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Murderers for Yahweh: 16,000 more Israel army reservists head for the killing fields of Gaza

An Israeli missile milliseconds before it destroys a residential building in Gaza, killing its occupants.
Israel has said it is calling up another 16,000 reserves following a security cabinet meeting that decided to keep up military operations in Gaza, ignoring international pressure for an immediate ceasefire.

The move will allow the Israeli military to substantially widen its 23-day campaign against Hamas, which has already claimed more than 1,360 Palestinian lives - most of them civilians - and reduced entire Gaza neighbourhoods to rubble. Fifty-six Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians have died during the campaign.

Israel has now called up a total of 86,000 reserves during the Gaza conflict. At least 19 air strikes were carried out overnight, officials said.

Against a background of heavy fighting in Gaza and the shelling of a UN-run school, the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, convened his senior colleagues in a security cabinet on Wednesday to discuss the crisis amid warnings that Hamas's demands for lifting the siege of the Palestinian coastal enclave were a "non-starter" and stalling ceasefire efforts in Cairo.
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Israel, forever playing the victim and acting as executioner

© Reuters / Finbarr O'Reilly
Palestinians gather near the minaret of a mosque that police said was destroyed by an Israeli Air strike in Gaza City July 30, 2014.
A global outpouring of sympathy for the Palestinian cause has again arisen since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge in Gaza earlier this month. And the only people who seem unmoved by scenes of indiscriminate bloodletting are Israelis themselves.

As the operation enters its fourth week, the death toll has reached almost 1,400, while over 7,000 have been injured. Cases of entire families being killed in airstrikes have become routine. Images depicting mangled and dismembered men, women and children showcase the appalling violence that the people of Gaza are forced to endure.

Gaza's only power plant, which supplies the territory with two-thirds of its energy needs, has recently been destroyed, which further impedes the work of overcrowded and under supplied medical facilities tasked with treating the thousands of injured civilians who have fallen victim to Israel's strikes from air, land and sea.

Hospitals, schools, refugee camps, and mosques have been targeted by Israel, whose leadership has defied international calls for an unconditional ceasefire. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signaled that the operation will continue in the long-term, appeasing hawkish ministers and media figures that have called for an expanded assault on Gaza.

Israel claims the ongoing operation is necessary to impede the military capabilities of Hamas, which it accuses of launching unprovoked rocket fire into Israel's territory. Another precursor was the kidnapping and murder of three teenage Jewish settlers who were hitchhiking in the West Bank, whose bodies were discovered in late June.
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Psychopath Bibi demands 'strict regulation' of antiwar protests in Europe citing holocaust

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A new Holocaust is imminent, if one is to believe Israeli MPs, who spent the afternoon berating European officials about the growing antiwar protests across their countries, centered on criticizing the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Officials blamed "one-sided" media reports on the large number of dead civilians in Israel's attack, and demanded the European Union impose "strict regulations on the format and content" of antiwar demonstrations going forward.

Comment: Are you interested to know more about how Israel was created in 1948 using similar rhetoric of "Oppressed", "God's Chosen people", "Antisemitism" ?. Check it out Controversy of Zion by Britain's foremost World War II correspondent Douglas Reed.

The Controversy of Zion - One of the most controversial books ever written

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UK battle group will take part in NATO military exercise in Poland

© Reuters/Stegan Wermouth
A UK battle group will take part in a major military training exercise with other NATO forces to "reassure" allies in Eastern Europe during a period of heightened regional tensions, the Foreign Office has announced.

In the biggest commitment to the region since 2008, the UK's full battle group will comprise of 1,350 personnel and more than 350 armored and other vehicles.

Speaking during a visit to Warsaw with UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said Exercise Black Eagle was one of a series of planned NATO maneuvers due to take place throughout the autumn in support of its allies in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.
It is right that #NATO members & partners demonstrate commitment to the collective security of our allies in Eastern Europe- Michael Fallon
- UK Delegation, NATO (@UKNATO) July 29, 2014
"We have a strong opportunity at the NATO summit to discuss how we will continue our response to Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea and its destabilization of eastern Ukraine," Fallon said. "The UK is playing a central role and we are not ruling out further enhancements."

