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Russia and Venezuela agree on massive $14 billion oil & gas investment deal

© Reuters / Miraflores Palace / Handout via Reuters
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro (R) and Rosneft Chief Executive Igor Sechin shake hands during their meeting at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, in this May 27, 2015.
President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro says his country has reached an agreement with Russia, which will see investment of $14 billion in the oil and gas sector over the next few years.

The agreement was reached between the Venezuelan state oil firm, PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela) and the Russian oil giant, Rosneft, after talks in the South American country's capital, Caracas, between Maduro, the president of PDVSA, Eulogio Del Pino, and the president of Rosneft, Igor Sechin.

"We had a great meeting and agreed on investment of over $14 billion," said Maduro in a television address, following a meeting with Sechin. He added that the funds would go towards doubling Venezuela's oil production.

Comment: The world keeps wheeling and dealing despite the US "sphere of influence".


Biden opens mouth: US won't accept idea of global 'spheres of influence'

© Reuters / Yuri Gripas
The US rejects the idea of any nation claiming a sphere of influence, Vice President Joe Biden told a Washington think tank, arguing that the crisis in Ukraine was about the principles and values of the West and international order.

"We will not recognize any nation having a sphere of influence," the vice president said during a speech at the Brookings Institution on Wednesday. It remained unclear whether the remark applied to US influence around the globe, or referred only to Russia, China and other countries.

Comment: In other words, US 'sphere of influence' is the only thing that matters. Any other country attempting to do the same is threatening to the 'bully on the hill'.

Bad Guys

Is an ISIS false flag nuclear attack on America planned within the next 12 months?


Captured British journalist John Cantlie has written an article for the Islamic State in which he claims that the possibility of an ISIS nuclear attack on America has risen "infinitely."

The article appeared in the new edition of Dabiq, the ISIS online english magazine with Madison Avenue design cues. Cantlie was abducted by ISIS in 2012 and is now apparently being forced to write their english language propaganda.

Claiming ISIS has billions of dollars, Cantlie outlined how the terrorist group could acquire the weapon and transport it into America. Press TV reports:

Comment: If you think that this possibility seems too far-fetched, then you're simply not considering the depths of depravity the psychopathic elites are capable of.

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Snakes in Suits

New 'Peace' lobby pressures US Presidential candidates to favor war


Here comes the peace.
There is a long history of the U.S. military-industrial complex lobbying the government for funding and influencing foreign policy, e.g., to help pick out countries to bomb or invade.

However, the latest pressure group to be formed in the run up to next year's U.S. presidential elections is an insult to basic intelligence. It calls itself Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security but literally hides its sinister motives in broad daylight. The name sounds so innocent, so appealing and credible. After all, don't we all want peace, prosperity, and security!?

Comment: War is peace apparently. The U.S. military-industrial complex for the win.


Towards a militarized police state in America? Explosive new revelations over "Jade Helm 15 exercise" and potential false flags


Comment: If someone stood the 'State of the Union' annual address made by the President of the United States on its head, and truthified it, it would sound very close to this article.

A growing segment of the American population is waking up to the implications of the Jade Helm 15 military operation to be conducted by Special Forces in conjunction with local law enforcement, the FBI, DHS, the DEA and Border Patrol across the entire Southwest. This massive unprecedented exercise will also commence in June sooner than first announced and last for 10 weeks through the summer till September 15.

The risk of it triggering civil unrest or that it may coincide with a potential false flag scenario followed by another possibly timed crisis situation is both feasible and real, despite mainstream media's ridicule dismissing any such possibilities as pure paranoid conspiracy theory. What we do know for sure is this nation has turned into a militarized police state and that both the military and the government lie all the time.

We also are aware of the globalists' long planned agenda of a national crisis that would induce Obama to quash civil unrest by declaring martial law. A recent poll of Americans found that near half (45%) see Jade Helm as imposing more control over the states. If martial law doesn't actually come to pass this time around, it certainly sets the stage for next time in this incrementally increasing militarization of America.

We also know that a specific Department of Defense manual FM 3-39.40 has existed since 2010 delineating how the federal government in cooperation with the UN will respond to civil disturbance that includes FEMA camp roundups to fill waiting empty Haliburton-refurbished prison camps after a $385 million no bid contract during the former CEO Cheney's vice presidency. We also know that each prison camp includes a tribunal section and a mortuary section along with psychological officers responsible for reprogramming US detainees. Despite this layout presented so matter-of-fact and by-the-book, Americans will be killed. During the upheaval of a national crisis, a lethal outcome is also most probable. Meanwhile, countdown to global war appears to be ticking away as troops from virtually every nation are busily training in preparation for a likely West versus East endgame scenario of World War III.

President Kennedy spoke of subversive forces operating inside the shadow government several months prior to those same forces killing him. And those demonic forces posing as our international crime syndicate government boldly went on unconsequenced by the JFK assassination to stage the worst false flag in history on 9/11 giving birth to the neocons' war on terror. And it's been all downhill ever since with nonstop wars, a runaway deficit (over $18 trillion), a fragile and broken global economy, and within a few years after 9/11 a militarized totalitarian police state. Long gone is America's once democratic republic, replaced by a fascist oligarchy controlled by a military-security-prison complex. As Obama's personal army, Homeland Security has grown gluttonously evil bringing tyranny and oppression to the United States of America as never before.

