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Cloud Precipitation

Flooding death toll reaches 102 in Nepal

A total of 102 people were confirmed dead, 55 injured and 125 others unaccounted following the floods and landslides triggered by Monsoon rains in Mid-West region that took place a week ago.

Officiating Regional Adminstrator Raj Kumar Shrestha confirmed on Thursday that 102 people were found dead until today following the floods and landslides . He informed that 2,683 houses have been completely destroyed, displacing 23,753 people.

"The relief distribution has been difficult due to the geographical location and poor local mechanism," said Shrestha, "We are trying to make the relief distribution fast and systematic." Shrestha is Nepalgunj coordinator for rescue and relief management.

He further informed that at present food packages comprising rice, pulses, salt and oil are being distributed. "After proper coordination, we are trying our best to distribute the relief materials to the victims as soon as possible," said Shrestha.

Comment: The chart below clearly shows the striking increase in flood reports over the last 2 and half years -

Cloud Precipitation

45 killed during August floods in Cambodia

© Oliver Laumann
Flooded countryside in Cambodia.
Cambodia's National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) reported yesterday that 45 people have lost their lives in floods since the Mekong river first broke its banks in early August 2014.

Talking to local media during a conference on flooding issues in the country, NCDM vice president Nhim Vanda also said that 11,500 families across 12 provinces were forced to evacuate their homes. He also said that flood waters are starting to recede. This might suggest that the remaining displaced could begin to return home.

However, there could be more heavy monsoon rain to come. Flooding has already affected parts of north and north east Thailand, with the authorities issuing flood warnings for 20 provinces there. Flooding has also struck some parts of Laos in the last few days.

Heavy rainfall in Laos and and parts of Thailand often results in increased levels of the Mekong several days later. The heavy rain that caused severe flooding in the Thai provinces of Amnat Charoen and Ubon Ratchathani raised alarms in Cambodia about the levels of the Mekong, prompting the Prime Minister to urge flood preparedness.

15 metre whale found dead on New Zealand beach - second in fortnight

A 15m whale found dead south of Ahipara is the second in a fortnight to wash up on Ninety Mile Beach.

The baleen-type whale was first spotted on Wednesday by a member of the public in rock pools offshore where the water was too rough for a closer inspection. It was initially thought to be small, about 3m long, but its true size became apparent yesterday when it washed up on a beach near Tauroa Pt. Its species is not yet known.

DJ Neho, of Department of Conservation's Kaitaia office, said DoC was speaking with Te Rarawa representatives about what to do with the giant carcass. As a baleen whale it does not have the teeth or jawbone prized for carving.

In the meantime, Mr Neho urged the public to look but don't touch the whale carcass.

Millions of dead herring wash up on Isle of Man coast, UK

Dead herring and mackerel (foreground).
Fisheries experts say that dead fish washed up on a long stretch of the northern coastline were not killed by pollution .

Instead, it's a sign that fish stocks are flourishing.

The island's director of fisheries, Karen McHarg visited the scene on Saturday and spoke to a member of the public who had reported the incident.

She told us: 'It's very important to emphasise that this hasn't happened as a result of pollution and that people have nothing to worry about. It appears that a large shoal of juvenile herring has been driven onto the beach by a shoal of feeding mackerel. Bass do the same thing with herring sprats.

Comment: What then 'drove' the mackerel (pictured above) ashore?

'This does happen occasionally at this time of year and has been reported in other places around the Island in previous years, for example in Peel.'

There appeared to be millions of dead fish on the beach between Ramsey and the Point of Ayre. However, the experts say this would have been only a small proportion of a huge shoal.

Ms McHarg said: 'This is a completely natural phenomenon and there are no implications for other marine life or fishermen, in fact it is a good sign of flourishing stocks of herring - only a small proportion of what was obviously a huge shoal will have been stranded.'

Comment: It's amazing how many 'experts' and 'scientists' are still trying to normalise mass animal deaths, despite the increasing number of such incidents being reported across the globe, by offering up silly, superficial and spurious explanations such as that above.

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Cloud Lightning

Torrential rains inflict severe damages in Eastern China

East China flooding
© Xinhua
Rescuers deliver food to residents trapped by rain-triggered flood in Lishui City, east China's Zhejiang Province, Aug. 20, 2014.
Nearly 65,000 people in east China's Zhejiang Province have been evacuated after torrential rains caused floods in some cities, said the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters on Thursday.

Nearly half a million people in the cities of Lishui, Jinhua, Wenzhou and Shaoxing have been affected by persistent downpours since Aug. 8, with the worst-hit Lishui suffering direct economic losses of 1.058 billion yuan, it said.