Comment: See also:

Russia will respond to NATO aggression: Key Putin quotes from defense policy address
Chossudovsky: NATO trains terrorists who destabilize situation in Ukraine

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​EU migrants in Britain will be stripped of benefits after 3 months

© Reuters/Luke MacGregor
Romanian migrants, Hendon, north London.
EU migrants in Britain will be stripped of benefits after three months as part of a broader policy shift to tighten the UK's stance on immigration, Prime Minister David Cameron said.

The new measures are designed to relay the message to immigrants that they cannot expect "something for nothing", Cameron announced Tuesday. The Prime Minister also hopes they will address what he describes as a "magnetic pull of Britain's benefit system".

The planned policy shift has been announced as the Prime Minister attempts to deflate heated criticism from right-wing Tory factions about the coalition's probable failure of reaching previously outlined targets on reducing immigration levels.

Labour have dubbed the proposed measures a convenient diversionary tactic cultivated to detract attention from the government's effective failure on immigration.

These legislative changes, which apply to child tax credit, child benefit and job seeker's allowance will be implemented in November and are compatible with EU law, according to the government.

Comment: So, the UK government needs to cut benefits (human rights) for migrants so they can continue to fund Israel's slaughter of the Palestinians. Jolly good job, psychopath!

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All of the countries which the U.S. "regime changed" - Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya - have descended into brutal chaos

Quantifying the Effects of Regime Change

Since 2001, the U.S. has undertaken regime change in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

All 3 countries are now in chaos ... and extremists are more in control than ever.


In Iraq, hardcore Islamic jihadis known as ISIS have taken over much of the country - shown in red as the new "Islamic State" or self-described caliphate - using captured American weapons:

Christians are being rounded up and killed, and Christian leaders in Iraq say the end of Christianity in Iraq is "very near". But as we documented in 2012, Saddam Hussein - for all his faults - was a secular leader who tolerated Christians.

Comment: Invading other countries for their own selfish interests has nothing to do with protecting their 'home country' and its citizens. In fact, planned false flag terror attacks in their own country that cause the death of many innocent citizens, including women and children, is seen by them, the PTB, as merely a means of getting what they want. Whether it is to frighten people of 'terrorists' and brainwash them into thinking that their government is there to protect them, or to justify an invasion. Psychopaths, after all, lack conscience, and they wouldn't shed a single tear for causing the death or destruction of anything or anyone that will bring them closer to the creation of the reality they want. For more information, see Joe Quinn's and Niall Bradley's book: Manufactured Terror: The Boston Marathon Bombings, Sandy Hook, Aurora Shooting and Other False Flag Terror Attacks

Also see these articles by SOTT editor Joe Quinn for more information on the situation in Iraq and Ukraine:
- Psycho 'Reality Creators' open 'gates of hell' in Iraq with proxy Jihadis
- A deal between devils: The neo-Nazi element and the U.S.'s proxy war in Ukraine


Paying ransoms, Europe is bankrolling Qaeda terror

3 hostages
© billwarnermyblog.wordpress.com
Cash for hostages, the lucrative business of terror.
The cash filled three suitcases: 5 million euros.

The German official charged with delivering this cargo arrived here aboard a nearly empty military plane and was whisked away to a secret meeting with the president of Mali, who had offered Europe a face-saving solution to a vexing problem.

Officially, Germany had budgeted the money as humanitarian aid for the poor, landlocked nation of Mali. In truth, all sides understood that the cash was bound for an obscure group of Islamic extremists who were holding 32 European hostages, according to six senior diplomats directly involved in the exchange.

hostage memoirs
© www.nytimes.com
Mementos from captivity: Items saved by Harald Ickler, a Swede living in Germany, from his 54 days as a hostage in 2003. He was on a four-week adventure vacation when he was kidnapped in the Algerian desert by jihadists who would soon become an official arm of Al Qaeda.
The suitcases were loaded onto pickup trucks and driven hundreds of miles north into the Sahara, where the bearded fighters, who would soon become an official arm of Al Qaeda, counted the money on a blanket thrown on the sand. The 2003 episode was a learning experience for both sides. Eleven years later, the handoff in Bamako has become a well-rehearsed ritual, one of dozens of such transactions repeated all over the world.

Kidnapping Europeans for ransom has become a global business for Al Qaeda, bankrolling its operations across the globe.

While European governments deny paying ransoms, an investigation by The New York Times found that Al Qaeda and its direct affiliates have taken in at least $125 million in revenue from kidnappings since 2008, of which $66 million was paid just last year.

