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Attempted poisoning of Yegor Gaidar, former Russian PM, takes place one day after poisoning of former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko


Gaidar, right, oversaw Russia's transformation to a market economy
A top Russian politician was given deadly poison just 24 hours after ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko was killed by radiation.

Yegor Gaidar, a pro-Western former Prime Minister, fell dangerously ill while attending a meeting in Ireland.

Mr Gaidar, 50, was rushed to hospital after he vomited blood and lapsed into a coma during the event in County Kildare.

Last night Scotland Yard was searching for any links between the murder of Mr Litvinenko and the poisoning of Mr Gaidar.

One connection between the two men is Andrei Lugovoy, who met Mr Litvinenko in the Millennium Hotel in London's Mayfair on the day he was poisoned.

Ex-KGB major Lugovoy was once Mr Gaidar's head of security but denies any involvement in the Litvinenko poisoning.

Comment: As has now been fairly well established, Litvinenko was not killed by the Russian government, and was in all probability killed by the British Security Services in league with its American and Israeli counterparts.

Gaidar survived this attempt on his life, but died three years later at the age of 53.

That this poisoning attempt came right at the same time as the Litvinenko affair is strong evidence in support of the theory that the Western powers determined years ago that they must demonize Vladimir Putin in people's eyes.


Investigation into Kincora boys home scandal could expose systematic rape of children by members of British 'elite'


Kincora Boys Home in Belfast, site of ritual abuse of children by senior British politicians
The child sex scandal now rocking Parliament and the political establishment in England has an all-too-familiar ring to it back home here.

Because, once again, it has brought back the ghost of the Kincora scandal to haunt Northern Ireland.

And so it should...

I lost files on child sex abusers in early 2001.

It happened during a house move and boxes that had lain in a shed unpacked for five years since the last house move were consigned unopened to the rubbish tip.

It was a rash act I deeply regretted some months later when I wanted to find documents long since buried in some landfill site... documents relating to two notorious paedophiles, Fr Brendan Smyth and William McGrath of Kincora and Orange Order infamy.

Of course the loss of my files did not interfere with the process of justice.

Comment: The reference to peace in the Middle East is apt; as we can see from the increasing mayhem in that region, the British criminal class would sooner embroil the whole world in war than risk losing power via public exposure of their vile practices.


Kincora scandal: Irish children trafficked from residential homes to London for abuse by senior members of British government

'Powerful people' behind sex ordeal of former Belfast boys home resident

A victim of child sex abuse at the Kincora boys home has revealed how he was also molested by "very powerful people" at a luxury apartment block and notorious guest house linked to a VIP paedophile ring.

Richard Kerr - a former resident at the east Belfast boys home - claimed young boys like himself were trafficked to England and abused by a well-organised ring in London.

An interview to be broadcast tonight supports allegations originally revealed in the Belfast Telegraph - that boys were taken from residential homes in Northern Ireland to be abused in England.

Channel 4 News has taken Mr Kerr there to see places named in recent claims about VIP sex abuse, such as London's Elm guest house and Dolphin Square, an apartment block close to Westminster and the headquarters of the intelligence agencies.

Comment: See also:

Spies, Lords and Predators: Australian 60 minutes program exposes British political child rapists

Bad Guys

Greece blackmailed into accepting a bailout deal that was 'not of our choice' - Tsipiras

© Ronen Zvulun / Reuters
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras
The deal with creditors was "not of our choice," Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said, adding that Greece faced the dilemma between a difficult compromise and disorderly default.

Speaking to the Syriza committee in Athens Thursday, Tsipras tried to defend Greece's €86 billion bailout deal with the international creditors, saying that Grexit was not a choice. It would have forced Athens into devaluation and going back to the IMF for support, he added.

"If someone believes another government could have brought back a better deal they should say so," Kathimerini newspaper quoted Tsipras as saying.

Comment: The situation is complex and is continuing to unfold. However, one thing is very clear - Greece did expose the Troika as the petty, psychopathic tyrants that they are. The following video shines light on what could have been happening behind the scenes, as a small number of Greek officials scrambled to make a real break from this tyranny:


"Bomb Iran" plan simply won't go away

© Gary Cameron/Reuters
Even before the upcoming August recess on Capitol Hill, the dogs of war, unleashed by remote control from Tel Aviv, predictably are trying to tear the Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal to shreds from all sides.

It does not matter that the National Iranian American Council - which happens to be widely respected in Washington itself - has forcefully come out in defense of the deal.

It does not matter that the Obama administration can count on the combined efforts of the so-called E3 ambassadors (Britain, France and Germany) in Washington, who are exhausting themselves to explain the obvious: This is an international treaty, already approved by the United Nations, and not a parochial squabble decided in Idaho.

On the other hand, it does matter that the Obama administration has not been forceful enough to defend its strategy as well as the result of such a long and treacherous negotiation.

So there are now two narratives shaping the battle ahead in Washington.

1) Iran is a rogue nation, an existential threat to Israel, and it cannot be trusted. It will breach the deal, so the deal must be rejected to the benefit of... perpetual sanctions, or war.

2) Iran is a rogue nation, it cannot be trusted, but we have all the verification mechanisms in place and as soon as Iran "cheats" - as it will - we launch immediate "snap back" sanctions.

No wonder, under these circumstances, Washington simply cannot be trusted by Tehran.


