Fire in the Sky


Fireball object flew along the coast at Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

Posted: August 30, 2010

Date: August 29, 2010
Time: Approx: 8:40 p.m.

Hi, this is my first time reporting, but I seen a fireball object, fly along the coast of the beach in Grand Bend. This was seen by me and a few friends on August 29th 2010 at around 8:40 at night. The object seemed to change direction after coming straight on to the beach, and then turned and went parallel with the beach front. Hope this helps, P.S. Let me know if anyone else seen that.

Australia: Meteor Explosion Wows Community

Many of us heard the loud rumble, and some were even lucky enough to see something in the sky, but simply everyone is talking about the supposed meteor that exploded over the Tombong area last Tuesday afternoon.

A huge number of locals report having heard a loud unexplained "thundering" noise on Tuesday at around 2pm, while others tell of seeing a light falling through the sky at around the same time.

No one got quite as close as local Country Energy worker, David Turnbull, however, who was at Craigie Range, preparing to climb a power pole to make repairs.

David says it was a calm quiet day, when he suddenly noticed a light in the sky, which started travelling straight towards him in an east to west direction from Mount Wog.

He knew the bright object was travelling far too quickly to be an aircraft, and he watched in astonishment for over 20 seconds as it flew over the top of him, making a loud hissing or "swooshing" sound.

He said the initially bright object dulled and broke up into four or five pieces over Delegate, with a huge roar to be heard.

"Everything shook," he said. "I've never been in an earthquake, but it was that kind of a thing."

David laments the fact that he had no phone or camera to record the event, and can't believe that no one else has reported seeing the object so clearly.

Of course word spread quickly that a meteor had exploded within the local area, and the Bombala Times contacted the Sydney Observatory to try and confirm that this was indeed the case.

Iran meteor shower heralded by fireball

The fireball falling on Iranian ground
Iranian meteor shower enthusiasts have particularly enjoyed the August show put on by the Perseids, which was heralded by a brilliant fireball, streaking across the eastern sky.

The Perseid meteor shower reached its peak last week and announced its annual August arrival with a bright fireball over Iran's eastern cities.

Iranian astronomists say the fireball was caused by a meteor, as it struck Earth's atmosphere.

The fireball was observed by skywatching cameras operated by an Iranian space center, the Mehr News Agency reported.

This year's Perseid meteor shower peaked on the night of August 12-13 between midnight and dawn.

The fireball occurred low in the sky when it entered Earth's atmosphere above the eastern cities of Zahedan and Taftan.

Indonesia: Blue Meteor Falls in Cirebon

Cirebon: A meteor allegedly fell on an open area in Tersana Baru Sugar Factory in Babakan, Cirebon, yesterday. The strange object gave off a strong sulphuric stink and burned the grass, creating a one-meter wide hole

A company staff, Dudi, explained that the employees first heard a thundering sound, following by a loud crash.

They were shocked to find a blue object melting on the field. "It even formed the Arabic writing of the word God," he said. The melting stopped and dried up like asphalt.

Because of the strong stench, the local people were curious and came to the site and covered the area of the fall with sand. "It was to reduce the smell," Dudi said.
Tersana Baru staff and the people took pictures of the strange object with their cell phones. Some people even brought home small chunks of the meteorite. The police later came and collected the chunks for further investigation.

US: 10-Year-Old Boy Says he Discovered a Meteorite

Leon Springs -- A family out of Leon Springs had a strange experience Monday night.

It was 8:45pm when 10-year-old Benjamin Gardea says he stepped outside his house for a few minutes

"I was outside near the garden hose cleaning off some dirty shoes," Said Gardea.

And suddenly he heard a loud sound like an old lawn mower trying to start. At first Gardea says he thought the electricity lines were malfunctioning and sparks were flying out.

But then, "I looked up and I saw this fireball, I was scared and at first I thought martians." Said Gardea as he stared at the sky.

Ben's mom, Marianna Gardea was inside the house when she says Gardea ran to her screaming for help.

"He walked in just pale as a ghost, and said mom something happened outside, I don't know what it was," Said Marianna Gardea, "Finally a meteor just came to our mind."

The family walked outside to check out what Gardea just witnessed. Gardea said they looked for a while and finally found this piece of rock where he believes the fireball touched the ground before his eyes.

US: Hegins Man Suspects Meteorite Struck Home

Hegins Meteroite_2
© VICKI TERWILLIGER/staff photos
Hegins - Whatever struck Ralph Lucht's home in Hegins punched a hole through asphalt shingles and the flashing on the roof.

Lucht believes a meteorite may have struck his Pine Drive home at the end of July or beginning of August.

The metal of the white flashing is peeled outward several inches, as if it had suffered a tremendous force or heat.

A cable to a lighting rod on the roof was also severed by whatever apparently fell from high above, Lucht said. It grazed the edge of the cable, barely missed entering the house, then landed in a solid concrete patio surrounding Lucht's pool.

The indentation in the concrete was about one-inch-by-one-inch wide and a half-inch deep. Inside the hole was rust-colored flecks of material.

"The flecks were magnetized. It had to be a projectile," Lucht said. "I looked around for parts, but didn't find any," he said of whatever had made the depression in his patio.

The family did not hear anything, but recently noticed the damage when they went outside. Lucht does not believe the damage could have been caused by a stray bullet.

His home is in a mountainous region in a wooded area in Hegins Township with no homes in close proximity. Hegins Township had no other recent reports of similar damage, according to Supervisor Vicki Harman.

US: Ohio Man Says He Was Hit By Meteorite

Hit By Meteorite
Ohio Man Says He Was Hit By Meteorite.
Quaker City, Ohio -- An Ohio man claims he was hit in the shoulder by a chunk of meteorite falling from the sky Sunday night.

"I didn't know what it was," Pat Foraker said. "I thought somebody was playing a prank on me and threw something at me."

But Foraker said he doesn't believe the rock was thrown by his neighbor or anyone else in Quaker City.

"Hit me right here, I heard it," he said. "It was like a whistling noise. It thumped my shoulder and landed in the swimming pool."

The rock sliced the skin on Foraker's shoulder, and was still warm when he plucked it out of the pool.

Geologists at Ohio State University will examine the rock, but believe it's likely a meteorite.

"It's kind of a 'strange things happen to strange people,' I guess," Foraker said.

Italy: Perseid Fireball Capture on Video

Another fireball of the Perseids captured last night, 8th of August 2010 at 22:27:14, T.U., visual magnitude about -7.

Regards to all, Maurizio Eltri Venice, Italy.


Russia: Fireball Over Russia

5 magnitude and 9 sec train was captured by my camera in the night 5/6 August.

Best regards, Mikhail Maslov


US: Bright Fireball Kicks Off Perseid Meteor Shower

A Perseid meteor, about 1 inch in diameter and moving at a speed of 134,000 mph, entered the atmosphere 70 miles above the town of Paint Rock, Ala., on August 3 at 9:56 p.m.
On the night of August 3 at 9:56 p.m. a Perseid meteor -- about 1 inch in diameter and moving at a speed of 134,000 mph -- entered the atmosphere 70 miles above the town of Paint Rock, Alabama. At such a tremendous velocity, the meteor cut a path some 65 miles long, finally burning up 56 miles above Macay Lake, just northeast of the town of Warrior. The meteor was about six times brighter than the planet Venus and would be classified as a fireball by meteor scientists.

The Perseid radiant was low in the sky when the meteor appeared --only 9.5 degrees elevation. Therefore, this meteor could be considered an "Earth grazer" because of its long, shallow path, with an atmospheric entry angle of only 12 degrees.