemned for war crimes in Eastern Ukraine by an informal Russell Tribunal, which took place in Venice, Italy on Saturday.

The show trial in Venice was inspired by the Russell Tribunal organized by British philosopher and Nobel Prize winner Bertrand Russell and hosted by French philosopher and writer Jean-Paul Sartre in 1966 to investigate US war crimes in Vietnam.

Further tribunals focused on human rights violations in the dictatorships of Argentina and Brazil (1973); on Chile's military coup (1974 - 76), on human rights in psychiatry (2001); on Iraq (2004), and on Palestine (2009 - 12).

Although the Russell Tribunal has no legal status, its decisions have always affected public opinion around the globe.

The Tribunal's ruling on Eastern Ukraine will be forwarded to the UN Secretariat, the EU, the International Criminal Court and other competent international bodies.

Radicalized anti-Russian Ukrainian mob throw MP into dumpster outside parliament - video

Zhuravsky was bundled into a dumpster
A group of demonstrators, including 'Right Sector' neo-nazis, outside the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev grabbed Ukrainian MP Vitaly Zhuravsky and threw him into a dumpster on Tuesday. Zhuravsky is a former member of former President Viktor Yanukovich's party. After being thrown in, Zhuravsky was held down and various liquids were poured over him. A tyre was also added into the unsightly mix.

The protestors were demanding that an 'anti-elite' law be passed in the Ukrainian parliament that would see any MP that served under former President Yanukovich, who was ousted in a US-sponsored coup in April, banned from holding office for 10 years and forced to return any gifts they received while serving in Yanukovich's administration.

The 'Right Sector' group is made up of ultra-right wing nationalist and former military personnel who have acted as mercenaries for Ukrainian oligarchs aligned with the US and EU.

Meet another Neo-Nazi fighting on behalf of Kiev

© Unknown
So we already reported on the American Nazi who was fighting in Ukraine until he got killed, the neo-Nazi Azov battalion he was fighting with, and the reports of war tourism, or, European right wingers joining in the fighting just for fun.

Now here's another one, Gaston Besson. This guy seems to be a war afficionado or professional mercenary. He has a reputation going back to the Yugoslav wars where he was accused of war crimes. He's also served in Laos and Myanmar. Apparently he enjoys going berserk in battle and being "excessively cruel".

Comment: In other words, he couldn't care less about what's going to happen to Ukraine, he's there to kill people on behalf of US/NATO. It seems they just ship these mercenaries around.

Like the American Nazi, Paslawsky, he also fights with the Azov battalion, the one with the Nazi swastika on its coat of arms which runs around bravely punishing civilians. He's in charge of coordinating foreign volunteers.

We've got a backlog of video and material about the neo-Nazi presence in Ukraine. It's much bigger than has been reported so far in the western media.

Nazi safaris and organ harvesting in Eastern Ukraine: Kiev regime's foreign mercenaries and homegrown fascists enjoy slaughtering civiliansUkrainian Neo-Nazi battalion leader touring USNazis in Ukraine: German TV shows Ukrainian soldiers with Nazi insignia

Video evidence shows Ukrainian Neo-Nazi government, supported by the U.S., engaged in atrocities and war crimes