Russia news round-up: U.S. Stinger missiles found in Donbass, MH17 narrative goes wrong

Donbass military find U.S. Stinger missiles in Ukrainian airport.
EID AL-FITR. Interesting video that shows Russia is also a rather Muslim country. The Chief Mufti supports Putin, by the way. (For those of you who think it's some evil scheme cooked up by Orthodoxy).

MH17. Watch this BBC interview. Shootdown by Buk "most credible scenario" but also looking at Buk fired "from another region, another place" and scenario of "an air-to-air missile." Can only mean 2) Buk fired from the Kiev side or 3) Kiev aircraft shot it down. Somebody's lost control of the narrative. We are told by a Ukrainian official that the report will be published 10 August but not made public. (If scenarios 2 and 3 are really being considered, why is Ukraine even part of the investigation?) Retired US int professionals again call on Washington to release what it has. Simply put, here's all you need to know: the absence of evidence is the evidence.

Bad Guys

Russian state-owned building in Paris seized by French authorities

© AFP 2015 / Natalia Kolesnikova
A French bailiff accompanied by a police convoy on Thursday seized a building belonging to a Russian real estate agency, despite a diplomatic protest, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the scene.

The building is the property of Goszagransobstvennost, a Russian agency that manages residential and non-residential Russian state-owned real estate property abroad. It was seized in order to compel Russia to repay billions of dollars in compensation to shareholders of the now-defunct oil firm Yukos.

The international news agency Rossiya Segodnya, which leases the building under an open-end contract, said it was not directly involved in the seizure since it had no real estate in Paris.

Comment: So a court, which has no jurisdiction over this matter, demands Russia pay $50 billion to the vultures shareholders of a company that was looting the country. This, after Western/Israeli forces downed MH17 and blamed it on Russia, invaded Ukraine and blamed it on Russia, and are arming terrorists who are attacking Russia. Now France goes and seizes Russian property.

No wonder a Russian official has to remind the West that a Third World War would be the last war humanity would fight.

Also see: Politically motivated: Netherlands Court order Russia pay criminals 50 billion


NATO threatens war, but 'Third World War would be last for humanity' - Duma speaker

© Evgenya Novozhenina / RIA Novosti
State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin
When Russia's enemies impose the Cold War logic on international diplomacy and threaten with the Third World War it is important to remember that such conflict would be the last in human history, State Duma Chairman Sergey Naryshkin says.Russia builds its defenses to prevent wars

"World War III would be the last for the humanity. And strengthening of Russia's defense potential, including the budgetary decisions passed by the State Duma is done only for one purpose, which is to prevent the war," Naryshkin stated in a major interview with Izvestia daily, published on Thursday in connection with the anniversary of Russia's joining WWI on Serbia's side.

At the same time, the Duma chief promised that Russia would always defend the interests of its allies and "close people," but not by military means. "We will do this through pressing for strict observation of the international law by others, not by violating it. We want peoples to decide their own destiny on their own land," he said.

Comment: The US and Israel have been at war with the world for quite some time now, and as it ramps up Naryshkin just might be proven right.

Mr. Potato

Ukrainian political analyst blows gasket after French MPs visit Crimea

Oleg Soskin - not a very serious person.
Kiev political analyst suggests firing on the French Embassy with mortars and grenade launchers.

That's the suggestion of Ukrainian political analyst Oleg Soskin after the visit of French parliamentarians to the Crimea.

"Today, in Ukraine, there are thousands of Frenchmen. If they all want to make trouble for themselves, please let them try again to come to Crimea. If it interests them so much, our guys could set mortars or grenade launchers at the French Embassy. People could lose patience and seize that embassy, as they may have a hard time tolerating the insolence they just committed, daring such a thing.

Comment: Oooh, so scary! How dare 10 or 11 French politicians visit Crimea! It's so rude to want to verify things for oneself, especially when doing so will expose people like the Ukrainian government as inveterate liars.

Comment: Truth tends to make liars a tad hysterical: 80% of French citizens want a good relationship with Russia

Cow Skull

By way of deflection: Bashing Russia veto against establishing kangaroo MH17 tribunal

© Unknown
Russian Envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin calling Bullshit on tribunal.
Neither Russia nor Donbass freedom fighters had anything to do with downing MH17. Not a shred evidence suggests it.

Plenty points to Washington and Ukraine culpability. They had clear means, motive and opportunity - the key determinants for initiating a criminal proceeding. They and partnered nations want Moscow and rebels blamed for their crime.

The Obama administration conspired with Malaysia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine for unprecedented Security Council authorization for a tribunal to absolve culpable parties responsible for the incident and declare innocent ones guilty by accusation - a kangaroo process to be US manipulated and controlled to assure the outcome Washington wants.

Russia acted responsibly - vetoing what never should have been proposed in the first place - a thinly veiled scheme to avoid justice.

Eleven nations voted "yes" (America, Britain, France, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria and Spain). Three abstained (China, Venezuela and Angola).

Russia's veto defeated the draft resolution. Envoy Vitaly Churkin criticized its backers for submitting a measure with no chance for passage - rejecting compromise language Moscow proposed.

Comment: Russia has, by now, been subject to the trial, jury and executioner-style of obfuscation, deflection and deception at the hands of the Western Puppetmasters more times than one count. And quite usually for things that the West itself is responsible for. Of course it also doesn't help that the Empire of Chaos has a number of hapless, controlled and corrupt governments on its side to round out the chorus of Russian demonization.

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