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NYT Reporter defends gov't Ebola response - our new Lapdog Czar?

© DN Photo/Bobby Ellis
Rukmini Callimachi
@rcallimachi Would you please quit calling it Ebola panic? It's really Ebola awareness. Awareness that we're being told lies by govt.
- Cory (@bdcory) October 20, 2014
President Obama can count on many in the mainstream media to have his back when it comes to offering a defense of his administration's actions (or inactions). Include New York Times Foreign Correspondent Rukmini Callimachi among this administration's staunch defenders when it comes to the issue of Ebola:
@bdcory who has returned from Liberia 22 days ago not hysteria? And finally how is kicking a woman in an airplane toilet not craziness?
- Rukmini Callimachi (@rcallimachi) October 20, 2014
@rcallimachi How is this govt to be trusted?
- Cory (@bdcory) October 20, 2014
@bdcory What have they done to lose your trust? The incompetence of a hospital in Dallas is not equivalent to our government
- Rukmini Callimachi (@rcallimachi) October 20, 2014
Does the Obama administration have a "Lapdog Czar" yet?

Vaccination Nation: Interview with Barbara Loe Fisher

"Right now, what's on the line in this country is whether or not we're going to have the legal right in the future to make choices about federally recommended vaccines." -Barbara Loe Fisher

On this edition of Real Politik James speaks with Barbara Loe Fisher, president and co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, a non-profit charity established in 1982. For the past three decades, she has led a national, grassroots movement and public information campaign to institute vaccine safety reforms and informed consent protections in the public health system.

Loe Fisher has researched, analyzed and publicly articulated the major issues involving the science, policy, law, ethics and politics of vaccination to become one of the world's leading consumer advocacy experts on the subject. NVIC is not "anti-vaccine," as mainstream news media might encourage the public to believe. Rather, it is pro-safe vaccines and exists to ensure the informed consent of the parents and patients who chose to vaccinate.

Comment: Barbara Loe Fisher, a pioneer in vaccine education and safety, and the founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), shares important information about calling the Department of Human Health Services to task on vaccine over sight, policies and laws. She very clearly points out the obvious conflicts of interest between big pharma aka drug companies and DHHS vaccination enforcement policies:


Stress: A new trigger of Alzheimer's?

The connections between stress and physical and mental health are undeniable. Studies have found links between acute and/or chronic stress and a wide variety of health issues.

This includes reduced immune function, increased inflammation, high blood pressure, and alterations in your brain chemistry, blood sugar levels and hormonal balance, just to name a few.

According to recent research, stress also appears to be related to onset of Alzheimer's disease, which currently afflicts about 5.4 million Americans, including one in eight people aged 65 and over.1

It is projected that Alzheimer's will affect one in four Americans in the next 20 years, rivaling the current prevalence of obesity and diabetes. There is still no known cure for this devastating disease, and very few treatments. Alzheimer's drugs are often of little to no benefit, which underscores the importance of prevention throughout your lifetime.

Fortunately, there's compelling research showing that your brain has great plasticity and capacity for regeneration, which you control through your diet and lifestyle choices.

Vaccine Injury: The critical role of Microflora

There are gaping holes in vaccine science, especially the critical role of microflora in mediating vaccine effects, including adverse ones.
The purpose of these articles is to call attention to gaping holes in vaccine science, issues never before studied:
  1. How childhood vaccines may affect flora balance and colonization, and
  2. How existing flora (microbial predisposition) may affect vaccine response leading to injury.
In Part 1, we explored microbes as the underlying beauty of diversity in explaining how children react differently to vaccines. It's known gut dysbiosis contributes to inflammation and poor vaccine response. This means imbalanced flora leads to vaccine failure. Children born with imbalanced flora may be prone to powerful vaccine reaction of the immune system leading to injury. Important microbes such as protective Bifidobacteria may be reduced or absent.

Some groups with microbial predisposition based on ancestral dietary habits may be predisposed to vaccine reaction and higher risk of injury. How childhood vaccines affect flora balance, short and long-term, remains unknown. And there are no studies about how the infant microbiome may predispose a child to vaccine injury.

Comment: Learn more about how diet can effect the intricate balance of gut flora composition: 'The gut-brain connection is a two-way street where what happens in the gut may lead to an inflammatory reaction in the brain'

Read more about the amazing connection between the brain, heart and gut minds: The best approach to balance gut flora is by dietary changes and nutritional supplements like probiotics. For more information, please visit the diet and health forum.


Ebola - The true vaccine is knowledge of current state of affairs

Comment: While this article reviews important research, it leaves out crucial and life-saving information that we'll add here and there. Caveat lector!

