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Universal musical sounds: Playing a Didgeridoo for the herd

Cows stand to attention for Andrea Furlan playing his 'Butterfly Landscape' didgeridoo.


Busy canal towpaths now have duck lanes to protect birds using them

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One duck overtakes three others
Don't deny right of way to these mallards or they might end up calling the old bill.

The Canal and Rivers Trust has put temporary duck lanes on busy towpaths in London, Birmingham and Manchester to remind people to respect other users - including the wildlife.

It comes after the organisation warned people against feeding birds and ducks bread .

People were urged to feed our feathered friends "healthier snacks", such as oats, corn or defrosted frozen peas.


Putin on ice: Russian leader plays in the NHL

Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken to the ice in one of Sochi's Olympic sports arenas. The state leader played along the country's other top officials, sportsmen and businessmen in an NHL (Night Hockey League) match.

Георгиевская ленточка

Virtual Victory Day Celebrations

Fans of a popular video game decided to celebrate the Victory Day in style, and staged a full-fledged parade in-game. While not as majestic as the parade in Moscow, it was definitely remarkable in its own way.


Boy bewildered by 'old fashioned' pay phone


A young boy named Jake became the physical embodiment of the generational divide when he came face to face with his first payphone and was utterly bewildered.

The video shared on YouTube by AFV shows the young boy, addressed by the woman shooting the video as "Jake," puzzling over the 20th-century relic in an attempt to figure out the intended purpose of the anachronistic device.

Only when the videographer explains the concept of a phone booth does the boy have a realization: "Is this an old fashioned phone?"

The video has been viewed by nearly 300,000 users -- many of whom were likely using the pay phone's descendant, the modern cellphone.


Siberian dancers perform dance about Good and Evil

Dancers from the Siberian group UDI have won over the hearts of millions with their incredible neon light dance on Britain's Got Talent. The video of with their unique performance has gone viral since last week.

In an interview before their performance the group members said they want "to impress the British people and the judges." And they surely did! The video of the Siberian dance troupe UDI from Tomsk has hit over 2.8 million views on YouTube channel of the 'Britain's Got Talent' entertainment show.

Comment: This is a beautiful performance.


Scientists: Earth endangered by new strain of fact-resistant humans

Minneapolis - Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life, a sobering new study reports.

The research, conducted by the University of Minnesota, identifies a virulent strain of humans who are virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving scientists at a loss as to how to combat them.

"These humans appear to have all the faculties necessary to receive and process information," Davis Logsdon, one of the scientists who contributed to the study, said. "And yet, somehow, they have developed defenses that, for all intents and purposes, have rendered those faculties totally inactive."

Black Magic

Anthropologists discover Ancient Greek Super PAC that helped shape first democracy

ATHENS, GREECE—In a finding that provides new insight into the roots of Western civilization, a team of anthropologists from Cambridge University announced Monday the discovery of an ancient Greek super PAC that helped shape the world's first democracy. "At the same time Cleisthenes first instituted a representative form of government in Athens, it appears that a group of wealthy citizens and merchants created an organization to influence these new voters by bombarding them with around-the-clock political messages," lead researcher Daniel Rogers said of the early political action committee, named Athenians for a Better City-State, which is said to have received millions of drachmas' worth of funding in gold, lambs, dates, loaves of bread, and slaves from Athens' largest and most influential trade groups. "While the committee was prohibited from coordinating directly with candidates seeking public office, AFBCS nevertheless spent astonishing sums on orators hired to stand in the Agora and recite the negative traits of politicians that the super PAC opposed, as well as on writers who were hired to pen slanderous epic poems." Researchers also reportedly found evidence that the early super PAC's influence extended beyond elections, noting that it was the driving force behind a number of laws that lowered business taxes, protected the worship of the gods in schools, and authorized war against Sparta in an effort to plunder their geographic rival's large olive oil reserves.

Penis Pump

"Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944": Singing sailor to scare off Russian submarines

A Swedish peace society has come up with a new way of fighting off Russian submarines in the Stockholm archipelago: a subsurface sonar system called 'The Singing Sailor', which sends out Morse code and features the message "Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944".
Sweden hit international headlines in October last year when it launched the biggest military underwater operation in recent years after it spotted a foreign submarine in Swedish waters. The vessel was widely thought to be Russian, although the Swedish military was unable to confirm where it came from - or indeed locate it.

The country's ability to defend itself should Russia increase military activity in the Baltic remains a hot topic in the Swedish media, after the centre-left government announced a new 10.2 billion kronor ($111.9 million) defence deal designed to increase the country's capabilities. Just last week a British defence expert told The Local that a Russian attack on the Nordic nation "could come soon".

Comment: Well, at least Sweden can say that they won't be caught with their pants down when the "evil and scary" Russians will finally choose to come. Because their pants are down already, "since 1944".


God realizes he forgot to put souls in humans

The Heavens—While pacing across His Eternal Kingdom on Friday, the Lord God Almighty, He Who Commanded Light to Shine out of Darkness, suddenly realized He had forgotten to provide human beings with souls, sources from on high reported.