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Money talks: Controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline set to be approved by U.S. House

Keystone Pipeline
© Reuters/Lane Hickenbottom
A TransCanada Keystone Pipeline pump station operates outside Steele City, Nebraska March 10, 2014. ()
The US House is expected to vote and pass legislation on Friday that would finally sanction the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which would move heavy crude oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Republican US Rep. Bill Cassidy introduced the House's Keystone XL legislation shortly after his opponent in the still-undecided Louisiana Senate race - incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu - introduced a measure in the Upper Chamber. Both legislators want to be seen as a key player in pushing the pipeline through Congress ahead of their Dec. 6 runoff election.

Similar pipeline measures have passed the conservative-dominated House. The Lower Chamber will vote on Cassidy's bill on Friday, a congressional aide told Reuters early Thursday.

Meanwhile, after a successful midterm election last week, Senate Republicans and Democratic allies like Landrieu are confident that there is enough support for the tar sands pipeline to move a vote on it up from January to as early as Tuesday.

"I believe it is time to act," Landrieu, chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee, said to her Senate colleagues Wednesday, according to AFP.

Comment: Some happy spin-off benefits for the government here. Grounds for rounding up all those pesky little people who keep insisting they have "rights":


Gas shortages in EU small worry compared to NATO's agenda

nato expansion
© Unknown
The current stand-off between the EU and Russia could still go anywhere - from an all-out halt of gas deliveries to the opening of pipelines as if nothing ever happened.

Most probably, something will come out that will give either side the opportunity to pretend it did not give in, some solution that saves face both ways.

My educated guess here is that the previous EU-Commission under José Manuel Barroso has prepared the grounds for his successor Jean-Claude Juncker, who took office November 1.

Juncker is a traditional power politician, having served 18 years as prime minister of his country, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, combining that with the position of minister of finance (not uncommon in this tiny country of 550.000 people, about half that of the city of Brussels).

He can be suspected of a lot of things (such as broad logistical support for the use of Luxembourg banks as tax havens for EU companies) but not of being a man standing on solid principled ground.

He will just as easily defend an openly hostile stand against Russia as go for a total reversal of course.

He is, then, the ideal man for whatever comes up next. Political conflicts of such magnitude are obviously not just decided by the whims of one or the other personality who happens to be in power, most certainly not in the EU Commission.

Comment: The end goal of the US is to divide the world's biggest country, the Russian Federation, and to prevent any alternative power structures from emerging to oppose US-Atlantic domination. Undermining Russia is the strategic objective and the US is more than happy to use EU countries as patsies, no matter the destruction to their economies.

World War 3 in the offing? US-NATO Geo-Political policy will lead to exactly that

Brzezinski's vision for the dissolution and re-mapping of the Russian Federation after World War III takes root


Report exposes rapid expansion of domestic drone surveillance flights

© AP/Matt York
Lothar Eckardt, right, executive director of National Air Security Operations at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, speaks with a Customs and Border Patrol agent prior to a drone aircraft flight, Wednesday, Sept 24, 2014 at Ft. Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Ariz.
The U.S. government has quietly expanded its use of unmanned surveillance drones inside the country to the extent that now half of the nearly 2,000 mile border with Mexico is monitored by military drones that were once reserved for foreign battlefields, according to new reporting by the Associated Press.

The proliferation of domestic drones has long been a concern for those dismayed about how such weapons have been used in the warzones of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere. Defenders of civil liberty have said that the expanded use of surveillance drones for domestic purposes - including border patrol or local law enforcement - puts the nation on a slippery slope in which the normalization of such machines charts a worrying path towards a society constantly under watchful eyes from above.

The news agency cites government officials with direct knowledge of the program and reports that the secretive border patrol program - internally referred to as operation "change detection" - has operated 10,000 or more drone missions over large, mostly remote sections of the U.S-Mexico border since it began with little or no public fanfare in March of 2013.

Comment: Drone surveillance is on the rise with police forces such as at high school football games, monitoring college campuses, and police militarization.

Even the Supreme Court can see where this is all leading to.

Take 2

Reality creators' last episode of "White Widow"? Allegedly she was shot dead in Ukraine

Samantha Lewthwaite
© Interpol
The "notorious terrorist" Samantha Lewthwaite aka White Widow
The 'White Widow', a British female terrorist suspect who allegedly fought alongside ISIS terrorists in Syria and was sought internationally has reportedly been shot dead in Ukraine. The news was reported by Russia's Regnum news agency.

