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Heating up: At least 6 Palestinians killed, dozens wounded by IDF soldiers on Hamas 'Day of Rage'

At least six Palestinians were killed and 60 injured when soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) opened fire on a crowd of protesters from Hamas and Islamic Jihad as they approached a border fence with Israel on Friday, according to Gaza medics.

The incident took place when around 200 Palestinians approached the fence in northern Gaza and began "throwing stones and rolling burning tires at Israeli forces," an Israeli army spokesperson said, as quoted by The Times of Israel.

IDF troops then opened fire on the protesters from about 150 feet (50 meters) away, the spokesman said, adding that the soldiers remained on the Israeli side of the border.

Comment: The violence seems to be spreading throughout Israel, West Bank and Gaza.


Syria: Russian intervention exposes coalition lies. "The Terrorists R US"

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive." (Walter Scott, 1771-1832, "Marmion.")
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How speedily the lies of the "international community" in general and those of the US and UK in particular about the Syrian situation are unraveling since the participation of Russia.

Take UK Prime Minister David Cameron. On 24th September last year he addressed the United Nations, committing British aircraft to targeting IS/ISIL/ISIS in Iraq adding unequivocally that there would be no similar action in Syria and absolutely no "boots on the ground."(1)

Referring to Iraq he added that the West should not be frozen by "past mistakes." If Iraq is a "mistake" Heaven alone knows what a catastrophe would look like.

Cameron of course was being economical with the truth. In 2013 Parliament voted not to be involved in Syria, making Cameron the first Prime Minister in 200 years to lose a Parliamentary war vote. It would anyway have been another illegal action, since they had not been invited by the Syrian President or government and had no UN mandate. However, in July this year it transpired that pilots of Britain's Air Force have been "embedded" with US and Canadian Air Squadrons and been involved in flying: "intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and strike missions ..." according to the Ministry of Defence. (2)

On 7th September Cameron also announced that a British drone strike in Syria had killed two UK citizens fighting with ISIS. What an irony, the UK has enjoined wiping out entire nations having accused their leaders of "killing their own people", terrorists or not, now Cameron kills his "own people" in what Michael Clarke, Director General of London's hawkish Royal United Services Institute has called a "targeted assassination."

Those killed were : "... targeted in an area that the UK does not currently regard, legally, as an operational theatre of war for UK forces", Clarke commented, adding: "The government insisted that, unlike CIA drones, they were never used for targeted assassinations in territories where we were not militarily engaged." (3) Another government lie pinned.

As for "no boots on the ground", another seemingly whopping untruth. As Stephen Lendman has written (4): "On 2nd August The Sunday Express revealed: 'SAS dress as ISIS fighters in undercover war on jihadis' expanding that:
" 'More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country' covertly 'dressed in black and flying ISIS flags' engaged in what is called Operation Shader - attacking Syrian targets on the pretext of combatting ISIS."
A mirror image of Basra, Iraq, exactly ten years ago, September 2005, when British Special Forces, dressed in Arab clothing, were arrested by Iraqi police in an explosive laden car. Had the car detonated, "Iraqi insurgents" would, of course, have been blamed. The British military demolished the police station in order to free the would-be bombers. (5) How many were not caught and "insurgency" for which Iraqis were blamed, killed, tortured, was actually "made in Britain" and the US, as Syria now?

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If not the US then: Saudi Arabia increasing weapon supplies to Syrian rebels following Russian airstrikes

© Alaa Al-Faqir / Reuters
Saudi Arabia has stepped up its weapon supplies to three different rebel groups in Syria following Russian airstrikes, a government official told the BBC. It comes after Moscow launched its Air Force anti-terror operation at the request of Assad's government.

Rebel groups fighting the Syrian Army will receive an increase in modern, high-powered weaponry, including guided anti-tank weapons, a "well-placed" Saudi official told the BBC on condition of anonymity.

He said the recipients include Jaish al-Fatah (Army of Conquest), the Free Syrian Army (FSA), and the Southern Front. The official stressed that Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) and the al-Nusra Front would not be receiving any weapons.

Comment: Since the US seems to be rethinking their Syrian strategy, why not send the barbarous Saudis after the Russians.After all, they are on the UN Human Rights council now.


Who gave all those Toyota trucks to ISIS?

If you've ever stumbled across genuine Islamic State propaganda videos or photos and their loose resemblance to car commercials — albeit with a notably dystopic terror-cult tinge — you probably quizzically crinkled your brow. But after time spent perusing more oddly indistinguishable ISIS propaganda than you'd care to remember, that crinkled brow surely crystallized into veritable folklore:

Where did ISIS get all those new Toyota trucks?!

