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Wild elephant kills man in Anekal, India


Asian elephant
A wild elephant trampled a 48-year-old farmer identified as Venkatesh, on Sunday, at Kanaveshivapura forest road in Anekal.

The incident occurred when Venkatesh was passing through the road at night on his way home after working in his field. He went too close to the pachyderm when the scared elephant attacked him. On hearing his screams, other farmers in the vicinity rushed to the spot.

They contacted the forest officials and the patrolling staff rushed Venkatesh to St John's Hospital for treatment where he was declared dead on arrival. The farmer, a resident of Malur taluk, Kolar, had an agricultural plot in Anekal. He is survived by his wife and two children.


Record temperatures, field fires destroying crops in France

High temperatures projected for Europe on July 2, 2015 by the ECMWF computer model.
Fires linked to hot, dry weather are disrupting the early stages of this year's grain harvest in France, the European Union's top producer, destroying hundreds of hectares and triggering fire prevention measures in some areas.

Wednesday saw record temperatures for the time of year either side of 40 degrees Celsius in several parts of the country as a heatwave intensified, adding stress on crops in central and northern France that faced a dry spell this spring.

Fires can be sparked by combine harvesters and quickly burn crops as well as the straw left after crops are cut.

In the Eure-et-Loir administrative department, which covers part of the Beauce plain that is one of France's biggest grain belts, local authorities on Wednesday ordered farmers to plough 10-metre-wide borders around fields to prevent fires spreading.


Heatwave dog attack warning after 6 children hospitalised in 3 days in Sussex, UK


Warning: Police say they were called to a string of dog attacks earlier this month
Police sounded the alert after a string of dog attacks on children - including one where a 12-year-old girl needed 11 stitches in her face

Parents and dog owners have been warned heatwave conditions could trigger a spike in dog attacks after a series of incidents involving young children.

Police sounded the alert after a string of dog attacks on children over a three-day period - including one where a 12-year-old girl needed 11 stitches in her face after being attacked by her families Fox Terrier.

Animal charities have also warned dogs can become more irritable in extreme heat and that attacks are likely to rise as dogs and children play outdoors in the sunshine.

Sussex Police revealed it had been called to six serious dog bite incidents in just three days over the weekend of 19-21 June.


Waterspout seen off Clearwater Beach, Florida

© Ken Watts
A waterspout formed near Clearwater Beach on Tuesday.
A Clearwater firefighter captured an amazing photo of a waterspout.

Kent Watts snapped a photo of the waterspout over Clearwater Beach on Tuesday morning. The waterspout was in the northern part of the beach. The photo clearly shows the waterspout with the beach and a volleyball court in the foreground. The waterspout later dissipated and did not make landfall.

Storm Team 8 Meteorologist Leigh Spann says waterspouts develop during certain weather conditions in the Tampa Bay area. "They are more common when we get wind flow off the Gulf of Mexico," said Spann.

A News Channel 8 viewer also submitted a photo of the waterspout. Don Stansell sent a photo of the waterspout near Clearwater Beach that was taken around 10 a.m.

Waterspouts are called tornadoes once they make landfall.

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Homeowners in SE Houston find massive sinkhole in yard


Sinkhole in southeast Houston
Talk about a sinking feeling! Homeowners in southeast Houston are terrified after finding a huge sinkhole in their back yard.

It's 20 feet deep and 30 feet wide and no one knew the sinkhole was here until a couple of days ago.

Homeowner Dianne Walker noticed it while her brother was doing yard work.

"He said, 'Come here. There's a hole over here,'" said Walker. "I said, 'OK', no, there is a big whole over there."

The hole is already eroding away the fence line, causing a power pole to lean and even more troubling for Walker, the corner of her shed is now hanging over the hole.

"So at any time, it could collapse and that didn't just happen," she said.

Walker says she called Houston Public Works on Thursday about the sinkhole. She says so far, only inspectors have come, but no workers.


Latest Michigan earthquake has scientists puzzled

© U.S. Geological Survey
Temblor was a magnitude 3.3.
A 3.3-magnitude earthquake that struck 13 miles southeast of Battle Creek today has scientists scratching their heads.

Today's temblor was about 20 miles from the location of a magnitude-4.2 quake that occurred 5 miles south of Galesburg on May 2 — the strongest earthquake recorded in Michigan in more than 67 years. The two quakes are far enough apart that today's is likely not an aftershock of the previous quake and is apparently not on the same fault line, said Harley Benz, a seismologist with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Colorado.

