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Wed, 10 Feb 2016
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High Strangeness


Intriguing video shows fleet of 'UFOs' darting in formation in night sky over Santiago, Chile

Bright lights: the footage captures 'UFOs' filmed over Santiago
A video has sparked intrigue after it appeared to show a fleet of UFOs hovering and moving in formation.

The five-minute clip was posted to YouTube and appears to show a number of bright lights flying in the night sky above Santiago, Chile,.

At first the lights seem distant and the objects appear to be flying together.

But then they begin to disseminate - similar to planes coming in to land in a holding pattern over an airport - before disappearing completely.

The footage is titled "Fantastic UFO sighting in Santiago" and was posted online yesterday.

And many people seem to be convinced by its extra-terrestrial credentials.

Eye 1

Remote viewers, psychic spies and the CIA

A rare documentary from the 1990's reveals an other-worldly side to secret government projects. Stansfield Turner, CIA Director 1977-1981:
"When I was first introduced to this idea of parapsychology I was very skeptical. Then I began to think about it and we all know of people who seem to have some kind of psychic powers."
During the cold war era, the United States government received intelligence that the Soviets had been delving into research on the use of psychics and remote viewers for a number of secret aims. In response, they decided to start similar operations and were interested in creating spies with extra-sensory perception, or ESP. They apparently thought that if the Russians were having success, then they could potentially create the perfect spy with something akin to super natural abilities.

According to General Ed Thompson, an interviewee of the documentary, the Soviets had intentions of using these psychic powers not just for reconnaissance, but to potentially disturb government officials of other countries, likely of the U.S. He refers to this as "telepathic hypnosis," But the primary focus, he says, was long distance telepathic communication.


Honduran TV presenter watches glass of water move across table

Chilling: Carlos Molina looks warily at his glass of water after watching it move across the table
This is the chilling moment a TV presenter watches his glass of water move across a table during a live TV broadcast - and claims there is no obvious explanation for the mysterious incident.

Thousands witnessed the apparently paranormal phenomenon after tuning into the breakfast show on Honduran television.

Journalist Carlos Molina admitted he felt a chill go down his spine seconds before the glass slid across the table as the mystery deepened last night sparking fears the studio was haunted.

The bizarre moment occurred as Carlos helped present the morning news on a Teleceiba channel programme called Primera Edicion - First Edition in English.

He interrupted colleague Pablo Zapata as he read out a message from a viewer, telling him with an anguished look on his face: "Look, look, did you see the glass that moved over there?

Bizarro Earth

The missing people of Yellowstone: A government cover-up?

David Paulides (1), a former detective for the San Jose Police Department, has stumbled upon a vexing mystery concerning clusters of missing persons who vanished in a variety of national parks, including Yellowstone. According to a post in YourNewsWire (2), a number of odd circumstances surround these missing person cases that cannot be easily explained.

Millions of people visit American national parks every year. Of those millions, hundreds turn up missing. Most of these cases can be attributed to misadventure, people falling off of cliffs or into rivers, animal attacks, and hikers getting lost. These people or their bodies are generally found in short order by park rangers with tracking dogs.



Interview: UK hacker of NASA and US military computer systems, Gary McKinnon

This may be the most important post I've made all month. This is the one, the only, greatest hacker in history that has single handily entered every conceivable area of the US military. Most importantly he saw records of off world US soldiers and ships. He has never profited from this and has only had problems in court with the US trying to get him sent to US from the UK. He is a hero. If one hacker can do what he did, then imagine what a team of ten or more could do...they could reveal full alien disclosure to the planet, and in the process, they will raise the level of awareness of all humanity. To go down into history books worldwide.


Mysterious disappearance of the Eilean Mor lighthouse keepers

© CC BY SA 2.0
The Eilean Mor lighthouse, Scotland.
The Flannan Isles, located in Scotland's Outer Hebrides, are a set of small and uninhabited rocky islands with a curious history. One of the islands, Eilean Mor, was the setting of a great historical mystery - the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers in 1900. To this day, a concrete explanation for the strange event remains elusive.

The Setting: The Lighthouse and Island of Eilean Mor

Since the automation of the lighthouse in 1971, the Flannan Isles have been without permanent residents. The Isles get their name from a 7th century Irish saint of the same name who is said to have built a stone church (one of the few man-made structures still found today) on the island of Eilean Mor. The Flannan Isles are located 32 km (20 miles) from their closest neighbor, the Isle of Lewis.

Steeped in fantastical tales of hauntings, Eilean Mor (meaning Big Isle) is the largest of the Flannan islands, despite its modest size of 17.5 acres (7.1 hectares). The first and most populous inhabitation of the island is from the days of St. Flannan and his followers of the Celtic church. Shortly after they abandoned the island, it received a long-standing reputation as an unlucky place full of dangerous spirits. The superstitious tales of Eilean Mor involve beings such as giant birds and little men, as well as the haunting the St. Flannan and his "flock." The stories were enough to keep shepherds (not to mention most other people), from spending the night there.


Mystery of the Mary Celeste

An 1861 painting of Mary Celeste as Amazon, by an unknown artist
The Mary Celeste set sail from New York harbour on November 7, 1872. A little more than a month later, she was found adrift on the Atlantic Ocean. What happened?

On December 4, 1872, a ship was sighted adrift midway between the Azores and the coast of Portugal. She was spotted by the British brigantine Dei Gratia . Capt. David Morehouse, saw that the unguided vessel was Mary Celeste . He was surprised as just eight days earlier, it had sailed out of New York and should have arrived at its destination in Genoa, Italy. He changed course to help.

Setting sail

Benjamin Briggs was the captain of the Mary Celeste and he had also bought shares in the ship. He was a highly respected man in his profession. On board with him was his wife Sarah and their two-year-old daughter Sophia. For this voyage, Briggs chose his crew with care. There were seven of them in all. A later testimonial described them all as "peaceable and first class sailors".

Mary Celeste sailed out of New York on November 7.

On December 4, when Dei Gratia sighted the Mary Celeste , Captain Morehouse suspected something was wrong. He saw no one on deck and received no replies to his signals. When his crew went in to investigate, they found the ship deserted.

Comment: Since the discovery of the deserted ship, the Mary Celeste, 143 years ago today, it remains one of the greatest maritime mysteries. See also: Six haunting tales of ghost ships throughout history and Top 10 Mysterious Ghost Ships and Haunted Stories of the Maritime World


UFOs over Texas: strange lights recorded over Houston suburb

Home video from Conroe, Texas, purports to reveal a UFO floating in the night the sky.

The minute-long footage, uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 12, shows about a half dozen pulsating white lights as they undulate through various formations.

The voice of the cameraman can be heard saying, "What is that? I don't know... there's something falling out of the sky, dad."

Comment: These strange lights or "orbs" are a common UFO sighting. Videos of similar lights can be found all over the internet from around the world, exhibiting similar behavior and formations. Typically they are hovering and moving into various patterns, they blink in and out, and have also been known to fuse into one object/light or to split apart. What they are, exactly, is still a mystery.


Multiple sightings of green disk over Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Date of sighting: November 2015

Location of sighting: Cape Town, South AfricaNews source: http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/twitter-abuzz-after-ufo-sighting-above-cape-town-20151128


'Strange force' acts on cars in Chinese street

Viewers have been left confused by a video from China showing a car crash where two minibuses are left standing on just two wheels in what appears to be a synchronized special effects stunt - except it's for real.

Although it's still unclear what exactly happens to the vehicles in the video, internet users have agreed on the theory that a wire on the road was to blame.