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3 killed, including American tourist, in terrorist shooting in the West Bank

© Fire Department
Scene where terrorist vehicle smashed into Israeli vehicle in Gush Etzion.
Three people were killed late Thursday afternoon when a Palestinian terrorist shot at cars stuck in a traffic jam near the Gush Etzion junction in the West Bank.

Initial reports suggest that the terrorist fired at the cars and then sped in the direction of the Alon Shvut settlement and slammed into a car.

The terrorist exited the vehicle and attempted to fire off further shots. Security forces shot at the terrorist and then arrested him.


Anonymous accuses Silicon Valley startup of assisting Islamic State online

© Flickr/ Stian Eikeland
Hacktivist group Anonymous has accused a San Francisco Web services company of protecting pro-ISIL websites from cyberattacks.

ISIL exploits the internet and social media sites to spread its propaganda and promote its activities — it also uses web services to guard the group from cyber attacks. As more attempts are made to disrupt ISIL-related sites, members of the terrorist organization are circumnavigating attacks by using web services readily available on the market.

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Paris attacks designed to make you hate refugees

True to form, the reaction to the Paris terrorist attacks has fallen hardest on Muslims and refugees rather than the handful of psychopathic nihilists who perpetrated them. Without even waiting for anyone to claim responsibility, François Hollande closed the borders, laying blame at the feet of refugees in pitiful capitulation to the far right.

As in every such incident the powerful take advantage of the crisis produced by the violent atrocity not to address the causes so that it might not happen again, but to scaremonger and scapegoat; France has 6 million Muslims; if one tenth of one percent of these were jihadists, that percentage would amount to a hard core of 6,000. If France has that many jihadists, they are exceptionally lazy. If not, terrorism is not a specifically Muslim problem.


New York City is a target - states newly released "ISIS" video

© Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
Islamic State has released a new video threatening attacks on New York - the footage shows images of Times Square, crowds of tourists and a suicide bomber making an explosive vest and apparently preparing for an assault on the 'Big Apple'. Trends France terror attacks

The five-and-a-half-minute video starts from horrific scenes from the recent Paris attacks and various recordings of French President Francois Hollande speaking about military operation against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) jihadists.

French- and Arabic-speaking fighters are heard praising the attacks which killed at least 129 people in the French capital on Friday.

Comment: Sure, "don't panic everyone!," but in the meantime the police state apparatus now has further "justification" for bloating itself and, ultimately, treating everyone like criminals.


Scandal: Baltic States receive EU funds by passing their non-citizens off as 'refugees'

Refugees keep on coming and Baltic states profit.
The Baltic States are about to face a large-scale scandal after media revealed they scammed the EU's refugee re-settlement system by labeling their Russian-speaking populations as "refugees," RIA Novosti's Vladimir Barsegian said. The EU allocates extra money to countries that accept refugees. Although Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania let very few Middle Eastern and African refugees into their countries, they managed to get millions of euros from the EU budget for refugee resettlement programs.

How did that happen? Well, German experts also asked the same question and began an investigation to find out what had really happened. Turns out the Baltic States passed off their Russian-speaking populations, who still have a non-citizen status, as "refugees," Barsegian said.

Between 2007 and 2013, Latvia, which has around 260,000 non-citizens, received €33 million from the EU budget; Estonia got a bit less since it "only" has 88,000 non-citizens. These lies probably would have never surfaced and the Baltic States would have kept getting the easy money, if it were not for the current refugee crisis in Europe. As EU leaders began allocating refugee quotas across the union, they noticed that the Baltic States had one of the highest "refugee" numbers in the entire EU.

The truth was revealed and some EU leaders began to speak about the issue, accusing the Baltic States of stealing EU funds. Furthermore, following the real refugee crisis EU leaders opened their eyes to the ugly side of their own members — the Baltic States discriminated against their own residents simply based on their ethnicity. What a true reflection of European values!

Comment: "Opportunity is the mother of invention," or so they say. Just don't reveal the details.


Condition the kids early: Expensive private school installs 700 CCTV cameras

© Francois Lenoir / Reuters
A private boarding school in North Yorkshire that accommodates children aged 3-19 has allegedly installed 700 CCTV cameras to catch pupils "kissing and queue-jumping," an inspector's report has found.

Following two unannounced inspections by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), Queen Ethelburga's School has come under scrutiny after pupils claimed it fitted cameras in classrooms to "catch students" committing minor disciplinary breaches.

