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Sun, 14 Feb 2016
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High Strangeness


"Ghostbusters" called as Italy's last King spotted

© Wikicommons
King Umberto II.
He was forced into exile in 1946 after Italy abolished the monarchy and died in 1983, but the ghost of King Umberto II is said to linger in the Piedmont city of Asti.

There have been four reported sightings of the ghost of Italy's last monarch since 2011 and some residents are convinced he has made a date in his calendar for the next appearance: June 13th, the day the King was forced into exile after just a few weeks on the throne.

Witnesses have described the figure in the apparitions as seemingly "elegant and educated". Just like a King, in fact.

After the most recent sighting earlier this month, city officials called in the ghost-busting team at National Ghost Undercover, a company based in the Emilia-Romagna town of Riccione.


International Space Station astronaut tweets photo with UFO

For the past year, astronaut Scott Kelly has been tweeting breathtaking photos of Earth from the International Space Station.

On Sunday, he may have tweeted a photo of something far more astounding — a UFO.

That, at least, is what conspiracy theorists and alien obsessives would have you believe.

Their proof is "clearly" visible in a photo Kelly tweeted on Sunday from the ISS over India.

Comment: UFO? Exotic satellite technology? Weird plasma formation? What do you think?


Residents in Chilean city spooked by circle of light "UFO"

Probably still not Superman: Unfortunately for those hoping for an extraterrestrial visit, the 'UFO' turned out to be a clock beamed up onto the night sky
Citizens in a Chilean city were shocked to find a strange circle of light floating across the night sky, and took to social media to try to find the answer to the mystery 'UFO'.

The sky above the city of Iquique in Northern Chile's Tarapaca Region was suddenly adorned with a blue light circle earlier this week.

A number of videos and images appeared on Twitter and Instagram and other social media channels, with inhabitants asking for an explanation.

One Twitter user: 'What is that on the sky?,' posting an image to their social media channel.

Another posted a picture, captioned: 'Something strange is happening on our sky'

Another seemed convinced that the city had been paid a visit by extraterrestrials, tweeting: 'It appears an UFO can be seen on the sky of Iquique. I'm nervous'.


Mysterious black orb found in Spanish village

A third mysterious black space object to fall from the sky into rural Spain has caused panic among locals.

The strange-looking black orb was found in the village of Villavieja in Murcia - becoming the latest instance of an increasingly bewildering phenomenon, the Olive Press reported. It's not yet known what the objects are, though theories range from UFOs to pieces of space debris.

The first instance of the strange phenomenon occurred one week ago, when Spanish goat farmers discovered the strange object, which bears a striking resemblance to the Star Wars torture device, the IT-O Interrogator, in Calasparra, Murcia. The men alerted the Civil Guard to investigate and the area was subsequently put under quarantine.

Although the mystery object was not said to be dangerously radioactive or explosive, it was taken away for further analysis. Local news site El Pais reported that researchers have said that the object may be a pressurised gas container, which fell to earth from space.


Houston, we've got a problem: Large spinning top shaped UFO seen near downtown Houston, TX


Date of sighting:
November 10, 2015
Location of sighting: Houston, Texas, USA
News source: http://www.chron.com/houston/article/UFO-in-Houston-Mysterious-light-spotted-in-6621839.php#photo-8933661

Sure this one is short, but the detail is really good. The cloaked UFO is moving over traffic, but is accidentally seen when the reflection of the streetlights below it cause trouble with the cloak. For a cloak to work, light source needs to be behind it. If its both, it will be revealed. Click here for video.
Scott C. Waring

Comment: Legit? A definite maybe!


NASA videos emerge of 'foo fighter' UFO with flashes of white light, as seen from International Space Station

The strange white UFO caught on NASA film
A glowing white craft has been captured on a NASA feed from the ISS - is it aliens or just a piece of space debris?

A second strange white UFO has been filmed floating in space near the International Space Station.

Spotted on the grainy live stream from the orbiting base, the mysterious white light appears to glow in the blackness of space.

The footage was captured and posted online by YouTube channel Hidden Cams on November 4.

In the video, the UFO moves gradually out of shot.

It's most likely a piece of space debris caught drifting through the cosmos.

However, it's the second time in as many days that an object has been caught passing the ISS.

The strange white UFO caught on NASA film


Ghostly 'spectre' of little girl captured on video inside nightclub that used to be mortuary


Ghostly apparition: A young girl can clearly be seen running to the door - but who is she?
Paranormal investigators have been called in to a mortuary-turned-nightclub after a phantom girl was caught on camera running through the building.

Spooky footage taken from American music venue The Chapel's CCTV shows a janitor closing up late at night and turning off the lights.

Seconds later, a young girl is clearly seen running up to the door and running away again.

The clip has spooked staff at The Chapel, in San Fransisco, who have long suspected the venue to be haunted after a series of eerie events.

A cleaner has previously claimed to have seen the ghost girl in the music venue's green room, and refuses to go back in there.

Other employees believe an old woman also haunts the club, with chefs arriving early in the morning reportedly smelling rose perfume.


Eerily silent 'butterfly UFO' filmed near New Boston, Kentucky


A bizarre UFO sighting over the US has aircraft and alien enthusiasts talking as remarkably clear images of the object circulate online.

A video of the UFO sighting in the skies over the Kentucky and Ohio borders in the US shows a strange butterfly-like object floating in air.

Many have already seized on the video as proof that extraterrestrial lifeforms have visited Earth.

In the video and still photos snapped by a father and son near New Boston, the object appears to have wings and windows, leading many to insist it is in fact alien technology.


Bermuda Triangle swallows three more victims

The Bermuda Triangle is famous for its mystery and the deadliness as whoever goes near the place vanishes into thin air.
© EuroPics
Missing... the El Maratonga.
It has swallowed three more men who were sailors and had boarded on a dream trip of sailing across the Atlantic. These unfortunate men were named as Raul Enriquez, Pablo Sebastian, and Raul Echevarria.

They are supposed to be drowned after disappearing ten days into the journey as they sailed in the vicinity of the peculiar region which has taken in dozens of boats and planes along with the lives of several many within these boats and planes.

An eerie thing happened following the men's disappearance which is that one of the men's skype account came online 15 days ago i.e. two months after these sailors first lost contact. They were of Argentinian origin.

Comment: Read Riding the Wave for some scientific background and plausible explanations of the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

Black Magic

A live exorcism will be performed on TV

© Destination America
Bishop James Long
All reality TV producers have to prepare for worst-case scenarios when they air a live event. Jodi Tovay's worries are a bit more unusual, because she is sending paranormal investigators into a house they believe is infested with demonic spirits.

"The worst-case scenario is that one of these entities will attach to someone," Tovay said. "It is dangerous."

Comment: Well this would probably be a very interesting show to compare with Martin's book mentioned in the comment above. Funny too that it's being broadcast just in time for Halloween. Given what Martin writes about his experiences in his book, we seriously doubt there will be any exorcising of truly nasty attachments - that sort of thing can become so horrific that it's just not fit for TV!