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Here's what big oil has in the pipeline if Keystone fails

Keystone XL
© AP Photo/Tyler Morning Telegraph, Sarah A. Miller
In a Dec. 5, 2012, photo, foreman Javier Garcia works with his crew as they lower a section of pipe along the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline section two near Winona, Texas.
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originally appeared on The Huffington Post and was produced in collaboration with Climate Desk.

TransCanada Corp., the company seeking to build the Keystone XL pipeline, has teamed up with the world's largest public relations firm to promote a proposed alternative pipeline that's entirely in Canada.

Greenpeace Canada obtained documents that the US public relations firm Edelman drafted for TransCanada that outline a campaign to promote Energy East, the company's proposed 2,858-mile pipeline that would transport crude oil from the Alberta tar sands to the east coast of Canada. The company filed an application to build the Energy East pipeline last month - a project that has been described as an "oil route around Obama" amid political wrangling over Keystone XL in the United States.

Greenpeace says the documents show a company increasingly concerned about the fate of Keystone XL, which would connect the tar sands with Gulf Coast refineries. TransCanada's Energy East also faces increasing opposition, as does a proposed pipeline to the west, Enbridge's Northern Gateway. Enbridge got approval from the Canadian government to build Northern Gateway, but work has been delayed, in large part because of opposition from First Nation communities along the pipeline route.

"TransCanada has been saying, 'If you don't let us build Keystone, we will build to the east,'" said Keith Stewart, the climate and energy campaign coordinator for Greenpeace Canada. "These documents show that they're clearly worried about the Energy East pipeline as well. It's going to face just as rough a ride as Keystone or Northern Gateway."

The Energy East documents outline plans to create a "grassroots" advocacy campaign on behalf of TransCanada, recruit outside voices backing the company, and investigate environmental groups seen as threats to the project.

Stewart said the documents show Edelman and TransCanada "systematically organizing what we'd call a dirty tricks campaign" typical in the US, but not in Canada. "We're nice, we don't do things like that," Stewart said.
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Putin: U.S. wants to subdue Russia, but will never succeed

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin
The US has no plans to humiliate Russia, but instead wants to subdue it, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, adding that no one had ever succeeded in doing so - and never will.

Speaking at a forum of the All-Russia Peoples' Front in Moscow on Tuesday, the Russian leader said that history was not about to change, and that no one would manage to suppress the country.

"Throughout history no one has ever managed to do so toward Russia - and no one ever will," Putin said.

Responding to a question about whether America was trying to humiliate Russia, Putin disagreed, saying that the US wanted "to solve their problems at our expense."

He said that people in Russia really like the Americans, but it's the US politics that are not accepted so well. "I think America and its people are more liked than disliked by people here [in Russia]. It's the politics of the ruling class [in the US] that is likely negatively viewed by the majority of our citizens," he said.

The Russian leader said the US had managed to subordinate its allies to its influence - with such countries "trying to protect foreign national interests on obscure conditions and perspectives."

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'Westminster pedophile ring may have murdered my 8yo son' - ex-magistrate

Home of some of the finest scum on Earth
The father of an eight-year-old boy who died in the 1980s has alleged that his son may have been abducted and murdered by members of a Westminster pedophile ring. He claims Scotland Yard were complicit in "covering up" the crime.

Vishambar Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, said he recorded a male prostitute saying in a telephone call that Mehrotra's son Vishal may have been abducted in the notorious Elm Guest House in southwest London in 1981.