Statistics from the provincial hydrological bureau showed that the province's average precipitation has reached 204 millimeters over the past fortnight, the highest since 1951 excluding the influence of typhoons.

By Thursday, 853 houses have collapsed, while 26,100 hectares of croplands have been damaged, of which 1,400 hectares of crops were totally destructed. The losses inflicted upon cash crops were estimated at 160 million yuan.
Alarm Clock

Iceland evacuates area near Bardarbunga volcano amid eruption fears

Bardarbunga volcano
© Reuters / Sigtryggur Johannsson
A warning sign blocks the road to Bardarbunga volcano, some 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) away, in the north-west region of the Vatnajokull glacier August 19, 2014
Tourists were evacuated from around Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano, as seismic activity has increased in the area. The possibility of the volcano waking up has evoked memories of the 2010 aviation chaos, caused by another eruption in Iceland.

Seismic activity in the Bardarbunga vicinity has not been decreasing, the Icelandic Meteorological Office reported on Thursday.

"The highest magnitude during the last 24 hours was about 3.8, measured at 23:38 last night (20th August)", the agency's statement said.

There were around 1,000 small earthquakes detected in the area Wednesday that prompted the evacuation of about 300 tourists.

"The area is now closed and has been evacuated," Iceland's Civil Protection Authority said on its website. "These actions were taken following seismic activity around the Bardarbunga caldera in the last few days."

The agency also said it would carry out further air patrols over the volcano to make sure no one was left there.

If the volcano doe start to erupt, it would lead to the Vatnajokull glacier which sits over it melting.
Cloud Lightning

Canada: Thunderstorm leads to major flooding in Winnipeg, Southern Manitoba

winnipeg flood
© Twitter/SamanthaNAmaral

A severe thunderstorm left Winnipeg and other parts of southeastern Manitoba under water on Thursday evening, after an estimated 50 to 75 millimetres of rain fell on the region.

CBC News reports at least two vehicles were partly submerged due to flooding, at the popular underpass at Higgins Avenue and Main Street, in Winnipeg. According to the network, other cars and transit buses remained stuck in place nearby as the heavy rain shut down streets, overwhelmed storm sewers, and cut off power to street lights.

Soon after, residents took to Twitter to catalogue the effects of the storm.
Blue Planet

Gulf of Mexico turns Blood Red along Florida Coast, aquatic life at risk

blood water florida
The coastal plains of Florida are facing serious threat from a large Red Tide bloom which has not been seen for almost a decade.

The Red Tide is posing devastating infestation on the marine life of Florida. The incoming tide has already claimed lives of thousands of fish in the Gulf of Mexico and it is now reported to be closing in on the coast. The Red tide bloom is expected to wash ashore striking the mainland in around two weeks.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the bloom is spread about 80 miles in length and approx 50 miles in width in Gulf of Mexico but presently the tide is from 40 to 90 miles offshore.
Bizarro Earth

Large holes forming near the New Madrid Fault and a giant crack in the Earth in North Mexico

Earthquake Map
Earthquake Map.
Did you know that the number of big earthquakes during the first three months of 2014 was more than double the yearly average of what we have experienced since 1979? And did you know that the number of earthquakes in the central and eastern U.S. has quintupled in recent years?

If you do not believe this, just keep reading. We live at a time when earthquakes are increasing in frequency and severity. And we are starting to see some very unusual activity in places that have been quiet for a very long time.

For example, large holes are starting to mysteriously appear in Indiana near the New Madrid fault zone. And a giant crack in the ground nearly a kilometer long has appeared in northern Mexico. Could these be indications that even greater earthquake activity is on the way?

Most Americans don't realize that the greatest earthquakes in U.S. history happened along the New Madrid fault zone. Back during the early part of the 19th century, a series of immensely powerful earthquakes rattled the entire eastern half of the nation. Documents that we have from that era say that those earthquakes were so powerful that they were felt more than 1,000 miles away. And there are many that believe that if we had a similar earthquake today that the damage caused would almost be incalculable.
Ice Cube

Another sign of impending Ice Age? Glacier-like hazards discovered during the summer on Ben Nevis, Scotland

Experts are investigating the North Face of Ben Nevis
Hazards common in arctic and alpine areas but described as "extremely unusual" in the UK during the summer have been found on Ben Nevis.

A team of climbers and scientists investigating the mountain's North Face said snowfields remained in many gullies and upper scree slopes.

On these fields, they have come across compacted, dense, ice hard snow call neve.

Neve is the first stage in the formation of glaciers, the team said.

The team has also encountered sheets of snow weighing hundreds of tonnes and tunnels and fissures known as bergschrunds.

The large, deep cracks in the ice are found at the top of glaciers.