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Scale of child abuse images "shocking", many from predators in positions of power

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Authorities convict on average two people each day for child abuse image offences, a child support charity has revealed. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) demanded urgent action to halt the rise.

Analysis found there had been 1,000 court cases involving indecent images of children since Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to crack down on the issue in 2013.

The charity further revealed that a total of 4.5 million child abuse images had been found. One in three offenders was in a position of power, which allowed them to gain access to children.

Nearly two years ago, Cameron said he would put stringent measures in place to catch individuals attempting to access indecent images of children, and promised to ensure internet companies would face legal repercussions if they didn't blacklist key search terms.

Among the offenders were doctors, teachers, police officers, scout leaders, and a magician. Only two of the convicted were women.

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Nazi hunter arrives in Denmark to report war crimes against Jews in WWII

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Nazi concentration camp in Belarus.
A famous Nazi hunter says he is arriving in Denmark on Monday, hoping to press criminal charges against a 90-year-old Danish citizen, who reportedly committed mass murders of Jews in Belarus during World War II.

"Since the Danish Justice Ministry isn't going to do anything, I have decided to come to Copenhagen and personally file a police report that is based upon documentation and research. We hope it will result in a trial," Efraim Zuroff, a famous Nazi hunter and the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center office in Jerusalem told Danish Berlingske newspaper.

The Dane was allegedly a member of Free Corps Denmark (Frikorps Danmark), a volunteer corps created by the Danish Nazi Party (DNSAP) to fight the Soviet Union during World War II. At least 6,000 Danish Nazis joined the organization.

Danish historians' work has clearly demonstrated that Danes were involved in war crimes during World War II. When it was finally revealed, it should have immediately led to further investigation. But that unfortunately didn't happen," Zuroff said as quoted by the Local.

Though Zuroff revealed neither details of his suit, nor the name of the Danish Nazi, Berlingske suggested that the suspect is Helmuth Leif Rasmussen, who earlier spoke about his participation in the Free Corps Denmark. However, Rasmussen denied he was a guard in Belarussian prison for Jews to the newspaper.

Comment: Roger Waters: 'What Israelis do to Palestinians today is comparable to how the Nazis treated Jews last time around'


Hacker remotely crashes Jeep from 10 miles away

Hackers took control of a car and crashed it into a ditch by remotely breaking into its dashboard computer from 10 miles away.

In the first such breach of its kind, security experts cut out the engine and applied the brakes on the Jeep Cherokee, sending it into a spin - all while sitting on their sofa.

The US hackers said they used just a laptop and mobile phone to access the Jeep's on-board systems via a wireless Internet connection.

They claim that more than 470,000 cars made by Fiat Chrysler could be at risk of being attacked by similar means - including those driven in the UK.

Comment: Ah, the wonders of computer technology. Imagine this happening with autonomous vehicles.


Me, Myself and I

© Maëlick
Look at ME!
The word "narcissist" means egotistical, self-focused, and vain. That's today's modern society. Selfies, social media and video challenges - society is becoming inundated with and defined by the me, myself and I culture. And it can move from harmless egotistical banter on Facebook to acting out violently in a local shopping mall for real or perceived online slights. In other socially and emotionally damaging ways -- beyond the "selfies" shared to vapid, mostly air-headed consumers -- are the extremes that explain the age of the "me first" culture.

In America today men are obsessed with "six pack" abs, movie star faces, and tanned bodies that would make the Greek god Dionysus green with envy. Girls, as young as sixteen years old, are getting breast implants, butt jobs, sculptured nose enhancements and every kind of self-obsessed cosmetic surgery money can buy. Many are dissatisfied with themselves, the way the look, or some body part and bolt straight into the plastic surgeon's waiting arms for cosmetic solace. For this industry its big, big lucrative business.

We're routinely privy to the narcissistic tantrums of adolescents and mature men and women suffering from the Peter Pan Syndrome -- they never grow up. The facts are compelling: Five times as many Americans undergo plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures as ten years ago, and ordinary people hire fake paparazzi to follow them around to make them look famous. High school students physically attack classmates and post YouTube videos of the beatings to get attention. And for the past several years, Americans have been buying McMansions and expensive cars on credit they can't afford.

Ah, history or Greek mythology is certainly our guide on this one. The story goes that there was once a young man named Narcissus who was so vain that he fell in love with his own reflection in the water and died. In some versions of the mythological tale from Ancient Greece, Narcissus was transformed into a flower that today carries the name narcissus, or daffodil.

Today's narcissists come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. We see middle aged, pot-bellied men, guts spilling over size 50+ trousers, acting like adolescent young men trying to seduce young women, some the ages of their teenage daughters. Likewise, we see overweight women sporting rolls of protruding belly fat wearing clothes fit for Niki Minaj and company. In both cases these narcissistic denizens of society appear oblivious to the bemused head shaking from members of the public as they view their grotesque physical characteristics. Or maybe they've made enemies with Mr. Mirror.

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MRI studies reveal impoverished children likely to lag in brain development

© Tim Boyle/Getty Images/AFP
Children growing up in poor households are likely to lag in their brain development and thereby perform poorly in schools, even if they move in better neighborhoods, a new longitudinal study on child development has revealed.

Examining hundreds of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans from a group of children growing in poor households, researchers from the University of Wisconsin - Madison discovered that the regional gray matter volume in case study brains was up to 4 percent below the developmental norm for their ages.

The threshold for "poor" was defined in the study published in JAMA Pediatrics as living in households 1.5 times below the federal poverty level. An even larger gap of eight to 10 percentage points was observed for children living below the federal poverty level.

The analysis of grey matter which serves to process information in the brain, was then correlated with their subject's school testing results. Analyzing their data, scientists discovered that "poor kids" scored four to eight points, or up to one-half of a standard deviation lower on general intelligence tests.

