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Britain's plague of pederasty and power

As the bombs drop in Gaza and in eastern Ukraine, another siege has been underway in Great Britain. A sustained barrage of a different kind of bombshell continues to rain down on the centre of power in Westminster...

An epidemic of paedophiles, or to be more accurate, of 'Pederasts', has for decades, freely festered in and around the governing institutions, as well as inside media and entertainment in the UK. Will we ever truly know the full scale and scope of this problem?

© Wikimedia Commons
Past proponents of the sordid practice (image, left, of ancient paedohile folklore), like the part publicly-funded Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), were even paid to lobby for a more relaxed paedophile culture in Britain, including active lobbying to lower the age of consent to 12 years old. Many of those who were involved or helped to facilitate PIE's presence in Westminster - are still in government, or quango organisations today.

A culture of denial has taken over the halls of Westminster, with countless MP's and bureaucrats are said to be linked to not only to Jimmy Savile, but also other child sex rings that were being operated out of Boys Homes in both London, North Wales and elsewhere. The scale of the problem is immense.

It's doubtful that the public will ever know the true extent of this plague which remains obscured by complicit members of the political elite, the police, the security services and most importantly - the judiciary - as well as the mainstream press - as key men and women play their roles in covering for those known to be involved in this wretched and highly organised practice that ruins so many young lives, and is used to blackmail and control so many in the seats of power and influence.

Paul Craig Roberts: The way US released photos blaming Russia for Ukrainian strikes make me think it's a fake

US satellite images
© Courtesy of US State Department
See the proof?
The US government has been desperate to produce information to back up its claims, but it would not release important information in such an unprofessional way if it was true, the head of the Institute for Political Economy Paul Craig Roberts told RT.

On July 27 the US State Department released satellite images via email "proving" that Russia was firing rockets at Ukrainian troops across the border. The images were posted on Twitter by the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. The four-page document, titled 'Evidence of Russian Shelling into Ukraine,' contains four satellite images, all dating between July 21 and July 25/26. The slides were prepared by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), and have a short description.

Israel's bitch bites back? US threatens relations with Israel could worsen over Kerry criticism

bibi kerry

The end of the (bloody) affair?
United States Secretary of State John Kerry has attracted the ire of Israel following his latest failed attempt to broker a ceasefire in Gaza, and American officials are warning that a wider rift in relations could come with serious repercussions.

On Friday last week, Sec. Kerry reportedly presented Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a draft proposal calling for a seven-day halt of fighting in Gaza, where more than 1,000 Palestinians - mostly civilians - have been killed in the last month; in that same span, the Israeli Defense Forces have suffered nearly 50 deaths but have continued an onslaught that the United National Security Council formally opposed early Monday.

The "Framework for Humanitarian Cease-Fire in Gaza" presented by Kerry failed to impress Netanyahu's office, however, and Israel has since embarked on a campaign to condemn the secretary of state's efforts by saying the US proposal did not do enough to stop Palestinian militants with the group Hamas from furthering its own, comparatively less successful campaign against the IDF.

Comment: He called me a doody head! This is ridiculous psychopathic posturing. America is going to do what it always does in regards to Israel. Roll over and beg for more treats.


China's In Crosshairs: US/Israel claiming indiscriminate spying

iron dome missile launcher
© Reuters/Baz Ratner
An Iron Dome launcher fires an interceptor rocket in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod July 9, 2014.
In a raid seeking information related to Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system, Chinese hackers infiltrated the databases of three Jewish defense contractors.

Comment: Note the bastardization of the term "raid." They've "infiltrated the databases." Probably by exploiting the Interwebs through a Darkweb on Tor which is a 0 day bitcoin.

In addition to taking information on the Iron Dome, the attackers were also able to nab plans regarding other projects - including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, ballistic rockets, and "detailed schematics and specifications" for the Arrow III missile interceptor.

According to independent journalist Brian Krebs, the intrusion occurred between 2011 and 2012 and was carried out by China's infamous "Comment Crew" - a group of cyber warriors linked to the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Comment: Yes, yes. The infamous Comment Crew, truly deadly and terrifying. We've all heard about them right? Puhlease.

In May, the United States charged five members of this group with cyber espionage against American computer networks. The hackers reportedly infiltrated US systems in order to "steal information that would provide an economic advantage" for Chinese companies, including "Chinese state-owned enterprises."

