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That was fast: Hungary finishes 41km border fence; chastises Croatia for train incident

© Stoyan Nenov / Reuters
Migrants wait to board a train at the train station in Tovarnik, Croatia September 19, 2015.
Budapest has finished work on a 41 km border fence amid a spat with its neighbor, Croatia, which Hungary accused of violating its sovereignty after Croatia let a train carrying a thousand asylum seekers into the country.

Croatia's claim that the train, which transferred thousands of migrants and refugees to the Hungarian border followed a bilateral agreement, was condemned as a "lie in the face" of Hungary and the EU, Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Saturday.

"Instead of honestly making provision for the immigrants, it sent them straight to Hungary. What kind of European solidarity is this?" Szijjarto questioned at a press-conference

"Once again, Hungary has been left in the lurch. We will defend the European Union, the borders of the Schengen zone, and we will defend Hungary in accordance with European rules."

His resentment of the "violation of Hungary's sovereignty" followed a Saturday statement by Croatia's Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, who called Hungarian border policy" incomprehensible", referring to the fact that most migrants chose the country as a gateway to the EU and were marching further on.

Only the "crazy idea" of army deployment could seal the border, "and even if that were possible under the constitution - and it is not - it means killing people," Milanovic said, adding that the current situation is "a humanitarian crisis but not a disaster".

Comment: Hungary readies border fence and calls 'state of crises' on refugees


Boston Globe: Russia is not the enemy

© Davide Bonazzi for the Boston Globe
Real enemies are a threat to any country, but imagined enemies can be even more dangerous. They sap resources, provoke needless conflicts, and divert attention from true challenges. The United States has constructed such a fantasy by turning Russia into an enemy.

Our current campaign against Russia was set off by what some in Washington call its "aggression" against neighboring Ukraine. Russia's decision to aid the Assad regime in Syria has also angered us. The true reasons for anti-Russia sentiment, though, lie deeper.

Most leading figures in the American political and security establishments grew up during the Cold War. They spent much of their lives believing that the Antichrist lived in Moscow. Today they speak as if the Cold War never ended.

For a brief period in the 1990s, it appeared that Russia had lost control over its own security. Stunned into paralysis by the collapse of the Soviet Union, and without any power to resist, Russians had to watch helplessly as NATO, their longtime enemy, established bases directly on their borders. Many in Washington believed that the United States had permanently broken Russian power. In their jubilation, they imagined that we would be able to keep our foot on Russia's neck forever.

That was highly unrealistic. By pressing our advantage too strongly in the years after the Cold War, we guaranteed a nationalist reaction. President Vladimir Putin embodies it. He is popular in Russia because his people believe he is trying to claw back some of Russia's lost power. For the same reason, he is demonized in Washington.

Comment: Kinzer is right, Russia is not the enemy. The Cold War mentality influenced from political dinosaurs does likely play a part in the current attitudes and ideologies that seek to shape the global chessboard; however, there is more to it. In essence Russia poses what is perceived as a threat to the psychopathic cabal dominating the world. The direction Russia is forging under Putin is one that provides for the people within Russia and beyond. Putin has grown Russia's influence past its borders and has done so while being targeted by the most powerful forces on earth. This shows that Russia is obviously not a "fundamentally weak country." It has also achieved its status not through covert control but rather through mutually beneficial partnerships, strategic alliances, and human relationships. These are foreign concepts to the predators in Washington, and it is also why they have gone after Russia.


Japan's new war legislation and its legalization of Imperialism

A bill that has caused so much protest and demonstration all across Japan in recent weeks has now passed the Japanese Parliament. The so-called "defense and security bills" eliminate constraints placed on the use of the Japanese military imposed by the Japanese Constitution, signaling Japan's biggest foreign policy shift since the post-war military was created.

A main component of the new laws is an end to the ban on the "right of collective self-defense," defending another country, particularly the United States, if it were to come under attack, or in instances where Japan faces a "threat to its survival," i.e. where Japan must "defend its national interests."

