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Happy Birthday, Mr. President: An exhibition in London turns Vladimir Putin into Julius Caesar, Batman, Gandhi and other great leaders or heroes

Russian leader Vladimir Putin celebrates his 63rd birthday tomorrow - and Hackney hipsters look set to celebrate along with him, after the opening of an exhibition which puts Putin right up there with Alexander the Great and Mahatma Gandhi as a "famous hero" of our time.
The international exhibition, "Putin Universe" will be open in Moscow and London's Hoxton Arches, on Cremer Street, all day to celebrate the politician's birthday.

According to Essex-based artist Lee West, who launched the exhibition after spending the last year living in Russia, artists from all over the world will present Putin as a person who belongs to different countries, nationalities and epochs through 30 different paintings.

Comment: We wish Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin a very Happy Birthday. Let all his visions for a better world be realized.


Russian justice: Moderate ammunition for moderate terrorists

Comment: Read until the punchline at the very end. It's worth it!

All recent official statements by Western politicians and media can be summed up in words: "If there is a terrorist not called "ISIS", they can continue to engage in terrorism and cutting people's heads. Because they are "moderate terrorists". (...)

After reading the official position of Washington, personally, I was touched. The concept of "moderate terrorists" sunk in to my inexperienced soul. On the one hand, the US claims that Russia is bombing "peaceful opposition". On the other hand, at the objects of this "peaceful opposition", something constantly detonates and explodes. Probably in the underground warehouses of the "peaceful opposition" bombed by the Russian air force, detonate and explode clots of peace and kindness that "peaceful opposition" was generously endowed with by the CIA.

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Jeb Bush declares war on stuff

© The New Yorker
Des Moines — Hoping to stem the fallout from his comment in the aftermath of the Oregon rampage that "stuff happens," former Florida governor Jeb Bush said today that as President he would declare an ambitious "war on stuff."

"Make no mistake: I will not sit idly by when stuff happens if there's stuff we can do about that stuff," Bush told supporters in Iowa. "In a Bush Administration there will be a zero-tolerance policy on stuff."

Pressed for specifics, Bush said that, in addition to preventing stuff from happening, he would also "work tirelessly to stop junk."

"If I see junk happening that will harm the American people, I will not put up with that junk," he said, adding for emphasis, "or stuff."

Citing an example, he said that as President he would demand that Russian President Putin stop "the junk he is doing in Syria."

"I would be like, 'If you think you can do that kind of junk and we're just going to lay back and not do stuff about it, you are sorely mistaken about that stuff,' " he said.

Striking a resolute tone at the conclusion of his speech, Bush told his supporters: "Read my lips: no junk stuff."


Completely mad and a threat to UK 'National Security'? Jeremy Corbyn doesn't want to cause a nuclear holocaust??

© AFP/Getty Images
Jeremy Corbyn waves as a nuclear holocaust unfolds behind him.
We knew Jeremy Corbyn was mad, but now we know he's psychotic. It turns out he won't press the button to annihilate cities in a nuclear holocaust. How could anyone be that mentally unstable?

Corbyn revealed himself as a danger to us all by saying quietly "no", in response to a calm and measured radio presenter yelling "Would you be prepared to press the button?" at him.

This should be a test in institutions for the criminally insane, to check whether an inmate should be released back into the community. If they suggest that, on balance, they wouldn't obliterate a geopolitical region in radioactive firestorms slaughtering millions of civilians and rendering a continent uninhabitable for 50 billion years, they should go back in a straitjacket like Hannibal Lecter. Only when they've learned to shout "I WANT TO PRESS THE BUTTON AND MAKE EVERYONE'S SKIN DISSOLVE" should they be let free to mix safely with their fellow citizens.


Satire: Germany to supply arms to Ferguson rebels in U.S.

Translator's note: I like satire: just change a few words, and this could be your newspaper, or some pages in the Congressional Record. Satire actually helps one realize what is going on.

The Federal government of Germany wants to supply weapons to insurgents in the US.

