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Weekend storm to bring first snowfall to New England, Great Lakes, Appalachians

Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are posted for parts of the Appalachians and snow advisories are in effect in the Great Lakes as the season's first snow targets those areas from Halloween into the weekend.

As of Friday morning up to 8 inches of snow fell in Winchester, Wisconsin and near Three Lakes, Michigan. Wind gusts up to 60 mph have also been reported in parts of Michigan.

Snow Timing

Given the expected intensity of a southward plunge of the jet stream and the magnitude and depth of cold air pulled with it, we're not simply talking about chilly rain showers, but also accumulating snow for some as well as the first flakes of the season for others.

- Friday: The cold front plunges through the Great Lakes early, then through the Ohio Valley and Appalachians. Rain will mix with, or changeover to wet snow in parts of Michigan and Wisconsin and spread to the Ohio Valley and Appalachians later in the day into the night. Bands of lake-effect rain or snow will also set up.

- Saturday: Additional snow will fall over the Appalachians and parts of the piedmont from east Tennessee and western North Carolina (possibly Upstate South Carolina) north to at least West Virginia. Some wet snow may also linger in parts of eastern Lower Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania, western New York. Snow may develop later in parts of northern New England.

- Sunday: Snow, possibly heavy, in parts of northern New England and gusty winds are expected as well.

Comment: To learn more about what is behind the erratic weather and climate change, listen to the SOTT Talk radio shows below:

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Cloud Lightning

Tropical Storm Vance threatens Mexico's Pacific coast, could strengthen to hurricane by Sunday

tropical storm vance
Tropical Storm Vance continues to churn over the waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean after developing on Thursday afternoon.

The Hurricane Center is keeping a close eye on the system, located several hundred miles south-southeast of Acapulco.

Further strengthening will occur through this weekend as the tropical cyclone remains over the warm waters of the eastern Pacific and in an environment that lacks disruptive wind shear, which can shred apart tropical systems as evident with Tropical Cyclone Nilofar.

The system is likely to strengthen into a hurricane by Sunday.
Ice Cube

US: Cold temperatures rush into East, shock parts of South

The coldest air since April will blast into the Eastern states and will shock parts of the South this weekend.

In many areas, the cold air will be pushed along and enhanced by gusty winds.

The winds will be generated by a winterlike storm swinging off the mid-Atlantic coast and possibly taking a curved path back toward New England.

Gusts ranging between 35 and 50 mph will sweep from the southern Appalachians to the Carolina, Georgia and northeastern Florida coasts, initially. Next, the swath of strong winds will roll across the mid-Atlantic and New England later this weekend.
The combination of plunging temperatures, winds and other conditions will produce shockingly low AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures. Levels will dip into the teens over the Appalachians and New England to the 20s over the interior South and along the mid-Atlantic coasts and to the lower 30s in part of Florida.

Woman killed by wild boar in rare attack, Vietnam

© Getty
A woman died after being trampled and bitten by a wild boar in a mountainous area of central Vietnam, a local official said Thursday.

The 39-year-old woman was working in a rice field in Pho Hoa commune in Quang Ngai province when the animal attacked her, said Nguyen Van Nho, chairman of the commune's People's Committee.

The woman died several hours later.

The boar was being pursued by hunters when it attacked the woman, and the animal was later shot, Nho said, adding that it was the first such incident reported in the commune.

"If it was not being chased, the animal would not have attacked her," he said.

Boars used to be a common sight in the area, but they have become much scarcer in recent years because of hunting.

7 trampled to death by elephant herd in Malawi

© Chris Charlesworth
Seven people including a child have been trampled to death by rampaging elephants that strayed from Malawi's southern Liwonde National Park into a nearby village, police say.

The two beasts charged into Nyambi village, trampling an eight-year-old child, a 75-year-old man and five others who failed to outpace the gigantic mammals.

"This was the highest death toll caused by elephants in recent memory," said Andrew Mayawo, a police spokesman from Machinga district on Tuesday.

The elephants were later herded back to the national park with the help of police and environmental experts, Mayawo said.

"The problem is that the villagers have vandalised the barbed wire fence which keeps the elephants at bay."

Record snowfall for Halloween in Chicago

© Sascha Hedjbeli
Windy conditions and snow have caused hundreds of flight cancellations and delays Friday at O'Hare International Airport, officials said.

As of 11 a.m., more than 300 flights were reported canceled and delays of up to an hour were reported at O'Hare, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation.

According to to FlightStats, an online site that monitors air traffic, 304 flights in and out of O"Hare had been canceled.

Halloween started with a record snowfall for many Chicago-area residents. As of 8 a.m. Friday, O'Hare and Chicago Rockford Airport had one-tenth of an inch of snow, the most snow on record for Oct. 31 for the city of Chicago, according to the National Weather Service.

Scattered snow showers are expected throughout Friday morning, said Gino Izzi, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

"It's just scattered showers, but it could come down decently, briefly," Izzi said. "I doubt anything will stick though."

Precipitation should end later Friday morning for the Chicago metropolitan area, but a high wind warning will be in effect until 6 p.m., with wind gusts expected to reach 60 mph near the lake.

Mysterious vibration and boom rocks south New Jersey shore town

Cape May New Jersey
Residents around Lower Township, New Jersey have turned to social media to confirm they were not alone in feeling the ground rumble Wednesday afternoon.

A source tells CBSPhilly the township has received reports from residents regarding the mysterious vibration in the area.

Lower Township resident Jo Ann Armstrong says, "The kitchen moved. My husband was outside on the riding mower and I thought he had run into the house."

