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Little girl yells at street preacher 'piehole should be quiet!'

little girl yelling_street preacher
© Goss-Kennedy/YouTube
An unidentified young girl yelled at a street preacher who was using a megaphone in Salem, Mass., on Oct. 29.

A video (below) of the confrontation was filmed by Robert Goss-Kennedy who wrote on
Every year Salem is inundated with street preachers during our Halloween celebrations. They spend most every weekend during October telling us to "Turn or Burn." I've been recording their interactions with people for a couple of years now for a long running art project, and while this young guy was preaching, a little girl just ran up and started laying into him.
According to the Friendly Atheist, the little girl told the preacher, "Stop talking, no one's listening." She later followed with, "No one wants to hear you" and "Piehole should be quiet!" notes the girl also shouted, "Zip your lips!" and "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!"

West is losing the propaganda war: Russians have a better sense of humor!

The video is from last year, but its been hot on the Russian internet lately after last week's silly scare stories about Russian submarines in Sweden

Another reason Washington is losing the propaganda war:

Russian's have a better sense of humor than the policy wonks manning the info trenches in the West.

Comment: The hunt for red October is on! 'Russian sub in Sweden' story is ridiculous


SOTT Exclusive: Mystery of underwater vessel in Swedish waters solved: 'Twas Putin!

Sub-in-Swedish-waters mystery solved: it was just Putin doing his daily cold-water therapy. Perhaps Obama and his Western cohorts should try it too, although the chances of making real men out of them is very little... too little substance to work with.
Putin in Swedish waters
© Unknown

Get to the roots of t'hairorism: Turkish hair-removal cream features 9/11 mastermind

© Epila
The controversial advert

Self-confessed 9/11 architect, the hirsute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, has appeared as an pitchman for an online campaign for a range of hair removal treatments - but the Turkish company behind the ads says the terrorist's image was used by accident.

Comment: Really? Accidental use of an image is hard to believe.

Next to the slogan "That hair will not shed itself!" is an iconic picture of the disheveled Al-Qaeda terrorist, taken after he was captured by US forces in 2003, and a series of white plastic bottles.

But the company in question, Epila, says that this was not a viral marketing stunt.

"We didn't know that he was a terrorist. This image is in popular use in Turkish memes on the Internet. The guy is quite hairy, so we thought his body was a good fit for our ad," Mehmet Can Yıldız, a company representative, told Turkey's Hurriyet newspaper.

"We didn't want to imply anything political. We didn't know that it could become an international story. I repeat: We featured him for his hair, not terrorism."

The Kuwait-born, US-educated Mohammed is currently in Guantanamo prison, awaiting the long-delayed trial for organizing the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. He is also implicated in over 30 other terrorist attacks and the beheading of US journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan in 2002.

"I am the mastermind of 9/11, not Osama bin Laden," Mohammed once boasted during a pre-trial hearing.

Comment: We can't help but wonder if there is a hidden message here.


Bizarre dancing manhole cover in China

© The Telegraph
A bizarre video has emerged from China of a dancing manhole cover on a pavement in Chongqing.

The footage shows the heavy cover rattling around on top of the manhole as though it is being pushed from underneath by an invisible force.

Local residents have been trying to solve the mystery behind the strange occurrence since it began a couple of months ago.

According to local media, the puzzle has now been solved, after it was revealed that a local restaurant had connected their chimney for waste gas emissions to the underground sewer pipe.

RT's audience are 'socially inferior', its 'pundits' cranks and fanatics

© RT
Hooray for RT UK!
As RT UK launches, attacks on the channel in the British media have stepped up...

The latest is a piece by Mr. Cyril Waugh-Monger, a very important newspaper columnist for the NeoCon Daily, a patron of the Senator Joe McCarthy Appreciation Society and author of 'Why the Iraq War was a Brilliant Idea' and 'The Humanitarian Case for Bombing Syria.'

Dear socially inferior person reading this article. My name is Cyril Waugh-Monger (I'm called 'Mr Terribly Pompous Neo-Con' by my friends) and I'm here to tell you why on no account should you watch RT and why you should be making complaints to Ofcom about this dreadful channel so that in the interests of 'free speech' and 'democracy' we can get it off air.

1. RT doesn't peddle Russophobia

Outrageously, RT doesn't compare Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. It doesn't join in with the demonization of Russia and its leader. How can we have a channel which is watched by people in Britain, which doesn't do that? We neocons say that demonization of Russia and its leader is compulsory. How dare RT not do as we say!

