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Tue, 09 Feb 2016
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Nuclear sanctions on Iran didn't work, neither will ballistic missile sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at Bushehr nuclear power (Jan 2015)
Some (not so) smart people believe that the implementation of the Iranian nuclear deal shows that "sanctions worked":
Doug Saunders @DougSaunders
The Iran paradox: this week proved that sanctions worked. So it was the worst week for US Congress to impose new sanctions
10:42 AM - 17 Jan 2016
This is completely wrong. Sanctions did not work in the case of the nuclear issue with Iran. Sanctions will also not work one Iran's ballistic missile program.

Other authors have already expanded on this in length but it needs repeating.

For Iran the development of a civil nuclear program for electricity and other needs was and is seen as a precondition to become a fully developed modern state. The U.S. and Israel wanted to prevent that. Israel sees Iran as a competing power in the Middle East and the U.S. sees Iran as too independent and too powerful to be left alone. Both want to restrict Iran's development unless Iran agrees to again become the client state it once was.

Comment: The issue was never a nuclear-armed Iran. As MoA writes above, it was simply a matter of the U.S. and Israel fighting tooth and nail to make sure Iran never became a modern, developed state. Some within the American establishment may have seen that the sanctions were useless and ineffective, but don't mistake that for thinking that the U.S. will not try whatever else they can in holding Iran back from simply doing what it has every right to do.


US Islamophobia fueled by Zionist-controlled media

© presstv.ir
The Zionist-controlled media in the United States have exaggerated the terrorist attacks in the country and falsely blamed them on Muslims to fuel Islamophobia among Americans, an American scholar and radio host says. "Virtually all of the 600-plus so-called terror prosecutions since 9/11 have all been complete hoaxes," said Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

"The threats were fabricated by the FBI in virtually every single case and yet people don't know this because the American media is in the hands of Zionists who are committing a war crime and a crime against humanity by refusing to investigate the terror attacks attributed to Muslims, which are proven over and over to have been committed by paramilitary hired killers who are the enemies of Muslims, creating these incidents to whip up Islamophobia," Barrett told Press TV on Monday.

"There is no statistically significant terror threat from anyone in the United States, much less Muslims," he added. "The major events attributed to Muslims in the United States from 9/11 onward have all been false flag events; professional killers carried out attacks designed to be blamed on Muslims." These acts of violence falsely blamed on followers of the Islamic faith have increased attacks against American Muslims and have created anti-Muslim sentiment in the country, the scholar noted.

Islamophobia has recently spiked in the US following anti-Muslim comments by some Republican presidential candidates, especially Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Comment: "By far the strongest weapon is this power to control published information; to lay stress on what a faction wants and to exclude for it all that the faction dislikes...this is in fact control of the mob. In today's language it is the technique of propaganda and the approach to the masses. It is a perfected method of thought-control of which the subject-mass is unconscious. The ADL* and the ADC** set out to make the American people aware of antisemitism...first as a disease that Americans are infected with. By 1945 it was carrying out a high powered education program geared to reach every man woman and child through the press, radio, advertising, children's comic books and school books, lectures, press, radio, advertising, lectures, films, churches and trade unions. This program include 219 broadcasts a day, full-page advertisements in 397 newspapers, posters in 130 cities and persuasions, subtly incorporated in the printed matter, on blotters, matchbox covers and envelopes. The entire national press (1900 dailies with a 43,000,000 circulation and the provincial, foreign-language and labor newspapers, were kept supplied with its material in the form of news, background material, cartoons and comic strips. In addition, in 1945 the ADL distributed more than 330,000 copies of important books carrying the message to libraries and other institutions, furnished authors with material and "complete ideas" and circulated 9M pamphlets all to be a particularly effective way of reaching the minds of young people, soldiers, sailors and airmen and circulated millions of copies of propaganda in this form. Its organization consisted of the national headquarters, public relations committees in 150 cities, eleven regional offices and 2000 key men in 1000 cities. The name of the body which supplied this mass of suggestive material never reached the public. By all these means, a generation has been reared in America and England which has been deprived of authentic information about and independent comment on the nature of Zionism [...] and the relationship of all this to the ultimate world government project." -Douglas Reed, The Controversy of Zion, excerpts, p. 343-345. *Anti Defamation League, **American Jewish Committee

If you don't control the news, how else do you pull off a world revolution? Perhaps we are seeing a parallel taking place with Islamophobia. As you can see, they are VERY good at it.

Stock Down

Oil loans set to implode, big banks hunker down

Big banks are cringing as crude oil is crumbling.

Firms on Wall Street helped bankroll America's energy boom, financing very expensive drilling projects that ended up flooding the world with oil.

Now that the oil glut has caused prices to crash below $30 a barrel, turmoil is rippling through the energy industry and souring many of those loans. Dozens of oil companies have gone bankrupt and the ones that haven't are feeling enough financial stress to slash spending and cut tens of thousands of jobs.

Three of America's biggest banks warned last week that oil prices will continue to create headaches on Wall Street -- especially if doomsday scenarios of $20 or even $10 oil play out.

Comment: Brave words from JPM and its cronies. They can afford to be optimistic knowing taxpayers will underwrite their losses through different overt and covert mechanisms.