In news releases and statements, the United States Treasury Department has cited ransom amounts that, taken together, put the total at around $165 million over the same period.

These payments were made almost exclusively by European governments, who funneled the money through a network of proxies, sometimes masking it as development aid, according to interviews conducted for this article with former hostages, negotiators, diplomats and government officials in 10 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The inner workings of the kidnapping business were also revealed in thousands of pages of internal Qaeda documents found by this reporter while on assignment for The Associated Press in northern Mali last year.

In its early years, Al Qaeda received most of its money from deep-pocketed donors, but counterterrorism officials now believe the group finances the bulk of its recruitment, training and arms purchases from ransoms paid to free Europeans.

Put more bluntly, Europe has become an inadvertent underwriter of Al Qaeda.

Former Al-Qaeda commander: ISIS and Al-Qaeda are completely controlled by CIA and other Western intelligence agencies

More evidence has been entered into the files of public record that terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the al-Nusra Front are completely controlled by the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies.

In fact, according to Nabil Na'eem, founding member of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and a former commander of al-Qaeda, all current al-Qaeda affiliates are nothing more than offshoots of an overarching CIA terror operation. He also claimed that these groups will eventually be turned against Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia has acted as a bankroller and facilitator for them for years on end.

Na'eem made his statements during the course of an interview with al-Maydeen , a Beirut-based news agency that serves a number of countries in the Middle East. The interview was translated by Arabi Souri of Syria News.

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NATO, MH17, Mossad and Kolomoisky: Beware the 'Chameleon'

© Reuters/Bogdan Cristel
A view of U.S. Navy cruiser Vella Gulf in the Black Sea port of Constanta June 5, 2014.
The 10-day NATO exercise code named "BREEZE 2014" has ended in Black Sea. The exercise, which included the use of electronic warfare and electronic intelligence aircraft such as the Boeing EA-18G Growler and the Boeing E3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), coincided with the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine, some 40 miles from the Russian border. NATO ships and aircraft had the Donetsk and Luhansk regions under total radar and electronic surveillance.

MH-17 was shot down over a region where Russian-speaking separatist forces have been battling against the alliance of the Ukrainian armed forces and a private mercenary force answerable to a Ukrainian-Jewish billionaire oligarch.

The U.S. Army has revealed that the 10-day exercise involved "commercial traffic monitoring". Because of the sophistication of the electronic warfare and intelligence used during SEA BREEZE, it can be assumed that commercial traffic monitoring included monitoring the track of MH-17.

Past NATO-Ukraine exercises in Crimea were called "SEA BREEZE". This year's annual SEA BREEZE exercise with Ukraine, approved by the rump Ukrainian Parliament, is clouded in mystery with the Pentagon saying it was only "in the planning stage and we can't announce dates yet". However, 200 U.S. Army personnel normally assigned to bases in Germany were in Ukraine during the time of the MH-17 fly-over. They were participating in NATO exercise RAPID TRIDENT II. Ukraine's Ministry of Defense led the exercise.

BREEZE included the AEGIS-class guided missile cruiser USS Vela Gulf. AEGIS cruisers' AN/SPY 1 radar has the ability to track all aircraft over a large region. For example, the AEGIS test center in Moorestown, New Jersey, was able to see the Boeing 747 TWA Flight 800 when it disappeared from radar screens in 1996 near East Moriches Bay, Long Island. According to Lockheed Martin personnel who operated the AEGIS test center in New Jersey, the Navy ordered the SPY 1 radar turned off for "maintenance" shortly before the downing of TWA 800.

Comment: See also Niall Bradley's article linking Israel to the downing of MH17: Kolomoisky may be the link between Mossad's dirty work and the collusion of certain Ukrainian elements in the false flag designed to blame Russia and/or the Novorussiya rebels.

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President of Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state over Gaza attack

© AFP Photo
Bolivia on Wednesday renounced a visa exemption agreement with Israel in protest over its offensive in Gaza, and declared it a terrorist state. President Evo Morales announced the move during a talk with a group of educators in the city of Cochabamba.

It "means, in other words, we are declaring (Israel) a terrorist state," he said. The treaty has allowed Israelis to travel freely to Bolivia without a visa since 1972.

Morales said the Gaza offensive shows "that Israel is not a guarantor of the principles of respect for life and the elementary precepts of rights that govern the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of our international community."