And she wasn't alone - several others turned to Twitter to share their experience:
Think we may have just had a minor earth quake in cape may county

2:05 PM - 29 Oct 2014

Felt an earthquake in Atlantic/Cape May counties.

4:00 PM - 29 Oct 2014 Pleasantville, NJ, United States

Earthquake felt in Cape May County New Jersey.

2:56 PM - 29 Oct 2014

Felt shaking and heard a rumble earlier this afternoon here in North Cape May. Anyone else? Possible earthquake?

4:24 PM - 29 Oct 2014
It seemed like the room moved. It's didn't shake, it didn't twitch or anything, it just actually seemed like it moved," Jo Ann Armstrong said.

It was a shakeup Jo Ann Armstrong just couldn't figure out.

And she wasn't alone.

In cities up and down the shore, people reported feeling the ground move or hearing a loud boom.

Comment: Below is a collection of strange booms and mysterious vibrations from the eastern shore of the US and the New Jersey area from These events are often blamed on unspecified military flights, as is the case with this recent event. The possibility exists that the military flight explanation is likely an excuse used for covering up unexplained phenomena happening in the earth or overhead meteor explosions.

Another mysterious boom in Ocean City, Maryland reportedly caused by sonic boom

Booms and tremors in Ocean City, Maryland blamed on military jets (yeah, right!)

Earthquake ruled out after tremors and loud boom reported in Ocean City, Maryland

Mysterious loud booms in Rockaway were small, shallow earthquakes?

Now it's New Jersey: What was the mysterious shake rattling New Jersey? Residents feel the earth move...but it's not an earthquake

More mysterious earthquake-like tremors rattle homes in South Jersey

New mysterious "booms" reported in Manchester Township, New Jersey


Costa Rica volcano spews ash in biggest erruption for 100 years

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica
Steam and ash spews from a vent inside the crater of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica.
The biggest eruption in a century at a volcano in Costa Rica has rained ash over the Central American country and prompted authorities to evacuate some communities.

Emergency services and scientists remained on high alert on Friday after the overnight explosion at the Turrialba volcano, close to the capital San Jose.

Volcanologist Gino Gonzalez said that the volcano had been rumbling and producing seismic activity since Wednesday evening.

He said the explosion caused the side of the crater to collapse, and ashfall was recorded in four provinces.

More GMO contamination: USDA skeptical over GMO wheat mishaps

While GMO wheat is not currently on the U.S. market, that does not mean it isn't being grown here.
The discovery of another unapproved variety of genetically modified wheat in Montana has increased pressure to tighten the regulation of biotech crops, a change that could cause havoc for farmers in Iowa and across the U.S. eager to get their hands on the newest varieties.

The popular crops are staunchly defended by farmers who depend on genetically altered seeds to provide them with higher yields, better-quality products, and lower consumption of chemicals to rebuff attacks from weeds or insects. The result is a boon to their bottom line.

The United States is by far the world's largest grower of biotech crops, planting 173 million acres in 2013 - almost 4% of all biotech acreage globally. In Iowa, 95% of all corn planted this year came from genetically engineered seeds.

But food and environmental groups are skeptical about the safety of these crops in everyday foods and in the environment in which they grow. The discovery of unapproved wheat has renewed calls for regulators to adopt a slower, more stringent approval process.

Comment: "I would hope that USDA would use this as an opportunity to do some research about the efficacy of their field trail conditions that they put in place"

Wishful thinking Greg Jaffe! The whole idea behind biotechnology is to mass contaminate, it's the norm, once GMO seeds are in nature they take over, they are bred to survive toxic herbicides, and contrary to Jaffe's statement, these isolated incidences do have food safety and environmental impacts:
The greater truth is that Monsanto is itself a corporation of global sabotage that destroys agriculture, contaminates the planet with genetic pollution, threatens farmers with lawsuits for planting common seeds, and then blames activists when its own dangerous experiments go haywire.
Biotech crop supporters claim there has been plenty of research done, and so-called isolated incidents like this, cast a cloud over the benefits of biotechnology. The reality?
science-based requirements for field trials, is seriously lacking! There will be no additional oversight, mainly because federal regulators, like the USDA, are on the same team as Monsanto:

Monsanto: 'There is no need for, or value in testing the safety of GM foods in humans'
Monsanto does not actually care about science, though, and has actually made it a point to just arbitrarily deny the need for actual GMO testing in humans to prove its claims. In concluding its unsubstantiated diatribe about why human testing of GMOs is unnecessary, the agri-giant says there is simply "no need, or value" in testing the safety of GMOs - in other words, if Monsanto says they are safe, then they are safe!
The fact that anyone considers this blind, self-serving declaration to be scientifically sound is frightening in and of itself, let alone the fact that the US government openly approves of such nonsense and has used it to form food policy. To put it more simply, GMOs have never been properly safety tested in humans because Monsanto does not feel it is necessary, and most of those in control of food policy are perfectly content with this.


Thousands treated for animal bites in Cumbria as pets turn nasty, UK

Hospital medics in north Cumbria have faced a flood of patients bitten by their pets, with more than 18,000 treated over the last five years.

Ouch: Terry Bowes from Wetheriggs Animal Rescue Centre with a tarantula. ‘Spiders and reptiles can never be fully domesticated’ he warns
The staggering statistic has been revealed by the NHS trust which runs the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle and Whitehaven's West Cumberland Hospital.

While the benefits of pet ownership are well documented, the figures - released in response to a Freedom of Information request - show the potential dangers.