Eye 1

Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated by US govt: King Family civil trial verdict

From my 6-part series: Occupy This: US History exposes the 1%'s crimes then and now
"What then is, generally speaking, the truth of history? A fable agreed upon." - Napoleon Bonaparte [69]
Anyone who wants the most important history of the Vietnam war, and American history, must be briefed of this stunning and game-changing "current event":

Dr. Martin Luther King's family and his personal friend and attorney, William F. Pepper, won a civil trial that found US government agencies guilty in the wrongful death of Martin Luther King. The 1999 trial, King Family versus Jowers and Other Unknown Co-Conspirators, [70] is the only trial ever conducted on the assassination of Dr. King.

Comment: For ample footage from the time and interviews with the people involved, we recommend that you watch the 6-video-set of Evidence of Revision: The Assassination of America. Disc 6 deals in particular with the conspiracy behind Martin Luther King's murder, and the entire set goes behind the scenes of the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, the Vietnam war, MKULTRA and the Jonestown massacre. As Carl Herman states above, it is time to exercise our critical thinking skills by collecting the true FACTS regarding the US government's crimes. How can we make sure that "Never Again" and "Never in Our Names" becomes the reality when we are not even aware of what exactly our governments do and get away with?


EU media leaves Europe in the dark when it comes to Donbass - Finnish journalist

© Unknown
European media coverage of the conflict in Donbass is not objective enough, said Finnish journalist Janus Putkonen. According to him, foreign journalists need to "collect the truth" and bring it to the people.

The outcome of the conflict in the Donbass region affects the developments around the world, said Finnish journalist, Director of agencies News DONi and DONi Press Janus Putkonen on Friday at a press conference in Lugansk.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic, Vasily Nikitin, told RIA Novosti that to break through the information blockade in LPR they plan to hold a "round table" with participation of foreign journalists on the topic of information war, waged against republics.

Comment: EU media is on the warpath in Europe. See: Who is hunting Angela Merkel with 'rapefugee' hysteria? US network war against the German government

Bad Guys

Oil prices are putting the hurt on Saudi Arabia

© Unknown
The Saudi move to destabilize the oil market has led to huge losses for the Russian budget, but the Kingdom itself, as it turns out, has suffered from this more.

Until recently it seemed that the financial capacity of Saudi Arabia was almost limitless, the country capable of surviving for a long time, even with the low oil prices. But this impression was deceptive. The fall in oil prices led to huge holes in the budget of the Kingdom. So, last year, the budget deficit of the country was a frightening figure of 21.6% of GDP or more than $150 billion. To patch the budget, the authorities had used foreign exchange reserves, which by November 2015, lost more than $80 billion, some $70 billion were withdrawn from sovereign wealth funds. And while Riyadh continues to have various accounts and high-liquid assets by the hundreds of billions of dollars, according to experts, these stocks will melt in 5 years.


Any prerequisites? Russia prepares military arms sale to Saudi Arabia

According to sources of the magazine "Kommersant-Money", the Russian side is preparing a package proposal for the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. It includes deliveries of aviation equipment and ammunition, several types of air defense systems of various ranges totaling about $10 billion. The proposal will be ready for the next visit to Russia of Saudi king Salman.

The source of "Money" close to "Rosoboronexport", said that in 2016 Russia will concentrate on supplying arms to countries in the Asia-Pacific region (Indonesia, Malaysia) and the financially strong countries of Africa (Angola, Uganda). According to a senior source in the government, even in the case of failure in some negotiations, a drop in arms exports in 2016 below $14-15 billion is expected.

[O.R: This package will have unquestionably come with the prerequisite of the dropping of funding and support for their proxies in Syria]

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ.


Russia will return to PACE assembly only after powers restored in full

© Vladimir Fedorenko / Sputnik
A senior MP has said that Russia's delegation will not take part in the January session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), and that restoring relations with the body is only possible on an equal, non-discriminatory basis.

"We are now sending a letter to PACE President Anne Brasseur," RIA Novosti quoted Leonid Slutsky, deputy head of the Russian PACE delegation, as saying Monday. "The letter is signed by speakers of both chambers of the Russian parliament and reads that the request for powers of the Russian delegation in 2016 will be forwarded there later. We are going to miss the January session."

The lawmaker also added that the Russian delegation would resume its presence at PACE sessions only after it gets some guarantees that all of its powers would be restored. "As State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin has stated earlier, we are not going to tolerate any discrimination and we think that any sanctions against the Russian Federation are unacceptable," Slutsky said.


What choice do they have? UK Defense Secretary authorizes 'limited military-to-military engagement' with Russia

© AFP 2016/ Yoshikazu TSUNO
UK has confirmed there will be military communication between the Russian and the British military, according to Michael Fallon.

UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said Monday he had authorized limited military-to-military engagement with Russia to ensure the security of British airspace.

"<...> In the interests of air and maritime safety I have authorized MOD officials to undertake limited military-to-military engagement with the Russians to ensure that our own airspace is properly protected," Fallon said at a parliament hearing.


Japan wants to boost relations with Iran in line with UN lifting sanctions

© AFP 2016/ Yoshikazu TSUNO
Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that the Japanese government intends to support companies cooperating with Iran, including via the conclusion of the bilateral investment agreement.

Japan seeks to develop cooperation with Iran in line with the removal of economic sanctions introduced by the UN Security Council, the country's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Monday.
"Measures will be taken quickly on the basis of UN Security Council decisions, the relevant departments are working on the issue."