Comment: In other words, if the US should suddenly face resistance to its attack of other nations - and should be militarily attacked itself - Japan will likely jump in to "help the US". It doesn't take much to imagine who suggested these new laws to the leaders of Japan...

Under the Japanese Constitution, the Japanese military could only be used in cases of self-defense, hence the designation of "self- defense army." Those restrictions have largely been removed as a result of the passage of the new bills.

Comment: Historical record now shows that the US did not have to drop two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the close of WWII and cause the needless suffering and death in the hundreds of thousands. The hyper-westernized and stockholm syndromed country of Japan seems to be exhibiting some serious ponerization to be allying itself with the US in this way and have chosen the wrong side. Again.


33 'conspiracy theories' that turned out to be conspiracy facts

(Updated, Revised and Extended)

After reading the article released by Cracked.com, I decided to update and revise their work. The article gave me a chuckle because it lacked many famous and much larger conspiracy theories that became known. Their article had only listed seven. I can name 33 and I am about to release a revised list soon with 75. The article I read at cracked can be viewed here, but don't waste your time, all of that is in this article and more.

Conspiracy theory is a term that originally was a neutral descriptor for any claim of civil, criminal or political conspiracy. However, it has come almost exclusively to refer to any fringe theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by conspirators of almost superhuman power and cunning. To conspire means "to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end." The term "conspiracy theory" is frequently used by scholars and in popular culture to identify secret military, banking, or political actions aimed at stealing power, money, or freedom, from "the people".

To many, conspiracy theories are just human nature. Not all people in this world are honest, hard working and forthcoming about their intentions.Certainly we can all agree on this. So how did the term "conspiracy theory" get grouped in with fiction, fantasy and folklore? Maybe that's a conspiracy, just kidding. Or am I?

Comment: Volume 1 of the documentary 'Core of Corruption' is available in complete form here:

Ice Cube

20 scientists ask Obama to prosecute global warming skeptics

© cicciobello-bobo.deviantart.com
Chill Factor
The science on global warming is settled, so settled that 20 climate scientists are asking President Barack Obama to prosecute people who disagree with them on the science behind man-made global warming.

Scientists from several universities and research centers even asked Obama to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to prosecute groups that "have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change, as a means to forestall America's response to climate change."

RICO was a law designed to take down organized crime syndicates, but scientists now want it to be used against scientists, activists and organizations that voice their disagreement with the so-called "consensus" on global warming. The scientists repeated claims made by environmentalists that groups, especially those with ties to fossil fuels, have engaged in a misinformation campaign to confuse the public on global warming.

Comment: Legitimate scientists, with differing research results to the global warming bias, do not qualify as an industry nor a crime syndicate. They are information gatherers. Prosecution for RICO is based on a preponderance of evidence of intent to defraud. Whitehouse has no information of any intent to defraud. In fact, he and the 20 scientists should check the facts, legal and climate, and go back to the drawing board.

Bad Guys

Evil Israel finds another excuse to bomb Palestine

Israeli warplanes early Saturday carried out several airstrikes targeting different locations in the Gaza Strip, injuring at least a Palestinian and causing destruction to Palestinian properties.

WAFA correspondent reported that F16 Israeli warplanes fired at least one missile targeting the transmission tower of the civil administration's building, east of Jabalia Refugee Camp to the north of the strip, injuring a Palestinian. He was transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

The airstrike, which spread fear and panic among Palestinians, particularly children, caused excessive damage to properties.

Another warplane targeted with at least two missiles a location to southeast of Gaza city, causing damages to properties. No injuries were reported.

Israeli warplanes further targeted a water tank in the town of Beit Hanoun to the north of the strip, seriously damaging it.

Meanwhile, an Israeli reconnaissance plane fired a missile targeting an agricultural land to the north of the strip, however, no casualties were reported.

Israeli forces claimed that the attack came in response to two missiles that were fired from Gaza toward Israeli settlements located near Gaza borderline.

According to Reuters, "Gaza militants had fired at least two rockets into Israel. One struck a town, damaging a bus but causing no injuries. A second was shot down by a missile defense system."