Samantha Lewthwaite, 30, was allegedly gunned down two weeks ago. However, no independent confirmation was available.

A source at the UK's foreign office told ITV News that "we are aware of reports that Samantha Lewthwaite has been killed in Ukraine".

Lewthwaite recently fought alongside one of Kiev's most infamous squads - the Aidar battalion, which was condemned by Amnesty International for its unmatched cruelty in eastern Ukraine.

Comment: A wife of terrorists, mastermind of terrorist attacks herself, ISIS's biggest fan, a sniper for Kiev's Aidar battalion and a mother of four, with the funds and means to travel and relocate at will, and a distinct preference to war-zones and groups with violent ideologies. Samantha Lewthwaite's story is so incredible as presented by the media, that only two neurons firing are enough for the mind to question whether she is a recruit of western intelligence alphabet agencies.

Jon Ryman didn't buy the media stories either, and his investigation led to the creation of the following must-watch documentary:

'White Widow' - The Samantha Lewthwaite Conspiracy

Not long ago, he was also interviewed by SOTT Talk Radio's hosts:

The "White Widow" - Western Intel's Phony 'Jihadis': Interview with Jon Ryman


Justice for 'gangster bankers': Judge triples jail sentences in Kabul Bank scandal

Kabul bank advertisement for the Bakht Account (Lucky Account)

Almost $1 billion was stolen from the Kabul bank in 2010 - not so 'lucky' for the innocent customers!
An Afghan judge tripled the jail sentences of two former heads of Kabul Bank to 15 years on Tuesday at the end of a re-opened court case into the bank's collapse in 2010, which followed allegations of fraud and triggered a financial crisis.

Afghanistan's new President Ashraf Ghani announced on Oct. 1 that he would re-open the inquiry into the theft of almost $1 billion from the bank, fulfilling a campaign promise to make fighting corruption a priority.

The case also involved Mahmoud Karzai, the brother of Ghani's predecessor president Hamid Karzai. Mahmoud Karzai, a shareholder in the bank, has so far been spared jail but the judge on Tuesday ordered that his assets be frozen, along with those of others, until all the funds stolen from the bank have been returned. They face prosecution if the funds are not repaid.

The Afghan government was forced to bail out the country's then biggest bank after a run on deposits in 2010. It was later re-launched as the state-run New Kabul Bank, but confidence in the banking sector has yet to fully recover.

Only about a third of the $935 million stolen has been recovered, according to the receivers.

The two former heads of the bank, founder Sher Khan Fernod and former Chief Executive Haji Khalil Ferozi, had been convicted in the initial inquiry of taking $810 million of the stolen money and were both sentenced to jail for five years. Their jail terms were tripled on Tuesday.

"The court sentences you both, Sher Khan Fernod and Haji Khalil Ferozi to terms of 15 years in jail for embezzlement and money laundering of the Kabul Bank money," the judge, Mehrajuddin Hamidi, said, adding that they could appeal against the verdict.

Foreign donors, whom the Afghan government relies on to pay its bills, have welcomed Ghani's decision to re-open the inquiry. The Afghan Attorney General's office had said the initial sentences were too lenient given the amount of money stolen.

Comment: Where are the prosecutions for the Western 'robber baron' bankers? Having to pay a paltry 'slap on the wrist' fine and capping bonuses ("for dealers in both units at twice their basic salary for two years") for rigging foreign exchange rates is hardly a deterrent to further theft!

Slap on the wrist: Six banks fined record $3.4bn in currency manipulation probe

FINMA has capped UBS bonuses:

Time for a change? Even the IMF concedes "that by 2015, four of the world's top economies will be members of the club known by its acronym, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)"

Rise of BRICS nations has ushered in a new order

Multipolar world China India launch new Asia Infrastructure Bank


Putin is winning the new Cold War - here's why

The Russian President is using asymmetrical strategies to stop - and ultimately bring down - the enemies of the Russian state

There are 7.2 billion people in this world but the United States fears only one man - Vladimir Putin. That's because on virtually every front of the new Cold War, the Russian President is walloping the collective challenge of the West. Fear can make you do strange things. Forbes magazine has named Putin as the most powerful person on the planet for the second year running.