The inspectorate's report on the visit states that several students believe the school is determined to catch them "kissing and queue-jumping" on camera. The private school, which charges fees of up to £34,000 per year, denies the allegations.

"At the time of the inspections, around 700 CCTV cameras were located around the school, including in the EYFS [Early Years Foundation Stage]," the ISI report reads.

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The totalitarian's dream come true: A cashless society

Central planners around the world are waging a War on Cash. In just the last few years:
  • Italy made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal;
  • Switzerland proposed banning cash payments in excess of 100,000 francs;
  • Russia banned cash transactions over $10,000;
  • Spain banned cash transactions over €2,500;
  • Mexico made cash payments of more than 200,000 pesos illegal;
  • Uruguay banned cash transactions over $5,000; and
  • France made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal, down from the previous limit of €3,000.
The War on Cash is a favorite pet project of the economic central planners. They want to eliminate hand-to-hand currency so that governments can document, control, and tax everything.

Comment: See also:


Photographer reveals where Syrian child refugees sleep

Magnus Wennman, an award-winning photojournalist from Stockholm, has published a gutwrenching photo series revealing what is happening to the children in the Middle East and on Europe's doorstep as they flee the conflict in Syria. To create "Where The Children Sleep," he traveled throughout the regions where these children and their families are fleeing to to tell us their stories.

In an interview with CNN, Wennman, who took the photos for the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, said that the conflict and the crisis can be difficult for people to understand, "but there is nothing hard to understand about how children need a safe place to sleep. That is easy to understand," he said.

"They have lost some hope," Wennman added. "It takes very much for a child to stop being a child and to stop having fun, even in really bad places."

Comment: As you look at these pictures and read the brief descriptions of what these children are forced to endure, keep in mind that the situation in Syria causing their horrendous trauma and suffering is mostly due to US intervention in Syria, and the US intervention is entirely illegal under international law.


Independent pathologist reports police hogtie restraints killed Tennessee man, not LSD

© Justice for Troy/Facebook
Troy Good and his wife.
Troy Goode's death was caused by Mississippi hog-tying him, not the LSD he took that night, an independent autopsy has ruled. The results were released by Tim Edwards, the Goode family's attorney, at a press conference in Memphis, Tennessee on Wednesday.

Goode was left hogtied and on his stomach for an extended period which caused him breathing troubles. When his heart couldn't compensate, it went into cardiac arrhythmia and killed him, according to Edwards. The autopsy found no evidence of a pre-existing disease that would have led to Goode's death. An earlier toxicology report confirmed that Goode had used LSD and marijuana while attending a rock concert by the jam band Widespread Panic before he died.

"The toxicology report... rules out any drug-related causes. That takes that off the table," Edwards said. "LSD does not cause heart failure." Goode, a 30 year-old chemical engineer and father from Memphis, Tennessee, died on July 18, two hours after his detention by police in the Memphis suburb of Southaven, Mississippi.

His wife was taking him home when he got out of the car and started running around. Officers eventually subdued him, restraining his arms and legs behind him. Goode was taken to an area hospital, but was later pronounced dead.

A video shot by a bystander showed Goode on a stretcher being wheeled to an ambulance. He was lying face down with his limbs restrained behind his back using leg irons and handcuffs. Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite issued a statement following the autopsy results to defend the actions of the police officers. Police were called as Goode was "acting erratically and posing a danger to himself and innocent bystanders," Musselwhite said.

Comment: Memphis, Tennessee man dies in police custody after being hogtied

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Shameful: Yellowstone officials planning on killing 1,000 mostly female and baby bison

© Reuters/Jim Urquhart
A car is stopped by a herd of bison crossing the highway in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, June 8, 2013.
Yellowstone National Park has proposed killing roughly 1,000 wild bison this winter in an effort to curb the animals' annual migration to Montana. The bison, mostly calves and females, would be delivered to Native American tribes for slaughter.

The controversial annual culling is aimed at lessening the risk of Yellowstone bison infecting cattle herds in Montana with brucellosis, a bacterial disease that can cause pregnant bison and other animals to miscarry their young.

The yearly culling is part of a 2000 agreement made between Montana and the federal government, which was aimed at preventing the spread of the disease.

"Through the legal agreement the National Park Service has to do this," Yellowstone spokeswoman Sandy Snell-Dobert said, as quoted by AP. "If there was more tolerance north of the park in Montana for wildlife, particularly bison as well as other wildlife, to travel outside the park boundaries, it wouldn't be an issue."