"After the May event, I suspected we wouldn't see another event, so I was a bit surprised by this one," he said. "What more surprised me is that they weren't in the same locations."

That also intrigues Eric Hetland, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan.

"Given the close proximity in time to the earlier 4.2 (earthquake), and the low levels of seismicity in Michigan, it may be related to that earlier earthquake in some manner," he said.

Today's quake, which occurred about 11:43 a.m., was noted on the USGS website. The survey's Community Internet Intensity Map reported residents feeling the quake as far south as northern Indiana and as far north as Holland. The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office, in a news release, said dispatchers received several calls about the quake, but no damage had been reported.

The epicenter of the quake was the southeast corner of Warner Lake, 3.1 miles underground. The epicenter of the May 4 quake was in Galesburg, 3.4 miles below the surface.

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Lightning strike kills hiker, injures several others at Mogollon Rim, Arizona


A lightning strike killed a young woman and injured several more people as they tried to seek shelter during a thunderstorm near the Mogollon Rim Saturday, according to a Coconino County Sheriff's Office release.

Deputies, along with United States Forest Service officers and crews from the Blue Ridge Fire Department and Forest Lakes Fire Department, responded to the call about 30 miles northeast of Strawberry.

Crews took a considerable amount of time to reach the hikers in a remote area north of Rim Road in Blue Ridge area.

When they arrived, they found a 24-year-old woman dead and seven other people suffering varying injuries.

The hiking group left the Phoenix area Friday evening and were traveling to the Mogollon Rim area to hike and camp. On Saturday, the group was hiking when a severe thunderstorm began to move through the area.

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Father, grandfather rescue boy from alligator attack at Lake Charlotte, Texas


A man and his teenage son on a fishing outing survived an alligator attack at Cedar Hill Park outside Houston.

According to the Chambers County Sheriff's Office, 42-year-old James Hurley and 13-year-old Kaleb Hurley were in Cedar Hill Park Sunday when an alligator bit the teenager on the arm and took him underwater while he was swimming near the bank of Lake Charlotte.

Mark Ford, Kaleb's grandfather, told CBS affiliate KHOU that he and Kaleb's father dove in to help.

"When we figured out what was going on, the alligator jerked Kaleb away from him," Ford said. "His dad and I got a hold of Kaleb and got him away from the alligator."


Boy mauled to death by two pit bull terriers in Namibia


Gone ... Fred Savage (13) died from injuries sustained during the attack.
It was supposed to be a normal weekend away from the school hostel, which included playing with friends in the streets of the neighbourhood.

Yet it ended in death for 13-year-old Fred Savage on Saturday afternoon, when two aggressive pit bull terriers ripped him apart in full view of other people.

Neighbours in Otjomuise's extension four rushed to the scene after hearing the chilling cries of a young boy at about 15h50, but they could only watch in horror as the boy was bitten to death by, ironically, what is supposed to be man's best friend.

The Grade 5 pupil at Aris Primary School from Agste Laan in Otjomuise, was playing in the street with two friends when the enraged dogs charged at them and attacked him.

The boy's relatives, who described him as a "sweet and helpful young boy", say he was visiting home for the weekend from the school hostel.

"He had gone out with his friends for the afternoon, but they [the friends] returned home to report that he had been attacked by two savage dogs. We did not think it was serious at first and we went searching for him at Katutura Hospital," said Fred's aunt Michelle Ochurus.


Whale carcass washes up on Fire Island, New York

© Instagram / anelorenyc
A 25-foot whale carcass was discovered washed up on a Fire Island beach Monday, June 29, 2015, Suffolk County police said.
A 25-foot dead whale carcass washed up on the oceanfront beach of eastern Fire Island on Monday night, authorities said.

Suffolk County police Marine Bureau officers responded to the scene in Ocean Ridge, the easternmost section of Davis Park, at 8:30 p.m., police said. It was not immediately clear what type of whale had washed up.

Officers notified New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officers and the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation.

The Riverhead Foundation will perform a necropsy to determine the whale's cause of death, which was not immediately clear. The foundation will also bury the whale, police said.

The incident came eight weeks after a humpback whale carcass washed up near the Wilderness Visitors Center west of Smith Point County Park on FI.