© reader
There is no ethical way to conduct a study of anti-Ebola virus vaccines and drugs in humans. You can't intentionally inject individuals with a deadly virus and then give an inactive placebo pill to half of those who agree to participate as they do in most controlled human clinical studies. [Guardian UK Oct 10, 2014] An article published in Scientific American asked: "How do you test a human Ebola vaccine that works?" The answer: "You don't." [Scientific American Sept 17, 2004]

But what if the Ebola virus is spreading rapidly and killing hundreds or even thousands? The public would likely demand public health officials do something even if available vaccines and drugs are still unproven.

A manufactured outbreak of Ebola would force the issue. Something would have to be done. The public outcry for a cure would be deafening.

Comment: There might be a sinister hand in this Ebola outbreak, but we can't ignore other crucial information of the current state of affairs. As we have reviewed in the comments:

- Despite technological advances, humanity's health and lifestyle is at its worst. We are crippled by the food we eat, the air we breathe and by relentless stress thanks to pathological greed from psychopaths who rule this world.

- As a direct or indirect consequence from the above, we live in a world ruled by examples of indifference towards truth and human life itself.

- Without considering Ebola, dangerous infections and unknown microbes are spreading like wildfire all over the world. Increasing numbers in meteor fireballs might play a big role here. It is well recorded in history: comets are harbingers of pestilence.

2013 saw a dramatic increase in meteor fireballs - What does 2014 have in store?

- There is a high degree of hysteria among the masses today. From Fascism is HERE! NOW! Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007:
To explain exactly what we mean here, take some time to study the following terms and definitions, which are coined by Andrew M. Lobaczewski, author of Political Ponerology - The Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes :
Ponerogenesis: This is the formation and development of evil. Several factors contribute to ponerogenesis, the first being the atrophy of normal people's ability to recognize pathological individuals (i.e. they accept pathological behavior as normal). This is one symptom of the hysterization of society. This and other human weaknesses create an opening whereby pathological individuals (psychopathic and characteropathic) infect a group of predominately normal people through the process of "ponerization".

Ponerization: This is the infection of a group with pathological individuals, resulting in a ponerogenic union (that is, a group that contributes to the formation and development of evil). Primary ponerization (which gives rise to primary ponerogenic unions) creates groups that are obviously deviant, like mobs and gangs, and they are generally rejected by the society of normal people. Secondary ponerization (which gives rise to secondary ponerogenic unions) is the method by which pathological individuals infiltrate and subvert the ideology of a group of normal people. Like a Trojan Horse, they operate 'under the radar' of the group's normal members. Ponerization successfully takes place during periods in which society is hystericized.

Hystericization: This is the process whereby a society becomes more egoistic/hedonistic (self-serving and selfish), egotistic (self-important), egocentric (narcissistic), mendacious (having contempt for truth), histrionic (overly dramatic and emotional), moralistic (judgmental), open to schizoidal writings (naive interpretations of human actions), and thinking becomes increasingly conversive (illogical). This process can be, and is, manipulated by ponerogenic elements through the means of mass trauma and constant psychological terror. As hysteria is contagious, society thus becomes increasingly arrogant, immoral, rigid. The use of paramoralisms spreads similarly. The highest point of the hystericization of society conditions and hides the genesis of "pathocracy."

Pathocracy: This is the result of hystericization and ponerization, and once achieved, can last for millenia. Its essential characteristic is essential psychopathy. In such systems, 100% of essential psychopaths assume leadership positions, keeping the majority of people in constant fear. After some years of pathocratic leadership, normal people, while suffering from some pathological material and the deadening effects of psychopathic personalities, manage to create a network of normal people in which to function as human beings. Normal society is thus de-hystericized and achieves a great interpersonal solidarity and knowledge of one's own and other's humanity.
For more information on how all these factors come together, check out Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection: The Secret History of the World.
Jet Stream meanderings, Gulf Stream slow-downs, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, meteor fireballs, tornadoes, deluges, sinkholes, and noctilucent clouds have been on the rise since the turn of the century. Have proponents of man-made global warming been proven correct, or is something else, something much bigger, happening on our planet? While mainstream science depicts these Earth changes as unrelated, Pierre Lescaudron applies findings from the Electric Universe paradigm and plasma physics to suggest that they might in fact be intimately related, and stem from a single common cause: the close approach of our Sun's 'twin' and an accompanying cometary swarm. Citing historical records, the author reveals a strong correlation between periods of authoritarian oppression with catastrophic and cosmically-induced natural disasters. Referencing metaphysical research and information theory, Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection is a ground-breaking attempt to re-connect modern science with ancient understanding that the human mind and states of collective human experience can influence cosmic and earthly phenomena. Covering a broad range of scientific fields, and lavishly illustrated with over 250 images and 1,000 sources, Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection, is presented in an accessible format for anyone seeking to understand the signs of our times.


Lithium batteries pose danger to children: Cause catastrophic internal bleeding if swallowed

lithium battery
We all have one...a junk drawer. The place we shove things that we will want again, but we're not sure when and items which just don't have another 'home'.