It is said about the Russians that they take a long time to saddle their horses but they ride awfully fast. After slowly nursing the collapsed Russian economy back to health, Putin is now going for broke. In Syria, Crimea and Ukraine, the West has melted away at his approach and has faced humiliating setbacks. In the field of energy, it will be Russian - not western - pipelines that will dominate the Eurasian landmass.

But instead of scorekeeping, a more instructive exercise would be to try and understand how Putin has managed to keep Russia ahead in the game.

Comment: The situation is moving fast. Russia has now let the ruble float with respect to world currencies. It still works in Russia's favor as an exporting country. Putin is a man who's intelligence compasses many subjects. A realistic approach to economics seems to be one of them:


Australian prime minister Tony Abbott demands apology from Russia on MH17

© AP
Tony Abbott and Vladimir Putin had a tense 15-minute meeting on the sidelines of the Apec summit.
Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday held a 15-minute private meeting with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, at which the main issue was the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine on July 17. Without any conclusive evidence, Abbott has repeatedly accused Russia of being responsible for the tragedy.

The brief discussion, held on the sidelines of the APEC meeting in Beijing, was the first exchange between the two leaders since Abbott last month threatened to "shirtfront" Putin over MH17 at the upcoming G20 Leaders' Summit in Australia. "Shirtfront" is the term for a particularly violent tackle in Australian Rules football.

The official Australian government statement following the Abbott-Putin encounter underscores the highly provocative role being played by the Abbott government for the US in its confrontation with Russia over Ukraine. Within hours of the crash, Abbott began making the unsubstantiated claim that Russia bore responsibility for the deaths of 38 Australian citizens and residents on MH17.

Comment: Who shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17? New Cold War, same old propaganda

Light Sabers

ISIS is the U.S.'s dream proxy army for fighting Assad

US policy paper reveals desire for construction of full-scale extraterritorial army to invade Syria. Such an army is being built in Iraq and Turkey and it's called "ISIS."

The corporate-financier funded and directed policy think tank, the Brookings Institution, has served as one of several prominent forums documenting and disseminating US foreign policy. It would host in part the architects of the so-called "surge" during the nearly decade-spanning US occupation of Iraq, as well as battle plans for waging a covert war against Iran now well under way.

Part of this covert war against Iran involved the arming and backing of listed terrorist groups, and in particular, the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) which has killed US servicemen, American civilians, as well as countless innocent Iranians over the decades. Among those signing their name to this plan found within Brookings' "Which Path to Persia?" report, was Kenneth Pollack. Now, in efforts to overthrow the government of Syria, also a stated and integral part of undermining, isolating, and destroying Iran, Pollack has revealed another element of the plan - to create a full-scale proxy military force outside of Syria, then subsequently invading and occupying Syria with it.


Tying it all together: Oil market manipulation, bombings of Syria and of Southeastern Ukraine aimed at undermining Russia

© Unknown

Why is the Ukrainian Government, which the U.S. supports, bombing the pro-Russian residents who live in Ukraine's own southeast?

Why is the American Government, which aims to oust Syria's leader Bashar al-Assad, bombing his main enemy, ISIS?

This report will document that both bombings are different parts of the same Obama-initiated business-operation, in which the American aristocracy, Saudi aristocracy, and Qatari aristocracy, work together, to grab dominance over supplying energy to the world's biggest energy-market, Europe, away from Russia, which currently is by far Europe's largest energy-supplier.

Here are the actual percentage-figures on that: Russia supplies 38% of it, #2 Norway (the only European nation among the top 15) supplies 18%, and all other countries collectively supply a grand total of 44%. That's it; that's all -- in the world's largest energy-market, Russia is the lone giant. But U.S. President Obama's team are working hard to change that, to do a huge favor for the royals of Saudi Arabia and of Qatar, and yank that business for them. (Unfortunately, the residents in southeastern Ukraine are being bombed and driven out to become refugees in Russia, as an essential part of this operation to choke off Russia's gas-supply into Europe and transfer that business mainly to those royals. This objective against Russia and for those royals is considered to be far more important than its many thousands of victims are, and no one in the Obama Administration has provided any indication -- at least publicly -- that tears have been shed there for the residents in southeast Ukraine who have been mass-murdered and for the roughly million of them who have fled to refuge and safety in Russia to escape being bombed by the America's new client-state, the Ukrainian Government.)