Comment: First Russia, now China. The U.S. pot is continuing to call all the kettles Black. Basically blaming both Russia and China (The Victims of U.S. Propaganda and Spying) for what they do themselves.

Remember this: NSA spies on China telcoms giant Huawei and what about 'NSA has carte blanche to hack computers' or this China lambasts US spy tactics as 'complete disregard for moral integrity' and don't forget this: Ouch! China to ditch U.S. consulting firms over espionage suspicion


Propaganda alert! MH17 black boxes show crash caused by rocket shrapnel

Ukraine says black boxes recovered from downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 show shrapnel from a rocket explosion caused the passenger jet to crash.

The finding was revealed as a convoy of international inspectors, including Australian Federal Police officers, abandoned an attempt to reach the crash site for the second day running amid fierce fighting in the rebel-held area.

Data from the doomed airliner's black boxes was decrypted in Britain after being handed over to Malaysian officials by the pro-Russian rebels controlling the crash site.

Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council spokesman Andriy Lysenko said international investigators believed data from the flight recorders show "the reason for the destruction and crash of the plane was massive explosive decompression arising from multiple shrapnel perforations from a rocket explosion".

Surface-to-air missiles such as the Buk system widely believed to have shot the passenger jet down can explode near their targets, blasting a cloud of shrapnel into them.

Investigators leading the probe in the Netherlands, which lost 193 citizens in the air disaster, refused to confirm the latest information from Kiev, saying that they were "waiting to get a more complete idea of what happened".

Kiev and its Western allies, including Australia, have accused insurgents of shooting down the plane, killing all 298 people on board, including 38 Australian citizens and residents.

Comment: This is a complete fabrication ... the black box cannot answer the question who or what caused the crash of MH17!

The "black box" (actually orange) consists of two parts: The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and the Flight Data Recorder (FDR).

The CVR records the conversation between the pilots and their communication with air traffic control.
The FDR records flight parameters like aircraft heading, speed, change in altitude, engine setting and a lot of other parameters.

Neither can distinguish between a rocket from the ground, an air-to-air missile or a bomb on board. The FDR would only show a catastrophic collapse of vital aircraft systems and a rapid loss of altitude. The only clue would come from the CVR, if the pilots had the time and an awareness of what was happening - which is more than doubtful.

So if there is any clue in the CVR, they should immediately publish the whole transcript!

Apple Red

U.S. to pull foreign aid in El Salvador for rejecting Monsanto seeds

© Collective-evolution.com
Governments do not dictate major policy, major multinational corporations do. We've seen this time and time again, and one of the best examples out there is Monsanto. This time, the United States government wants to force GMO seeds on El Salvadorian farmers.

Encouraged by the U.S. Embassy, the Millennium Challenge Corporation had "granted" El salvador 277 million dollars to "improve El Salvador's competitiveness and productivity in international markets." This, however, would not come without certain commitments and obligations, which included a commitment to ensure that the Ministry of Agriculture's procurement of corn and bean seed would "be consistent with the provisions of the CAFTA-DR( Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement)." (1)

"We are asking the Government of EL Salvador to implement the procurement program for corn and bean seeds in a competitive, objective, and transparent manner that demonstrates to all stakeholders both EL Salvador's commitment to the CAFTA-DR, as well as its commitment to good governance. Such principles are inherent in the provisions of the CAFTA-DR." (1)

Comment: Criminal! US pressures El Salvador to buy Monsanto's GMO seeds


Consolidation of power: Kiev dismantles government

© Reuters / Alex Kuzmin
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk addresses parliament in Kiev July 24, 2014.
Ukraine's ruling coalition has dissolved itself to trigger an early parliamentary election after the government resigned. The war-torn and impoverished country is to undergo a massive political reboot, which is expected to strengthen the president.

The nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) party, and the Udar (Strike) party of former boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko, had a majority in parliament, acquiring it in the wake of the February armed coup, which ousted President Viktor Yanukovich from Ukraine.

On Thursday, they announced that they were leaving the ruling coalition. Ukrainian law says that unless MPs manage to form a new majority of at least 226 representatives within a month, an early election would be called for.