Comment: People in positions of power and the financial 'elite' exhibit behavior consistent with symptoms of narcissism and psychopathy. Psychopaths love power and control; most of all they enjoy the physical and emotional suffering of others. Poverty is a sign of a much larger problem that effects all of humanity. See:

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Drug addict or homeless guy with a kid? Pranked New Yorkers prefer the former

© YouTube Screen Capture
A prankster has carried out a social experiment in New York to find out who would be granted more charity - a homeless single father or a drug user - and received a truly surprising result.

In a hidden cam video, prankster Coby Persin dressed up as a homeless guy and pretended to be begging. He first displayed a sign, reading: "Homeless need money for drugs, weed and alcohol," and managed to raise a decent sum of money across just an hour.

The homeless addict was mainly assisted by young men, who encouraged him by saying "stay high, man, stay high" or "make sure you get a big bottle."

However, things changed when the prankster put up a different sign, reading: "Homeless single father need money for charity" and was joined by a small girl, sitting on the pavement next to him.

He was left without any donations for almost the whole hour as people walked by, completely ignoring the "troubled pair".

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17-year-old Indian girl raped twice, the second time after police set her up as 'bait'

Investigations into the rape of 17-year-old Jalna resident reveal that the victim was allegedly raped at a location between two police teams deployed at least three kilometres apart from each other on a highway on July 9 between 8.30 and 9.30 pm.

The 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped twice by two men, the second time after police set her up as "bait" and asked her to meet the accused, in Jalna, about 400 kilometres from Mumbai. Police has identified the accused as Nitin Savle (19) and Sanjay Havare (21) who have been remanded to police custody until July 18.

According to investigating officers, after the victim received a call from Havare at 8 pm on July 9, she was asked to come to Ambad Chowk where she would get her mobile back from the accused, which was stolen from her on July 6, when she was first allegedly raped by the duo.

"Assistant Police Inspector Vinod Ejjapawar of the local crime branch immediately deployed two teams of police officers in civil clothes at Ambad Chowk and at Mantha Chowk near the house of the victim. We already had a list of eight suspects based on the description given by the victim, where we were looking for accused with a clean shave and short hair," said an investigating officer. Police said that the victim left her residence around 8.15 pm on her scooter and was en route to Ambad Chowk.

Officers have attributed the second alleged rape of the 17-year-old victim to "miscommunication".

Comment: Violence against women is epidemic and escalating. Rape is everywhere. From Bill Cosby, to the U.S. military, to French soldiers and UN 'peacekeepers' raping children. It's absolutely shocking that rape has become the new normal the world over.


'We want the facts, not propaganda' - MH17 relatives, independent investigators grapple with a year's worth of lies from government and mainstream media

© Antonio Bronic / Reuters
With debris of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 still covering the crash site in eastern Ukraine, the investigation of the July 17, 2014 tragedy is surrounded by secrecy. RT talked to international experts and the victims' families, still waiting for answers.

"He was a good man, a good brother. He promised to take me one day on board of his plane... He wanted to take me to Europe, but instead I brought his body home from Amsterdam on a plane," the younger sister of flight MH17 captain, Wan Lailatul Mustarah Bt. Wan Hussin told RT Documentary (RTD).

RTD's team visited Captain's Wan Amran's family in Malaysia. They couldn't talk to the pilot's wife, as she was sick, suffering from mental problems resulting from the trauma she experienced after her husband was killed in the crash.

"At first the youngest son couldn't accept this all, he was always saying that his father would come back," the captain's older sister, Wan Aini Bt. Wan Hussin, told RTD.

Comment: See also:

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Israel condemned for 'abusive arrests' of Palestinian kids - report details children are 'Choked, beaten & strip-searched'

A Palestinian boy scuffles with Israeli soldiers during a protest in the West Bank @ Mussa Qawasma / Reuters

Israeli security forces have performed "abusive arrests" of Palestinian children, chocking, beating and threatening kids as young as 11, a global watchdog said in a report.

"Israeli security forces have used unnecessary force to arrest or detain Palestinian children as young as 11," a report published by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Monday.

According to the group Israeli security forces "have choked children, thrown stun grenades at them, beaten them in custody, threatened and interrogated them without the presence of parents or lawyers, and failed to let their parents know their whereabouts."

HRW said it interviewed several Palestinian boys and a girl aged from 11 to 15 who were arrested by Israeli security forces in the period from March to December 2014.

The children told HRW that "Israeli authorities did not inform parents of their child's arrest and interrogated the children without permitting them to speak to a parent or lawyer prior to the interrogation."

An 11-yer-old Rashid said he was attacked by a stun grenade and was put "in a chokehold" when Israeli arrested him for throwing stones in November. The boy added that officers "put a black bag over his head, threatened him with beatings, and kicked him in the shin while taking him for interrogation."

"When he got home [after being arrested] he had nightmares," Rashid's father said. "He woke up screaming for four or five nights in a row." Rashid told Human Rights Watch that he dreamed of being arrested, "over and over again," and was scared of going to school.

Comment: This is hardly a new problem. Stories and reports of Israel's reprehensible treatment of children have been filed for decades. Israel ignores them with impunity.


Western Siberia shopping mall ablaze, witnesses report hearing explosion before the fire

© Region-70 group,
A shopping mall has caught fire in the Tomsk Region of West Siberia. Witnesses say they heard a loud bang before the incident.

The fire broke out in the town of Seversk, which is located 15 km from the city of Tomsk and has a population of over 100,000 people.

"The fire has been localized and firefighters are working to contain the blaze," an official from the emergency services told Lifenews TV, adding that at least 10 fire brigades are working at the scene.