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Bill 2451: Poroshenko speaks in favor of internment camps for 'Anti-Ukranians'

Return to the good old days?
The article originally appeared at RT Deutsch. Translated for RI by Kristina Aleshnikova

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has spoken in parliament (Verkhovna Rada) in favor of Bill 2451 "On the Legal Regime of Martial Law." This paves the way for comprehensive curfews as well as the construction of internment camps for "citizens whose native country threatens or is already actively participating in aggression against Ukraine."

The Ukrainian head of state submitted the document regarding an update to the legal regulation of martial law to parliament on April 3.

The draft, faithful to the Western orientation of its responsible legislative body, stipulates, among other things, the establishment of internment camps for those "citizens" living in Ukraine whose country of origin threatens or is already actively participating in "aggression against Ukraine."

Comment: Bearing witness to Ukraine's rapid descent into barbaric Nazism is absolutely frightening. Another Holocaust is pending.


Russia prepares new humanitarian convoy for Donbas region

© Sputnik/ Sergey Pivovarov
The Russian emergencies ministry is preparing a new humanitarian aid convoy for the east Ukrainian Donbas region, the ministry said in a statement Monday.

"Russia's Emergencies Ministry has started forming the 24th humanitarian aid convoy for residents of Donbas. This morning, 23 vehicles left Noginsky rescue center of Russia's Emergencies Ministry for Kovalevka village in the Rostov region carrying humanitarian aid to the residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions," the statement said.

According to the ministry, more vehicles will join the convoy in the Rostov region before heading to Donbas.

Since August 2014, Russia has sent over 25,000 tons of humanitarian aid — mainly food products, medicine and construction materials — to the people in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, who have been suffering from a humanitarian crisis resulting from a military operation launched by Kiev authorities in Donbas in April, 2014.


Hackers target Belgian press group, days after French cyber attack

© www.itp.net
Unidentified hackers attacked the website of Le Soir, a French language Belgian newspaper, the director general of the daily said.

"Le Soir fell victim of a cyberattack," Didier Hamann said on his Twitter account Sunday.

According to Hamann, there is no immediate evidence that the incident is linked to the recent massive cyberattack against the French TV channel TV5Monde so far.

On Wednesday night, 11 channels, a website and social media accounts of TV5 Monde network were knocked out.

The hackers posted a statement on the TV5 Monde's Facebook page, saying that French President Francois Hollande had made a mistake in supporting the US-led international coalition carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq and Syria.

Both France and Belgium are members of the US-led operation. In February, Belgium pledged to send about 35 servicemen to Iraq to help train its army in the fight against the IS.


Shock! Sweden confirms mystery 'Russian sub'...was in fact a workboat

© Reuters / Marko Savala
ARCHIVE PHOTO: Swedish corvette HMS Visby patrols the Stockholm Archipelago October 19 2014, searching for what the military says is a foreign threat in the waters
The unknown foreign vessel the Swedish Navy searched for near Stockholm last autumn was actually a "workboat," a senior navy official says. Local media had alleged a hunt was on to try and find a Russian submarine, which was believed to be in the area.

Swedish Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad told the Swedish TT news agency on Saturday that what was thought to be a vessel or a foreign submarine was actually just a "workboat."

The Swedish Navy changed the wording from "probable submarine" to "non-submarine" when referring to the reconnaissance mission connected to the unidentified vessel spotted in the Stockholm archipelago.

The massive hunt was used by the Swedish Defense Ministry to justify a six billion kronor ($696 million) hike in defense spending between 2016 and 2020.

The drama started after an amateur photograph of an alleged underwater vessel of unidentified origin was sent to the ministry. The man who took the photo raised the alarm because he thought he saw the object surface and disappear again.

Sweden undertook an intense one-week search in late October, looking for possible "foreign underwater activity" near Stockholm. During the operation, the Swedish Navy reportedly used over 200 troops, helicopters, stealth ships and minesweepers to search the waters of the Baltic Sea.

Comment: See: "Russian" Sub in Sweden - Hysteria Deliberately Spread by Western Media - 'Cold War' Redux

Bad Guys

US, Britain, France and Jordan refuse to name ISIL as separate terror group

© file photo
ISIL Takfiri terrorist in Syria.
Russia says the United States, Britain, France, and Jordan have rejected Syria's proposal to add ISIL to the United Nations Security Council's sanctions list as a separate terrorist group.

"In the UN Security Council's Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee, the United States, Britain, France, and Jordan have blocked Syria's request supported by Russia to include the Islamic State (ISIL) terrorist group in the sanctions list as a separate group," read the statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday.

According to reports, ISIL Takfiri terrorist group is currently mentioned as al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) in the UN's sanctions list.

Comment: Clearly they aren't terrorists unless the US says they are therefore ISIL can carry on.


Cranking the war machine: U.S. to develop 6th-generation jet fighters to outrun Russia and China

© Flickr/ Mario Sainz Martínez
The US Air Force and Navy plan to pursue the development and acquisition of sixth-generation F/A-XX fighters; they consider the fleet of existing jets incapable of handling their Russian and Chinese fifth-generation counterparts, something which they feel constitutes a real threat to national security.

The Chinese Chengdu J-20 and the Russian Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA are becoming a real threat to the US Air Force and Navy, according to The National Interest, an international affairs magazine.