Now, at long last, U.S. counterterrorism officials have commenced an ostensibly earnest attempt to answer that open question — by asking Toyota how, exactly, ISIS came to possess such an impressive array of its late-model pick-ups and SUVs.

Comment: Solving the "mystery" of ISIS' Toyota army
Recently, when the US State Department resumed sending non-lethal aid to Syrian rebels, the delivery list included 43 Toyota trucks.

Hiluxes were on the Free Syrian Army's wish list. Oubai Shahbander, a Washington-based advisor to the Syrian National Coalition, is a fan of the truck.
"Specific equipment like the Toyota Hiluxes are what we refer to as force enablers for the moderate opposition forces on the ground," he adds. Shahbander says the US-supplied pickups will be delivering troops and supplies into battle. Some of the fleet will even become battlefield weapons

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SOTT Exclusive: The reason Kerry can't be specific about who 'non-ISIS' groups are

According to Reuters, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had a 30-minute telephone call with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on October 8. U.S. mouthpiece John Kirby reportedly said: "The Secretary repeated our concerns about the preponderance of targets that are being struck by Russian military forces that are not ISIL-related."

What could that possibly mean? Presumably any groups who are not ISIL are "not related to Islamic State". So, who exactly are the "non-ISIL" groups fighting in Syria? In broad terms there is Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda-affiliated), Ahrar al-Sham (Al-Nusra-affiliated), the Islamic Front (includes Ahrar al-Sham), the Free Syrian Army (Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated), and more.

As Gordon Hahn writes, practically all other "opposition" groups (for all intents and purposes, ISIS is just as much an opposition group as any of the other militants fighting Assad's citizens and military) are jihadis. And the non-ISIL jihadis often fight together with the so-called FSA. What Hahn doesn't mention is that the FSA even fights with ISIL.

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Graphic videos emerge of Israeli police shooting Palestinian woman 'execution-style' at Afula bus station

A number of videos emerged online on Friday, showing Israeli police shooting a Palestinian woman at a bus station in Afula in the north of Israel.

In one video shot through what looks like a glass window of a truck or a bus, a woman in white clothes with a black bag is seen amid shouting armed men, allegedly Israeli police officers. While the person in white seems to be holding her hands up, gunfire follows and the person falls to the ground.

Belal Dabour from Gaza, who describes himself as "a Palestinian doctor living in Gaza" has posted videos on Twitter, and said it was not filmed by him, but "paradoxically it was posted first by Israelis." "She posed no threat," Dabour said. He added that the woman was "reported dead."

Another video, taken from a different angle, shows the same scene. Published by Israeli Kikar websource, it was reported that the Arab woman seen in the clip tried to stab a female IDF soldier in Afula central bus station. "The security forces who were present there were able to shoot her before she could carry out the attack," the Israeli source said, adding that the alleged attacker was wounded.

The woman was a "female terrorist," the Jerusalem Post reported. The bus terminal was closed off by Israeli law enforcement following the incident, and the woman was taken to hospital as she was "moderately wounded."

While Twitter users were asking for the details, Dabour said, "There's no context there," adding that "even IF (a big IF) she was carrying a knife, 10 guards can easily disarm her if they choose to."

Comment: Telegenically Dead Palestinians and the Subversion of your Soul


CIA-paid Libyan Islamists travel to Syria to "help" the revolution

ABC interviews a group of Libyans tied with former jihadist Belhadj, who have traveled to Syria to "evaluate" the means of support for the insurgency


Syrian Liberation Army fighters teach their old State Security cards to show that they are "not terrorists"
Brahim, the militiaman, is concerned. "There is an army checkpoint at the entrance of the road," says the farmer, meaning that Jabal Zawiya exit routes are cut. We feared something like this, so the few foreign reporters have decided to leave Syria, considering the risk of being trapped there. But it seems that we arrived late. Finally, when it is dark, Brahim finds a solution. He mobilizes three cars that, driven in the dark, try to find an alternative route. After hours of waiting, they manage to make us cross enemy lines through another point. Brahim laughs, happy "The Free Syrian Army has found a way out," he says.

Comment: For more information on the CIA background of the "Syrian fighters" mentioned here, see Joe Quinn's article Syria's Bloody CIA Revolution.


Military operation in Syria may return Russia to world power status

© Sputnik/ Vladimir Pesnya
Vladimir Putin has chosen the right timing for his military operation in Syria. His clever move gave him a chance to return Russia its status as world power, DWN wrote.

Russia's activities in Syria contributed to the rise in oil prices and gave Russia a strong advantage. Vladimir Putin knows that those who control the "oil tap" also have the last word in geopolitical issues, the newspaper reported.

Unlike the US, Russia has made not only military, but also clever geopolitical moves. Russia has long been a partner of Syria which is an important bridgehead to the Middle East, particularly regarding the transport routes for raw materials. The US wanted to cut Russians off and expand its influence in the region, but Russia's military operation in Syria caught the Americans off guard, the newspaper wrote.