Remodelling the house means mine is even more full of shit junk than usual. A cursory glance turns up batteries, receipts, a watch with a damaged strap, plastic carrier bags, a furry boiled sweet circa God knows when, a screwdriver, dog lead, and more get the picture. Admit it, you have a drawer, cupboard or box just like this.

The deaths of several children in the UK has been linked to these drawers...or rather a particular item we often store in them: Lithium batteries.

'70-90% effective' - Russia to send Ebola vaccine to W. Africa in 2 months

© Reuters / HO
In two months, Russia is planning to send a new experimental vaccine against Ebola to Africa, according to the country's health minister. The efficiency of the drug, which is to be tested on the ground, is about 70-90 percent.

"Today we are discussing that we will have enough of Triazoverin vaccine in two months so that we can send them to our personnel in Guinea and test its efficiency in clinical conditions," Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said.

The vaccine has so far proved efficient against various hemorrhagic fevers, including the Marburg virus which is very similar to Ebola.

"The efficiency ranges between 70 and 90 percent and this is a very good indicator," Skvortsova said.

"Ebola didn't have to kill my uncle." Thomas Eric Duncan's nephew speaks out

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Josephus Weeks, nephew to Thomas Eric Duncan
On Friday, Sept. 25, 2014, my uncle Thomas Eric Duncan went to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. He had a high fever and stomach pains. He told the nurse he had recently been in Liberia. But he was a man of color with no health insurance and no means to pay for treatment, so within hours he was released with some antibiotics and Tylenol.

Two days later, he returned to the hospital in an ambulance. Two days after that, he was finally diagnosed with Ebola. Eight days later, he died alone in a hospital room.

Now, Dallas suffers. Our country is concerned. Greatly. About the lack of answers and transparency coming from a hospital whose ignorance, incompetence and indecency has yet to be explained. I write this on behalf of my family because we want to set the record straight about what happened and ensure that Thomas Eric did not die in vain. So, here's the truth about my uncle and his battle with Ebola.

Thomas Eric Duncan was cautious. Among the most offensive errors in the media during my uncle's illness are the accusations that he knew he was exposed to Ebola - that is just not true. Eric lived in a careful manner, as he understood the dangers of living in Liberia amid this outbreak. He limited guests in his home, he did not share drinking cups or eating utensils.

And while the stories of my uncle helping a pregnant woman with Ebola are courageous, Thomas Eric personally told me that never happened. Like hundreds of thousands of West Africans, carefully avoiding Ebola was part of my uncle's daily life. And I can tell you with 100 percent certainty: Thomas Eric would have never knowingly exposed anyone to this illness.

The dangerous effects of FDA approved chemotherapy drugs masquerading as antibiotics

"A few popular antibiotics affect DNA, similar to some chemotherapy agents. If you're sensitive to them, you could pay a neurological price that causes sudden and serious neuropathy and degrees of brain damage. The Food and Drug Administration is concerned about drugs in the fluoroquinolone class, and these already have a black box warning for an increased risk of tendon ruptures. But I'm telling you that more reports have come in with accusations of neurological damage. Personally, I would only use these for life-threatening infections that were unresponsive to older, regular antibiotics." -Suzy Cohen, RPh

It is not appropriate to give people cell-destroying chemotherapy drugs when they don't have cancer. That should be obvious. It shouldn't even need to be said. But it's happening every day when people are prescribed fluoroquinolone antibiotics - Cipro/ciprofloxacin, Levaquin/levofloxacin, Floxin/ofloxacin and Avelox/moxifloxacin - to treat ear, bladder, prostate, sinus and other infections. Fluoroquinolones are chemotherapy drugs. They have just been mass marketed as antibiotics by the FDA.

You may be thinking something along the lines of, "WHAT? Cipro isn't a chemo drug, it's an antibiotic. Everyone knows that."

Ebola scare at Pentagon after woman vomits in the parking lot

Pentagon Ebola scare
© REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
Emergency workers in hazmat suits work in a Pentagon parking lot after a woman who recently traveled to Africa vomited there, in Washington October 17, 2014. The Pentagon confirmed an Ebola scare on Friday in one of its parking lots when the woman vomited after getting off a bus headed to a high-level Marine Corps ceremony. She was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital at 9:53 a.m. (1353 GMT), 43 minutes after Pentagon police identified her. The general area of the parking lot where she vomited was closed off, as was one of the Pentagon's entrances, "out of an abundance of caution and to allow the investigation to proceed."
The Pentagon was gripped by an Ebola scare on Friday after a woman vomited in a parking lot, triggering authorities to send in a HazMat team and shut off part of the military complex before concluding she did not have the deadly virus.

The Pentagon initially said in a statement that the woman indicated she had "recently visited Africa."

But her employer told Reuters she had not traveled abroad recently and local county health authorities later acknowledged that her travel history had been uncertain.

"Based on the public health investigation, which included the travel history of a woman who became ill this morning in a Pentagon parking lot ... medical authorities are confident that she does not have Ebola," the local health authorities said in a statement.