Fire in the Sky


Explosion In Scottish Forest - Meteorite Impact?

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Garadhban Forest near Loch Lomond
At about midday on Wednesday 17th November, a member of the public reported hearing a loud explosion from the area of Garadhban forest in Gartocharn, near Loch Lomond (near Glasgow) Scotland. Ten years ago, authorities would have responded to a report of an explosion in a forest with puzzlement and an at least semi-open-mind. But the bogus 'terror threat' has closed minds all around the world, and yesterday's event was immediately responded to by the 'anti-terrorism' police. Upon observing the scene and seeing damage to trees over a wide area, explosives were suspected (naturally!)


The New York Times and the Mystery Missile

The New York Times carried its first article Monday on what appeared to be an unexplained missile launch off the coast of southern California. The article, buried at the bottom of page 16, came a full week after the event itself.

While the spectacular video of a giant contrail off the coast of southern California was shown by all of the major television networks, and the story was widely covered in most of the media, the Times maintained a discreet silence.

The article that finally appeared on November 14, entitled "How Smoky Plume in Sky Drew the Eyes of the World", was more of a whimsical background piece than a hard news story.

Tucked within its fourth paragraph was the Pentagon's vague explanation - delivered two days after the filming of the apparent missile launch by a television station helicopter - that "there is no evidence to suggest that this is anything other than a condensation trail from an aircraft." This is followed by the Times' observation: "Some experts chastised media outlets for running with a half-baked, whole-hyped story."


Meteors visible across Scottish skies

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Leonid shower: Photographed in the USA.

Leonids meteor shower reaches its peak amid reports of bright objects hurtling through the skies at night.

Scots have been getting the chance to spot meteors in the night sky, with a number of reports of bright objects passing over the country overnight.

There were reports from Glasgow, Perthshire and Sutherland of a bright light crossing the sky in the early hours of Monday morning which appeared to break up into smaller streaks of light.

The sightings come as the annual Leonids meteor shower reaches its peak. The annual phenomenon is expected to be at its most intense on November 17 and 18, although meteors can frequently be seen several days before and after.

The Leonids are one of the most spectacular of the annual meteor showers, and can produce around 40 meteors an hour, which seem to originate from the constellation of Leo.


US: UFO "fireballs" over Rochester N.Y.

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An entry at the National UFO Reporting Center from a witness with two companions describes the alarming appearance of dozens of flaming balls of light in the night sky near the Rochester airport in upstate New York on 8/28/10 .

The original report contains many details that indicate the objects were not simply planes. Flickering, uncharacteristic changes in speed and direction, movement while unlit, and other behavior atypical to conventional aircraft operating proceedures are clearly portrayed. Sadly, no photographic evidence is available.


'Giant meteor' seen over Scotland

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Some witnesses said the meteor had a "massive tail".

Witnesses across Scotland have described seeing a "giant meteor" streaking across the sky.

The meteor is reported to have broken into a number of pieces and it left bright streaks of light in the sky at about 0540 GMT.

It was spotted in Glasgow, Scotlandwell and Durness.

Douglas Thornton, from Scotlandwell, said: "It was an off-white light with a massive tail behind it... A phenomenal sight."

It is thought the meteor was part of the annual Taurids shower, which lasts from October into November.


US: Fireball in Maryland & Pennsylvania, Nov 12, 2010

I just got a report from a neighbor in Freeland, Maryland who witnessed what he called a massive fireball. It started in the south from his position, went over head and ended in the north. He said it left behind a brilliant white streak of light in the sky that remained for a few seconds after the fireball had past. See: Astro Mike for more. If you saw this event please fill out the AMS Meteor Sighting Report Form (here).

Other Sightings:

Milford DE no time given 11/12/2010
Guest14 (guest): I saw the meteor reported above on the night of 11/12/2010 from Milford DE on the DE shore. It was the largest and most brilliant I have ever seen, with a long sparkly tail and lasting in my view for a good 7 seconds.