But to those of us aware enough to study and learn from history, there are no accidents and no surprises here. Armed with the latest technology, the global elitists in control have done their homework, long in advance manipulating everything in its Orwellian place for these shuttering events and developments to unfold. From the overreaching CIA grooming their Manchurian Candidate president to his unqualified meteoric rise to puppet power, Obama was the perfect made man for the job. Obscured by a shadowy, made over past that includes a fake birth certificate, he was steeped in Communist ideology and socialist collectivism by his deep connection with ex-terrorist Bill Ayers (who also was the Common Core architect responsible largely for dumbing down public education) and fellow mentor Saul Alinsky. Obama displayed dazzle as an early orator on the big stage of big politics, wore the right skin color to prey on people's hope for change and progress, appearing as a different kind of leader who many thought would represent the common people, a unifier and uplifter for the downtrodden. Boy were they dead wrong!

Snakes in Suits

Tony Blair set to resign as Middle East peace envoy

© Reuters / Suzanne Plunkett
Tony Blair has reportedly resigned as envoy to The Quartet group of Middle East nations.

The news was reported in a tweet by the Associated Press, which claimed an official had told the agency the former UK Prime Minister would stand down.

Comment: This worthless piece of humanity needs to be imprisoned!

Star of David

Netanyahu increases demands for 'up to $45 billion' in US military aid

© Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay
V-22 Osprey - due to be exclusively supplied to Israel in the coming years.
Israel is hoping to receive $4.2 - $4.5 billion a year in military aid from the United States for ten years, to counter the threat from Iran and oil-rich Middle East states that have been re-arming rapidly, a senior Israeli source has told Defense News.

Under a 10-year deal signed in 2007, Israel receives just over $3 billion a year in American aid, with stipulations that over 70 percent of that aid has to be spent buying US military hardware. An extension of that agreement, running to 2028, was principally agreed on by Barack Obama during a visit to Israel in 2013, but according to Haaretz, talks on its terms have been "preliminary and unofficial."

Among the purchases to be covered by the new deal are supplies of the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, which the US has refused to export to any other country, as well as up to 75 fifth-generation F-35 joint strike fighters, whenever they overcome their teething troubles. The US also provides technology, parts and rockets for Israel's missile defense systems such as the Iron Dome and Arrow 3.

Comment: US will keep feeding the beasts to ensure the Middle East remains an unstable place.


Pentagon reports live anthrax shipped across states by accident

© Reuters / David Moir
The Pentagon says that live anthrax was inadvertently shipped across state lines from a military lab in Utah. However, a Department of Defense spokesperson says the public is not at risk.

One anthrax sample was also shipped off to an American military base in South Korea, the Pentagon told Reuters. That sample was destroyed.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday that the anthrax had been shipped out of state, but assured, "there are no risks to the public."

"We are investigating the inadvertent transfer of live anthrax from a DoD lab from Dugway Proving Ground," Col. Warren said. Dugway Proving Ground is a US Army facility in Utah.

Comment: They always say the "public is not at risk". This is an accident waiting to happen.

Star of David

Payback: Arrests of FIFA officials comes on heels of FIFA mulling suspending Israel for treatment of Palestinian footballers

© Shutterstock
FIFA President Sepp Blatter
FIFA, world football's governing body, is due to meet this Friday in Zurich to decide whether to back a Palestinian motion to suspend Israel for its systematic violations of Palestinian footballers' rights in the occupied territories, including preventing practice sessions and games, arresting players, denying entry to other teams, and bombing grounds, as well as for endemic racism towards non-Jewish players in Israeli football itself. I have written about this in the past: here and here.

Although a 75% majority is needed for the Palestinian motion to carry, there has been a growing sense that the mood at FIFA is shifting the Palestinians' way. Israel and the US are, of course, deeply worried. Such a move would have strong overtones of the sports boycott against South Africa and further reinforce the idea that the description of Israel as an apartheid state holds. It would also disrupt FIFA tournaments Israel is due to host in the coming months, causing great embarrassment to Israel and FIFA's president, Sepp Blatter.

Meanwhile, almost everyone quietly acknowledges that FIFA is corrupt from head to toe, and has been for as long as the game has been another branch of the big-business entertainments industry. Just think how impossible it would have been for a body not profoundly infected with corrupt practices to have backed desert emirate Qatar's bid to host the 2022 tournament - in the middle of its stifling summer.


Computers inside UK Parliament used to delete sex scandal and expense claims from dozens of MPs Wikipedia pages

© Reuters / Eddie Keogh
Information about a sex scandal and expense claims were deleted from MPs' Wikipedia pages on computers inside Parliament in the run up to the general election, it has been revealed.

Allegations of an arrest, fraud and an extramarital affair vanished from biographies on the online encyclopedia. More than a dozen Wikipedia pages were edited on computers based in Parliament, an investigation by the Telegraph has found.

While the editors remain anonymous, the computers were traced using their unique IP addresses, which act as an identifying code to reveal the location of users.

Wikipedia pages can be edited by anyone, but a record is kept of all changes made to articles meaning deleted information can be restored to the page.

Conservative MP Robert Blackman's biography was changed to remove all links to news articles about an 11-year affair, the Telegraph reported. Blackman began his affair with councilor Carol Shaw a year after he married his wife Nicola, who also worked for Brent Council in London.