Mehrotra also said despite playing the recording for police officers, they refused to investigate allegations that high-profile judges and politicians were involved in the kidnapping of his son.
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Father claims Scotland Yard covered up son's murder by Westminster paedophiles

Vishal (left) and his father Vishambar Mehrotra
The father of murdered eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra says police ignored a tip-off that the boy may have been abducted by a VIP paedophile ring

SOTT EXCLUSIVE: The U.S. bombing of Kobani in Syria (picture report)

© Sputnik
Kurdish militia forces have been protecting the city of Kobani for two months. (No thanks to the U.S. and Turkey.)
Do read Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya's article from a week or so ago: The War in Rojava: How U.S. and Turkey seek to gain control over Syria. In it, he writes:
Instead of preventing the fall of Kobani and supporting the local defenders which were doing the heavy fighting on the ground against the ISIL and containing its pseudo-caliphate, Washington did not move. The US position on Kobani is an important indicator that the US war initiated against the ISIL has been mere bravado and a fictitious public relations stunt aimed at hiding the real objective of getting a strategic foothold inside Syrian territory. ...

Although Turkey passed legislature to invade Syria on October 2, Ankara remained cautious. In reality, Turkey was doing everything in its power to ensure that Kobani would fall into the control of the ISIL and that Kobani's local defenders would be defeated.

In the context of Kobani, numerous reports were made revealing that large weapon shipments were delivered to the heavily armed battalions of the ISIL by Turkey for the offensive on Kobani. One journalist, Serena Shim, would pay with her life for trying to document this. ...

The Pentagon's two different approaches, one for Iraq and one for Syria, say a lot about what Washington is doing in the Syrian Arab Republic. Washington is still going after Syria and in the process it and Turkey wants to either co-opt the Syrian Kurds or to neutralize them. This is why the battle for Kobani was launched with Turkish involvement and why there was inaction by the US government.
Now, after failing to help the Kurds defeat ISIS when it really mattered, the U.S. has decided to just bomb the hell out of the city. The U.S. Air Force reportedly conducted 31 airstrikes in Syria and Iraq between November 14-17, 9 of which were near Kobani.

Putin: Mutual respect and non-interference is best way for relations with U.S. to improve

© RIA Novoati/Michael Klimentyev
President Vladimir Putin, center, speaks during the ceremony of presenting credentials from new foreign ambassadors in the Grand Kremlin Palace's Alexander Hall
Vladimir Putin has accepted the credentials of new US Ambassador John Tefft, and said that he hopes for a thawing in ties with Washington, based on mutual respect - and both sides keeping out of each other's backyards.

"We are ready for practical cooperation with our American partners concerning a wide range of issues under the principles of mutually understanding each other, without interfering in each other's internal affairs," Putin said at a ceremony at the Kremlin, where he accepted the credentials of 15 new ambassadors to the country, including US Ambassador John Tefft.

Putin said that Russia and the US share responsibility for ensuring safety and stability around the globe, and reiterated that Moscow was willing to work with the US following strained relations between the two countries.

Underlining the importance of the two countries' roles around the world, Putin said, "Russia and the US have a particular responsibility to support safety and stability in the world and to counter global challenges and threats," according to a transcript of his remarks reported by RIA Novosti.
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Amnesty slams UAE as 'deeply repressive state beneath facade of glamour'

Built on slave labor - the corrupt UAE
The United Arab Emirates has been accused of an "unprecedented clampdown on dissent," as more than 100 activists have been jailed since 2011 for calling for political transformation, Amnesty International said in a newly released report.

In an 80-page report titled 'There is no freedom here': Silencing dissent in the UAE, the NGO blames the ruling theocracy for distracting the eye of foreigners with the glamorous appearance of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, while at the same time conducting harsh violations of human rights.

The probe, published ahead of the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, exposes the gap between the public image the UAE tries to present and the harsh reality on the ground.

"Millions of spectators from across the world are expected to tune in to watch the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix this weekend - yet most of them will have little clue about the ugly reality of life for activists in the UAE," said Amnesty International's deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa Program, Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui.

The "darker reality" in the UAE is characterized by torture and widespread abuse by authorities - something that has gone largely unnoticed since the start of the series of Arab Spring uprisings in 2011.

Ukraine's coal reserves 'unprecedented' low, not enough for another month - Deputy Energy Minister

Ukraine is running short on coal reserves as a direct result of a US State Dept. coup in the country earlier this year.
Two out of ten coal-fired power plants in Ukraine only have enough stock for a few days, as the key coal mines supplying the plants are located in Donbass where Kiev and self-defense forces are fighting, says Ukraine's Deputy Energy Minister Yury Zyukov.

