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Pigs can't fly on US Airways

© AFP Photo / Karl-Josef Hildenbrand
A woman boarded a flight in Connecticut with a 70-pound pig she claimed was for "emotional support." But after the porky pet got totally out of hand, the odd couple was forced to disembark.

The woman brought the animal onto a US Airways flight on Wednesday, apparently having had no trouble taking it through customs.

A professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Jonathan Skolnik, who was also a passenger on the flight, told ABC News of his shock after initially thinking the large animal was a duffel bag.

"But it turns out it wasn't a duffel bag. We could smell it and it was a pig on a leash," he said. "She tethered it to the arm rest next to me and started to deal with her stuff, but the pig was walking back and forth.

Comment: Pigs really can't fly. Service animals have their place, but a pig might be a little too much. In any case it would be better than a stiff drink.


A Russian grandma gives advice to Obama(shka)

This video is wildly popular on the Russian internet.

A Russian babushka (grandma), gives Obama advice, in rhyme!, in the best Ru
© Unknown
The Russian Babushka - the glue of Russian society
ssian tradition.

She calls him Obamashka, an affectionate rendering of his name in Russian.

She offers to pray for him, to cook him blinis (pancakes), to take him to church to meet her priest so that they can all pray for America together, and advises against cozying up to Nazis, explaining that this always ends up badly.

She explains that Crimea is Russian, and always fought on Russia's side.

Finally she urges him to make friends with Volodya (affectionate name for Vladimir), and wishes him well.

We are Russia experts, and we can assure you, there is no force on earth that can withstand the charm and goodness of the Russian babushka.


The Trews: Anarchy, psychopaths in business, and other assorted wonders

The Trews (episode 199)
Russell Brand answers questions and comments on subjects including anarchy, psychopaths, immigration, fascism, voting, and what happens when he's not talking.

Comment: Brand is funny about it, but the issue of psychopaths in business really and 'trewly' is serious, and deserves looking into more closely: Ponerology 101: Snakes in Suits


Rap News: The New World Order

Comment: We heartily agree!


Lamb's-eye-view: Writer sends lamb chop into space

© YouTube / Nikesh Shukla
A lamb chop on a fork was sent in to suborbital space as part of a bizarre new book promotion exercise.

Author Nikesh Shukla and graphic artist Nick Hearne decided to undertake the stunt to help raise awareness for Shukla's appropriately titled book Meatspace.

The lamb chop was attached to a weatherballoon with a GoPro camera and sent soaring in to the heavens from a field in the Cotswolds. The rig took approximately 90 minutes to reach a height of 25,000 metres before the balloon burst.

Comment: Now we're all just waiting for pigs to fly. Next up, PORK CHOPS!

Speaking of pigs, bacon, healthy foods, and beneficial smoking, take a look at a couple of SOTT's in-house productions:

Cell Phone

Father's reaction to kids texting during dinner

Snowflake Cold

It was so cold that a plane froze to the runway in Siberia

- 52C (-61.6F) in Siberia: Over 70 passengers 'push' frozen plane to runway

Freezing temperatures didn't stop intrepid passengers from "helping out" a Russian plane that couldn't move, because its wheels were frozen to the ground. The "selfie" won the day in a remote Siberian town beyond the Arctic Circle.

74 passengers, who were on board, offered the seven-member crew and technical staff to help move the frozen Tupolev Tu-134 plane to the takeoff runway on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the UTair company told TASS.

"The passengers disembarked to lighten the weight, and then they volunteered to move it," she said.

The temperatures in Igarka, in the Krasnoyarsk region, hit a low of about -52C. Locals, living some 163 km north of the Arctic Circle, are quite used to cold weather, but machines turn out to be more delicate.

Having spent over 24 hours on the tarmac, the airplane's wheels simply froze to the ground. However, the brake system wasn't harmed. According to the company, the ice-covered ground was the reason the plane couldn't be moved. The incident is currently under investigation, and will involve airport staff, the airline, crew and passengers.

Comment: The Russians have the right attitude to cold weather!


Nine lives: Lost kitten survives trip from New Mexico to Maine in gym bag

© Patrick Ouellette/Portland Press Herald
Jeana Roth, community relations manager for the Animal Refuge League of Portland, Maine, holds Spice, a kitten from Albuquerque.
The movement inside the gym bag startled Robert Watterson.

He was even more surprised when he unzipped it and a furry little head popped out - a kitten.

But the mystery was just beginning. The kitty is from Albuquerque. Watterson found her outside a thrift shop in Portland, Maine, over 2,300 miles away.

How she got there, nobody seems to know.

But Spice the cat is getting a plane ride back to her owner in Albuquerque. The owner wants to remain anonymous, according to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, but she was tracked down because Spice had a microchip with her identification.

Snakes in Suits

How irresponsible is Putin? Let's ask this Russian guy who embezzled a billion dollars

© Unknown
Russia's Ghandi
Like all karate black belts, Putin is incapable of anticipating anything.

He's "not someone who sets strategic plans; he lives today." He's as unpredictable as a menopausal woman [no offense, Mom - Riley]. Sometimes he even barricades himself in his Kremlin nuclear fallout shelter for hours on end, snacking on buckets of tasty popcorn shrimps as he watches Bridget Jones's Diary over and over again.

We know all of this thanks to Russia's bravest political dissident-in-exile, Sergei Pugachev, who describes Putin as a comatose Ritalin-induced vegetable: "With [Putin] it was just quiet, no one there, no meetings, everything quiet. He'd sit there, or watch TV. He really likes watching TV."

Russia's bloodthirsty dictator-for-life is...Chauncey Gardener? Fancy that. "I can't write. I can't read. I like to watch TV. As long as the roots are not severed, all is well in Russia." Finally, the mystery of Vladimir Putin has been solved forever.

Who is Sergey Pugachev, and how did he become privy to so many hot Putin scoops?


'ISIS who? Down with Israel!' Satirist tests students' tolerance at Berkeley

A US political satirist staged a social experiment at a prestigious university. Waving an ISIS flag was met with no negative reaction, but with an Israeli flag he got a less-than-warm reception from the students.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz headed to the University of California, Berkeley, one of the most prestigious and selective universities in the country, to assess students' reactions to two very different, but powerful symbols.

He took to the university campus waving an infamous black-and-white flag - the emblem of the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL).

Comment: On the one hand, the ignorance of what should be the most educated young adults in the U.S. as astounding. See below for an equally atrocious example from a campus in Virginia.

On the other hand, maybe these students aren't that stupid. Sure, Israel isn't in Europe, but at least their general sentiment regarding the Zionist state was spot on. Israel is just as sickly destructive (if not more so), and poses a greater threat to world peace than ISIS ever will. In fact, we can probably blame Mossad (not to mention CIA, MI6, NATO, etc.) for ISIS in the first place.

So while Horowitz may have been attempting to show how dumb American students are because they don't know who ISIS is, and are hold 'intolerant' opinions about Israel, it doesn't really come off. Israel is still a child-killing, racist country that deserves its place as 'worst country in the world'.