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Top 10 Russian viral videos of 2014

space selfie
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No matter the stormy geopolitics that this year brought, Russia still remained one of the key exporters of viral, unusual, weird, and simply funny videos. Cats, gophers, police officers, bikers, and cosmonauts - here RBTH presents a selection of 10 of the most interesting Russian video hits of 2014.

1. Cartoon characters attack a driver


Videos of showdowns between angry drivers are frequently uploaded to the internet, but have you ever seen attackers dressed as cartoon characters?

Comment: The world may be crazy, but don't forget to laugh once in a while!

Christmas Tree

Homeowner ordered to take down zombie nativity scene

zombie nativity
Talk about a nightmare before Christmas.

An Ohio homeowner was ordered by town officials to remove a Nativity scene in front of his house that featured zombies instead of wise men and a baby Jesus.

"I wanted a Nativity and I worked with what I had," Jasen Dixon, who manages a nearby haunted house, told Fox 19. "The neighbors don't like it. My father hates it and anything bad that happens he blames it on that."

The Nativity scene features life-size figures and a zombie baby Jesus, with pale skin and pure white eyes. At night, the figures are illuminated by red and green lights.

BBC reporter standing next to burning pile of drugs too high to finish report

The BBC's Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville was unable to finish a video broadcast after inhaling fumes from a pile of burning drugs.

In the video, Sommerville attempts to deliver a serious opener only to fall into a giggle fit, overcome by the potent narcotic fumes.

"Burning behind me is eight tones of heroin, opium, hash and other narcotics," Sommerville begins, but after pausing for breath he starts to laugh and is unable to continue.


Ukraine MP recommends that Yatsenyuk ride a donkey

Serhiy Kaplin, a member of the Petro Poroshenko bloc in the Verkhovna Rada, has recommended that Aresniy Yatsenyuk change his ride
yats biden
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Yats: "And then we bombed their houses, raped their wives, and tortured the captives!" Biden: "LOL!"
The deputy was enraged by the fact that the Ukrainian prime minister changed the tires on his service Mercedes with government money at an obviously inflated rate. Meanwhile, the wealth of most Ukrainian citizens is vanishing every day. In some regions, people are even starving.

"You should ride a donkey while the country is going through such a crisis," the parliament member told Yatsenyuk.

The state paid over $10,400 for the snow tires. Kaplin claims Yatsenyuk is no better in his spending habits than the unpopular ex-prime minister Mykola Azarov.

"Just recently, Yatsenyuk bought winter tires for his Mercedes that used to belong to Azarov. One tire cost $2,655. It is a cold shot for the entire country where regular people can't even afford to change their tires and have to use summer tires. And he did that on government money," Kaplin said on Ukrainian TV.

The deputy believes all government officials must reduce their expenses during such difficult times, including government members, judges, prosecutors and their assistants. Also, the government should be more careful with its ministerial expenses.

Your questions, our food: McDonald's scary website

No, seriously.

Or maybe alternately, "Who in their right mind would eat at McDonalds ever again after visiting the company's website?!?!"

See video above. They don't say, "Hi, how are you?" or try to dazzle you with the requisite "Here are all of our glorious food products you know and love" slideshows...or really anything remotely close.

You don't even get the flat, emotionless "Hey..." you might expect to receive from one of the teenagers working the cash register after school.

No, what you are confronted with when you currently visit the front page of the main U.S. version of the McDonalds website is something downright...frightening.

Your tax dollars at work: Eight absurd government projects in 2014

The feds wasted millions on mountain lion treadmills, synchronized swimming for sea monkeys, monkey gambling, and more.

It's that time of year again: Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) just released Wastebook 2014, his annual list of the most wasteful government projects during 2014. Coburn's wastebook list includes a comprehensive analysis of 100 of the most wasteful government projects funded over the last year. The full report, which includes detailed descriptions and investigations of every wasteful project, spans more than 200 pages.

Here are eight of the most egregious and infuriating wasteful projects listed in Coburn's 2014 Wastebook report, which can be read in full here.
Mr. Potato

Squirrels and beavers contributing to global warming more than previously thought

Arctic ground squirrels churn up and warm soil in the Tundra, releasing carbon dioxide, while methane released by beavers contributes 200 times more methane than they did 100 years ago, scientists say

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An arctic ground squirrel, not giving a damn about GW.
Rodents such as squirrels and beavers are contributing far more to global warming than previously thought, forcing climate scientists to alter the models they use to chart how the world is warming up.

Arctic ground squirrels churn up and warm soil in the Tundra, releasing carbon dioxide, while methane released by beavers contributes 200 times more methane than they did 100 years ago, according to scientists from the American Geophysical Union.

Faeces and urine produced by rodents are speeding up the release of carbon from the permafrost, the vast store of greenhouses spanning the Arctic Circle, researchers found.

Comment: Since vegans and vegetarians tend to pass more gas, surely the American Geophysical Union should take a very dim few of such excess emissions and send a team to investigate?


Mystery man hands out $100 bills in Massachusetts

A generous mystery man has made the holiday season a little brighter for employees of two Massachusetts coffee shops.

A man wearing a cowboy hat walked into Marylou's in Hyannis on Saturday and handed the worker behind the counter 15 envelopes, each containing a crisp $100 bill.

Manager Victoria Grandy tells the Cape Cod Times ( ) "MERRY CHRISTMAS" was printed in red on the front of each envelope.

Humane Society posts extremely honest ad for a little dog who is "kind of a jerk"

bad dog eddie
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It's always the little ones.
Someone at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley decided that to find a home for "Eddie the Terrible," they'd have to be brutally honest up front. "How does so much naughty exist in one dog?" asks their blog in a post titled "Three Reasons You DON'T Want To Adopt Eddie The Terrible."

They also made this video illustrating exactly how terrible Eddie is around other dogs:

Between the blog post and the video, the case against adopting Eddie is pretty damning.

Eddie isn't good around other dogs. He isn't good around children. And he does not enjoy sleeping in a crate. He's "never actually bitten anyone but we're not saying it could never happen."

So yeah, he's a little bit of a nightmare.

It's definitely a risky move to publicize all of a dog's faults, but of course, the best scenario for a rescue dog is going to an owner who knows what she or he is getting into. The blog post makes it clear that "unless you're looking for a dog that's a little bit of work, Eddie the Terrible is not the dog for you."

On other hand, this little terror is "super loyal, easy in the house and a lot of fun." For the right owner, Eddie could be just the yapping, lap-warming, fetch-playing dog they need.
Light Saber

Afghan 'Bruce Lee' spins the web with his kung fu

© Reuters / Mohammad Ismail
Abbas Alizada, who calls himself the Afghan Bruce Lee
Meet Afghanistan's Bruce Lee look-alike, Abbas Alizada! The 20-year-old from Kabul, nicknamed 'Bruce Hazara,' not only bears a striking physical resemblance to the famous kung fu legend, but also manages to pull off his martial arts moves.

The young Afghan has kicked his way through the internet, gaining wide popularity through videos and photos showcasing his talents.

Comment: He ought to kung-fu kick western occupiers, and their Taliban allies, out of Afghanistan!