Washington D.C,at 8:30 PM local time 12NOV2010
Tom from Lanham, MD (Guest157):Last night just east of Washington D.C,at 8:30 PM local time a fireball was visible to the north that proceeded slowly across the sky on a northward heading. It lasted about four or five seconds and apparently disappeared while still at a high altitude.I may have been a larger object that skipped into and out of the atmospere. It did not appear to explode or fragment apart.... (no contact info)


US: More Fireball Sightings 7NOV2010

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Monroe, Ohio 8NOV2010

"I cannot believe the Bolide that I saw this morning at 4:20 or 4:25AM, I was outside sitting on my daughters deck drinking coffee in the cold,(waiting to go hunting) when looking south. The biggest, brightest "slow moving" meteor I have ever seen came out of the western sky and headed south east. I was in Monroe Ohio, which is between Cincinnati and Dayton. It came in very low in the sky! with sparks trailing. As it was 10 to 15 degrees above the Horizon there was a Very Bright Flash that lit up the sky and it looked like the front or bottom blew out as it fragmented.

At this Time it entered the city sky light of west Chester, Ohio which is directly south of Monroe, and I lost sight of it completely. This is the 1st one like this I have ever seen and will never forget it. It was far enough away that I heard no sound. There must be alot people traveling south on I-75 and I-71 who saw this, so we should hear more reports today.

Also, I now see why some people think there seeing a jet on fire, It was moving at the speed you would think a jet would. MY 1ST, WAY TOO COOL!" - DAVE M. (contact info)


East Coast USA Meteor Sightings 2NOV2010

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Tokyo, Japan - posted from reader/observers within 10 minutes of event at about 7:20pm EDT .

Anyone with video, still photos or cell phone captures please contact me. Readers, emergency responders, police, or media persons reading this please try to acquire video; this is critical for locating any potential meteorites from this event.

AMS Fireball Report Form, Have you seen an extremely bright meteor? Share your sighting with others across the globe by filling out our fireball report form.

"Driving home from work this evening, around 7:20 pm ; Initially I thought it was the vapor trial from a jet as it caught my attention (we live south of Logan Airport) Then I could see it looked like a ball of fire with a comet-like tail behind it, but was moving much slower and was much bigger than a shooting star. I was worried that it might be a jet on fire and crashing because I could see it breaking up and a shower of debris behind it and it was coming in at an angle like a jet. It was traveling South-East to North-West - and I was in North Quincy MA heading east at the time. Very strange; I've never seen anything like it." -- Amy B., Quincy, MA (contact info)


Meteor Fireball Explodes Over Netherlands

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Image dated October 13, 2009
A fireball meteor zipped across the Netherlands sky Tuesday evening before exploding in to the North Sea, an expert says.

The Netherlands just escaped a natural disaster from a meteor. Many Dutch people in the Netherlands witnessed a large "fireball" meteor in the sky. In the north people heard a bang and saw flashes. Also on Twitter people reported on the phenomenon.

The Groningen astronomical Theo Jurriens confirmed that this was a very bright meteor and at one point burst into three pieces.

About one hundred reports have been received from people who have seen the fireball. From the north of the Netherlands there are reports of people who heard rumblings when the meteor passed by and buildings were shaking.

Several pictures of the fireball meteor have been posted on the internet.


Fireball Over Serbia and Macedonia

Vranje, Belgrade -- Milan Jeličić of the Ruđer Bošković Astronomical Society says that a bolide was seen in the sky above Serbia last night.

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"A bolide is a luminous meteorite which is more luminous than Venus and is accompanied by sound effects which are created as it disintegrates," he explained.

According to him, one could not see anything from the observatory Kalemegdan observatory due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Tanjug news agency correspondent from Vranje reported that a light ball was seen in the sky last night at 19:32 in several towns in that part of the country.