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Sat, 13 Feb 2016
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Filipino priest suspended for riding a hoverboard during Mass

A priest in the Philippines was suspended on Tuesday for riding a hoverboard up an aisle during Christmas Eve Mass.

One of the priests at the Diocese of San Pablo sang a Christmas song, while going up and down the aisles of the church on a hoverboard, as a way to greet the congregation on Dec. 24, The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo said in a statement.

Members of the congregation took a handful of videos of the incident, many of which have thousands of views on YouTube. In the videos, people in the congregation appear to clap as the priest begins his journey down the aisle.

Comment: What hypocrisy! If Jesus walked on water why can't a priest ride a hoverboard?

War Whore

They don't get it: Trump fans love parody song that ruthlessly mocks Trump's fascist ideas

© (YouTube)
Brian Nissen as 'Dwain'
A group of Arizona conservatives are working to keep Donald Trump from winning the Republican presidential nomination.

The nonprofit Public Integrity Alliance, which has tangled with corrupt Republican lawmakers in the past, have produced a humorous music video, called "Make America Great Again," mocking Trump and his supporters to help draw attention to their efforts to influence the GOP primary race, reported the Phoenix New Times.

The country-rock song, performed by comedian Brian Nissen's redneck "Dwain" character, mockingly celebrates some of the candidate's most outlandish proposals and outrageous insults — although in the bizarro world of the 2016 presidential race, it's not hard to imagine Trump playing the song at his own rallies.


Funeral shrine celebrates fallen cockroach!

© GoFundMe
The cockroach is a social insect, gregarious, and capable of forming family bonds. Despite knowing this, we still can't stand the sight of the creepy, crawly vermin. However, one cockroach death in Texas prompted a different sort of reaction.

The death of one cockroach isn't enough of a story to be sending out notices on social media, and other than picking the carcass up with a piece of paper towel and throwing it in the garbage, that should have been the end of the story.

But when one particular cockroach quietly died in a stairwell on Texas A&M University a few weeks ago, she lay there, alone and unmourned. No one even thought to sweep her into a dust pan to be tossed in the trash. A singular event, perhaps, but over those two weeks, something extraordinary began to take place.

Professor Michael Alvard passed the dead insect every day, and over time, he noticed a change in the stairwell. First, the cockroach acquired a name, posthumously of course. One day, Alvard noticed that an enterprising student had set a headstone made of pink paper beside the cockroach, inscribed with "RIP Rosie Roach."
© Facebook
Alvard says things just took off and grew from that point.

Christmas Tree

The goats that keep Christmas from burning down the house

© Perry McKenna/Getty Images
These animals are helping dispose of holiday trees after the lights come down.

In the drought-stricken West, the smallest spark—a cigarette butt, an ember from a campfire—can kick up a wildfire. And with people dumping browning Christmas trees after the holidays, the combination can spell trouble.

If you bought your Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, it's a month out from the lot, and it's been even longer since it was cut down, drying out more and more day by day. And when those pine needles die, they become excellent tinder. A tree that catches on fire can crackle into a ball of flames in seconds.


Shameless! Miraculous intervention by Sultan Erdogan 'saves man' from committing suicide on Istanbul bridge

© Turkish President's Press Office
Recipe: "Yo Mohammed, word up. Listen, what's the latest on re-routing that oil via Mosul?... One sec: some peasant wants a photo with me..."

Igor: "Oh wise sultan, your very presence has shown me the light!"
One poor fellow in Turkey - who reportedly had family problems - was lucky enough to find himself on the same bridge and at the same time as president Recep Erdogan had been traveling through it. The man was talked out of a suicide attempt, media reported.

In a video released on Christmas day, the presidential motorcade is seen on Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge - at the very same time that a man appears to be standing on it behind the guard rail, facing the bay.

Comment: So a coincidental and fleeting meeting between Erdogan's cavalcade and this Turkish man is somehow attended by several camera crews? Maybe they just happened to be doing a documentary on the height of bridges over the Bosporus?

We think it's time for a tune...


Pagans, druids, and witches gather at Stonehenge for solstice

© Kieran Doherty / Reuters
Revellers celebrate the winter solstice at Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain in southern England December 22, 2015.
Druids and pagans mixed with the common folk at Stonehenge on December 22, as people gathered to celebrate the winter solstice at the prehistoric monument.

Comment: Celebrating the return of the sun. Longer days, shorter nights.


TV weather report contains a dozen obscured 'Star Wars' references

A British weather reporter is going viral with a clip showing how she crammed a dozen Star Wars references and puns into her 40-second report.

The video features Sian Welby delivering the weather for Channel 5 Wednesday and deadpanning her way through at least 12 Star Wars puns, several of which are partially obscured by her accent.

Welby starts off her report warning of "A Leia of cloud covering the U.K.," but offering hope of sunshine to those who "Luke father west" -- that is, "if you're Wookie."

"There will be a fairly light breeze -- the force is strong, though, for northern Scotland. And tonight the weather strikes back," Welby says.


Lawyer for Martin Shkreli hikes fees by five thousand per cent

© Daily Mail
Brooklyn — A criminal lawyer representing Turing Pharmaceuticals chief Martin Shkreli has informed his client that he is raising his hourly legal fees by five thousand per cent, the lawyer has confirmed.

Minutes after Shkreli's arrest on charges of securities fraud, the attorney, Harland Dorrinson, announced that he was hiking his fees from twelve hundred dollars an hour to sixty thousand dollars.

Shkreli, who reportedly received the news about the price hike while he was being fingerprinted, cried foul and accused his attorney of "outrageous and inhumane price gouging."

"This is the behavior of a sociopath," Shkreli was heard screaming.

For his part, Shkreli's lawyer was unmoved by his client's complaint. "Compared to what he pays for an hour of Wu-Tang Clan, sixty thou is a bargain," he said.

Black Cat 2

Revenge of the kitty-cats: Resistance is futile

There is only one way to silence a pack of hungry felines.


Immortal Putin? Internet theorists convinced solid evidence exists Putin has been alive for more than a century

Vladimir Putin is either 100-plus years old and never ages - or a time traveler looking for the army of the 12 monkeys, the internet 'proved' this week.

Conspiracy theorists are convinced by the 'solid' evidence that the Russian president may have been alive for more than a century.

UFO site Disclose.tv, which uses the slogan "truth revealed", posted: "Social networks are circulating pictures from 1920 and 1941 for which some people claim that they are pictures of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, supporters of the thesis that Putin is almighty and immortal have launched a story that their president is a mythical creature that resides on our planet for hundreds, if not thousands of years."