"The red line has been crossed!" With these words, a visibly frayed Foreign Minister Steinmeier appeared this morning before the press. "With the murder of yet another black activist, the Obama regime once again shows its ugly head!" Background: On August 09, the totally unarmed black civil rights activists Michael Brown was shot by police. Now on August 19, another black activist in St. Louis, not far from Ferguson, has been shot in cold blood by white policemen.

"The world can not continue to stand idly by," Steinmeier stressed at the press conference. "Here are peaceful human rights activists protesting against heavily armed police in a profoundly racist apartheid regime."

Therefore, the point now been reached, "in which Germany, too, must take responsibility for the oppressed peoples of the world," said Steinmeier.

As several media have unanimously reported, the government is now considering supplying arms to the rebels.

Comment: Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Except that this is exactly the situation of the U.S. and Syria. When the U.S. does it (supply arms to rebels in a foreign country to take down the government), it's 'normal'. When another country does it, it's patently absurd and obviously ridiculous. How did the world come to this?


Injured donkey being nursed back to health with the help of an adorable puppy

© Pictures credited to CEN
This injured young donkey has a friend for life - in the adorable puppy that's patiently nursing him back to health.

The 4-month-old foal broke three legs after being knocked down by a car and left to die by the side of a road in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Zenith Gurgel took the mule - which she's named "Guerreirinho" (translated to "Little Warrior") into her house and has been feeding it by hand.

Comment: It's amazing how animals can sense the needs of others.

Another example: Cat adopts baby ducks


HLN TV trolled with praise for Ed... Scissorhands

While conducting an interview with supposed Snowden supporter Jon Hendren - aka @fart - HLN news failed to notice that the segment had gradually become a rousing defense of Edward Scissorhands.

The biggest news of Tuesday? The fact that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Eager to join the media fray, tabloid news network HLN was desperate for any guest they could find.

Lucky for them, they stumbled upon a lone Snowden supporter going by the Twitter handle @fart, and invited him on air.

"[Twitter] shut down ISIS accounts, why do you think Snowden is any different?" host Yasmin Vossoughian asked, referring to former New York Governor George Pataki's statements that the social media platform should treat Snowden as a traitor.

"He's a hero, he's doing what any one of us should've done in that situation," @fart responded.

"He's got a voice, he's been isolated for so long. He's got valid things to say, we should listen to what he says."

Vossoughian then referred to the argument that Snowden's documents could have put American lives at risk.

"Well, you know, to say that he couldn't harm somebody with what he did - he could, absolutely, he could," @fart responded.

"But to cast him out, to make him invalid in society simply because he has scissors for hands - I mean, that's strange," he continued. "People didn't get scared until he started sculpting shrubs into dinosaur shapes and whatnot."


Trevor Noah on ISIS 9/11 coins: 'Who plagiarizes terrorism?!'

© Unknown
"The Daily Show" catalogued ISIS' deep coffers after their campaigns to loot and sell artifacts and antiquities.

ISIS is making so much money, host Trevor Noah said on Tuesday, from selling antiquities that they're are minting their own money, including dinars made of gold.

These coins apparently feature images of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

"ISIS is making 9/11 coins? You pieces of shit," Noah said. "You know the worst thing is you weren't even involved in that. Who takes credit for something you didn't even do! Who plagiarizes terrorism?!"


Texas pensioner and his dog train

© LiveLeak/Viral Video
Man drives canine companions in home-made train.
This pensioner in the US found a novel way to take all his canine companions out for a jaunt round the neighborhood, by putting each of his dogs in a carriage of his home-made train.

The man from Fort Worth, Texas, made the carriages from oil barrels, which he used to trundle the beloved rescue dogs round the neighborhood, headed by his tractor.


Bacon: A marathon of great taste - the 2nd Great Canadian Bacon Chase

© Unknown
Racers in the Great Canadian Bacon Chase sprint for a different prize: bacon.

The five kilometre race has "bacon stations" every kilometre — with an extra helping at the finish line.

Finishers can pig out at an all-you-can-eat buffet of gorgeous, fragrant bacon and pancakes.

The 2nd annual event hosted by Reid and Associates Financial Services Ltd will donate proceeds to the Kelowna Jaycees, a community group of young professionals.