Comment: Keep watching the MSM!
© Unknown


Sarah Palin wrote a bunch of stupid words about some moronic thing for some dumb reason again

sarah palin
© facebook
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin - the recurrent infection given to America by John McCain during his presidential campaign that crashed and burned like it was just another plane given to him by the Navy - is flaring up again.

Haven't we suffered enough already for whatever it was that we did, particularly if we didn't mean to do it, whatever it was?

Apparently not.

Okay. Now what, Sarah?

When we last heard from the matriarch of the Rock-em Sock'em Drunk'en Palin Partycrashers, she was very upset at America for laughing at her daughters who are apparently easily tipped over after a Zima or nine. Having thoroughly harangued the American media for lamestream "reporting" so-called "police reports" and "transcripts" of her daughter drunk-babbling "word-like sounds" at police officers, Palin has turned her disapproving eye on that colored Obamerbola guy for talking shit about someone's mom.

According to Sarah - who is the mother of either four or five children depending upon whether you're Andrew Sullivan or not - Oebolabunglermomhater, "Declares Stay-at-Home Moms Aren't Worth a Hill of Beans; Says It's a Choice 'We Don't Want Americans to Make"

Comment: Comedians like George Carlin and John Stewart need to analyze the words and deeds of politician and the media to expose the truth in a entertaining way. Clowns like Sarah Palin just need to open their mouths to expose their stupidity. Can we say how fortunate we are she was not elected as vice president, though nothing new came out of Bushama other than continued warmongering?


Man robs 4 Subways in 4 days because "Jared Diet" didn't work

© Hueytown Police
Zachary Torrance
The man was recognized by someone who saw a video of the robberies on Facebook.

A man who robbed four Subway restaurants in four days with a gun claims he did it because he was mad the "Jared Diet" didn't work for him.

Zachary Torrance, 18, was arrested Friday by Hueytown police after someone saw surveillance videos on the Hueytown Police Department's Facebook page and recognized Torrance from having witnessed him purchase a gun holster at a Walmart. Police say he was even wearing the same clothing and shoes as the suspect was the day of the robbery.

"He stated in the course of his interview he had tried the 'Jared Diet' and it hadn't worked for him like he thought it should have," Police Chief Chuck Hagler told WJBF. "He was trying to get his money back."

Florida man tried to steal chainsaw by sneaking it underneath shirt

© St. Lucie County Jail
Anthony Brian Ballard
Police charged homeless man and chainsaw-thief Anthony Brian Ballard with grand theft.

Police say a homeless man was arrested Thursday for trying to steal a chainsaw by stuffing it under his shirt.

WPTV reports that Anthony Brian Ballard was charged with grand theft by police in Port St. Lucie, Fla., after authorities accused him of stealing the tool.

Ballard is said to have entered a lawn maintenance store and asked to break a dollar into change. He then placed a chainsaw under his shirt and left the store without paying.

After fleeing on a bicycle, Ballard was eventually found by an employee from the business, who tracked the 28-year-old man down and held him until police arrived. The chainsaw was recovered in a vacant lot nearby.

Bizarre mass pants-ripping at Chinese military reserve training

chinese uniform
Chinese military uniforms: with a new twist on "fatigues."
Chinese media is abuzz with serious concerns about the combat effectiveness of China's military as it was revealed that, at a recent college military reserve training session, over 100 reservists' camouflage pants simultaneously ripped out of nowhere.

The explosive rippage was apparently triggered when around 4,500 reservists - both men and women - were commanded by a drill instructor to sit down. We can only assume the drill instructor was the Chinese equivalent of R. Lee Ermy, as some of the reservists apparently took his command so seriously that they sat down with enough force to utterly destroy the stitching in their standard issue pants.

Of the 4,500 reservists at the training session, a little over 100 of them suffered catastrophic pants failure. That accounts for approximately 2% of those in attendance and, according to witnesses, the mass pants-ripping event was accompanied by a clearly audible RRRRRIIIIIIPPPPP that we're certain would have made Hanna and/or Barbera fiercely proud.

Despite chuckle-inducing sound effects, concerns are being raised about the general quality of the Chinese military's standard issue camouflage. The pants the trainees were wearing at the time apparently cost around 100 yuan (approx. US$15) - supposedly a somewhat high price to pay for a pair of pants in China.

We certainly hope the Chinese military takes note and changes their provider for fatigues. While we're sure there's nothing wrong with the camo pattern itself, it sort of defeats the purpose of the camouflage when the enemy can hear the thunderous sound of hundreds of pairs of pants tearing as you attempt to flank them.

Comment: Military uniforms "Made in China" - sounds "em-bare-assingly" like a rip off!