This is exactly the result that the Udar and Svoboda factions want. In his inauguration speech, before the parliament, President Petro Poroshenko declared his intention to hold early parliamentary elections within a month. Udar are allies of Poroshenko, who has not got MPs of his own in the current parliament. The nationalists from Svoboda are expected to win more seats in the snap election, considering Ukraine's current pro-war nationalistic moods.

The snap election may be held as soon as October 26.

Comment: And this is how deeply ponerized governments work. They outlaw any reasonable dissent from political parties that hold any opposing views from the ruling party. In this case, the Communist Party of Ukraine is being effectively neutralized so that no dissent may be given a clear voice about the ruling party or parties' policies and agendas. Don't be surprised if the Communist Party becomes even further vilified or set up to take the blame for something that isn't their own doing ala a 'Reichstag Fire' type event -though the way seems clear enough for President Petro Poroshenko and his ilk to do their psychopathic will without such an event.


Is Putin incorruptible? U.S. insider's view of the Russian president's character and his country's transformation

U can't touch this
Friends and colleagues,

As the Ukraine situation has worsened, unconscionable misinformation and hype is being poured on Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Journalists and pundits must scour the Internet and thesauruses to come up with fiendish new epithets to describe both.

Wherever I make presentations across America, the first question ominously asked during Q&A is always, "What about Putin?"

It's time to share my thoughts which follow:

Putin obviously has his faults and makes mistakes. Based on my earlier experience with him, and the experiences of trusted people, including U.S. officials who have worked closely with him over a period of years, Putin most likely is a straight, reliable and exceptionally inventive man. He is obviously a long-term thinker and planner and has proven to be an excellent analyst and strategist. He is a leader who can quietly work toward his goals under mounds of accusations and myths that have been steadily leveled at him since he became Russia's second president.

I've stood by silently watching the demonization of Putin grow since it began in the early 2000s - - I pondered on computer my thoughts and concerns, hoping eventually to include them in a book (which was published in 2011). The book explains my observations more thoroughly than this article. Like others who have had direct experience with this little known man, I've tried to no avail to avoid being labeled a "Putin apologist". If one is even neutral about him, they are considered "soft on Putin" by pundits, news hounds and average citizens who get their news from CNN, Fox and MSNBC.

Conflict of interest? FISA court judges buying Verizon stock as they approve NSA surveillance

© Reuters/Brendan McDermid
Traders work at the post where Verizon is traded on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Judges who serve on the FISA court, approving the government's collection of phone metadata, have bought Verizon stock in the last year. Although the justices have financial involvement in the company, it is not considered a conflict of interest.

Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the National Security Agency and other members of the country's intelligence community must request approval from a top-secret court (the FISA court) to be able to legally place an individual under electronic surveillance. They must show that there is probable cause that the targets "are or may be" aligned with a terrorist organization with the purpose of carrying out acts of terrorism against the United States. The authorizations to conduct surveillance must be renewed by FISA every 90 days.

Many of those requests involve Americans who use Verizon.

In January, Verizon Communications became the first American company of its kind to publish information about the number of requests for user data it received last year from federal investigators and law enforcement agencies.

Verizon's so-called transparency report revealed that local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the United States requested customer information no fewer than 320,000 times during the last calendar year.
War Whore

Paul Craig Roberts: War is coming

putin propaganda the economist
© The Economist
An example of the obscene propaganda in western media, here in the magazine The Economist
The extraordinary propaganda being conducted against Russia by the US and UK governments and Ministries of Propaganda, a.k.a., the "Western media," have the purpose of driving the world to war that no one can win. European governments need to rouse themselves from insouciance, because Europe will be the first to be vaporized due to the US missile bases that Europe hosts to guarantee its "security."

As reported by Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge, the Russian response to the extra-legal ruling of a corrupt court in the Netherlands, which had no jurisdiction over the case on which it ruled, awarding $50 billion dollars from the Russian government to shareholders of Yukos, a corrupt entity that was looting Russia and evading taxes, is telling. Asked what Russia would do about the ruling, an advisor to President Putin replied, "There is a war coming in Europe." Do you really think this ruling matters?"

The West has ganged up on Russia, because the West is totally corrupt. The wealth of the elites is based not only on looting weaker countries whose leaders can be purchased (read John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit Man for instruction on how the looting works), but also on looting their own citizens. The American elites excel at looting their fellow citizens and have wiped out most of the US middle class in the new 21st century.