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Shark bite critically injures Hawaii surfer

© Courtesy Google Maps
A surfer was taken to the hospital this morning from Leftovers on the North Shore in critical condition after a shark attack left him with an injury to his left leg.
A 25-year-old surfer was hospitalized in critical condition this morning after he was attacked by a shark at a popular North Shore surf spot.

Paramedics responded to the attack at Leftovers, a surf break between Laniakea and Waimea Bay, at about 10:25 a.m.

Justin Baluch said he saw a paddleboarder and a surfer bringing the victim out of the water to Kamehameha Highway at about 10:20 a.m. and stopped his car to help.

The two people who brought him out of the water carried him out on a surfboard and used a surf leash as a tourniquet. "We were able to stop the bleeding," Baluch said.

Comment: Additional information about the shark attacks in the Hawaiian Islands:


New study finds frogs going extinct about 10K times faster than historical rate

© Kevin Enge/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
The endangered gopher frog, endemic to Southeastern United States, is losing its natural habitat.
A new study finds that 200 frog species around the world have gone extinct since the 1970s and hundreds more could disappear in the next 100 years.

The study, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds that frogs are going extinct about 10,000 times faster than their historical rates.

"Many frogs around the world are in a death spiral and desperately need our help," said Jenny Loda, a Center for Biological Diversity attorney and scientist focused on protecting amphibians and reptiles.

Comment: All life on Earth is going through sixth mass extinction


Record-breaking heat to bake Western US; 10-20 degrees above average

A stretch of higher-than-average temperatures will continue across a large portion of the Western U.S. this week. Temperatures through the weekend will runbetween 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit above average for many locations this week. Some cities will challenge record highs.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Edward Vallee, "A ridge of high pressure will dominate the West through the week, leading to temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average." Portions of the West set new record-high temperatures over the weekend.
© Accuweather
Downtown Los Angeles reached 100 F for the third straight day on Sunday, the first time such a streak occurred since 1989. The last time Los Angeles had three straight days of triple-digit heat in October was in 1958.

While the coastal areas are expected to cool slightly during the week, the interior portions of the West will remain very warm.

Temperatures this week will be more typical of late August and early September than the middle of October.
The weather will be ideal for anyone with outdoor activities this week.
Record-high temperatures will be challenged on Tuesday across the Southwest including the cities of Sacramento and Fresno, California; Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Pueblo, Colorado; and Medford, Oregon. Relief from the warmth will occur across the Southwest later in the week.

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Cloud Precipitation

Storm creates havoc in southern Sydney with hail and damaging winds

Hail and damaging winds have created havoc for southern Sydney residents, with a huge, fast-moving storm sweeping through the Campbelltown and Sutherland areas.

The flash storm halved the temperature in the southwest hubs in a matter of minutes, catching residents and motorists off guard.

Campbelltown's temperature peaked at 29.3degC at 1.40 before the sudden plunge cut 50 per cent off the thermometer reading.

The storm sucked the warmth out of a 30-degree day, gauges plunging to 14.4degC in a matter of minutes just after 2pm. As well as hail, 18mm of rain fell on Campbelltown in half an hour.

Stranger still, the warmth returned a little, temperatures climbing back above 20degC by 3pm.


Waterspout rips apart U.S. mail truck in Tampa Bay, Florida

© WFLA/social media/CNN
Mail flies from an overturned US Mail tractor-trailer truck that was hit by a waterspout-turned-tornado on a Tampa bridge.
They were scary moments on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa, Florida.

Winds from a waterspout were so strong, they knocked over and then picked up a U.S. Mail tractor trailer.

The truck was left with extensive damage, and mail flying all over the roadway.

Luckily, the driver managed to escape unharmed.


Sun halo captured in Warwickshire, UK skies

© Catman161
Beautiful solar halo and sun dog at the dropzone this morning before a nice fresh Autumn jump. Not sure if this should go in solar section. The colours were so much more vivid in person but only used iPhone to capture these shots. The last one was through my sunglasses to try and bring out the colour but failed dismally!
© Catman161


5.4 magnitude earthquake hits 150km from Wellington, New Zealand

A 5.4-magnitude earthquake has shaken the area near Castlepoint, North Island, New Zealand, US Geological Survey has reported. The epicenter is about 155 kilometers from the country's capital Wellington.

Conflicting reports by local sources put the magnitude at 5.8.

The depth of the tremor is estimated by the USGS and New Zealand's Geonet at 21.4 and 24.5 meters, respectively.

New Zealand is known to be prone to earthquakes: the latest big one rocked the country's city of Christchurch and its surroundings back in 2011. 185 people from 20 countries died in the deadly quake, and 6,500 people were injured.

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management has issued an earthquake advisory, but said there was no tsunami threat. The tremor was felt across the North Island and in the north of the South Island, with many residents taking to Twitter.

Local resident Andrew Reitemeyer, from Pongaroa, told the New Zealand Herald that it was the strongest earthquake he'd felt in the two years he's lived in the town.


Rare sun dog lights up Plymouth, UK skies

© Hannah Weymouth
A rare atmospheric phenomenon was spotted over Plymouth today - and it made it look like the sun had multiplied.

The so-called 'sun dog' was photographed by Hannah Weymouth and her five-year-old son on the Hoe.

The effect, which creates two phantom suns connected by a halo-style ring, is created by light interacting with ice crystals in the air.

Hannah, from Mount Gould, said a mystery man pulled up in the car and told her and her son to look skywards as they were walking around the Hoe.

"A bit puzzled at first we looked and he told us all about the sun dog," she said.

"The view was breathtaking and me and my son managed to capture the moment before the rainbow disappeared either side of the sun.


Three elephants kill two women in West Bengal, India


Two women were killed and another was injured on Thursday when they were attacked by elephants in West Bengal's Bankura district, an official said. The three women had gone to collect mushrooms from a forest when they were attacked by three elephants. Ashoka Sheet, 45, and Rabibala Das, 65, died, said Divisional Forest Officer Pinaki Mitra.

The incident occurred in a forest under Belboni beat office near Matla village at around 5.30 AM. The three women had gone to the forest to collect mushrooms when three elephants attacked them, Belboni beat office ranger Amit Patra said. While 45-year-old Ashoka Shit died on the spot, 55-year-old Rabibala Das died soon after her admidission to Bankura Sammilani Medical College and Hospital at Bankura, he said.


Beached whale found near Port Lincoln, South Australia

© Kiwi White
A five-metre long whale has beached itself near Port Lincoln in South Australia.
A five-metre long whale has beached itself in the shallows of a popular surf beach near Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

The Environment Department said the dead whale, found near Lone Pine Beach, could be a minke.

A minke whale beached itself in the area last month but was rescued by locals.

That whale had been rescued three times from the Port Lincoln foreshore after swimming into shallow water during low tide.

Peter Wilkins from the department said they had not ruled out that the dead whale was the same animal.

"I guess it is a possibility that that's the case," he said.

"It's a fair way from here, it's the same size but like I said, there are a number of whale species that are about that size that do wash up."