© AP Photo/ Alik Keplicz
NATO Lost Orientation After Russia’s Military Operation in Syria
The new shock in oil prices would be extremely dangerous for Russia. Energy is the foundation of its economy, its government and political system. Russian President Vladimir Putin has often stressed the importance of mineral resources for the preservation of Russia's economic growth and industrial development to catch up with more developed economies. The US sanctions against Russia have also increased the pressure.

The start of the military operation in Syria contributed to an increase in oil prices and gave Russia a chance to restore its position as a global power. According to DWN, Putin's alliances with Iraq, Iran and especially with China are evidence of a certain foresight. Having these states as partners, Russia can play a leading role in the Middle East.

Comment: The US can maintain its hegemony and pretend to play the role of benevolent world-police, while the petrodollar fuels their Military Industrial Complex. However Putin's lightning war in Syria has rocked the US administration and sent a wake-up call to the world. The petrodollar system only works if the US is unchallenged and the confidence of other nations in the dollar remains absolute. Besides the BRICS countries implementing an exit away from the dollar led by China with currency swap facilities opening worldwide, other nations are now beginning to show signs of faltering confidence in the US world policy.

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Shot to the heart: Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child near Bethlehem, amongst other crimes

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Abdul-Rahman Shadi Khalil Obeidallah, age 12, shot in the heart.
Israeli soldiers shot and killed, on Monday afternoon, a Palestinian child, only twelve years of age, near the main entrance of 'Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. The child, Abdul-Rahman Shadi Khalil Obeidallah, was shot with a live round in the chest, and died of his serious wounds shortly after being moved to hospital. The slain child was walking back home from school when the fatal Israeli round struck him. Medical sources said the child was shot directly in the heart, by a sniper Israeli army fire.

The sources said the soldiers also shot and injured two Palestinians with live rounds, during clashes that took place near 'Aida's eastern entrance. They were moved to hospital for treatment suffering moderate wounds.

In related news, thousands of Palestinians marched, at noon Monday, in the funeral procession of Hotheifa Othman Suleiman, 18, who was shot dead last night by Israeli army fire, west of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem. Governor Essam Abu Bakr said the Suleiman's killing is another Israeli crime that proves Israel is ongoing with its escalation, and its total disregard of Palestinian lives, and their right to liberation and independence.

Israeli Authorities have agreed to hand the body of Fadi 'Alloun, 19, to his family for burial ceremonies in the graveyard of Shu'fat town, in occupied Jerusalem. Israel placed a precondition that only 50-70 persons would be allowed to participate, and ordered the family to place a 20.000 bail to "guarantee the implementation of this condition."

Comment: The destruction and crimes of this unrelenting psychopathic country never end. Afraid of stone throwing, Netanyahu is now promising to launch another offensive on the West Bank, to halt what he called "Palestinian violence" (a referral to the 2002 Second Intifada). This would include closure of Arab neighborhoods, restrictions on freedom of movement to go to work, and an uptick in security measures. Surely he will implement these with no predilection for violence and conflict...what are the chances.

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Russia, Syria and the anglo-American existential gas war in the Middle East


Russian destroyers in the Caspian Sea launch cruise missiles at terrorist targets in Syria, 7th October 2015
On our weekly radio show last Sunday, I commented that the response from the U.S. and its Western allies to Russia's launch of an actual war on terrorism in Syria has been largely silence, deafening silence, a bit like Netanyahu's 'silence spectacle' at the UN recently, only even more deafening. So deafening in fact, that it came full circle and I began to hear something.

At first it was just a mealy-mouthed American-accented, 'Russia is making things worse'. But it quickly grew in strength to announce in a Queen's English accent, "we're bombing ISIS too you know!" And before long it had become a cacophonous copracopia of nonsense about Russia "killing innocent civilians in Syria" and, most recently, "dangerously invading the airspace" of our NATO ally Turkey.

Still, it was, and is, all 'sound and fury', because the bottom line is that U.S. has had its 'war on terror' bluff called in spectacular fashion by Russia and there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that the terror masterminds in Washington and Langley can do about it, short of declaring war on Russia.

The only more or less honest statements about Russia's move into Syria from the West have come from the same person, U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, head of U.S. European Command. Speaking on Sept. 28th at a meeting in Berlin of the 'German Marshall Fund' - a US think tank that commemorates the Marshall Plan, an initiative through which the USA gained economic control over most of Western Europe after WW2 - Breedlove said that Russia had installed "very sophisticated air defense capabilities/anti-access area denial" that were not aimed at the Islamic State but "about something else". Of course, "something else" here means "NATO bombs".