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UFOs seen above Loch Ness?

© Alan Betts
UFOs over Loch Ness
Forget the fabled Loch Ness Monster. Now we've got something else just as strange at Scotland's famous lake where, according to legend, a prehistoric beast makes its home.

Move over, Nessie, UFOs seem to take a liking to your backyard. A tourist unexpectedly photographed what looks like a pair of disc-shaped objects flying above the water of the 22-mile-long freshwater lake (pictured below).

Back on April 29, Alan Betts was vacationing in the Scottish Highlands with his wife, Anna, and her parents. They were at a holiday cottage near Urquhart Castle -- a longtime monster hunting location. In fact, you can spend your day in front of a computer screen, from anywhere in the world, looking for Nessie via a live Loch Ness web cam.

But on this day in April, it wasn't Nessie that had its picture taken -- it was something else.

Better Earth

Crop circles discovered on southern Russian wheat field

Crop circles appeared mysteriously in a wheat field in the republic of Adygea over the weekend, to the puzzlement of residents in the southern Russian republic, the Interfax news agency reported Monday.

Local farmer Sergei Anisimov found six circles of wheat pressed perfectly in a clockwise pattern, ranging from 7 to 13 meters in diameter, Interfax reported.

Photos of the mysterious markings on the local news site 8772.ru show two big circles of completely flat wheat and smaller ones with untouched wheat standing in the center.

"I drove by the field at 9 p.m. and didn't find anything like that. At 5 a.m. on Sunday I came back and the circles were already there," Anisimov told Interfax, adding that the field's security guards hadn't noticed any suspicious activity overnight.

This is not the first time crop circles have appeared in southern Russia. The unusual markings appeared in a sunflower field on a farm in the neighboring Krasnodar region last year, causing local residents to conclude that aliens must have paid them a visit, local news site Svet Mayakov reported.

Grey Alien

Fermi's phony paradox: Humans too arrogant and stupid to solve 'missing aliens' question

© BillyMeier
There are a number of reasons why the reality of extraterrestrial visitation on our planet remains largely unacknowledged or dismissed by many otherwise rational, intelligent and educated people. One reason is the desire of the scientific, religious and political elite classes to maintain the status quo. After all, if such a thing as the existence of ETs not only visiting but actually interacting with us, and all that that entails, were to be publicly divulged in any meaningful way, it would probably change a lot of people's thinking on the big questions, and thereby run the risk of dis-empowering the ruling class, whose positions depend on the rather rigid shaping and control of popular belief.

The official position by the U.S. government, for instance, has been that there are no ETs visiting us. According to official reports from groups like the Condon Committee, and numerous statements made by government agencies since, there is nothing serious to consider as regards the subject of the UFO phenomenon.

Black Cat

Edinburgh police disclose bizarre 2012 appearance of 'Big Cat' in Scottish capital

© Paul Keehn
'Buckinghamshire panther', 2009
A police officer has revealed he saw a big cat while he was on board a police helicopter assisting in the search for a missing woman.

Inspector Nick Whyte said he could not believe what he was seeing when he picked up a large heat source on the aircraft's infrared camera equipment.

The helicopter was flying over Arthur's Seat, a hill in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh at the time.

Insp Whyte told the Edinburgh Evening News the animal was three times the size of a female police officer who was on the ground.

The police helicopter had been sent up to help try and find a vulnerable mum after the discovery of a two-day-old baby found abandoned near St Leonards Police Station in the city.

Comment: Holyrood Park is a park in the center of Edinburgh. There was nowhere for this creature to go without being seen by others: the park is surrounded by urban areas on all sides.

Its sudden appearance, and disappearance, its 'supernatural' size, and the creature's being so close to someone who couldn't see it are tell-tale signs of this being a paranormal 'Big Cat' event, a common phenomenon in British cryptozoological science.

That local authorities kept the case under wraps for several years (and 'lost' the evidence) suggests they may have been royally spooked by what they saw!


Strange trumpet sound echoing through the sky in west Phoenix, Arizona

© arizonanature.tumblr.com
Strange sound again tonight. Lasted about 20mins. West Phoenix/Glendale area 11:30pm 6/1/15

Strange sound echoing through the sky in west Phoenix early this morning. Not the local train! It lasted from 12:20am to 12:50am. Sounds musical. Very bizarre.....

Bizarro Earth

Strange groaning sounds come from the sky in Long Island, New York

© trupin.com
I heard these odd sounds coming from the sky over Long Island today. if anybody can tell me what this noise is please comment below.


Groaning, trumpeting sounds heard in Batangas, Philippines' sky

© thenightskyinfocus.wordpress.com
Strange Sound heard at the sky of LOBO, Batangas Philippines...
Creepy sound in the sky..


Strange trumpet sounds in the sky over Indonesia

© Youtube
Actually, I've already heard sound like this several times since about 2 years ago. But at that time, I just take it casually. I thought it might be the train's horn. But, fact is, there is no train station or train's rail track near my home. Then I thought it could be the big truck's horn, but truck usually pass through a highway or, at least, a big road. While another fact is my home somewhat away from such a wide road. Then I've been noticed about this global phenomenon until seeing some of the same occurrence happened lately around the world.

Whether it's coincidence or what, I heard this typical sound again on last drizzling night, when I entered my bedroom to sleep, just after watching tv. It was a pretty long and aloud 'horn-like' sounds when I first stepped in that I'd been in rush to take my cellphone, trying to record the rest of this sound-phenomenon.

So, what is this sound exactly? Is that really a prophetic shofar sound from heaven? Or merely a general nature global phenomenon? You decide.

Comment: There are two more videos published in the same time period from other YouTube users:

From May 30, 2015: "I heard some sound but this is like a nguung nguung, sound from unknown."

And another posted on May 28, 2015:

"Strange sound from the sky also heard on Sumatera, Indonesia.What will happen to this world ?"


Are fish falling from the sky in Fairbanks, Alaska?


Lampreys are fish but seem eel-like in appearance.
There are flying fish, and then there are the variety witnessed by residents of Fairbanks, Alaska. These have literally been dropping from the sky, it seems.

Four eel-like fish called lampreys have been found in odd locations around Fairbanks, far from the water, according to Mike Taras of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Most were dead, but one was found alive outside a Fairbanks thrift store.

"Two gentleman came in and asked if we have a bucket with water because there's an eel in your parking lot," said the store's manager, Sue Valdrow. She put the fish, which was about a foot long, into a container of water and called officials.


Weird glowing light spotted over Netherlands: plasma discharge event?

© Harry Perton
Harry Perton captured a bizarre object that appeared like a jellyfish-shaped UFO with his camera. The image has prompted speculations on what the object really was.
Harry Perton ventured out after a storm last week to take photos for his blog after he saw beautiful skies from his window. He was not expecting to capture pictures of something unusual, but he was surprised upon checking his camera when he got home. He saw a jellyfish UFO.

He spotted what appeared to be a jellyfish UFO floating in the dark sky of Groningen, Netherlands flashing out green light. He related that he was taking photos when he noticed something.

"I was taking photos and suddenly something flashed. At first I thought it must have been my camera but the flash was not up and there was not a drop on my lens," Perton said.

He later dismissed this to be a strike of lightning, but when he got home, he saw something odd in one of the images that he took and it looked like a UFO with the shape of a jellyfish.

Comment: Trust the British Daily Mirror - the source of the description of this 'object' - to label it a 'jellyfish UFO', which are an entirely different class of UFO (they really look like giant jellyfish floating in the sky).

This recent photograph from Holland is clearly something else, and is similar to this plasma-like formation photographed above Chicago last September:

© Unknown