Obama has initiated, and is leading, this international aristocratic team, consisting of the U.S. aristocracy and mainly two Sunni Moslem aristocracies -- the Saudi and the Qatari royal families -- to choke off Russia's economic lifeblood from those European energy sales, and to transfer lots of this business, via new oil and gas pipeline contracts and new international trade-deals, over to the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Those royals, in turn, are assisting Obama in the overthrow of the key Russia-allied leader of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, who has performed an indispensable role for Russia in blocking any such massive expansion of Saudi and Qatari energy-traffic into Europe, and who has thus been a vital protector of Russia's dominance in the European energy-market.

America's aristocracy would be benefited in many ways from this changeover to Europe's increasing dependence upon those Sunni Moslem nations, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which have long been allied with U.S. oil companies, and away from the Shiite Moslem nation of Iran, and from Iran's key backer, Russia.

The most important way that America's aristocrats would benefit from the deal would be the continuance, for the indefinite future, of the U.S. dollar's role as the international reserve currency, in which energy and energy-futures are traded. The Sunni nations are committed to continued dominance of the dollar, and Wall Street depends on that continuance. It's also one of the reasons the U.S. Treasury's sales of U.S. Federal debt around the world have been as successful as they have been. This also provides essential support to the U.S. Federal Reserve, and especially to the six Wall Street banks that do virtually all of the derivatives trading.

Furthermore, Obama's effort to force the European Union to weaken their anti-global-warming standards so as to allow European imports of oil from the exceptionally carbon-gas-generating Athabasca Canada tar sands -- which are approximately 40% owned by America's Koch brothers, the rest owned by other U.S. and allied oil companies -- would likewise reduce Europe's current dependency upon Russian energy sources, at the same time as it would directly benefit U.S. energy-producers. Obama has been working hard for those oil companies to become enabled to sell such oil into Europe, turning the screws on Europe to weaken those standards.

And, finally, the extension of U.S. fracking technology into Ukraine, and perhaps ultimately even into some EU nations, where it has been strongly resisted by the residents, might likewise boost American oil firms and reduce the enormous flow of European cash into Russian Government coffers to pay for Russian gas (which doesn't even require fracking).

In other words, the wars in both Syria and Ukraine are being fought basically in order to grab the European energy market, away from Russia, somewhat in the same way (though far more violently) as Iran's share of that market was previously grabbed away by means of the U.S.-led sanctions against Iran. The current bombing campaigns in both Syria and Ukraine are directed specifically against Iran's chief ally, Russia.

First, will be discussed here the bombing-campaign against Iran's and Russia's ally Assad in Syria; then against the residents of the ethnic-Russian areas of Ukraine, where Western oil companies want to frack.

Comment: Related articles, well worth checking out:

Video: The geopolitics of World War III or the real reason Russia and Syria are being targeted right now

U.S./Saudi oil price rigging: Has Washington just shot itself in the oily foot?

New U.S. strategy: "Against Russia through the Middle East"

US moves on Russia under the pretext of combating terrorists

World War 3 in the offing? US-NATO Geo-Political policy will lead to exactly that

Brzezinski's vision for the dissolution and re-mapping of the Russian Federation after World War III takes root

Eggs Fried

Moscow responds to NATO's paranoid delusions

© Reuters / Alexander Demianchuk
Russian soldiers are pictured next to tanks in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov region, near the border with Ukraine, August 23, 2014
Russia has denied NATO claims that its army has crossed into eastern Ukraine in the past few days, calling them groundless, the Defense Ministry said.

"We have stopped paying attention to the groundless accusations made by NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, US General Philip Breedlove, of the 'observed' Russian military columns allegedly invading Ukraine," said Defense Ministry official representative, General-Major Igor Konashenkov on Wednesday.

Comment: What else can you do but ignore such psychopathic lying? Put yourself in Russia's position. It's not easy being attacked with a "big lie", repeated over and over, even when said lie cannot be confirmed, and witnesses on the ground see exactly the opposite...

He gave a reminder of earlier and similar NATO claims, which have not been backed by any evidence.

Comment: And yet how many more times will it take before the world starts acknowledging that NATO is crying wolf... that there is no wolf.

"[We have] repeatedly stressed that there was and is no evidence supporting Brussels' regular trumpeting over the alleged presence of Russian forces in Ukraine," Konashenkov said.