In 2012 and 2013 Ukraine extracted about 85 million tons of coal, of which 40 billion tons were used for domestically, Zyukov told Glavkom magazine, adding that previously Ukraine even exported coal.

"Situations as this one have never happened in the history of an independent Ukraine, we have never had such precedents."

Comment: And again we see feckless and self-destructive policies being implemented by the Kiev junta because Ukraine is now, as a result of the US-led coup in March, entirely beholden to US and EU foreign policy which is aimed at destroying Russia and cares nothing for the well-being of the Ukrainian people.


Libyan 'rebels' now ISIS (they always were)

isis libya

Same convoy, different flag. Even in 2011, it was painfully obvious the so-called "rebels" fighting with NATO assistance in Libya were in fact members of long-standing Al Qaeda franchises including the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). Their strongholds in eastern Libya served as the "revolution's" cradle, meaning the "revolution" was merely cover for a NATO-assisted Al Qaeda uprising. In other words, NATO handed Libya over to Al Qaeda, and is attempting to do likewise with Syria.

Comment: As usual, Tony Cartalucci nails it. As he's written before, ISIS is the U.S.'s dream proxy army. They simply arm a group of terrorists in one country, call them 'pro-democracy protesters' or 'moderate rebels', then send them into another country. In the case of ISIS, they put on a show, claiming to be fighting them (even though they're essentially identical to the 'moderate rebels' they're openly supporting there), but their efforts are so ineffective and blatantly opposite to their stated goals that they enter the realm of farce.

The United States has attempted to claim that the only way to stop the so-called "Islamic State" in Syria and Iraq is to first remove the government in Syria. Complicating this plan are developments in Libya, benefactor of NATO's last successful regime change campaign. In 2011, NATO armed, funded, and backed with a sweeping air campaign militants in Libya centered around the eastern Libyan cities of Tobruk, Derna, and Benghazi. By October 2011, NATO successfully destroyed the Libyan government, effectively handing the nation over to these militants.

What ensued was a campaign of barbarism, genocide, and sectarian extremism as brutal in reality as what NATO claimed in fiction was perpetrated by the Libyan government ahead of its intervention. The so-called "rebels" NATO had backed were revealed to be terrorists led by Al Qaeda factions including the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

The so-called "pro-democracy protesters" Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi was poised to attack in what NATO claimed was pending "genocide" were in fact heavily armed terrorists that have festered for decades in eastern Libya.

Almost immediately after NATO successfully destroyed Libya's government, its terrorist proxies were mobilized to take part in NATO's next campaign against Syria. Libyan terrorists were sent first to NATO-member Turkey were they were staged, armed, trained, and equipped, before crossing the Turkish-Syrian border to take part in the fighting.

Did we vote for war?

Pulitzer (right) and Hearst (left) go to war over the Spanish American War
"How do you like the Journal's war?"

So boasted the headline of William Randolph Hearst's New York flagship that week in 1898 that the United States declared war on Spain.

While Hearst's Journal, in a circulation battle with Joe Pulitzer's World, was a warmongering sheet, it did not start the war.

Yet the headline comes to mind reading the Wall Street Journal, whose editorial pages seem to have concluded that on Nov. 4 America voted for new wars in the Middle East, and beyond.

On Nov. 13, the Journal's op-ed page was given over to Mark Dubowitz and Reuel Marc Gerecht of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Assuming nuclear talks with Iran conclude unsuccessfully by the Nov. 24 deadline, they write, we have four options.

Two involve continued or tougher sanctions. The other two are a preemptive war featuring U.S. air and missile strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities, or a U.S. attack to bring down Bashar Assad's regime.
"Taking Mr. Assad down would let Tehran know that America's withdrawal from the Middle East and President Obama's dreams of an entente with Iran are over."
It would surely do that.

Comment: Of course! Without wars to feed the bankers, everything would collapse.