"When you see these next-generation fighters, the PAK-FA out of Russia and the J-20 out of China, and some of their new missile technology, our advantage is dwindling," the magazine quotes one senior industry official as saying, without disclosing his name.

Neither of the two jets currently in service with the US Air Force and Navy, the Lockheed Martin F-35C Joint Strike Fighter and the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, can adequately handle new threats like the Chinese Chengdu J-20 or the Russian Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA, the magazine cites "some industry insiders with deep knowledge of both jets" as saying.


Those who collaborate with the Empire

Traitors from developing countries unite!

It is much easier to rule over those people who have lost all their dignity.

There is no reason to fear resistance where cynical consumerism, lack of knowledge, and constant anxiety are shaping the behavioral patterns of a nation; of most of its citizens.

The West made an art form out of controlling the world. Its once rough and simple 'divide and rule' tactics have reached, with time, great virtuosity. What Richter, Rostropovich or Argerich did for the art of Western classical music, people like Brzezinski, Kissinger and Negroponte matched with their brilliance in the art of destruction and terror.

In today's world, everything is upside down. Brothers fear brothers, guerilla fighters are made to spy on each other, and heroes who are fighting for the survival of the planet are labeled by Western regime as demagogues, strongmen or even terrorists.

The Empire successfully mobilized the most regressive elements in each society that it controls. It upheld religions, archaic family compositions and feudalist power structures in order to make rebellion almost impossible.

Comment: Vltchek does a spot-on job of explaining a rather large part of the global psychopathic contagion in political, social, and economic terms. The Elites who facilitate the aims and processes of Empire are in for a rather nasty ride, however. Among many, their gaping maw of greed, oppression and destruction has become more obvious than ever. And when their dam truly breaks, it will be broken Irrevocably.

Snakes in Suits

Hillary Clinton: What to know about her recent controversies, scandals

© Reuters / Eduardo Munoz

Hillary Clinton, a former US secretary of state (and senator, and First Lady), will (has) reportedly announce her 2016 presidential run Sunday via social media. Expect these recent Clinton scandals to surface again (and again) for the duration of her candidacy.

State Department emails

The latest Clinton controversy stems from her use of a private email account and server -- which was found to be insecure for at least three months -- to conduct official business as US secretary of state. Clinton has said she used her private email account -- just as past secretaries of state have done -- as a matter of convenience.

Comment: Yup, this is the kind of person that will probably be chosen to lead the Democrats. Since she takes orders from the Council on Foreign Relations, she will be a shoo-in.


Russia SITREP: Rising rubles, Western 'values', and Nazi confusion

WESTERN VALUES™. We're sure learning the difference between reality and rhetoric, aren't we? Constitutional order: Yanukovich leaves town and loses his position, Yemen president leaves town, keeps his. "I'm not going to draw parallels here" says Harf as she proceeds to. Freedom of speech: pianist cancelled because of her tweets or, as they might say, "Charlie? Qui est-il?".

AN ESSENTIAL READ. I highly recommend Vladimir Golstein's essay "Politics, Bullshit, and Ukraine". Putin & Co are telling the truth or lying; but in either case they believe there is a factual reality to be addressed. The other side is simply bullshitting: reality is whatever they say it is (vide Harf above). BS engenders conspiracy theories: obviously last year's coup was not about improving the life of Ukrainians so it must be about something else (my entries here). But read the whole essay, it's very illuminating.

THE RUBLE. Remember when it was on its way to complete destruction? Well it's now the best performing currency of the year. The Russian economy is stabilising. Predicting is tough - what you want to see often gets in the way.


Oil and geopolitics deadly mix in Yemen

© Reuters/Gary Cameron
Life goes on in war-torn Yemen
Everything about the war on Yemen is a smokescreen. Concealed behind the smoke is a tale of geopolitics and petro-politics that aims to control the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait and the Gulf of Aden.

The House of Saud and a military coalition that consists mostly of anachronistic monarchies are claiming to bomb Yemen as a means of saving the Yemenite people and their transition to democracy. The irony should not be lost on observers that recognize that the Saudi-led coalition — consisting of the Kingdom of Morocco, the UAE, Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Qatar, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia itself — is comprised of an unhealthy mixture of backward family dictatorships and corrupt governments that essentially are the antithesis of democracy.

Just as important to note, the Saudi-led war on Yemen is a criminal act. The military attack on Yemen was not authorized by the UN Security Council. Nor can the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia justify its bombing campaign under Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, because Yemen and Ansarullah (the Houthi movement) pose no threat of war to Riyadh and never had any intentions of igniting a war in the Arabian Peninsula. This is why the Kingdom's war on Yemen is categorically a violation of the Charter of the UN and international law.

The Houthis never wanted to aggravate Saudi Arabia let alone start a war against the Kingdom. Days before the Saudi-led war on Yemen, the Houthis had stealthily sent a delegation to Riyadh to establish an understanding with the Saudis and to calm them down.

Instead of opposing the illegal war on Yemen, Washington and its allies, including Britain, have thrown their political support behind the bombing of Yemen by the malfeasant Royal Saudi Air Force, which has committed war crime by intentionally bombed civilian infrastructure, including refugee camps and children's schools.

It is no coincidence that most of the victims in Yemen are civilians. This is part of a Saudi strategy of establishing rapid military dominance, which is colloquially called "shock and awe." Ring any bells? This is a strategy taken right out of Uncle Sam's playbook that intends to demoralize resistance and scare the opponent into surrendering.