Comment: Israel has a history of inventing (and creating) events as an excuse to continue their endless war on the Palestinian people. With Iceland banning Israeli products in protest of their brutal occupation, engendering some sympathy for Israel couldn't come at a better time.

Wall Street

Groundhog Day at the Fed

Every dictator knows that a continuous state of emergency is the best means to justify tyrannical policies. The trick is to keep the fictitious emergency from breeding so much paranoia that routine activities come to a halt. Many have discovered that its best to make the threat external, intangible and ultimately, unverifiable. In Orwell's 1984 the preferred mantra was "We've always been at war with Eurasia," even though everyone knew it wasn't true. In its rate decision this week the Federal Reserve, adopted a similar approach and conjured up an external threat to maintain a policy that is becoming increasingly absurd.

In blaming its continued inaction on "uncertainties abroad" (an excuse never before invoked by the Fed in the current period of zero interest rates), the Fed was able to maintain the pretense of a strong domestic economy, and its desire to lift rates at the earliest appropriate moment while continuing the economic life support of zero percent rates. Unbelievably, the media swallowed the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

Comment: Yellen is probably not calling the shots but is just the mouthpiece of the the elite banking system.


Conflict of interests? Sir Malcolm Rifkind helped hire head of UK parliamentary watchdog that cleared him over 'cash-for-access' allegations

The Daily Telegraph's reports relating to Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind
Sir Malcolm Rifkind helped appoint the woman who earlier this week cleared him of breaching Parliamentary rules. Sir Malcolm, a former Conservative defence secretary, was one of five people who recommended Kathryn Hudson for the position of Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards in 2012, The Daily Telegraph has revealed.

On Thursday Ms Hudson cleared Sir Malcolm of breaking rules on paid lobbying. He had reportedly offered to use his position on behalf of a fictitious Chinese company in an encounter filmed by undercover reporters working for the Telegraph and Channel 4's Dispatches.

The reporters also met Jack Straw, who they captured on camera saying: "Normally if I'm doing a speech or something, it's £5,000 a day."

Comment: 'Cash for access' following the 'cash for questions' scandal in the 1990's. It's enough to make you question the integrity of these British Establishment figures.

Meanwhile the number of applications for legal assistance received by the Bar Pro Bono Unit has almost doubled over the past three years since widespread cuts to civil legal aid were introduced. The Bar Council has also warned that government plans to increase court fees for a second time would unbalance civil justice, giving rich people and big businesses an unfair advantage.


Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, corporate giants bail out on Clinton Foundation

More bad news for the Clintons. With Hillary's presidential campaign slipping in the polls against Sen. Bernie Sanders and facing a potential fresh challenge from Vice President Joe Biden, six giants of the corporate world are bailing out on the Clinton Global Initiative.

On Sept. 26, CGI, a branch of the Clinton Foundation, convenes its 11th annual meeting with a star-studded cast. Bill and Chelsea Clinton will be joined by Ashley Judd, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Ted Danson, Tina Brown, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates and George Soros. What will be missing is more than a million dollars from a who's who of corporate behemoths that sponsored the meeting last year. Six high-profile firms ended their cash donations, to be replaced with only one similar high-profile corporate donor so far.

Comment: Charitable foundation? Hardly.

Che Guevara

One year on, still YES: Tens of thousands rally for Scottish independence from London

Campaigners wave Scottish Saltires at a 'Yes' campaign rally in Glasgow, Scotland September 17, 2014.
They may have been defeated in last year's independence referendum, but they haven't fallen silent. Thousands of 'YES' campaigners are set to turn out today for a major rally in Glasgow, to mark the anniversary of the historic vote.

In the lead up to the independence referendum in Scotland in September 2014, tens of thousands of activists attended 'YES' rallies - and those people have not dissolved into thin air. One year on they are making a statement by setting up a rally in Scotland's largest city to draw attention to their cause.

Comment: The issue has not been decisively determined because the Scots did not get a fair election; the voting was rigged and the people know it: